What?!!??! Could it be starting again? Another Cloverfield related ARG for a new entry into the “Cloververse”… Nobody knows for sure, but things are definitely happening over at http://tagruato.jp/.

If you’ve been following anything related to Cloverfield for the past year or so, then you’re probably aware that a “God Particle” movie was slated to come out at the beginning of February this year, but was recently pushed back to an April 20th, 2018 release date (so it will be going up against Super Troopers 2).

A team of astronauts aboard an international space station find themselves alone after a scientific experiment involving a particle accelerator makes the Earth vanish. When a space shuttle appears, the space station crew must fight for survival following their horrible discovery.

There has been a cloud of secrecy surrounding the movie, which should come as no surprise, and zero marketing related to the film, which has made some people skeptical. However, with the release date being pushed back to April, that now give us plenty of time for the marketing folks at Bad Robot to dig their heels in and send us on a wild goose chase as we track down hints and clues related to the movie (most of which will be dead ends, or not even related “it’s a lion”).

I’m excited to jump back into this and fully intend on keeping this site updated with all the news and happenings, just as I have in the past. I can’t believe it’s been over 10 years since I started this site and I hope some of you are still around to join in the conversation. You can also follow us on twitter @cloverfieldnews

Now, lets get into what is happening now over at Tagruato

Tagruato Website

If you’ve been involved with the Cloverfield ARG and viral marketing, then you know that Tagruato has played a major part throughout the campaigns, and it appears that it will play a major role in the marketing of the next film in the Cloververse.

The Tagruato website was updated yesterday (the 10th anniversary of Cloverfield’s theatrical release), with a strange image and progress bar. The progress bar never makes it to the end, so there’s nothing really to that.. it’s just an animated image, but there is some text within the progress bar that reads:


Unhandled exception has occured in your browser. The page was not loaded properly due to an unexpected error.

message contents: 06110-,&0tm_auth=6I0H7iMgYrWnr6ciiW69zg$gt6_pre2028%-66*nt–d0–18=–,,n-0061026873966


I don’t know that there’s anything of significance there, but “occurred” is spelled incorrectly, I’m guessing just a typo though. However, there is also some copy hidden in the scrambled background image that reads:

Tokyo – January 18 2018

Tagruato has begun development on a revolutionary new energy technology company ????? possibly completely replace ????? experimentation with Tagruato’s most patented [sold] proprietary technology the last year ??? ?????? resulted in what CEO Ganu Yoshida called a “sociological and technological great leap forward” for our planet

This new renewable technology will take the next six years to complete along with another four years of stress testing and research on integration with ???? power grids. Tagruato is ???? with international regulatory bodies to bring this powerful revolutionary energy source to ???? by April 18 2028.


Tagruato is ???

Thanks to the users over at the /r/cloververse sub-reddit for decoding most of this copy, I managed to decipher some missing bits.

There is also some text above this memo that says:


I couldn’t make out the “ensuring”, but I believe that’s what it says.

There are some similarities between the copy in the dialog box as well as the hidden copy, mainly the mention of “2028” in both pieces of copy, but other than that, it just seems like a cool description of some new stuff that Tagruato has going on right now.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what else comes of this, but be sure to bookmark this site and check back as we’ll be trying to keep everyone updated with any new information we come across.

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