Yet another new image has appeared behind a progress bar on the website, but this time it appears to be a news article as opposed to a press release with text written on top of the article, from none other than activist group TIDOWAVE.

I was late to the party on this one, but thankfully reddit user damienjohn took it upon himself to enhance the image and figure out what the majority of the text says. I’ve attached his image below, but here’s a transcript of the TIDOWAVE text:

Someone must stop this from happening!!!
This is nothing but a cover for a reckless
experiment that will reset the worlds grid.
Stop this to save the world.

The Cloverfield
Energy Initiative

Brought to you by the Future Energy Development Committee

tidowave hack decoded

There are a few interesting things about this new development.

  1. TIDOWAVE is specifically mentioned here, which is the hacking/activist group that played a pretty large role in the original Cloverfield marketing campaign.
  2. Rafu Funaki is mentioned in the article on the right side of the image, and his name also appeared on some of the articles on the website during the original Cloverfield ARG.
  3. “The Cloverfield Energy Initiative”

So there are definitely things happening and TIDOWAVE is definitely not happy about what Tagruato and their constituents are up to.

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  1. J.P. Smith

    You think that message might be related to the fact that the SLUSHO! Truck only visits towns with Nuclear Reactors?


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