As I posted in the last post, there is a new picture on 1-18-08, check it out in the previous post, but with the new picture came some new functions on the site. You can now flip over the pictures to see the backs. Only 2 of them have writing on them, and they are obviously the two from the going away party. I posted the front and back of the latest photo in the previous post so I’m not going to post it again, but here is the other one that has writing on it. Enjoy.

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  1. Paul

    Is there one that says “Rob, I am going to eat you! Love, the Monster”?

  2. rico

    How do you flip them?

    And if you move them entirely into a black screen you can pull each of them forward.

    If it is behind a picture pull it forward all the way into the black…then move it back over the pictures, it will be in the front.

  3. officespace

    j must refer to “jason”. rob asks where jason is when they check out the commotion on the street.

    to flip, click & hold, then rotate your mouse in a circle.

  4. NeoStarr

    Flipping them is hard, you kind of have to drag it a little bit to one side and then all the way to the other. Takes a few tries sometimes. If nothing else works just shake them violently.

  5. Eric

    I noticed when you send an email to the slusho website, on the reply back, it has different types of exclamation marks (!, !!, !!!). On the backs of the two photos they have the same types of exclamation marks

  6. Adam

    Didn’t see this posted up anywhere on this site and was browsing another one and they have found this interesting side trip pertaining to certain characters and myspace profiles. Just thought I’d pass it along.

    Got this from –


    From the latest picture at 1-18-08, when the picture is flipped there?s an inscription left from a Jamie, along with three other names on the top.

    Obviously ?Jamie? has just written the order in the pictures, so we now have one full character?s name: Jamie Lascano. Since Myspace is all the rage these days, if you decided to venture on over to check to see if she has a profile up there, and low and behold, there is a Jamie Lascano available. But get this, she?s also friends with a Rob Hawkins. Coincidence, are perhaps something legitimate? I think so because Beth has a profile which coincides with her appearance in the beginning of the trailer. There is also another picture of Hawk with his girlfriend Lilly.

    These profiles are all ?friends? with each other, so when you?re on one, you can just view their friends to see everyone else?s. 🙂

    So, looks like something is starting.


  7. Engel

    Never mind, I’m just silly, its firefox putting up the title of the tab.

  8. Jennifer Hawkins

    Hello webmaster…Man i just love your blog, keep the cool posts comin..holy Friday


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