Cloverfan over at the unfiction forums apparently ventured to the film site today or yesterday and posted up about 15 pictures of what he saw. It wasn’t a whole lot really, just a bunch of rubble and smashed cars and a couple paramount trucks. Due to what happened with the previous set photos that leaked from one of the special effects guys, and Paramount asking bloggers to take them down, I’m only going to post a 1 picture of the signs hanging up around the site, and then you can click the link above or below to head to the unfiction forums and see the rest of them. I do have them all saved in case they do get taken down, then we’ll see about posting them back up, but for now head on over to the unfiction forums and check em out.

source: Cloverfan at unfiction forums

thanks to Kayberry in the comments also, they pointed this out as I was making the post. Appreciate everyone keeping me in the loop when I miss something.

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  1. Monstrous

    Well, this is odd. People see this notice and think its serious untill they see “Production: Cheese”

  2. Jordan

    Actually, so long as you have the photographs owner’s permission to use the photo, you’re all good to go.

    They were viewing something that I’m going to assume was public property/view, and they own the photographs. Paramount can’t have them remove those pictures if anyone can see them (and if they don’t own the pictures.) If you paid attention to the issue, the problem was that the photos were being used without Ken’s permission, and it ended up having a huge snowball effect where he tried to be a little conniving whiny bitch, but anyway.

    But seriously, you’re okay to post those photos so long as the original owner allows you to. There is nothing wrong about that, since Paramount has nothing to do with ownership in this case.

  3. admin

    good call jordan, I also just figured it would lead to some more discussion over at the unfiction forums, so i decided to send some people over there.

  4. Evan

    on the unfiction forum you can watch some video that Cloverfan took while on the set. It involves people busting up a BMW with a sledgehammer, and he got a shot of the movie actually being shot. It’s pre-monster attack and involves people inside The Orchard (I’m clueless: a club? An apartment building?)

  5. Jordan

    I think more discussion is the last thing needed at UF. I rarely visit there, unless someone points me to something interesting.

    I just hate the same crap that gets posted because people are too damned lazy to search for it. That and the amount of newbness drove me crazy 🙁

  6. fud

    i was wondering what this production: “cheese”, was with these yellow notices that were posted everywhere up and down my block and around for august 1. 2007, which is tomorrow. found your site and this entry which will now let me sleep happy after solving the cheese mystery. ah, Cloverfield.

  7. theGinna

    Forgive me is this has already been discussed and/or has been debunked…

    Does the codename “cheese” connected in anyway to the cheese ‘thought’ on the Slusho site?

    If the theories of 3 monsters (from land, air and sea) is correct and this is indeed connected to the characters on the Slusho site, my theory is that there will be a different production unit filming in different areas of the city = 3 monsters terrorizing 3 different areas of the city.

    So that means we will see another production unit somewhere else with the codename of “ovenmitt/oven glove”? Can’t remember what the other one is …

  8. admin

    I think someone mentioned the little cheese icon from slusho either in the comments here or the forum, but the other codenames so far for filming have been “Slusho” and “Chocolate” I honestly dont know if Cloverfield was actually a code name for filming or not….

  9. Matt

    whats the bet there will be two other shoots, “mitt” and “hammer??

  10. flipboitamidles

    you know if they call it project cheese, they prob call it also project mitten or hammer, because at slush website, the horse thinks of a hammer and the squid? thinks of a hammer. while the fish thinks of cheese, project cheese.

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