Cloverfan over at the unfiction forums apparently ventured to the film site today or yesterday and posted up about 15 pictures of what he saw. It wasn’t a whole lot really, just a bunch of rubble and smashed cars and a couple paramount trucks. Due to what happened with the previous set photos that leaked from one of the special effects guys, and Paramount asking bloggers to take them down, I’m only going to post a 1 picture of the signs hanging up around the site, and then you can click the link above or below to head to the unfiction forums and see the rest of them. I do have them all saved in case they do get taken down, then we’ll see about posting them back up, but for now head on over to the unfiction forums and check em out.

source: Cloverfan at unfiction forums

thanks to Kayberry in the comments also, they pointed this out as I was making the post. Appreciate everyone keeping me in the loop when I miss something.