It was a slow week last week as far as Cloverfield/1-18-08 News was concerned so I took some time and re-arranged the forum. If you didn’t know, the link on the right goes straight to the Cloverfield Section of the forum, but there are a lot of other sections of the forum open for discussion, mainly about movies and tv. So head on over to the main forum and see what else we have going on, we love talking about movies in general whether it’s Cloverfield or not, and I would assume that if you are reading this site you love all movies as well, so come check it out.

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  1. justanothergal

    I have seen it posted some where that there is a 2nd trailer…does anyone know this for a fact and if so, is there a link someone?

  2. admin

    There is no second trailer yet. The rumor thats floating around is that it’s attached to Stardust, but I’m not going to post anything until I have concrete evidence that there is a 2nd trailer.


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