Dennis over at Cloverfield Clues took the time to turn all of the Slusho characters into 60 x 60 icons that you can use as avatars on forums, blogger, or where ever. I thought it was cool that he took the time to do that, so head on over there if you have any need for a Slusho Character Icon.

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  1. Crystal

    has anyone else noticed the characters on myspace posted new blogs? and new comments! Lil, Hawk, and HUD. Rob left a comment back on some girls page, doesn’t seem like she’s part of the movie. so I guess they interact with regular people now?

  2. Matt

    The profiles were just to add to the viral and promote the movie, they may very well interact with regular people now that the movie is over. Also remember that they could very well be considered to be interacting before the movie took place, seeing as how the movie is supposed to be set in something like 2011. The 1-18-08 date that you see on their profiles and elsewhere was just to promote the release date, and has nothing to do with the actual movie.


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