Thanks Tim in the comments for pointing this out. Apparently the quotes that the little characters say in the “Happy Talk” section of the website have changed. They may have changed awhile ago, but this is the first I’ve heard/noticed it and it has been quite slow lately with news so I figured this was worth posting. The only things interesting that I noticed was the mention of the Thames river in one of the quotes, although I have no idea what it has to do with anything, and one of the quotes is quite simply “BLOOP!”, which of course is the low frequency sound that the US detected several times in 1997, but still have no idea what made the noise.

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  1. Chris

    If you go to it also leads to bloop which reveals the sound of some mammoth underwater beast. Clearly this is a tie in. Some have guessed that where the bloop was heard is not that far from where Cthulu was supposed to be buried.

  2. dj nameels


    recent intel from a northern insider connection indicates there may be a post-production delay for project Cloverfield which could push the release date back up to 3 months. Yikes!!!

  3. Danny

    well the “BLOOP” has Cthulian connotations and the river Thames probably means this(terrorizing monsters) is happening in all port cities

  4. RAJames

    awsome find whoever did that!

    I made vid on it check it out for more of my thoughts

  5. Ashley Moore

    last year in London a whale got stuck in the thames river which later died because it didn’t have enough food?

  6. Jimi Hatt

    The Thames River could be a reference to The Giant Behemoth and Gorgo, monster movies set in London. They were both directed by Eugene Lourie, who also did Beast from 20,000 Fathoms. And Cloverfield’s Coney Island scene could be a reference to Beast. It ties together pretty well.

  7. apronk

    Duh sorry my feed reader was delayed.

    Hey thanks for the notice though, most blog hosts don’t respond so quickly. You are a nice person for doing so. You deserve a nice Big Gulp-sized cup of Slusho. Then again, depending on the nature and/or origins of Slusho, maybe not. You get my drift.

  8. admin

    Thanks apronk, I try to keep up with what’s going on over here, mainly because I moderate all the comments to keep out the spam, which means I have to read them. So if I’m taking the time to read them I might as well respond. Thanks for reading the site. I wish there was more stuff to write about, but it’s been a slow few weeks.

  9. anonymous

    See below 2 excerpts from Wikipedia page for Bloop, just found it interesting:

    “The site of the Bloop is remarkably close to the site of the fictional city of R’lyeh from H. P. Lovecraft’s 1926 short story “The Call of Cthulhu”, where an ancient undersea monster (Cthulhu) lies sleeping. Lovecraft said that R’lyeh is located at 47°9?S, 123°43?W in the southern Pacific Ocean, with the bloop also being targeted somewhere in that range [1]. ”

    “The JJ Abrams movie, code-named ‘Cloverfield’ and ‘1-18-08’ has a viral site on which one of the characters says “Slusho is bloop”. This has led many followers of the movie’s progress to believe that the mystery monster in this movie is related somehow. In addition, the slogan for the fictional product Slusho is “You can’t drink just six.” Typing as the URL sends browsers to the same NOAA page linked to below, where it is possible to download a recording of the Bloop sound.”

  10. starrmatter

    This whole “whale” thing sounds like a “fish story”. But there is a story about the Thames River Whale. It was a whale found in the river in january 2006. Also, happens to be the smallest whale in the ocean. The sperm whale has the largest brain and the biggest teeth proportionally. It is indigenous to the arctic area, very close to New York.

    Also, did anyone notice the “make my OWN amanzing flavor” quote? pretty obvious…..

  11. Tim

    I also thought the blueberry and strawberry thing might have meant something, but you know, I could not find any special combination.

  12. Paul Dickey

    I know the slushozoom site is bogus but while researching the Gargantua link I found something interesting. Go to you tube and type in half life 2 gargantua and on video pops up. Then chick on the video and listen to the sounds that Gargantua makes and compare them to the sounds the monster makes in the trailer. It may be nothing but the sounds are very similar.

  13. Alan

    Something to think about. The Bloop entry in Wikipedia states that “Others have suggested that the sound could have been emitted by a Trunko or another cryptid.” Cryptids are “creatures presumed extinct, hypothetical species, or creatures known from anecdotal evidence and/or other evidence insufficient to prove their existence with scientific certainty. ” The description of a Trunko is especially interesting. While fighting two Killer whales witnesses “described the animal as looking like a “giant polar bear” during a final fight.” Others “were reported to have described the animal as possessing snowy-white fur, an elephantine trunk, a lobster-like tail, and a carcass devoid of blood.” This all comes staight from the Wikipedia Bloop entry.

  14. Whist

    The slusho jp sounds (drink mixing) are from Windows Pinball …and Missle Command (Atari). Missle Command is about nuclear war and you have do defend six cities. The six flavors represent six cities attacked in the film. Missle Command was realeased for the Xbox360 Arcade on July 4 2007… the original release date for Transformers, where the trailer was first seen.

  15. Dae

    Ok here is what i have as far as links to the movie. One of the guys in the trailer has on a Slusho shirt. sends you to a sound file of the Bloop. and see blow as well. also slusho slogan.
    3.Has to do with “Bloop!” As said in the happy talk quotes at the Slusho web site
    4.Whale in Thames River. Because it is talked about in the happy talk quotes as well.

  16. css

    The email address in the customer feedback section of the website has the address “”. An anagram of “satoshi” is “is a host”. The monster’s name is supposedly the “Parasite”. Any ideas about this?

  17. Cody Huprich

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