It’s been a slow news week so I thought this was interesting/funny. So I don’t know if you guys remember back when Snakes on A Plane came out, or was about to come out, a company made a low-budget movie called Snakes on A Train and released it on DVD the tuesday before Snakes on A Plane came out in theaters. They obviously were just trying to steal some of the buzz from the “Plane” version and hopefully get some curious people to pick up their flick. It must have done fairly well because now the same company is putting out a movie similar to our beloved “Cloverfield/1-18-08/Untitled”. The company is called The Asylum and they are also releasing movies similar to I Am Legend and Alien vs. Predator, titled, I Am Omega and Alien vs. Hunter, very creative guys… anyways, check out the synopsis and poster for “Tokyo” below.

Thanks to Rachel.Nevada in the forums for posting about this a few weeks ago.

Here is the synopsis for the movie. 

After a massive earthquake in Tokyo, two American filmmakers document the true cause of the destruction