*UPDATE*: Crap! My mistake, i put the wrong link, correct one is now up, sorry about that.

Thanks gLu for the heads up.

A third video has been added to www.jamieandteddy.com so head on over there and check it out. Remember, the password is ‘ jllovesth’ .

Click below for embedded video.

For those that don’t have quicktime. Courtesy of Cloverfield Clues.

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5 Responses

  1. Zach

    Anyone notice the sound at the very very end of the clip? When Jamie puts the cap on the camera there is a loud “GE” noise. Sounds like Jamie yelling “GET”, possibly “Get out of my bed!”. Looks like a dude with a girly watch on to me. It seems suspicious that she would say “It’s a girl”. I don’t get why she would post this video if it was a guy though. As someone already said, she could have easily just re-recorded it. Although… she could have done the same for the bladder infection comment. Maybe it’s suppose to seem like a live feed or something similiar?

    But I think they are hinting around that she’s cheating. Don’t know what this has to do with a monster in NYC. But….yeah

  2. Kent Roberts (Gigan Says Hello)

    Well I can see the Pepto-Bismal, so her infection is probbably getting worse. I think she’s getting it from drinking Slusho. O_o

  3. Jen

    The first video, she wants cranberry pills. The 2nd video she is drinking cranberry juice. The 3rd video, she has pill bottles on her dresser and is trying to open Pepto. Ted, your girlfriend is sick, sick, sick. Too much deep sea nectar. Something is probably growing inside of her.

  4. admin

    Cranberry Juice helps bladder infections, hence the cranberry juice…. the Pepto is because she said she went out the night before, nothing more than an upset stomach due to a hang over… she’s doesn’t have some mystery illness.


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