Loyal forum member engel thought that since he owned his own business he would help us get some answers by sending in his real letters of incorporation to the email address listed on the slusho distribution opportunities website and this is the response he got (his name obviously has been removed).

Dear Mr. ********,

Thank you for sending in the verification documents! I have sent your information on to our Slusho! brand happy drink legal troup. One of our representatives from us will be contacting you if your company is according with our distribution requirements.

Tzigane Koga
Customer Service
Office of Daiske Kagashima

“Exploring our world. Ensuring your future.”

Not a whole lot of new information. You can check the forum post at the link below for all of engel’s updates and I will keep this post updated with any new information that he may receive. I’m really hoping that they are running some sort of promotional campaign similar to what they did with the simpsons movie and turning 7-11’s into quik-e-marts selling actual simpson products, hopefully we’ll see slusho in some real stores or possibly a slusho machine shows up at engel’s business. Thanks again engel.