People seem to be getting desperate to find stuff related to the movie, and I don’t blame them. This whole marketing campaign is starting to run stale. We need something big, like a trailer, or an actual glimpse of the monster. There have been a couple of comments in the past few days about a site called which is basically a website setup by a couple with information about their wedding. Now, just like the Sarah Connor Chronicles stuff, if you’ve been following any of the news regarding the movie, you would know that this is obviously fake and is probably a real wedding website for a couple that goes by the names Lilly and Jason. Yes they happen to have the same names as the characters in the movie, but when you look at the pictures it’s clearly different people, not to mention Lily in Cloverfield spells her name with one ‘L’. So sorry to debunk another site, but no reason to keep posting comments about stuff that isn’t related to anything.

To see a comparison of pictures of the Cloverfield characters and the website above, click the link below.

This picture is from Lilly’s myspace page

This one is from