OFFICIAL TRAILER NOW UP AT APPLE.COM Please move discussion to the article this is linked to. 

LAST UPDATE (4): Thanks igor for posting the link. If you guys want a non-bootleg version of the trailer, Empire online seems to have the exclusive. So head on over there to see the trailer in the best quality you’re going to get, until they release the HD versions on This is the last update I will make on this post, once the HD trailers are released on there will be another post on the main page, so check back there often.

UPDATE 3: Even better quality video now on Youtube (thanks to Spider-Man over at the 1-18-08news forums), which you can find embedded right here. If you still want to see the original cell phone video for whatever reason you can now see it after the break along with other copies of the trailer that aren’t as good.

UPDATE 2: BETTER QUALITY AND FULL TRAILER EMBEDDED AFTER THE JUMP (thanks Shawn for letting me know) Click the link at the end of this article or the thread title. I’ve removed the old bad quality youtube video and replaced it with this new one. It’s a little dark, but its the full 2 minutes and not a cell phone video.UPDATE: Youtube clip of the edited together version is now after the jump, click the link at the end of the article (or the article title) to check it out. It probably won’t be up for very long so check it out now while you can.Ok, so we have a version of the trailer you can download thanks to Z.Davi. I’m warning you, it’s not the best quality and may be missing a few small segments as it was recorded in 3 parts on a cell phone. But I wanted to get this out there for anyone who wanted to check it out. I will continue to look for a better version, and I’m going to try to edit these three parts together. The files do work and are 100% real, I just finished watching it myself and yes the title at the end of the credits is indeed CLOVERFIELD. So again thank you to Z.Davi in the comments for posting this up. And keep an eye on this post for updates with a better quality version.


6riku6 took the time to combine all 3 parts and up the brightness level a bit in the file below, thanks!

After the jump you can see a screenshot of what could be the monster as JT pointed out its at about 11 seconds in the 2nd video… Obviously hard to see anything due to the quality, but check it out.

Embedded Youtube Trailer
Is this the monster?At the beginning of the 2nd video we see this dino-like creature on the right of the screen and a person who looks like they are being attacked on the left.

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139 Responses

  1. bobby

    correct me if im wrong but i thought i heard “whatever it is its winning” are there monsters fighting in this movie ??

    i cant wait to see this trailer in good quaility

  2. Jt

    at 3 seconds in the third clip it appears to be a open mouth.. pause at these times to see it

  3. Mike

    I think i did see a mouth on the 3rd clip

    Reminds me of the time the Spiderman 3 Trailer(Comic Con)was leaked and we got are first look at Venom.

    I can’t wait to see this movie…I…lllllllllllllllloooooooove monster movies

    I think I watch “Revenge of Godzilla” today XD

  4. ben

    actually in the 2nd clip at 1 00.00.01 seconds there looks like a lizards face, it looks dinosauresque

  5. ben

    me again… what people are thinking is the monster would actually fit more with the description of little monsters killing someone behind a screen. the above picture looks like someone being attacked, so again.. the first few moments of the 2nd video, look out for something turning its head towards the camera and leaping forwards maybe, you can hear a little roar over it

  6. admin

    Ben: as far as the first image above, I agree that it is probably one of the smaller creatures behind a backlit screen that makes it seem bigger than it is. But there is a large monster lurking somewhere. I can’t wait for a better quality version.

  7. ben

    ive found it but im using an apple and i dont know how to do a print screen but its literally between the shot that you’ve now posted about a dino creature attacking the guy and a military guy in green walking with a woman on my quicktime player the time is 00:00:01

  8. admin

    Ben: on a mac the easiest way to do a screen capture o the whole screen is to just press shift+command+3 and it will drop an image on your desktop, of your desktop. Then you can edit it in Photoshop.

  9. ben

    right.. in the first picture look at the left hand side of the screen, in the foreground of the explosions it looks like a giant lizard like head with a white lower lip, then in the second picture the giant head has turned towards the camera, its eyes are looking towards the camera and a jaw line is more visible and looks as if it has a maybe a line of teeth or ridged skin?

  10. harry

    yep it lookks but it doesnt a lizard.. i think is some fire explosions o something…

  11. Richard

    I doubt we’ll see a full shot of the monster in the trailer, it’ll all be glimpses and hints.

    Interesting video though, and I just put up a link back to you for it.

  12. Z.Davi

    The Only time you actually see the monsters….
    When The Military Is Attacking It and you see it in betweeen two buildings (phone was trippin so no clip) and you hear it on the last of the second clip n the glass shatters (phone again)
    Small Monsters
    Yes That Is One OF them Behind the lil screen and you can hear them running on another scene but the phone was trippin
    No That Second Screenshot is just a man from the military draggin somebody
    Best scene i thought was when the camera man falls and it looks like you’re in his shoes

  13. Morgannon

    Ack I want to see this trailer!!!

    Admin, all of the sites the hyperlinks go to are blocked, is there any way you can post the video directly on this site? I wonder if I’m not the only one who has this problem…


  14. Icky

    Wait, so Z.Davi, how did you get to see this trailer in a theater?? Hell just go back & bring a video camera this time! haha, I cant make out a damn thing on these clips…. IMO the “picture of the monster” from the trailer #2, when its head moves & its kinda like a chomping effect w/ the SFX, the dark figure doesnt have an elongated face, basicly it looks like a really big person in a bear outfit, not saying that it is a bear because that would be retarded, but thats the first thing that came to mind when I saW it… I find it hard to believe that only 1 person in the world has gotten ahold of this trailer w/ a cam phone, there MUST be someone that recorded it.

  15. Z.Davi

    Well The Thing is I Don’t Have a Video Camera and i just got off of work so the only thing I Had was my cell phone. And Yes On The big screen the small monsters looked like people in bear suits. well advance screenings of Beowulf start tonight at 915pm i believe so there SHOULD be a better version available before the night is over with.

  16. Icky

    Ok I just looked at the 2nd clip freeze frame of what ben was talking about, that looks like a freaking monkey, I swear to god if …. *sighs*

  17. luke

    is awsome

    monsters and robots, in the most battle for the evil creature in the world.

    In the ultimate seconds fighthing robots and monsters.


  18. Gilbert

    Man, i’ve waited so long for this!
    Now I’m gonna have to pay almost 10 dollars for a trailer!
    No way am I watching Beowolf!!!
    Once the trailers done, i’m leaving.

  19. orange

    [from trailer]
    Cameraman: King Kong?s lookin’ a bit lost, huh?
    Rob: King Kong was a gorilla, that thing?s just ugly.
    Cameraman: So you forgot to shave again, huh?
    Rob: Hey, I ain?t got the climbing skills.
    Cameraman: With a girl like that?
    Rob: What?s that supposed to mean?
    Cameraman: Hey, hey, main guy remember?
    Rob: Yeah, well now there?s three…
    [looks up just as building collapses]

    That was taken from the forums on this site. The part that stands out the most from those lines of supposed script is:
    Cameraman: King Kong?s lookin’ a bit lost, huh?
    Rob: King Kong was a gorilla, that thing?s just ugly.
    Cameraman: So you forgot to shave again, huh?

    After seeing what might be the monster in the new trailer…it does resemble some kind of stuff animal figure…like a stuffed bear or giant monkey like thing. So anyways……the whole king kong reference and the whole thing about “forgetting to shave” would mean that the creature is perhaps harry? An uglier version of a king kong like creature with lots of hair.

    what do you guys think?

  20. admin

    Orange: those were quotes taken off the IMDB page, which anyone can edit with anything they please. I wouldn’t pay attention to them as there isn’t much talking in the trailer, so I don’t think those quotes are real or they are at least not from the trailer.

  21. orange

    ah, ok. I was unaware that anyone could simply edit them. Well if it does turn out to be some giant ape monkey lizard thing……..I just hope its not lame. haha.

  22. VB3

    Anybody having trouble with the condensed file (last link)? Not only won’t it play for me but it’s taken Windows over an hour now to delete it and it still isn’t gone.

  23. orange

    Anyone else seeing alot of bright white blue explosions and what looks like beams shooting in certain places? What if the creature or creatures are little humanoid things…given we are seeing alot of 2 arms…2 legs, standing upright…obviously there is a head as well. There is a flash of 1 frame I belive at like 46 seconds or so…where it shows a door and its a baby blue color and there is a shadow of what looks like a stuffed teddy bear standing upright. Possibly its one of the small creatures? Anyone know what frame i’m talking about?

  24. Arkeband

    Not only that, but the way those are strung together, they made it seem like dialogue, which it isn’t, because IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. Why would the cameraman say the shaving thing to him!? WTF. None of those lines have anything to do with the line before it.

  25. admin

    VB3: Personally I had no problem playing the file inthe last link, so I’m not really sure what the issue is. It played fine in Quicktime (although I am on a Mac not a PC, not that it should technically matter)

  26. Steveboss

    I heard a vicious rumor from my friend who is in the biz that the monsters are actually a renagade army of Carl Winslows clones.

  27. VB3

    I don’t know what happened, but after restarting the computer it would at least let me delete it and I saw the video on Youtube anyway. Random computer deity be praised, I guess.

  28. bobby

    so how can anyone get a good quailty version of this i mean is that even possible with a camera phone ?? i believe this is the only version avalable. i kno tommorrow ppl will be just having versions of ones they recorded. but i really hope they release the 2nd trailer on apple…but any good guesses on what the monster really is ? clues?? and any more stills would be great. such great hype for this movie. it seems like its gunna be really good

  29. Trexx

    Well, chud was obviously right. The trailer matches the description perfectly. im probably seeing beowulf this weekend. my friends got a really small video camera but i doubt he’ll let me use it.

  30. Ryan C

    it might just be me but i can swear at the beginning rob’s face almost looks like it has horns… weird.

  31. Simms

    Someone mentioned it looking like teddy bears and a stuffed bear and what not … my first reaction is that on the page, there’s the 2 teddy bears sitting together. I always thought that was just … different. Ideas?

  32. Mothra

    I would be surprised if this isn’t a Godzilla movie. The only reason they are generating the hype like this it so people will actually go see it. Godzilla can be a deterrent to movie goers since Matthew Broderick was in that P.O.S. Hollywood Trash Godzilla movie. Regardless, the marketing is brilliant and it’s got me hooked!

  33. Mikey

    The monster appears to be a mutated sewer rat…. this may possibly be the movie with the biggest hype to have the biggest flop. Giant rats….

  34. Phil

    I was really hoping for a sea creature. That top pic looks like a man figured creature landing a KO on the statue of liberty.

  35. fanman7

    Despite rumors I’ve read somewhere, I don’t believe this is part of the Cloverfield viral game. The admin of the site even says so. It’s a separate game similar to this one and hasn’t even started yet. Early December I think it said.

  36. Carlos

    im soo confused- how come there was a carriage at the end of video 3?
    shouldnt the rider be running for his life?
    and the dialouge in the trailer was just-
    i don’t even want to talk about it.

  37. Billie Be

    I’d LMAO if the monster was a combination of everything from godzilla, kingkong, a whale, robots, etc. I mean wtf is going on…I still want to see this trailer clearly!

  38. Monstrous

    Does anybody have any idea what the message at the beginning of the trailer says? I made this out of it:

    “The title nightmare of [something] operation “Cloverfield” [something] [something] at [something] [something] U.S 477 area formerly known as “Central Park”

  39. advanced

    k the trailer was awsome but did any1 think about the december 9th date? we’ve all been speculating that thats wen the 2nd trailer was coming out but its alredy out now. its prob a new jamie and teddy vid but u nvr kno

  40. Jt

    upon further review of the trailer.. that image above with the orange is actually doctors injecting a lady.. not the monster. they are doctors in hazard suits

  41. Ravenclaw

    what about that thing with the arms wide open at 53 seconds in the youtube link? i read somewhere here bout humanoid monsters or something…there’s still the fact that the say the girl was bitten and little monsters running around…i cant wait to see the trailer tomorrow man…

  42. Atalaya

    So it is not a bear or a monster that we see attacking that woman; it is a person in one of those containment suits.

    Rather than small monsters, perhaps the giant monster released a virus when it surfaced.

  43. sup12em3

    What the hell the monster has lasers?! 48 seconds remaining in the trailer you can clearly see lasers firing into the store they are hiding in after the monser roars!

  44. Hanzo

    I saw Beowulf, and saw the Cloverfield Trailer….CANT FUCKIN WAIT TO SEE IT! And the trailer had more stuff to it then the one that is on this site does so GO SEE BEOWULF….not because of cloverfield trailer but Beowulf was cool too.

  45. rockinryne

    the horse drawn carriage walking by has a body hanging off the side..that’s why they are not’s hard to run…WHEN YOU ARE DEAD!!! and yes those look like giant rats..with the glowing red eyes and all

  46. Ant

    I just saw a better version of the trailer at cloverfieldclues, and those things that look like litter monsters are not. They are people in some kind of bio-hazard suits.

  47. doug

    Because the story is told from the point of view of whoever is holding this camera, if they don’t ever see the monster, the viewer never gets to see it

    does anybody get the feeling that this is going to be a disjointed story line, told completely out of order chronologically? Maybe the tapes are played back out of order to create suspense and to have the viewer sort it out – that would explain the mixed up time codes on the 1-18-08 website. Wouldn’t it be cool to see the sol head being thrown, then see everybody dying from a virus 6 hrs later, then see tapes from when the guy worked at a deep sea rig earlier

  48. bobby

    in one of the shots of the small monster where it shows the monster roaring i believe the far thing to the last if you see the clip it makes out what seems to me as a whale type tail so im guessing one of the small monsters has a tail at the end. any suggestions

  49. theace69

    Thats no the monster michy it lookst more like that thing from the first picture on

  50. Ant

    Those are probably not the monsters, but the scientists or whatever they are in the protective bio hazard gear.

  51. deBish

    Looking for a non-YouTube site/link for the second trailer. Even sites with embedded YouTube vids are blocked from my work and I’m itching to see this vid.

    Suggestions? Googlevideo or yahoo video, metacafe? Anything…seriously!

  52. Jim

    At -0:41 of the first trailer, I think it shows the monster. When you see the clip of the army men firing their guns on the street pay close attention because at around -0:41 you can see something move in the dark that appears to be what they are shooting at.

    Maybe someone could use something to brighten that shot up some and examine it and maybe you’ll see the monster?

  53. Doctor Drift

    Yeah, it looks like the “monster” shadows are actually the scientists or whatever in the blue bio suits. When you see the 3 new photos, you can go back and tell from the trailer that they look a lot alike.

  54. Kory

    Dont know if this is old, had it sent to me through my email today…Also I dont know if this is legit so take it as you wish. If this is old then im sorry for posting something that is already known. To me it looks legit, but im no expert. Sorry that it has nothing to do with the trailer also, but I figured if it was something that no one has seen, I might as well post it up.

  55. Gerrixx

    I hope we never get to see the monster(s). I hope it/they are always outside of view, obscured or blurry. That would be more real to life. You have to love the mystery! =)

    he always boring,

  56. Horace

    I would have to agree on the “guys in biocontainment suits” theory, but who knows? they may be in containment suits, but they could be affected to some type of supervirus and have gone mad?

  57. Zach

    The “guys in biocontainment suits” theory isn’t a theory, its a fact. If you look at the new photos posted on cloverfieldnews there’s a picture from the other side of the curtain clearly showing the biohazard suit guy injecting the girl

  58. kvin

    hey long time reader, fist time poster, i had the cell phone view earlier this morning, any word on when were going to get the real version of the trailer?..

  59. boBBy

    in my last post to the left of the girl it seems like a dolphin or whale type tail

    so it ha sto be from the water any suggestions

  60. Teso

    In the part ( 1:40-1:42 ) , where the two girls are walking toward a dark street. There seems to be a gray creatures that passes next to them ( in the left-bottom corner). Its movements coincide with the sound of the trailer and it seems as if it has arms but no head.(see the clearer version posted by yungl1nk in order to see what I am talking about)

  61. Abandoned Soul

    I think if theres gonna be some “other” beasts in this movie they are mutate from those “victims” i think thats the most logical thing..infection and then mutation…OR…something like alien kind of birth 😀 trough chect or stomach or anyting like that..well..i personally like best that mutation thing..maby thats why those contamination suited guys are holding that screaming girl..only time will tell..fuck i love this already ^^

  62. Igor

    Firs time posting…

    What if the “raptor like” creatures are actually mutations of people infected by the big creature?

  63. Monstrous

    I know I just posted, but i got a better, more detailed transcript:

    It opens with text:

    Multiple sightings of case designate ‘Cloverfield’
    Camera retrieved at incident site ‘U.S. 447’
    (Area formerly known as Central Park)

    Then we see the footage from the teaser trailer, mostly fast forwarded up to the end, with the explosion and the Statue of Liberty’s head landing in the middle of the street (this scene is more detailed as the Statue?s head is larger and more scorched than in the previous trailer) The power in the whole city also flicks out at the end of this shot.

    Rob?s face comes into view as he is speaking into the camera, ?My name is Robert Hawkins. Approximately seven hours ago, something attacked the city.?

    During this, there is a shot of a destroyed section of New York

    Cuts back to Rob speaking again, ?If you found this? um? If you?re watching this, you know more about it than I do,?

    Then we see a bird?s eye view of another section of New York City being destroyed and jets flying overhead. Then there?s a quick flash of the people racing down the street from the previous trailer.

    A title card reads ‘From Producer JJ Abrams’

    People are being escorted away from certain locations by people in contamination suits. They are covered in ashes.

    A man on a cell phone says, ?Hello? Beth, Beth? where are you??

    There is a girl screaming, ?Okay? We cannot go in the middle of the city! We gotta get out of here!?

    Soldier says, ?There’s nothing we can do for you!?

    Soldier is talking in a second conversation to a girl.
    The girl says, ?Do you know what that thing is??
    The soldier replies, ?Whatever it is, it?s winning.?

    An argument between two friends follows.
    One guy says, ?We don?t have any idea what?s out there!?
    The other says, ?I don’t care what’s out there. Listen to me? she’s dying!?
    Then somebody orders, ?Turn that damn camera off??

    It cuts to another sequence of soldiers running and shadows on a wall. The shadows are of a screaming woman being confronted by a man in a decontamination suit.

    Rob and his friend are hiding in a store, and there are huge thumping noises accompanied by the iconic creature roar.
    Some guy says, ?Rob! Rob! Rob, I saw it! Rob! Rob, it?s alive!? The windows of the store implode upon themselves. This makes it look as though the monster was thought to be dead and then it comes back.

    Soldiers, navy, military officers are running up a street, firing into the air. Tanks roll up behind them.
    We see a shadow behind the wall of smoke which kind of resembled the monster?s foot.

    People race down subway steps, there’s a giant explosion; the camera man either is unconscious or is dead and one of the other characters runs toward him and grabs the camera.

    Then we see a couple flashes of vehicles on fire, people running, that kind of stuff, but nothing significant.

    Then we see two women, the same two women in the first picture align themselves next to each other to make that same image.
    One says, ?What was that??

    Then people are running, and shouting. The shot is from the back, so nobody?s face is visible. This scene cuts out.

    Outside of Central Park, a horse-drawn carriage slowly travels across the street carrying dead bodies on the back.

    Somebody says, ?Are you still filming??

    Cameraman replies, ?Yeah. People are going to want to know… how it all went down.?

    Then we see a 360 shot of the headless Statue. Then we see a copter take off with a girl pressed up against a window. Then a special effects extravaganza shot of about 1.5 seconds of the Brooklyn Bridge being torn apart. Then the people in the copter are screaming as it spins out of control.

    The title fades, in the same glitchy Futura Bold font: ?Cloverfield?

    Then the text, ?End of tape?

    The release date, ?1-18-08?

  64. Tman

    Hmm, Teso may be on to something there.

    On a separate note, didn’t anyone notice the very first 5 seconds of the trailer? What seems wrong there?
    Could it be “the area FORMERLY KNOWN AS Central Park”?
    Think. How far in the future is this? How completely has the world been demolished?

  65. Mabras J. Duo

    “parasite” the monster is extremely large and contains organisms which live on the large creature that when it is attacked are detached. Those smaller organisms attack as well.

  66. henry

    omg tesa,i closely saw the part u were talking about,and there seemed to be a person in a suit or something without a head omg scarey……not to be racist but mayb it was just a black person and u just couldnt see his face or something but i highly doubt that

  67. Jim

    To Tman: You make a great point….we don’t know when it takes place.

    My guess is maybe days, months, or possibly years after Rob’s obvious last recording (helicopter crash), the few remaining survivors follow what happened from Rob’s tapes because from the way the trailers show things what begun already took place in the past so its possible the movie could be dealing with the last few (non-infected) survivors following Rob’s tapes to find out what happened and what to do to fix it.

  68. Lostfan

    A viral outbreak, people in Bio-HAz suits, bleeding from the eyes. Maybe something in the Slusho that everyone has been drinking has caused an epidemic outbreak in people, and the monster has surfaced for a totally different reason: i.e., being disturbed by all the Tagruato deep sea drilling? I think we are all making this harder than what it is.

  69. Austin

    I saw the trailer in DLP & no monster. Whatever you think you saw you didn’t. there were people in bio suits & youre imagination (which is probably gonna be scarrier than whatever it will be). I will really be surprised if we see it before the movie releases. If the show it (them?) what the hell is the big secret about?

    Besides seeing this monster early will ruin the need to see the movie I think. You would probably still want to see it but it wouldn’t be the need we are all feeling now

  70. mosaico

    did anyone notice that on the site if you turn the pics around theres codes?

  71. sasi

    The girl was skinny and then she mutates instantly with the men in the biohazard suits holding onto her. And you hear a fleshy sound and her scream turns into a roar. freaky….also, at the part where they are hiding in the convenient store and the windows shatter..laser lights are being shined in, as well sumthing coming through the glass. look carefully at the door on the left shattering. sumthing comes through it as its shattering

  72. Groove.

    There is deffo going to be smaller monsters. FACT! I saw the trailer lastnite at Beowulf and in the dark tunnel “what is that” bit there is sounds of tiny foot steps like bugs and some screetching sounds. can’t be clearer than that.

  73. Abandoned Soul

    Yeah…and you can hear that kind of noise that something is gonna burst from shes stomach..I think this movie is worth of all this hype 😀 i love this kind of different promotion…im really hoping that we are never gonna see clearer trailer where you can actually see the whole monster or anything major..cos this is the best way to get viewers to this movie..cant wait to see the whole movie..:D

  74. Alec

    So, this is my complete theory on the movie. Since at the beginning of trailer #2 it says the footage was received from site cloverfield, formerly known as central park. The movie will be a POV (point of view; blair witch type of thing) for only part of the movie. The other part will be filmed just like any other movie, as you see scientists or detictives discovering this film years later from the damage. Then, they watch the film as you see it to see what happened.

  75. Michelle

    When the girls turn around and ask “What was that?”…immediately after there’s a quick flash of a silhouetted figure standing there (if you pause it just right you can catch it)-and in that same frame you can make off the the right somebody with their arms akimbo…and THEN it appears the girls (and the third person standing arms akimbo with them) run off screaming… Could that dark figure be what they’re running from? It looks like a guy in a biohazard suit OR some kind of humanoid robot.

  76. n#mber64

    saw the trailer at the Beowulf movie and it was great…for the first 30 min of beowulf i just kept thinking of “Cloverfield” and its monster…then i started thinking that mabey the monster is just some big ass new york city rat that just got juiced up on some bad slusho and went crazy!!!or it could be barry bonds going nuts cause of roid rage….

  77. Steve

    I finally saw the trailer with Beowulf, which was a pretty good for the trailer, the only that I noticed was the tail of the beast…I am sure when the date draws near, more will be leaked out and seen..I rather wait to see the movie and not spoil the destruction, chaos and grizzly death scenes to come..

  78. Niko

    i think that the movie is gonna be about the utter destruction of nyc by some collossus creature that sends out some kind of plague dat reproduces smaller versions of the monster and im willing to bet that none of the main characters survive its sounds like an awsome plot and all of this hype is gonna be well worth it in the end

  79. Niko

    i just dug up somyhing bout dis movie an idk how the outcome of this movie is gonna be anymore the trailers i think totally fooled us i thought this movie was gonna be done blairwitch style but the pics from this site clearly show that this is about the mans camera being found but the movie is gonna be done like any other movie in third person not first person where the movie takes place through the eyes of a person through a camera anyways it might be a good movie it might not be the only way to find out is to see it fo yourself if the way these photos are presented to us are what the final product is going to look like then all the hype would b for nothing but if the movie is made like how the trailers are presenting for us then it might be a interresting cinamatic experience i guess ill end by saying the only way to really know if going to be a good movie or not we will have to wait til “1-18-08”

  80. Niko

    id like to add on one of the comments on top bout the so called creatures attacking the dirl those are in fact sciebtists in biohazarad suit trying to restrain a womanwho all of a sudden expands im guessing that she either turns into a creature or she explodes or a creature comes out of her like familiar movie called alien its kinda freaky check it out

  81. Gabe

    So I went to see Beowulf, and saw the trailer twice while I was there (another Beowulf was starting as soon as mine was letting out, so I snuck in to see it again), and while watching it, I didn’t spot anything that might be the monster except at one point. I thought I saw a piece of the monster when you see the army running in the street and then shooting up in the air. When the camera panned around, I thought I saw a piece of it behind one of the buildings. I could be wrong, and maybe I should watch it again and pay real good attention to it like everyone else is. I guess my brain is blocking out some stuff so I don’t spoil it because this is the most hype I have ever put into a film

  82. Igor

    I think that the movie will mostly consist first person view (the cameraman) because the actor that plays the cameraman said that for more 90% of the movie he will be behind the camera.

    Probably the only things that will be shoot in “regular style” will be the retrieval of the camera, but even that might not be the case.

    Maybe the retrieval line from the trailer (the beginning) is thought up just for promotional use only. In this I might be wrong, but still I think that the most of the movie will be firs person view. If you look at most of the photos you will see that those don’ look like an actual shoot frames, those look to lame.

    On another note, the one picture showing a skinny girl being held by two men in blue haz-mat suits… it seams that she is choking the guy on the left as he is struggling to get her off with the help of the guy on the right. And here friend, the guy in the background with a horrified face expression seems shit scared by what he is seeing, possibly her mutation?

    Just some thoughts, what do you think?

  83. Igor

    Over at empire online along with the trailer they have some really good screen shots form the trailer, among those is the shot of the monsters back. Now if I didn’t know netter I would say it looks like a giant turtle (stupid) but looks can be deceiving.

    Also a thing from the trailer… that soldier who says, ?There?s nothing we can do for you!?… his face is hidden by a mosaic which is used everywhere to hide the identity of a person being filmed.

    But The thing is that the mosaic is always added later, so is this going to be a in a way like documentary from the future of the film? Maybe the footage that was taken during the attack has been put together to form a documentary. I mean this movie is full of weirdness.

  84. Steve

    The one thing that stands out, well, the line that sticks out the most to me is, “It’s Alive! I saw it.” So far, thats twice that I have heard it.

  85. Andy

    You should really look throught this video again. The seen where you seem to see a dino-like ceature is actually a person in a bio-suit, it’s clear as day. Secondly, I really don’t think a creature that small can rip the statue of libertys head off the way it did…lol.

  86. n#mber64

    Igor that trailer was excellent…i saw everything clearly even that mosaic on that soldier…and the two sillouettes that were attacking the girl do kinda look like monsters now…and your theory on the documentary is interesting never thought of that

  87. admin

    Andy: The screenshots I took were from the extremely shitty first bootleg version, so yes, things may not be as they appeared in that version. And as far as the smaller monsters, nobody was saying that one of the smaller monsters is the one that ripped the head off the statue. There is obviously a large monster, we know that, but it has also been rumored that the large monster brings smaller ones with it (or this weird infection turns people into creatures, who knows) so nobody is saying that the small monsters are the ones ripping the head of the SOL, just to clarify.

  88. Billie Be

    This site has a VERY clear version of the new trailer

    At the 1:25 mark you can see the soldiers in the street aiming and firing upwards at the monster, the monster is briefly visible but is a obscure mass because it quickly ducks behind a large building.

    The scene with the girl being ?ripped apart by smaller monsters? looks actually like a female being restrained by the hazmat guys and she looks as if her body expands when she screams?very confusing.

    I am psyched about this movie!!

  89. SB

    if you got to 1:00 in the new trailer will notice that the soilders head it pixelated out. i wonder why they did that if the video was being shot right then and there. this must mean that someone found the tape and they are either amking it into a movie for everyone to see or broadcasting it on televsion.

    and @ the part with the bridge. if u slow it down, i can see something in the left side, but it is really hard to tell

  90. Fly

    I watched the girl being held by the people hazmat suits, it doesn’t look like her stomach just “expands” it looks like something came out of it. I also think this part was shot behind her, i dont think its her stomach expanding, i think you’re seeing her skin pushed away and something leaving her stomach.

    Here’s a link to promo pics of it(SPOLIER ALERT)

    Those photo’s are a bit gorey, nothing really shown except blood but the real life effects of ebola come to mind.

    So in MY opinion (dont flame for this)The monster can infect people, to either kill or to reproduce. Why else use the hazmat suits? All the talk about the ocean drilling makes me think “we woke something up”

  91. Roman C

    I just spotted that the opening lines say that this camera was retreived at inccident site U.S. 447 known as central park. This line tells you alot about this movie. I think that this is only one site that the monster will attack, meaning this movie will end by the main characters dying and the camera will be retrieved. I believe there will be a sequel or it will just end very opened ended.

  92. Justin Boleyn

    I don’t think you’re right here, if you take a look in Google you’ll see that what you say in your post is actually wrong, don’t believe me see for yourself, check Google ;).

  93. Article

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