Thanks Gabriel for posting this link in the comments.

If you follow that link you can find an interview with Lizzy Caplan. She talks a lot about how secretive the movie is and how tight security surrounding it was so that nothing related to the story leaked out. It’s a pretty interesting article, but of course the coolest part are the 3 12 new pictures (click the link above the first picture on that site) from the movie that are included, so head on over there and check it out.

Blackbook apparently took down the images, but you can still catch them over at Cloverfield Clues.

Thanks Mike over at, which is one of the best movie blogs on the net by the way, for letting me know about a few more promotional pictures they have up on the site this morning. Most of them are the same as the ones that were posted on Cloverfield Clues in the link above, but a few are different, check it out.