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Head on over to to see the new trailer in all its “non-bootleg” glory. Empire Online had the exclusive only a few hours before Paramount decided to release it on there own, so head on over and check it out and lets start discussing what we really see now and not what we thought we could see via cell phone cam.


SCREENSHOTS AFTER THE JUMP, Click below or click article title.

UPDATE: Hi-res video of just the monster walking through the buildings after the screenshots at the link below. Thanks Jt for bringing it to my attention. You can clearly see the monsters leg lift and walk, the the editor of the video reverses it to show it again.. check it out.

UPDATE 2: There is a lot of good discussion going on in the comments, but since I have to moderate them all to weed out the spammers I’ve made a few sticky’s on the forum regarding some of these topics. Below are links to those threads, where you can post freely in real time.




First up, the elusive “small monster/bio-suit” image, which we can tell 100% now that it is a biohazard suit, you can see through the window on the front of the mask in this shot. There has been a lot of discussion about the woman “expanding” and while I don’t disagree with this, I have an idea… Could she be restrained in a straight jacket, and start as a profile view and as the camera moves, it goes to a full back/front view, and with her wiggling around in a straight jacket, it could give the appearance of expanding like that, since her elbows would be protruding out…? Just a thought… more discussion in the forum

The next few are just random city destruction shots I thought were cool, in that they show how much damage the city is taking.

An explosion shot, possibly the beginning of the large one at the beginning of both trailers, or possibly just another small explosion.

Just a shot of the medical facility treating people that are injured/infected(?)

And here it is, the only place (i believe) you can see the large monster in the trailer. You can clearly see it’s leg lift and move forward in this segment, which is at approx. 1:26 -1:30, give or take a few seconds. It’s a quick clip, so pause it and go frame by frame to see it. I tried my best to get screenshots that were clear enough and showed the monster, the red box is the monster, and the arrow points to the general location of the leg. I didn’t want to cover anything by putting the arrow all the way to where the actual leg is, so just look along that line.

One more that I saw that was interesting. At approx: 1:44 in the trailer, it’s a quick flash. At first I thought it was just 2 3 people helping each other down a staircase, but after looking at it, there’s something weird going on in the middle of them? I have seen the picture that claims the stuff in the middle is a shoulder, hair and hand… I still don’t see it, but maybe it’s just me.

Please at least scan the comments before making one regarding this picture. I am aware it is 3 people, but someone explain what is in the the middle of all of them. I see 3 sets of legs, just nothing that tells me what is in the middle (and I don’t see the hand/shoulder/arm that one image suggests). I’m sure its just a piece of clothing, but who knows.

Here is a video of just the monster walking through the buildings like you see in the screenshots above. Everything is much clearer and easier to see that it is clearly a large monster.

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262 Responses

  1. st

    Only clip I saw of monster was at the 1:28-1:29 minute mark – If you go frame by frame, you see it walking by some buildings. Another great trailer…hope this movie doesn’t suck.

  2. admin

    st: I was just in the process of doing screenshots, I’ll be posting them up in this post in the next 5 minutes.

  3. Doom

    I think it has yellow eyes.. Also from the look of it I reckon it has more then 2 legs… kinda looks like a bug….

  4. Ohram

    Did anyone else see the woman behind the screen (the first picture in this article) expand into something and explode?

  5. Billie Be

    yeah you can clearly see its not small monsters attacking that person behind the screen, and you can see the monster move behind a building when being fired upon in the street.

    Nice to have the clear quality 2nd trailer fianlly!

    Now lets get some more clue updates rolling in paramount!

  6. Moz

    The creature seems to be walking backwards in the clip. I can see it turn and look too towards the camera. Think it has a kind of shrimps head with small black eyes.

  7. neenko

    the big monster looks like it has a luminescent green body, an elongated head and some kind of protruding spine or folded wings on its back, looks very odd and very alien, could be cthulu…

  8. admin

    neenko: How did you draw that conclusion from the trailer? All I can see is the hind quarters of the monster. Mainly just it’s back right leg as the back 1/4 of the body moves through the buildings.

    Moz: I’m pretty sure the monster is moving to the right, so we can’t see a head, just based on the way the back leg moves, unless it’s “knees” are backwards…. but again, maybe i’m seeing something other than what you’re seeing.

  9. Andre Pinho

    Moment 1 min.:39 sec. For just a moment it is possible to see “something” (4 leg spider?) coming into the tunel.

  10. Shane

    If that is a leg moving, then I don’t think we are seeing the head, unless this thing is all legs and a head. Which means, it is actually going to be quite a bit larger than we are currently projecting.

  11. Moz

    Admin- Oh yeah, its its definatly moving to the right but it looks to me like its walking backwards(to the right). Also it looks like it drops a car? Maybe? I’ll try and take a screen grab and outline what I see. 🙂

  12. neenko

    I thought the top green bit was the back of a bulbous and pulpy looking elongated head, and the rest was a partial side view, maybe i’m wrong

  13. admin

    neenko: I see what you’re talking about, but I don’t know why the monster would be walking backwards.

  14. monkeyinabush

    48 seconds in you can see up the street, that sure as hell looks like an eye to me looking down at us, also in the recap when the statue of liberty head comes down its the same street, you can look up the street again, it looks like they have put smoke or dust in the way just for the trailer, it looks too poor cgi work to be in the film, look like its teasing us with the monster behind it, as is when we eventually see the monster its the same street again. so the dust thing is just me thinking too hard but 48 seconds in definatley looks like an eye.

  15. Jeremy

    On your final screenshot, pretty sure that is just three people going down a hallway. If you look you can see the third is the farthest away from the camera and i hunched over. That is the flowyness you are talking about… just another silhouette.

  16. admin

    Jeremy: looks like you’re right… i see the extra legs, must be wearing a scarf or something to create that shape in between the other 2 silhouettes .

  17. NekoMouser

    I also saw the woman behind the sheet expand suddenly in the frame-by-frame view.

    As for the weird image at 1:44, shown above, I don’t think that is a transforming person or weird pants. I think it is a third person’s heels and feet (you can see their upper body between the two figures bent over and moving in the opposire direction).

    Where is this “eye” people are talking about?

  18. Doom

    Is it possible that it’s actually standing on it’s hind legs and the highest up bit we see is part of its neck… so it looks kinda like a braciasaurus

  19. festercs

    There are three people running in the last picture. The person in the middle is bent over, almost looks like they are diving forward.

  20. Rob D

    If you pause the frame at exactly 1:29, I believe this gives us the very best glimpse of the creature. I also believe it is backing up. If you look closely you see what looks like a figure eight type body part going diagonally up to the right(I believe this is the creature’s ear or gills.) Over to the left of the ear/gills you can see an eye and the wide opening under it’s eye? That would be the mouth wide open. Now picture a giant fish. It has the slick back head that resembles a fish head. This thing is either a gigantic mutated fish(which would tie in with the Slusho website quite well) or the earlier “leaked” monster design that resembled a gigantic mutated whale with the parasite crabs all over it’s skin.

  21. jake

    It has the leg of something like a T-Rex. all you can see is the leg THATS IT. the leg that it has is the the website with my name. not saying it looks like that but that is the type of leg it has and thats all you can see. Its Jurassic Park!

  22. neenko

    admin: I thought it looked like the big monster was making a sideways turn – had just turned its head away to our right obscuring its face and then decides to lurch off in the same direction behind the cover of the building(s), avoiding a frontal attack, moments later there’s ‘fire in the hall’. Seemed to be a pretty successful tactic. Just my impression though.

  23. Aaron

    Anyone figure out direct download links for the trailers yet, especially the HD ones?

  24. Cody

    i wanna say this again now that the real trailer is back up..and someone else pointed it out..and this might have been brought up already be someone thats not me..but i wanna see what everyone can see that girl expand extremely quickly and possibly explode, im not really sure..but like i one of the jamie loves teddy videos, she plays with that toy that expands like that..if this was planted in there as a clue, perhaps theres more clues to be found in the jamie loves teddy videos than we know

  25. Erin

    I’m just stuck on the girl suddenly expanding behind the sheet. Thats the one thing (besides the one-sided glimpse of the monster) that really grabs my attention

  26. NekoMouser

    The creature is definitely moving to the right. But is it moving backwards or not?

    If you still frame if forward you can’t really tell…well, much of anything. But if you then frame-by-frame it in reverse, the gait (to me) looks more natural moving left. Maybe it is lumbering backwards after all.

  27. Sayer Kanakriyeh

    On the Apple trailer page for the trailer ( if you highlight all, there is a “b” in the bottom left corner. significant? definently hidden whether accidental or on purpose.

  28. BeN_86

    Yea that scene with the girl behind the plastic sheets with another haz mat suit, you can definitely tell something is coming out of her and expanding. The sound effect is right there. However what I’m wondering is at the 1:00 mark, the solder who says “There is nothing to be afraid of” why is his face censored/blurred? If supposedly this footage of the whole “Cloverfield” movie is shot @ one night, how did they re-edit the tape to censor a persons face?

  29. 55JL

    WTF? Why the army guy that says “there’s nothing we can do…” has his head pixelated like COPS style or something?

  30. sup12em3

    in the last picture there are two people and something in front of them. it looks like a greyish creature or something

  31. david

    the girl in the shadow, (the first pic of this article) is definitively explodinggg or at leasttt something is gettint out of her body…

  32. Berginis

    When you look at the HD version it looks very much like you are seeing most of the creature and when you look at each frame in sequence its arm and upper body move away from sight.

    There is a definite luminous glow about it and it has a very long thin body and looks not too much unlike a mutated centaur!!!

  33. z3ro

    I dont know if you guys talked about it yet but I found this user on EBAY selling shirts with a picture of a monster on it claiming its from cloverfield movie. So i looked at it and if you notice this monster has a thumb and 3 claws.

    now if you look at the statue of liberty its got 3 claw marks as that monster has. also that monster look like it has tentacles on top and below. looks like 4 tentacles to me. but if u look at the poster again in the area where the monster enters the city you see claw marks in the mid section of the buildings and destrucion in lower parts and top parts (where these tentacles are) just an observation.. i could be wrong.

    poster here

  34. admin

    Berginis: you cant post images in the comments, but the links work just fine. But the image is really small…

  35. Nacho

    When I saw that part in which the girl “explodes”, the movies Species and Alien came to mind.

  36. Gilbert

    Did anyone notice how when they were in the store and the guy with the long blonde hair tells Rob
    “Rob, Rob, I saw it.. It’s alive!”
    I don’t even want to spark the whole “A Lion – Alive” drama again but thats what I personally heard
    And I find it weird that the lady behind the sheet is exploding and the guy infront of it is just sitting there like nothings going on!?

  37. Casual Observer

    A “dinosaur-type” monster seems too easy. It looks like the back end of some sort of turtle or crustacean shell moving between the buildings to me. It seems to fit with the whole deep sea creature theme… and anyone who has eaten bad seafood can almost identify with the exploding girl.

  38. Billie Be

    Ok I used my graphics program to brighten up one of the pics posted and you can clearly see the creature?what exactly it is?I have no ideal!!

  39. busta moov

    This is really fun. I just got here from playing another game at They said their’s was alot like this one so I came over to play. Looks like I got alotta readin to do. So it’s about a big monster that eats NY I guess. Cool.

  40. Morgannon

    A couple of observations about the monster:

    1.) It looks green and glowy

    2.) It looks like it has small folded wings on it’s back

    3.) It carries some sort of parasite / energy / disease / brood / spawn that can infect humans, causing them to bleed from the eyes and mouth and explode.

    4.) It’s freaking HUGE.

    And that’s pretty much all one can get from the trailer. Not bad information, all told! And from what I can see, my money is this critter is Cthulhu. Lovecraft (Cthulhu’s creator) described Cthulhu as a huge humanoid with bat wings, an octopus head, and made of a ghastly green substance. From what I can see in the trailer, we have everything but the octopus head, and if this monster is indeed Cthulhu, then the last thing they want to do is show its head, which would be a dead giveaway. And if those ARE wings on its back, a regular “run of the mill” ocean-going monster would not need wings to swim! Cthulhu is the only critter I know of – and I read a ton – that has wings, is big, is green, and lives beneath the ocean floor.

    Now, regarding the exploding people – that’s a puzzler. The only thing I can think of is Lovecraft wrote a couple of stories where humans and monsters crossbred, and the progeny were monstrous. The Deep Ones, Cthulhu’s “children”, were especially notorious for mating with humans (see Innsmouth, Mass.) to beget half-human, half-deep one hybrids. Maybe the people are exploding because they have been impregnated with Cthulhu’s spawn.

    OR, perhaps when they are “infected” they gradually become physiologically adapted to live deep under the ocean, and if they are kept on the surface, like deep sea fish brought up from the deeps, they explode. It looks like the woman is literally blowing up like a balloon – that’s a very similar description to what happens to deep sea fish brought to the surface. I think if a critter was coming out of her, it wouldn’t be like a balloon popping (think of the alien from Alien, it came out of the guy’s stomach – only his stomach exploded). The fact that the people’s mouths and eyes are bleeding makes me think of internal hemorrhage, which I believe happens in cases of rapid decompression.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents.

  41. Peter

    The statue of Liberty head has also been changed from the first trailer. It is a little larger, more damaged and lit differently.

  42. Moz

    At 1.44 it seems to me that its a silhouette two people holding each other up while another is being sick behind them. the bits that look like ‘flowing pants’ are the heels of the vomiteer. 🙂

  43. John

    For users who cannot view the trailer VIA QuickTime a High Definition version is released at

  44. Heath

    Anyone notice that the mouth appears to open wider and wider. First thing I thought of was either something that looked like a Jurassic Park raptor, or similar to Godzilla 1998 (not saying it’s Godzilla, just that dino head). Upon closer inspection, based on cleaned up images here, there doe appear to be a big horn on the nose.


  45. Teso

    One comment- A masterpiece. Considering the fact that it is “low budget” It has outstanding effects. To me it “looks” like a $150 million movie

  46. david

    the “formerly known as central park” is breathtaking :(…i am sorry i am the only one not doped with the geek fantasy part of this movie…

  47. John

    No way it’s Cthulu. All of the clues point to something from under the sea, Cthulu is from another planet/dimension.

  48. Travisleet

    Alright, I was watching the medical facility clip (sorry if this has already been discussed) but it appears the infection makes you “explode”. Check out these screenshots I took from the trailer, the are in order from where she look normal, all the way to looking very bloated (also a weird noise plays as she “transforms”)

  49. Lostfan

    I’ve spent three days looking at whatever “IT” is. I think what we are all looking at is the back section of the monster and it appears to indeed have a shell with what appear to be fins to the side or possible wings. The legs appear to be that of a large T-rex type creature. I don’t think we are seeing a head or a face-you guys don’t think JJ would be that giving in a trailer do you? As for the “Exploding woman”- over at there is a “Happy Talk” that says-“I am so happy and full of Slusho I may Burst!” Coincidence or something tied to this pic-I dunno? Thoughts??

  50. vinny

    Am going to point out that nowhere in the trailer can Jamie Lascano be seen even though she is prominent in the whole viral campain with the whole thing and being in the pics on

    looks like a huge shell with markings, the luminescence would sugest extremely deep sea dwellings as many fish se luminescence as a means of direction and to lure prey in very deep dark waters.

  51. vinny

    wasnt cthulhu the creature in te beastie boys video? haha, giant robot kills it. Clue???? Hmmmmm

  52. Lostfan

    OMG-could this thing possibly be a mutated form of HORSESHOE CRAB? Look at the clue at Slusho-the horse-the crab. Horseshoe crab blood is also used as a bacterial aid by pharmaceutical companies in injections, iv’s etc. Go check out and see what I am talking about!
    Also don’t crabs cause urinary infections in people like at jamie has been having problems with in her vids? I know its sounds crazy but it sorta makes sense!

  53. Ryan

    Anyone see the teeth in the second window from the right at 1:22 in the HD trailer or is just me? I’m willing to bet the “creature” is Cthulhu.

  54. Engel

    Sorry, I just don’t see it Ryan. I think a lot of people are looking a little too hard.

  55. orange

    Lostfan – Good connection. Great idea. Its definitely possible we are going to be seeing some kind of virus…slusho might just be the virus…and that it reacts only when the creature is near…I’m reaching now. However I think based upon what we are seeing, we need to start making the connection with and the other sites.

  56. hector

    it kinda looks like zilla lookin back at the camera on the picture that rob d has the one that was posted at 4:18 november 19th. look at and see how the second picture to the right looks alot like zilla

  57. Jeffrey

    Those HAZMAT guys are draging here with them en then see explodes…the left HAZMAT guy turns around and the right one is getting down i think. At the moment that weird sound is on the right HAZMAT guy has something on his back….maybe a Parasite?

  58. zues

    Ok theres been some good ideas as for the monster but I believe I now figured out just what that footage it is. If you notice closly its not a leg, its a piece of its armor, i believe thats the front of the face but its being over casted by plates of its shell, when the marines start shooting it, its scales or armor move over its body to protect its self “like a turtle”. Then it moves towards the camera as in to prepare its self to rush. (notice how soon as they get down the stairs dust and debree coming flying down)

    Also if you look even harder you can see an odd jelly like liquid thats color yellow, if you remember the first person on their site that talked how he got to see this trailer long ago talked about “scales” falling off that actually were “little” monsters that attack people. Well I believe that its blood or a jelly from the Deep that could protect it and infects people near by.

    But now that i think about it thinking further in to this how animals share bodys with parasite, that the liquid or what ever it is, is indeed a parasite and infects the people changing them as host for the parasite. It would make sense of how their bodys are mulated and the odd sounds, that one flashing image you see quickly after you hear the odd “sreching” sound is the parasite communicating to each other. I stared at that image closly and notice it is not 1 monster but 2 of them closly together meaning the infected talk to each other and gather in groups.

    So basically, The Giant creature is from the ocean, it has scales and plays host to several parasites. The parasite could actually be the source of this giant creature, infact this huge monster could be just a fish infected by an abnormal alien like parasite. Since fish live an every day life with the parasite i could see where they got the idea for this creature taking ideas from water based animals.

    eh just my 2cents

  59. LouieLou

    After looking at the monster image, I believe all we are looking at is the 3 clawed hand, not a face or a shell or a leg. I really hope the monster is Cthulhu, but I feel after all JJ Abrams has said about the monster being original, I doubt it will be anything as cool as Cthulhu. I think the movie will be cool because of the way it was shot, not because of the monster.

  60. Ian

    In the part with the biohazard suits pulling at the transforming girl. Look at the people inside the tent. They are unusually calm about it. So how used to the idea of people turning into monsters (if that is indeed what it is) are they?

  61. esoomxal

    I’m surprised nobody has talked about the images at 46 and 47 seconds…

    Doesn’t it look like the monster is in the center wrecking everything in sight?

    Also – I thought I saw long spikes on the creature…

  62. Austin

    i STILL don’t see a monster. those screen shots aren’t convincing to me. what you all think is a monster’s leg or head looks to me like a retracting smoke plume. ??? to me, nothing that big would move that fast (no i am not saying that is some kind of smoke monster, that’s just dumb) then again, in anaconda, a snake that size would never have moved that fast or needed to eat that often, i hope this isn’t as dumb as that movie was.

    but given the budget, the third floor (the effects house used for the film) appears it got all they could out of their interns and newbies. i wouldn’t mind having this film as a demo piece. they appear to have done a good job

  63. Steve

    If this was a HP Lovecraft film, I think JJ would have said so…I don’t think this is. He said that this was an “Original Idea”. I dont think JJ would let anyone see the full detail of the monster, that would ruin the film. Everyone is looking for something and their imagination is running wild. We are seeing what want to see at this point.

  64. Chris

    I thought I knew how this movie was going to play out… until I saw that clip where they were in that medical tent, after that doctor tells the guy to shut off the camera… Theres some screaming girl, being escorted by what looks like guys in Bio suits… and at the last second she bulges up like something is exploding from her body. That was nuts.

  65. Cody

    why are people still saying this is cthulhu or anything else already existing..hasnt jj said enough times that this is a new, original monster..i dont get why people are insisting its cthulhu

  66. VB3

    Maybe its a big bug. Lots of insects reproduce by infecting their hosts, and then the offspring burst out and eat whatever is left. And the sound effect in the scene where they start running from something in the dark sounds buggish to me.

    Except bugs wouldn’t roar like the monster does. And why hasn’t anyone commented on the explosion in the teaser trailer yet? What’s with the fireballs that come shooting off the first explosion? Is that supposed to be from the monster or not?

    And what about the timeline in the teaser? Big explosion, people go running down at least ten flights of stairs, and then the statue’s head comes flying in (and somehow causes an explosion when it hits a building)? What’d the monster do in the meantime, backstroke around the harbor?

    Hopefully the movie explains some of this and doesn’t just leave it all to speculation.

  67. Jesso

    Ryan I think I see what you’re talking about, but I’m not entirely sure it’s teeth… it looks like partly a wierd reflection maybe?

  68. admin

    Engel: Not disagreeing there are 3 people, just confused as to what is in the very middle. It’s probably just clothing, but it looked odd to me. But I can clearly see 3 sets of feet/legs…

  69. Brian

    If you go to the scene with the two girls in the tunnel, the girl on the right has a necklace on of a Sea Horse. If you wikepedia Sea horse it talks about how there is also “Sea Dragons”. Maybe this is something about it being a dragon type creature and also supports peoples theory of wings on the creature.

  70. Jeffrey

    The one about the two people and one is helping the other? Theres three people, what looks like something on her legs is actually a person in front of her, their feet.

  71. Meatloaf

    When you watch the girl exploding right after 1:10, it looks like the HAZMAD on the right Jabs her and pops her or something. Thats REALLY nasty, but look for yourself! You can see his arm going back behind him (what others said looked like a parasite, but I’m pretty sure its his arm) and then it jabs forward, followed Perfectly by the nasty gooshing sound effect.

    Also, if what people are really saying in the clips is “Its alive”, which seems to be said much too often, reminds me of Godzilla, because they thought that they killed him off. Im not saying AT ALL that this is godzilla just an observation!


  72. Leor

    In the second explosion shot, there are two jets flying in between the buildings. One drops a bomb, the other is firing a missile.

  73. smashhog

    I wonder what this film’s going to be rated, I mean if people are seen blowing up (the tent scene) then that means there’s going to be a LOT of blood and gore. It would suck if this was rated R.

  74. joe

    J. J. Abrams quote:
    >This is gonna be really really quick. I just want to >say I want a monster movie! I want a great monster >movie! I wanted a monster movie for so long! And I >was in Japan over a year ago with my son who is 8 and >all he wanted to do was go to toy stores. We went to >a store and saw Godzilla’s everywhere and I thought >what better. We need our own monster.
    >We need a monster movie. I love King Kong! King Kong >is just adorable and Godzilla is a charming monster I >love Godzilla but I wanted something that was just >insane and intense. So we started making this movie >and are working it now. I watch dailies and I am more >excited about the movie itself then the trailer which >has gotten an amazing response.
    >I cant thank you enough for that. I would say it will >be nearly 6 months before this movie comes out. Its a >long time so in the coming months your going to get >the real trailer, the real poster, and the title. But >you wont get the title today. Do you think I should >call it Monstrous?

    So, where in there does he say he is creating a “new” or “original” monster? He says “we” need a monster movie – as in, America needs its iconic monster. Japan has Godzilla, we have… King Kong. But Abrams wants more. What is an American creation? Cthulhu. What is the embodiment of “insane” and “intense”? Cthulhu.

    All of this coupled with e deep sea monster motif? Also, Cthulhu will rise again when the “stars are right” – the planets will be in “alignment” coming up in 2008 –

    I for one, welcome our new master, and hope that I delight in insanity before being consumed…

  75. Leor

    The girl is definitely expanding in a strange way. The camera is moving, but if it were just lighting, the two people wearing the safe suits would also expand. Also, her head does not expand in proportion to her body.

  76. Ravenclaw

    the last picture the administrator posted is of 3 people. The one in front of the 2 people, holding each other one helping the other walk, is almost leaning forward so what seems to be hanging out between the other 2 is simply, her hair. Ir did look weird but like i’ve read in other comments and like the girl said, we’re seeing things where they’re not which kind of brings me to my next point…the slusho site and all the clues related to the movie…dont you guys think that all they want to point out is that IT is an animal, IT does come from the sea, IT is infectious or poisonous and IT was our own fault (humans) that IT was made? just like slusho, made from lots of ingredients combined and all? just like a scientist does… all in all, i think its great to have your imagination go crazy and it’ll the depend on each person, whether they’re dissapointed or pleased with the results on that day, next year.

    2 more cents added to the cause…

  77. Ravenclaw

    it might, might not be Cthulhu. Personally i wouldnt mind if it is, if not then it really is something new and original which is very daring for someone to do thus the whole hype build up behind it….making sure people are interested in it before the real deal comes out and everybody gets to know what it really is…

  78. sean

    He says it right there where he says “We need our own monster.” He’s referring to Japanese coming up with there monsters, we need our own… hence he made a new one.

  79. sean

    alrite, i figured out the editing of the trailers,
    about where the monster comes into play in the movie…

    1) if you look at the first teaser trailer, when they go out of the building you can see a sign on the right of the street when the statue of liberty head is coming that says “The Textile…”

    2) if you look at the second trailer, during the sequence of the army guys shooting at the monster, when we see the monster go by, you can see it’s the same street they came out on, with “The Text…” visible, and same pattern of buildings, empire state building, etc… in this shot no bullets or rockets whatever are being shot at him.

    3)They just used that shot of the monster for the second trailer in that army sequence, but the format in the movie will be as follows…

    a) they go outside and someone says “i saw it, it’s alive, it’s huge”… obviously it’s nearby, and you see the Text… as a hint of where they are

    b) the statue of liberty get’s thrown down the street… and you see the Text… as a hint of where they are

    * c) in the movie, the camera will pan back from the staue of liberty’s head to show the monster walking past in that shot from the second trailer… and you see the Text… as a hint of where they are

    I mean this isn’t anything drastic, but as a film major who loves to anaylze details in movies, this is 99.9% accruate to me

  80. esoomxal

    I originally thought that the woman wasn’t exploding either – but you can’t tell me that the final frame of her (looking like she’s 300+ pounds) is just a camera angle. She HAS to be exploding!

  81. Mitch Mitchem

    The monster in the trailer is walking on at least two legs. When the video first unblurs, you can see leg number one going behind the building to the right. Following that, you see leg number two emerge from behind the building on the left. I’m not sure how you can see a face in that.

  82. Klemins

    At about 38-39 seconds or around there, after the guy says “My name is Robert Hawkings” and the camera moves upwards towards the jets flying, you can see what looks like 2 tentacle like objects moving up/around the diagonal building. It starts in the middle of the screen and ends up at the bottom, as the camera moves. It’s only a few split seconds, but maybe a clue? Also could explain why the planes over head

  83. Trev

    Ok, the part at 1:44 is 3 people on a staircase. Look at the shadows on the ground. There is no flowing cloth, it’s the guys heels, it’s just so eerily lit.

    The part at 1:28-1:29, it is a leg! No way would a whole body move like that. It looks like its kicking the building.

  84. Trev

    Oh and by the way, the woman IS expanding, or SOMETHING. Camera angle, COME ON! There’s no angle that would make that woman look 300 pounds like she did. Oh and, the camera angle wouldn’t make the sick gurgling noise.

  85. Z.Davi

    Well All I HAve To Say Is I See The Monster…I See Three People In That Dark Pic Running Thru a hallway and last but not least….


  86. SteveP

    Okay, here’s my two cents on 1:29, which seems to be the topic du jour:

    It looks to me like the creature is quartering towards the camera, with the camera being about 45 degrees or so to the right from the creature’s point of view, and the creature is looking off to its left side. Most of what we see is underneath its neck and chest, with a left leg visible throughout the shot and a right leg coming into view later. It looks like the creature has a somewhat long neck, enough to start with a fair degree of bend in it which straightens out in the later frames.

    Guess we won’t know anything for sure ’till January. 🙂

  87. jjk3

    I’m kind of thinking that it might be Cthulhu aswell or atleast Cthulhu-esque He says we need our own, not new. And has anyone noticed how the Tagruato( drills are “stratigically positioned around the globe” no where close to R’lyeh(the city where Cthulu waits)? Google maps has it here according to Lovecrafts cooordinates..,-126.716667&spn=0.3,0.3&q=-47.15,-126.716667
    I know it’s Wikipedia but just check out the page on Cthulhu. After reading the descriptions of his physical appearance does anyone else think the back of Cthulhu might look ALOT like that monster walking with his wings folded up behind him? Showing his “face” would be a dead giveaway. Go ahead read what he is supposed to look like on there. Also “small monsters” might just be the Cthulhi. That are like him, but smaller(human sized?), so they would have wings like him. And might make that noise towards the end of the trailer if flying in a group(swarm). Oh man I’m spent! I just want 1-18-08 to get here already!! And I hope it is an R rating! I’m sick of all the “we want more money so we’ll make it pg-13” crap! Show me what a real monster attack would look and sound like. Hint: lots of 4 letter words, gore and destruction.

  88. Andrew W

    this is not my find but this guy put up a video of the Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, and it really makes me think this is a large part to the whole story. Obviously the smaller monsters come from somewhere but I think before long we will see if this old movie shares alot.

  89. z3ro

    JT you seriously need glasses if you dont see that her body is expanding… and no its not the camera… if thats the case the bio suit guys should be expanding as well.

  90. z3ro

    So you’re telling me this thin girl (which u can also see in the promo pictures) go’s from size 2 to like Rosie O donnel in 3 seconds becuase she turned around? ok so when shes side ways shes skinny and then when she turns her back shes a whale lol. get some glasses!

  91. HArry

    joe: J.J. Abrams It’s talking about (obviously) an original monster, Cthulhu isn’t original, because it’s Lovecraft’s creation. I think this monster comes totally from the J.J. Abrams’ mind

    Well, I saw on the minute 1:11 – 1:13 when we think It’s the “mini-monster” (haha) attacking a person, I saw a Lion’s head =S and I heard a roar in the trailer, Wow! It’s totally mysterious. I don’t know what think about it.

    I saw another think, not important but It’s weird.
    In the first teaser, when we see Rob get into the apartment, he’s with some friend with a normal haircut. So, in the second teaser when we see the same scene, I saw another guy =S with a different haircut, he has an “afro” haha =/


  92. jjk3

    Also real quick why would it say “camera retrieved at incident site U.S. 447” Wouldn’t that mean that there are other “incident sites” around the world if they have to refer to it with the country name and a number?? Otherwise wouldn’t it just be THE SITE?


    Like OMG!!!! It’s sso obvious! Like OH MY GOD! so obvious! 1.49, it’s those damn horse and cart guys from Central Park! Like OMG!!!! You guys need to get out more, maybe find girlfriends and maybe get laid!!

  94. smurfblade

    at 47 sec in you can see what looks like a really big ugly thing in the middle of the explosions.

  95. jjk3

    ok last thing promise. Threw it out there couple months ago… the explosion, it has smaller balls or drops coming out of it. The slusho site when you open it. Has one large cup with smaller drops coming off of it. Untill about a month ago same number of fire balls and droplets of slusho. Anything? I have my thoughts but I think I’ve posted enough for tonight.

  96. jayrad

    yeah, watch the scene closely with the girl behind the tent and the dudes in the bio suits… you can clearly see she goes from skinny to bulging. I finally noticed it and it looks like some fucked up shit. scary.
    you think they might be injecting her with something? or is that the “infection.” If so, that’s a very fast reaction. Creepy.

  97. newkitty

    First off, don’t think it’s Cthulu. If what’s in the above post is right, and we ARE talking JJ Abrams here, he’ll want to do his OWN thing.

    So, why call a movie Cloverfield when it’s monsters? We know it’s from the Slusho links, field of the stuff looking like cloverfields from the sky. So, we’ve got the sea link. It’s only tenuous until this clearly quite big THING walks out of the river into New York. So, fairly obviously, it’s somehow linked into the actual title.

    Then we have the smaller ones, referred to in the trailer with the three of them in a tunnel (clearly too small for the big one..) running from a strange sound pursuing them. And on that video we have the shadow behind the curtain suddenly mutating. Now, I don’t know how this happens, but again, go to the name.

    So, it’s not Cthulu (though I very much hope one day someone with a real flair for creeping horror gets their mitts on that), but it does look pretty awesome.

  98. Panos

    About the girl that “explodes”, couldn’t it be that the guys wearing the bio-suits have put on a bio-suit to the girl too? And therefore it is the girl’s suit that expands and not the girl’s skin? I think that the girl does not becomes bloated at once but gradually, if you watch carefully you will see that she expands first at the top of her body and afterwards at her stomach.

    Also I think Rob somewhere in the trailer says that he keeps recording with the video camera “so people will know how it all went down”. May be he says that because those in charge of administering the whole monster confrontation situation used some inappropriate methods. May be they used chemical or biological weapons against the monster without considering the negative effects they would have on people, and the girl that explodes is one of the influenced.

  99. CDog

    The monster shot is its head from the side. Mouth at bottom with lots of teeth. Horn on top of head. Monster moves backward after hitting a building.

    Looks pretty cool. I think it will resemble one of those weird sea creatures than lives way down near the ocean floor, just much larger, obviously. Something somewhat prehistoric.

  100. admin

    CDog: if you watch the video at the very end of this post, you can clearly see that it is the monsters back leg as it walks to the right. There’s no head in the shot.

  101. Morgannon

    I still think it’s Cthulhu. Abrams keeps saying, “We need our own monster”. Not, “an original monster” and not “a monster of my own creation”, but “our own monster”. Godzilla himself is not an entirely original creation – he is basically a tyrannosaurus rex crossed with a stegosaurus and a whale 🙂

    Both sides of the “Cthulhu/Not-Cthulhu” argument are based on perception anyway. You can make as strong a case for Cthulhu as against him. Although I think the body form of the monster, specifically the wings, really seems very Cthulhu-esque.

    Note to John; Go back and read your Lovecraft again. Cthulhu is indeed from outer space, but he is imprisoned beneath the ocean in the lost city of R’lyeh, where he lies dreaming, until the stars are right and he awakes again.

    We’ll see in the end…I’m not going to be devastated if this isn’t Cthulhu, although I’ll be surprised and disappointed.


  102. Ravenclaw

    i believe the monster’s walking on 2 legs, those are the monsters legs. Turning away, walking backwards, either way those are clearly legs and the only thing that keeps me from believing that the girl is expanding is the guy in the white suit still working like nothing’s happening unless the shot in the trailer is really fast and it doesnt show him reacting to it or unless the guy treated her and gave her something that’d have a reaction in the human body. Other than that i seriously doubt is the camera angle. what’s that gamera creature?

  103. H. E. Nostumuch

    Forget the monster. Look at the woman behind the screen and re-read sluhso history. Follow the bread crumbs.

  104. marz

    maybe its the statue of liberty’s husband..came home,found she hadn’t made dinner, and knocked her head j/k of course but..from the pics and video we’ve seen,it does look somewhat made of stone and people keep saying’its alive’ like maybe something like that SHOULDN’T be alive.for all we know,it could be a 4 toed statue from ‘lost’..just kiddin again but perhaps because it is stone,it saw the statue of liberty as an actual threat…maybe thought SHE was alive???

  105. o.O

    look at this picture:


    wouldn’t cthulhu be a great monster, if it would look like on this picture.

  106. Jason

    The clip of the monster is deff legs, but they are very spindly for something that size and the body slopes up implying that the bulk of the monster is already past and behind the buildings to the right of what we see. I would assume they are like rear legs of a beast with 4 or 6+ legs and they bend in a full “Z” like the rear legs of a dog.

    The inflating woman reminds me of what happens when the body gets injected with gas. There are for instance C02 injectors that would do that to a body, once stabbed it injects a charge of gas that would happen that fast. It would of course kill you or whatever animal was injected but it would be that fast.
    As for the dazed fellow not reacting, if you were in a “warzone” like that it would be fairly common for people to be unresponsive to excitement around them. For that matter he could be deaf from explosiosions or this is just the 50th exploding woman he has seen and is not suprised by it. 🙂

    My .02

  107. Sci Fi Massive

    Godzilla, really doesn’t mave any sense. Is anyone clamoring for another godzilla movie? hollywood already had their shot at reinventing the Godzilla franshise and the failed. Besides, if it were, then why all the sercect and viral hype?? Godzilla already has a built-in market.. all they would have to do is slap GODZILLA on the trailer and that would be that. Maybe I am just a Lovecraft fanboy, but I see Cthulhu or at least I want to see Cthulhu!)

  108. orange

    I found this:
    “CTHULHU’s caretakers are the reptilian demigods DAGON and HYDRA, whose children, the Deep Ones, take human mates to further a breeding program intended to manage the human race for CTHULHU’s purposes.”

    It may explain the mini monsters or exploding people. I’m not saying it Cthulhu however…what if it is….or what if the story is just similar to the movie.


  109. admin

    I’m willing to bet that the monster is not Cthulu. It will be a new monster, that probably won’t have an official name, like a godzilla or a Cthulu. It’s just going to appear out of nowhere, kill a bunch of people and disappear, with no explaination of what it is….

  110. David

    To me, it looks like a T-Rex, it’s head lowered and plowing through with a hind leg (and knee) moving forward. Maybe I’ve stared at it for too long, by I can clearly see it’s toothy maw …


  111. Abandoned Soul

    Im sure its a whole new monster..and it has no “Clovefield”…why else there would be the first text in the trailer…MULTIPLE SIGHTINS of CASE “cloverfield”…its the military name for the thing/beast what destroyed the city..

  112. Lara

    I’m sure I can’t be the first person to say this…but

    Might there be a link between the girl expanding and slusho?

    Afterall: ‘Everyone who drinks a SLUSHO!….becomes a small whale like Noriko.’

  113. Freakshow

    There’s some validity in the “camera angle” discussion for the girl blowing up like a stress doll.

    I’m reposting Jt’s link here for reference:

    The camera is indeed moving with the action. Pay close attention to the light behind the curtain (the one she’s centered in). At the same time the girl puffs up like she’s retaining far too much water, the light expands wider in similar fashion. There’s some pretty significant wrinkles in the plastic curtain covering the action too – it could be they are curving inward, which would definitely play a part in bending reflections and silhouettes. So she may not be blowing up at all – could be a suspenseful decoy the producers are using. Or perhaps we’re just looking for things that may or may not be there.

  114. orange

    Good pint Lara:
    Afterall: ?Everyone who drinks a SLUSHO!?.becomes a small whale like Noriko.?

    what is Slusho is the virus…which causes a mutation. How the giant monster plays into it, I’m not sure…but Slusho is looking more and more like its a virus of some sort. There is so much more to this movie than a simple giant monster.

  115. Teso

    What I remember from some of the articles I have read is that if you drink slusho( slusho is made of one organism that had lived thousands of years ago in the ocean floor) you become a host of that organism. Then the depredator of that organism wakes up for some unknown reason and starts looking for something to eat-the organism(therefore the people that are hosts become targets)

  116. Teso

    Yo freakshow. About the camara angle. I think that is the answer. Look at the slow motion and you can clearly see that the shoulder doesn’t correspond with the “fattening” of the girl. What I mean is that as the girl apparently “explodes”, her shoulder remains in the same place and the contour of her her forearm is not consistent with her “exploding” body.

  117. orange

    Teso – Thats correct.

    Story may go like this: We over harvested the deep ocean ingredient. There is no more special ingredient. Is it possible that the yes, the ingredient becomes a virus or a parasite…and that the giant monster is there to eat the people who now have the ingredient (parasite) inside of them?

    TO be quite honest though…I don’t think the monster is going to be eating anyone…just causing chaos. Its most likely in New York for a reason…something brought it there…its probably searching for something. Maybe it got pissed off….maybe it need to spawn…and triggers the parasites or the virus or something.

    i’m just speculating….i’m bored.

  118. John

    Another thing to consider regarding the idea of a parasite or some infection is the scene where the African-American soldier barks, “There’s nothing we can do for her now!” while the girl leans against a wall. Sounds like she was infected with something.

  119. Michael Pearsall

    I’m probably the only one, but I don’t care if we never get a good view of the monster. I think scary movies are so much more effective when you don’t see the monster.

    When Steven Spielburg was shooting Jaws, his mechanical shark broke. He had to change his shots to not show the shark until they could fix it. He now admits the movie worked much better that way, letting the tension build before you ever get to see the shark.

    I think Alien is such a great movie for a lot of the same reasons. You don’t get a good look at the Alien until late in the movie.

    The movie Signs was great, until the end when you finally see the alien up-close.

    Heck, I think I was one of the few that didn’t mind never seeing the Blair Witch.

    Basically, I think that your imagination is much more powerful than anything they can depict on screen. The way this movie appears to be filmed has me very excited since we might never get a good view of the monster.

    I think in my ideal situation, the movie will be 2 hours of these people frantically fighting for their lives. The Slusho connections are fun to think about now, but when the movie is going, I don’t want them to slow down the action at all.

    Then when the DVD comes out they could have the movie, plus a “documentary” about this monster attack. They could have experts talking about their theories of what the monster was, where it came from, and why it attacked NYC. Kind of like all the 9/11 documentaries about what went wrong and how it all happened.

    Oh well, thanks for reading, just my 2 cents…

  120. Steve-O

    What part of “ORIGINAL IDEA” aren’t people getting…JJ said at Comic Con that it was an original story he created. Its not Cthulu or Godzilla…something new, something scarey…a new creation. Not a remake or sequel…original! Which is great!

  121. admin

    To see the picture Viz posted, if it doesnt work by clicking, copy and paste the url into a new browser window.

    Viz: It really doesn’t show anything…unless you’re suggesting that it looks like the body is exploding because there are more people back there than we originally thought….

  122. Ravenclaw

    I agree with pearsall BUT they should at least either show the monster at the end of the movie or have the characters describe it. I think, that way, both people that like to wonder and others that like to see it will be content.

  123. Ravenclaw

    the only thing i see in the pic viz posted was the guy looking scared at her, as if something was happening to her…we do know she’s bleeding out her eyes and mouth. Maybe they dont really mutate, just go crazy or bleed out and die.

  124. Teso

    yeah maybe. About the original idea. It’s really a new monster, that’s it. I think it makes it better to have a whole new monster and if it was a sequel, then Paramount would have invested more money. Moreover, we know JJ, he is not stupid to just “copy and paste” a monster. About the monster. I think is way more better to see the monster at the end. You know, to have the whole movie revolve around how these guys actually take some “footage” of “what is happening” (creating suspense) then…………… whoala: there it is.

  125. Teso

    One off topic comment- the explosion (the first one, as seen in the first trailer) might look better if the glass of the buildings around it actually break.

  126. sir_incognito

    I like the way Teso thinks, what if the secret ingrediant of Slusho is a living organism that actually forms a symbiotic relationship with its host (in this case humans) thus causing the “strange” effects so flaunted on the Slusho website.

    The Tagruato drilling at the Chuai station unearths a preditory organism that feeds off of the parasite in Slusho. Its closest source of food? New York.

    If the organisms are closely linked the dominant one may have adapted ways to lure its food into the open, like how some fish you bio-luminesence to lure in their prey but in a more horrendous way, it draws the “food” out of human bodies by somehow making them explode.

    And just as one more wild speculation, does the monster actually have to be a huge animal of some sort? Slusho says the secret ingredient exists in “cloverfield” like groups. Perhaps the preditor is actually a bunch of smaller organisms together forming a large entity, like a Portugese Man-of-War, I know it might be a tad far fetched but may explain why there could be many small monsters as well as one large on.

    Oh and as to why they feel the need to video tape the whole thing? Rob is hired by Slusho, and knows the trouble they are in, that’s why he is going to Japan.

  127. SB

    if you got to 1:00 in the new trailer will notice that the soilders head it pixelated out. i wonder why they did that if the video was being shot right then and there. this must mean that someone found the tape and they are either amking it into a movie for everyone to see or broadcasting it on televsion.

  128. sir_incognito

    The biginning of the trailer states that the camera was retrieved at incident site U.S. 477 to me that means that they had a chance to edit the contents of the camera, at least for the trailer, hiding the soldier’s face to protect his identity, I doubt it will be pixilated in the movie

  129. xabsinthchaosx

    “One off topic comment- the explosion (the first one, as seen in the first trailer) might look better if the glass of the buildings around it actually break.” lmao!

  130. Weaselhammer

    It’s Cthuzillatron!! on a rampage cuz he wants a ham sammich !!

    no really, I’m getting sick of reading about the speculation about Cthulu, when like steve-o said. Abrahms already clarified that it is NOT Cthulu or Zilla. Why can’t people just accept this ?

  131. Steve

    Around minute 1:52 the scene with the horse carriage. Down the street from behind some buildings, it looks like some sort of face comes out of the shadows. It looks like it could be smoke or maybe a monster. Haven’t heard about it, wondering if other people have seen this.

  132. Mike

    Wow..amazing second trailer.
    Who wants to come see this film with me??
    Fuckin cant imagine what the monster looks like, but I’m sure itll be INTENSE

  133. extremeit

    No one said anything about the part in the trailer where the bridge is coming down and you can clearly see the monsters hand or face or something coming up and then going back down.

  134. admin

    extremeit: I’ve gone through that part of the trailer alot and I can’t see anything that is definitely a hand or claw taking down the bridge…

    there’s a screenshot on the forum here:

    but the only thing that might resemble a claw, looks more like the buildings falling in the background and twisted steel, but maybe im wrong.

  135. admin

    extremeit: I believe those are from Cloverfield Clues, very good screenshots though.

  136. Travis

    I don’t personally think you’ll ever see the monster completely. That’s not his style. Look at LOST, you never see the ‘giant’ monsters that move all the tree’s every now and then. But it still is scary.

    As for the movie, I beleive it’s going to be shown as past tense. This video is obviously ‘recovered’, and edited. So it’s either going to have a beginning, where someone is broadcasting the video as ‘proof’ of the monster that ‘ATTACKED’ (past tense) New York.

    Or, it’s going ot open just like the trailer, but the ending might be when the tape is done, and we see who is watching the tape and maybe an explanation. Or it just ‘ends’. Which is probably what will happen, to drive everyone crazy.

    This is definetely going to be like ‘Blair Witch’ where it’s a live action video of something that happened in the past. Who knows whether there will be an intro to the tape, or it will just begin and end like Blair Witch.

  137. Travis

    I can’t remember, did Blair Witch have an ‘explanation’ at the end. Well, this might be treated similarly. THe video ends, and we see the ‘future’ of what the world is like after the attack that ‘happened at site 447’. Like sort of a historical database, being put together to study what exactly happened, by people like scientist and military, etc.

  138. Gerrixx

    Are the shots looking down at the city Handheld shots from the helicopter? Could it be friendly fire that brings the helicopter down?

  139. Morgannon


    Abrams never said this definitely wasn’t Godzilla or Cthulhu. Show me the link where he says this, and I’ll consider your point valid.

    Abrams said “we needed our own monster”. That could mean anything from “my monster is totally original” to “I’m going to grab a monster from myth/literature/whatever and make it our own by having it attack New York” to whatever.

    If you’re sick of reading the speculation, that’s just too bad 🙂 That’s all we can do on this forum anyway!

  140. Igor

    Hey Gerixx there might be something there to the friendly fire, maybe the city in the movie will be flattened to the ground by the military. Later in the ruins they recover cameras ans what not.

    Otherwise why would it say “area formerly known as Central Park”.?

    I mean the monster wouldn’t destroy the whole city beyond recognition (in a way), I mean there would be destruction but so much that the central park doesn’t look like Central Park, I doubt that.

    So yeah the helicopter might have been shot down to stop the infection from spreading.

  141. DB

    “exploding women ” i have watched the trailer several times. It appears the women is expanding , however i think its the women jacket thats is being opened . the guys in the suits are taking off her jactet to help her, so from the camera angel as they open the jacket it appears as if she is expanding. if youlook at the characters there is one women with a short black blazer jacket on .. any thoughts?

  142. mabras

    The way in which the woman expands suggests otherwise ,it is a pretty steady expansion on both sides of her body. Tough to say for sure but guess we will have to wait and see.

  143. Travis

    She’s exploding. Come on guys. It’s quite clear. The ‘production’ shots that are on so many cloverfield sites, show her bleeding from the eyes, ears, and nose. SH eis clearly suffereing from something.

    THe sound, and the image clearly show the girl expanding. I don’t knwo fi she explodes, btu she definetley expands. You can even see how the fat (or whatever) droops on the side. It could be gas, or just an insane chemical reaction to something. There’s nothing impossible about that. It’s similar to feeding seagulls tums (or whatever people used to give them to make them blow up).

    The way Lost is, I wouldn’t be surprised if you never see the full monster. and you never see anything ‘digusting’, like the girl blown up. YOu’ll be teased the entire time, and your imagination wil be left to make the correct judgements.

    Just like the scene in ‘SCARFACE’ when Al Pacino is in the shower with his friend, and the Columbians start cutting up his freind with the saw. AT no point whatsoever, do they show the freind BEING cut, you just see blood squirt. After the movie, they asked people, and they SWORE that they saw him being cut. It’s the imagination! SOmetimes, you can’t beat what your mind makes up.

    I hope there is some sort of ‘conclusion’ to this movie though. I hate movies that just END, as if to stir debate. It just annoys me!

  144. Masta Taffy

    Quite honestly, I jumped up and gave a big “HELL YEAH!YEAH!” when they showed the army fighting back. Frickin M1A2 Abrams, and the humvee with the rocket pods twas mind blowingly awesome

  145. Rootdown

    Is there any rumors on when and if there will be one more trailer before it comes out?

  146. MarytheLion

    Wow-just wow. I LOVE that there is this type of following for this movie. I’ve been tracking all the web stuff since I saw the trailor at Transformers this summer. I’ve kept quiet, but I’ve read everything out there. I followed a clue I read, possibly here, the exploding girl, Slusho history…All of the “deep sea ingredient”…ADMIN, this is the BEST Cloverfield Board out there. Thanks for keeping the suspense alive! I think this will be a truly entertaining movie. I’m stickin around! I love reading everything! 😀

  147. Jared Leto

    I for one, welcome our new master, and hope that I delight in insanity before being consumed – joe

    that quote is awesome!

  148. orange

    The reason they call it “area formally known as Central Park” is because of the virus and destruction from the military and the monster(s) Its probably been cut off from the rest of NY and hazematt’d off from the rest of the world. Think of Chernobyl and the nuclear melt down it had. The whole city was abandoned.

  149. Jadefang

    There are many interesting theories here. My own one is this: The main monster is a large mother creature from outer space that landed in a large cocoon on earth (landing is the exposion/earthquake at the beginning). It releases many eggs/parasites that infiltrate other life forms ultimately destroying them. I do believe that once a human host is destroyed (like the exploding woman), a new young parasite/creature hatches, and then swoops aroung until it finds another victim that is either devoured or infected. I believe that the infestation of humans is actually the primary problem, not the original monster (which I think might probably eventually not be able to withstand the Abrams tanks/jet fighters). Eventually, the city is nuked as the military is unable to contain the infestation otherwise.

  150. MarytheLion

    Winnuting, I too noticed that. I’d wondered if it had been from the lights..or just a victim of the attacks…but he is suffering from something, and looks to be in pain.

  151. Igor

    @ orange – you don’t make a good point with the Chernobyl comparison because, Chernobyl has been called Chernobyl even after the disaster. Why because all of it was intact, just contaminated and abandoned. There would have to be some serious destruction to change names of certain areas to numbers.
    I mean wouldn’t it be easier for rescue workers (or who ever) to do their job with the use of normal street names etc. If the city wasn’t flattened to the ground.

    But of course the numbers just might be a military designation of certain places, like top secret stuff… but still that wouldn’t make sense because word of that big monster attack would be heard of all over the world.

    But anyway all of this is nothing but speculation…

  152. deBish

    Winnuting – more people infected is very possible, but in the image you posted, those kind of bandages aren’t applied for the bleeding that the girl had (eyes, ears, mouth), but more for head-wounds and lacerations. Damage that shrapnel from falling buildings might cause…broken glass, chunks of brick and mortar etc…

    Tho’ I’m not American, Happy Thanksgiving to my southern neighbours 😀
    Go and show those turkeys who’s boss!

  153. deBish

    Travis – I hope that you’re wrong about the LOST-like qualities in this movie. Never seeing the monster in something like the movie “Alien” or the LOST series makes sense because of the relative small size of the monster and the large area to hide in. In this movie, the monster is TOO big to hide. You want the sense of helplessness from a monster movie….showing the relative size of the monster is the best way to do just that. Showing it shrugging off hits from RPGs and SMGs, flattening M1A1’s etc…

  154. Gerrixx

    It would be much more creative to never see the monster whole. To see pieces or to think we see pieces… Blurry and hand held motion jerks. To see it from an awkward back angel. The imagination will do the rest.

    the always boring,

  155. admin

    Jake: Yeah, Behemoth has been discussed to death when the first trailer was released. Thanks for the comment though.

  156. deBish

    For a while, there was discussions of multiple monsters…Behemoth (land), Leviathan (sea) and Zir? (air).

  157. Igor

    Just info… the site has an embedded trailer now, it’s the same trailer, but it still is something new to that site.

  158. xabsinthchaosx

    “Has somebody translated the text in the last picture in the site( the chinese guy)? I think it says some ingredients, maybe some clues?” Are you serious ? rofl!

  159. Ravenclaw

    yeah the recipe was translated, this site should have in the archives section or something like that. Admin should tell you. I dont think the idea of the creature being from outer space is plausible given the clues from the slusho and tagruato sites. Besides, it’d be more interesting if it was something made here on earth, some experiment gone wrong just like how the tagruato web site update sounds like…oh and also, tagruato is not an anagram for tortuga. It’s got an extra “A”.

  160. Teso

    xabsinthchaosx- Well, I know that it has a recipe, just that I am asking if somebody is ABLE TO FIND THE CONNECTION of WHY IT IS ON THE 1-18-08 page?????!!!!! If they put it there is because of somehing, do you understang what I mean?

  161. Teso

    I might add a new theory to the whole spectrum. Considering the fact that one of the subsidiaries of Traguato is a medical research program. This research program claims to be looking for cures for various diseases, etc.Now consider the fact that a “disaster” has happened in the movie, and this medical research program is implementing some of the drugs that it has made to “cure” the patients. It might be therefore that the doctors are the ones that are “infecting” the people( not intentionally though).

  162. sir_incognito

    Although it’s been posted, here is the translation Teso. Doesn’t seem to have much connection. Only thing I see is the mention of a sea crab, and the monster kinda looks like a crustaceon??

    “ody, thank you for viewing! I’ll introduce this week’s delicious recipe. Please make sure to keep this one cold!

    *Skinless chicken breast – 2, cut in halves
    *Soumen (a kind of japanese noodle) – 10 oz.
    *Watercress – 1/2 cup cut into small strips
    *Turnip – 1/2 cup, thinly sliced
    *Shiitake (japanese mushrooms) – 1/2 cup
    *Chicken stock – 1/3 cup
    *Sake (japanese rice wine) – 2 tbsp.
    *Sugar – 1/2 tsp.
    *Ocean-bottom crab – one

    In a small saucepan, stir together 1/3 cup water, chicken stock, sake, and sugar. Chill it until it becomes cold. Grill the chicken breast on both sides for about 8 minutes, and then chill. Boil the noodles for about 3 minutes, and then run under cold water until chilled. Mix the watercress, turnips, and mushrooms into the soumen. Slice the chicken thinly and arrange on top of the soumen mix. Just before you serve, put the crab in the sauce and pour over the noodles generously.

    Go go Oishii (“delicious”) Chef!”

  163. deBish

    Teso – because the first ingredient listed is the Nectar that is also the primary ingredient in Slusho?

  164. observer

    Slusho is eggs of monsters. Those who eat may gestate. Monsters looking for young, thus multiple sightings (wherever Slusho is sold). Eggs mature, thus some exploding. Limited distribution of Slusho makes it easy to cut off areas “infected”, thus blowing up of bridge and helicopter…

  165. Ravenclaw

    yeah we saw that pic, it looks like she’s got something stuck in her chest, right below her right shoulder. Also, i dont think the recipe has much to do with the whole movie. Like i said before, maybe the whole recipe doesnt make sense, but the fact that they mention sea ingredients and some kind of crab i think.

  166. Erik

    in the clip showing the monster there are two massive legs and a long body clearly defined…there is also a small head shaped object down lower, near the monsters knees. you can see its teeth and a small black eye. i could just be mistaking this for smoke or debris, but it looks too much like a head to let it slip past my attention

    watch closely: as the legs move forwards the “head” lowers down towards the ground

  167. fishjy

    Look at the last few frames of the “exploding” woman, especially the very last one after it cuts to black, her midsection is exanding but her head and shoulders are still the same size. If you look very carefully you will notice that her breasts seems to come out of her sides. As she is “expanding” her left breast looks like it is growing but at the end she is symmetrical. I think that her midsection is being ripped open from the inside and she is being opened up almost like double doors, thus pushing her breasts so they look like they are coming out of her sides.

    Of course I could just have a breast fixation…

  168. Gurlio

    The woman is held at her elbows and expands. Can you hear the sound effect as shes expanding? And it doesn’t seem like she’s screaming in pain so it must not be painful [or its a sound proof room] and that guy infront of the window seems calm like its a second nature this woman is expanding. When I saw that it reminded me of Preditor [sp?] or something of that sort.
    I think its some sort of virus or somewhere around Godzilla, its not a zombie movie for sure like 28 days later, does anyone else think its Godzilla? Because didn’t he lay his eggs? Maybe its a mix with Preditor and Godzilla…..
    Just putting it out there.
    And is it just me, or is that photo of the two-three people going uo or down the stairs, is it just me or does it look like that the thing in the middle isn’t a human like figure?
    I could be seeing thngs.

  169. NekoMouser

    There seems to be some concern over the people in front of the sheet “not freaking out over the exploding woman,” but that might be because they aren’t looking at her. The nurse is looking at his patient and others are moving by with concerns of their own very quickly. She might be the first to be “exploding” and they don’t know to be scared yet, they might have just thought she was infected with something contagious.

    As for the monster…what if the big monster we think we’re seeing in the trailer is actually one of the “small” monsters people have been speculating so much about. Imagine how big that would make the real one. 😉

    This is what I never get about monster movies. Sure, you could send in divisions of troupes with rocket launchers and grenades and M-16s, and tanks and trash an entire city or just fly some A-10’s in there with a few MOABs and localize the damage. And I don’t care if you are 40 stories tall. You get hit with 2 or 3 of those babies in a row and you’d be down for the count!

  170. nathaniel

    the woman exploding may be linked with slusho as one of the comments on happy talk says i am so happy and full of slusho that i might burst. maybe she drank too much slusho at that party

  171. magic

    does anyone hear a strange noise at 00:24. or am i just blowing thing out of proportion. cuz it sound a little robotic to me.

  172. DP

    Not sure if this has been posted or if it’s real, but it sure fits the trailer a little.

  173. Forrest

    If you watch all the different previews you can get a hint of what it is. When the group of ppl are in the store the guy says “Rob…Rob… I saw it its a …” hmm wonder what he was guna say? Well if you watch the other preview after the first explosion when they run outside before (or shortly after I don’t recall) the statues head rolls a man says “I saw it, it’s a lion” some people debate that he says “I saw it it’s alive” but would that make much sense? seeing how theres a monster the size of a skyscraper destroying the city you would think if they new it was dead or alive am I right? Could it posibly be a giant Lion destroying the city? I mean look at the building theres claw marks. What do you all think?

  174. Forrest

    OK so i just proved myself wrong, if you watch the clip at the bottom of this page or if its not there I’ll try and post one. They run from the explosion, go into the store next door, friends says “i saw it, its alive” (they didnt know what it was they thought terrorists came back for NY) thing rips off the side of building, just watching the clip made me want to go see the movie

    ill try and link the clip

  175. Margie Blank

    Really cool I love the various articles which were written, and especially the comments posted! I am going to definately be visiting again!

  176. FATALITY! P3NED!!!!

    they should make the video game, called “cloverfield: THERE IS NO NEED TO PLAY THIS PIECE OF SHIT VIDEO GAME, because ur wasting ur fucking time!!!!! (the movie was shit to!!!!)”

  177. N0OB1

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