CONTEST IS OVER, Winner will be notified via e-mail today. Thanks again for all your support.  

That’s right folks, as a sort of Thank You, from me to you, I’m going to be giving away an Official Double-Sided Cloverfield 1-sheet Poster to a lucky reader. I appreciate everyone that comes back to the site and continues to support us, so thank you.

How To Enter:

All you have to do is leave a comment in this thread, it can say anything you want as long as it’s not spam (spam will get deleted as normal), if the thread receives more than 500 comments, I will add another poster to be given away. But make sure you use a valid email address when you leave the comment as this is the only way I will have to get in contact with the winner. Don’t forget that I moderate comments to keep the spam out, so don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up right away, once I approve it, it will show up, and usually I’m pretty good about approving them quickly.

Oh and one other thing, please only one entry per email address, thanks.

The contest will end the night of December 16th.

The poster is the one seen below. Thanks again!

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305 Responses

  1. Brian Blanchard

    I have been following your website since it started. I think I check it daily, but this is my first comment, thanks for offering a poster! I can’t wait to see this movie, it is so mysterious. Thanks for all your work on keeping us updated!

  2. Lee

    I love all the details and clues that your site is putting out. I’ve been following this movie phenomenon since the beginning. Keep up the good work!

  3. Doug Fleck

    Your site is the penultimate. I will frame the poster and put it up right next to my Christmas tree.

  4. Leslie

    I really can’t wait for this movie to be released. Unfortunately, I’m in the U.K. and the movie wont be released until two weeks after the actual release date. It’s killing me!

  5. Joe

    thats like a totaly awsome thing to do…that poster is amazin!….cant wait for cloverfield to come out been watchin the trailer everday!

  6. Chris

    Woohoo for Still my favorite website to keep me up to date. Keep it up! Less than 2 months to go!

  7. Lauren

    I love this site. I check it every day, several times a day to get the goodies. I never see movies in the theater – but I am sooo going to see this one!! Keep up the good work here!! You rock!

  8. Atalaya

    This and the blogspot are the only Cloverfield sites I keep updated with. I mean, I sound like a kissass for really wanting a poster, but everyone has contributed so much to help solve the mystery of the movie.


  9. Tanooki

    Hey Mak, Wish I could join the chat more often. I miss those days. Can’t wait till Jan 18th.

  10. BRob

    Cool. This website is definitely the best at posting updates. Been here since the first couple postings.

  11. Richard

    I’ve been following this site for a while, and I always check back for updates. Cloverfield is one of the few movies that I want to see in the theater on opening day. Keep up the good work.

  12. deBish

    Personally..I want to see if they’ll swap the posters/name of movie at the last second

  13. Mariusz

    1st of all, that’s the best website on 1-18. Good job!
    Now the sad part -> I’m from Poland (yep, we read You even here) and as far as I know, Cloverfield will be in our cinemas on March 14th!!! And I don’t even want to think about downloading it from the Web! I’ve never waited with that kind of excitement for any other movie and I have to_HAVE_TO! see it on the big screen.
    Pretty much sux, right?
    As I don’t really see You sending poster across the Ocean, I just want to say thank you, for amazing job that you’r doin. Keep up the good work!

  14. deadboizer0

    read alot of commentsabout photos from the trailers and the like i wonder if the readers are looking at the same thing i am, of if they just want to see more then is in the pictures………
    i check in everyday

  15. nendo

    The best community to get along with.

    imdb board = no structure, people aint nice. just a nasty place to be

    Cloverfield Clues = full of good info bout the movie. not all seems to be related/misleading. no real community to get along with

    cloverfieldnews = good source of information, the information thats posted matters. The forum is one of the best places to be related to the movie. nice friendly people and it well maintained

    p.s Nice competition πŸ˜‰

  16. fr33thought

    forget myspace, its all about cloverfield news! have to agree with Jt.. i check this site 10+ times a day… ‘=P

    anybody up for “CLOVERSPACE”? should still be up for grabs

  17. cagneybeast.

    i rely on Cloverfield News for my daily dose of cloverfield info.
    I love you.

  18. Mike

    I swear I’m addicted to this page..I almost made it my home page at one point lol. I’ve already got a spot on my wall for the poster!

  19. Simms

    I don’t have a home, so I need the poster to keep the rain off of me , right now I just have my loving thoughts of you to keep me warm at night.

    Plus, I’m scheduled to die 1-17-08 … how sad is that?? SAVE ME!

  20. Derek

    I have been checking up on this site since I saw the trailer for cloverfield over the summer….Its been fun checking ever day for news on the awesome movie coming up….Its almost kinda sad its gonna be over….You have been a great help and I thank you….well good luck with this entire contest and all….later

  21. Bryan

    When the movie comes out I want to see it in real time, so I’ll see if there are any midnight showings in a movie theater in Manhattan

  22. Philip

    Cool! Love the site. Been a frustrating movie to follow at times, but latest teaser was worth it. Thank you muchly!

  23. Ryan C

    dude this website is awesome and i have been following cloverfield since transformers so keep up the best site!

  24. Archdusk

    Thank you for all your hard work. Without your diligence and discipline we wouldnt have had so much fun.

  25. Tom

    This site is great, I’ve been reading your updates since the beginning. Thanks for doing what you do.

  26. Jon

    Great idea. Good luck to everyone. It’s been fun checking into all the clues for this movie since day 1. This is best, most dedicated site to the cause. Good job.

  27. Felix Vasquez Jr.

    I have a Film Threat Cloverfield Blog and I constantly cite you as my primary source for Cloverfield news. So there.

  28. Will Hyde

    i can honestly say that i spend about 20 minutes a day meticulously researching the details for this movie, and this site is one of my primary sources. i have a few theories of my own concerning the movie’s storyline, and let’s just say my favorite pet theory is that my buddies the Great Old Ones will be paying the Big Apple a visit!

    “That which sleeping doth eternal lie,
    but given strange aeons, even death may die”

    -Howard Phillips Lovecraft

    keep up the good work!

  29. steve

    Can’t wait for this flick. Thanks for all your work keeping the rest of us junkies up to date.

  30. Fred

    Ever since my and my girlfriend heard about this movie we can’t stop thinking about it, giant monster movies reign supreme! Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

    (p.s. poster is awesome!)

  31. Sox

    Cloverfield might have the hype of the Blair Witch Project or might even exceed expectations. Cloverfield also might have some downside but i’ll see it.

  32. Kelly

    Love the site! I’ve been checking daily for updates, very anxious about Cloverfield coming out. I’ve decided I’ll be taking off on 1-18-08 to view this movie ASAP, while wearing my kickass Slusho! shirt of course.

  33. Charles

    Wow it would be cool to have an official poster of the greatest movie that I will ever see. Hmm I just hope that I win but of course I will never win I never win anything! When I was in 5th grade I wrote this one story for a contest and no one even entered so I know I’d win but the prize was given to another kid who had entered and I was sad. Oh well!

  34. Steven

    This website is the greatest. You are amazingly up to date and informative. Thanks for doing a great job.

  35. Masker

    I’m a lurker, but always come to Cloverfield News first when I want to find out what’s up with the movie. Nice site, and nice contest. Thank you!

  36. Nick

    Charles: Hahahaha man… Are you serious? Give that poster to poor old Charles or he might just hang himself πŸ˜›

  37. Erin

    This movie is going to be awesome! Ever since i first saw the preview ahead of Transformers i have been searching the web left and right to find out more about this movie. is definitely my #1 source! Thanks!

  38. marythelion

    I love this site!

    JT…I am with ya on the checking of the updates hee hee. Its addicting…and yes…I am an addict.

  39. Katie

    long time reader. first time poster πŸ˜› ive been keeping up with this webgame/checking this site since the beginning. the trailer before transformers pulled me in (that and the fact that b/c of LOST i was already a jj fan!)

    the poster looks amazing and even if i dont win it here ill probably fork over the money to buy it. but a free one would be nice!

  40. Cody

    This site is amazing! I’ve been following since July and been a couple other places. I was at cloverfield clues for a while then 1-18-08news but they are nothing compared to this site. I love the comments on here because they keep me informed. Keep up the great work. oh and everyone keep posting (I like reading them and getting ideas about the movie). Can’t wait to see the movie!!!! YEAH!!!!!

  41. Jessica

    In less then two months we will be able to get the answers to all our questions, hopefully, by the movie. Im just hoping that its not a let down because everyone expectations are different for the story line, or for the image of the monster. I mean just look at the debate we had over the title for this movie? Anyways I am just excited to see this moive. I have been checking this site every day and I have been a Cloverfield fan since the preview/trailer first aired infront of Transformers.

  42. Michy

    I think trying to justify why I should get this poster is degrading to myself and everyone else.

  43. Mat

    Where would I be without Thank God for you guys. I tip my hat to you.

  44. Jason

    insert obligatory “youre awesome and so is your site” comment

    but seriously this site is awesome and all the research is in-depth and well thought out

  45. Todd

    I love Cloverfield and I love this website!!! Thanks for this opportunity and Happy Holidays to you all!!

  46. Harlan

    You bunch of suck-ups! i usually remain silent, but i guess i’ll post for the chance to win. i do enjoy the comments all of you post. sometimes i agree and sometimes i disagree, but i always feel your intense curiosity, hope, and confidence in the production team behind this movie. i stand with you. and am i the only one hoping for a Star Trek teaser attached to the front of it?

  47. Jeff

    AAAHHHH i love movie posters i collect them i think right now i have 200 posters, this would be the ultimate addition to my collection!

  48. Lucy

    Hey. Just wanted to say that I can’t wait for the film to come out. It’s a shame its not out sooner though. πŸ™

  49. Trexx

    Thanks for keeping me updated on cloverfield! this is the only site i’ve used since August, keep up the good work admin!

  50. Brady

    when I first saw this Trailer in Transformers, my first thought was “Godzilla”. And though I know now that it won’t be Godzilla, I am excited for what this new creature will be, and how it will all play out. I am fully proud to support this movie and I hope I will be chosen to receive this awesome poster.

    To Cloverfield!

  51. Austin changed again…..

    in case it has changed before you get to it, it’s some japanese lettering in red above a white triangle with a red stroke around it with an “!” in the middle the background of the site is black. I attempted to select the whole page, but all that is there is a 377×247 px image that I described and several line breaks down to the right, a lone white “|” that is not selectable. i moused around the pipe, but i didn’t find any non selectable hidden links

  52. Jr

    I can not wait until cloverfield comes out. I just hope the movie is gonna be as great as think it will be. everybody drink Slusho.

  53. Steveboss

    This site will probably be much more entertaining than the movie is in the end. Thanks for all the hard work admin.

  54. Austin

    i lied, the “|” i saw on the tagruato site was an artifact from the cursor on this page. i refreshed the page and it didn’t show up and now that i’m typing this, i’m noticing that the “|” moves to where my cursor is at

    it’s just that 377×247 pixel image on black.

  55. Engel

    I bought one of these posters on eBay last week, but I’d still love to be entered as I know a bunch of people who are interested in the movie and I could give it to one of them as a gift.

  56. Quinn Monster

    Man this movie is going to be awsome. I have heard rumors that Cloverfeild is going to be the next Godzilla movie, but like I said its a rumor. Anyway I just cant wait to see this movie. Its a total mystery. I feel like a child on Christmas eve. I just ask one thing, “don’t disappoint all the people and myself who are waiting very patiently for this movie.” But keep up the good work.

  57. G.

    This movie comes out one week to he day after my 27th birthday! Not only am I going to try to win the poster – but if anyone thinks they’ll be in the NYC area around the time of the movie release, and wants to get a group of people together to go see it, drop me an e-mail!

    Good luck everyone, and many thanks to the site for all it’s news and updates.


  58. FourLeafCloverfield

    Oh man. This website has been the number one source for all my Cloverfield questions, suspicions, and everything else. It’s helped me feed my curiousity of this movie and I still cannot wait until 1-18-08. Thanks again!

  59. Brandon

    Awesome site… You are Stickied to the top of my Firefox.. (Wow.. that sounds kinda dirty). Thanks for keeping us up to date….

  60. Mike

    Nice job on the updates πŸ™‚ I’ll keep checking in everyday afterschool to see some great news.
    Nice of you to offer a free poster, much appreciated.

    Take care,

  61. maze walker

    thanks 4 the updates on cloverfield. i think the moster will be carring some kind of virus 4 the trailer and pictures to be showing people wearing radioactive suits

  62. Rasu

    w00t free posters giveaway. Lol

    Man, i cant wait for cloverfield to come out. Im literally counting down the days. You should put a countdown on the site

  63. Nick

    What I find amazing is how everyone sucks up so hard. I mean, it’s a freaking poster por belcebu’s sake!Get 10-14 bucks and get one yourself. It’s not that hard… (BTW, give the poster to me admin :D) HAHAHAHA

  64. shadowTrax

    I REALLY REALLY want this poster, ive been following this movie forever, i know im going to love it!

  65. jonsethcorry

    OH MY GOD, I WOULD DIE FOR THAT POSTER, you have no idea, please!,,,,,i cannot wait for this movie to come out, i really cant

  66. TK8103

    I just wanted to say thanks for running a great site. I get tired pretty quick of all the garbage on aint it cool, and this is by far the best place to get accurate cloverfield news.
    Keep up the good work, and drink lots of slusho!

  67. Skathulhu

    Following the clues around this movie has been quite entertaining, this website keeps up with the updates quite well. Through these updates, I have finally come up with a safe conclusion for the movies plot. Only problem is the damn monster and what it is.

    keep up the good work


    ps. free poster w00tage

  68. NCSam

    I really hope I can win that poster. If not, I’ll buy one online, but free is always better.

    Can’t wait for January 18th!!!

  69. Panos

    It was in July that I read in the lostpedia site about a mysterious movie trailer played before the transformers. This was a brand new monster movie produced by J.J. Abrams.
    Having alias & lost in my mind and amazed as I was, I searched for info about it and I bumped into cloverfieldnews. Thirsty for news about the movie I kept checking the site more than twice a day and I watched its transition to a dedicated cloverfield news site. One thing I like about cloverfieldnews is that many people make great comments in every topic.

    Thank you cloverfieldnews for your alertness in discovering information about the movie!

  70. Bill

    I don’t often get excited about movies but this looks like one I’ll see at the theater. I also set the poster pic as my desktop background. Very seldom am I impressed enough to do that!

    See you in ’08

  71. the carpenter

    this is my main site! i come here every morning before work and every night after work. this is actually the only cloverfield related site i go directly to. its the most honest site out there i think. (

  72. Heather

    Hey i love your site. I check it everyday hoping some other little detail is revealed about Cloverfield. Keep up the good work!!

  73. Nick c

    Great website and thank you for all your work! Has been fun to watch! Thanks again.

  74. Hussman

    I really appreciate all the work you have been doing on this site. I check it often and like to see what good tidbits and other cool stuff you dig up.

    Thanks for all the hard work!

  75. scott

    Thanks for keeping this site going and updating so frequently. I wonder what we’re all going to do once the movie actually comes out?

  76. jDogg

    aww man!i want that poster so bad!2 bad im like the 101 person!lol…but man thats really cool…i gotta be honest though, im not on your site daily.but THIS IS the only websit i go 2, 2 get info…i cant wait 4 the movie!its gona be awsome…good work on the site and stuff…and just remember, just because you dont get 100 comments on every post that you put, doesnt mean ppl dont come on this website:)

    p.s. i think the ppl that comment your post everytime desrve that poster from you.they seem 2 be loyal fans that deserve it.


    Just another Monster fan.:)

  77. Spider

    Awesome work with the site. It’s the only place I even check for cloverfield updates.

  78. einah

    My parents died.

    I live where I can and off of what I can.

    I snuck into Transformers and was captivated by the Cloverfield trailer. I’m at a library and have all kinda of 1-18-08 blogs on RSS feeds, but this is the one I check daily, although I don’t comment much. Then I snuck into Beowulf and saw the new trailer. Now I’m banned from the theater. Please give me this poster so I can show it off to people interested in adopting me.

    Thanks :]

  79. Ben

    This movie has the best advertising for anything else i’ve ever seen.
    it’s one of the reasons people will go see it.

    I can’t wait till 1-18-08!

    Oh and i would like to win the poster

  80. MightyMartian

    Thanks for putting up so much great info and links on this site as the obsession with Cloverfield has grown. I’ve certainly kept a regular eye on the site and it’s nice to know the movie has intrigued so many other people. Here’s hoping the film lives up to all of our excitement.

  81. Benny. W

    Hey, just wanted to let you know your site is great!
    Every morning before I head out to school I would check to see if any of my classes are cancelled while simultaneously checking “Cloverfield News” just to see if theres any new discoveries and what not. Each day suprises me whether it would be a whole new update or a small “Edit” line. Either way I was intrigued by the whole 1-18-08 movie after seeing the trailer infront of Transformers and I knew I had to get more info regarding it. Did a quick Google search and lo and behold “Cloverfield News” was one of the sites I clicked on and never checked back for others (ok, maybe 1 or 2 more sites I check as well :)) But this site is one of the more faster loading and cleaning looking sites regarding 1-18-08 updates. Keep up the good work!! January is not far off πŸ˜‰

  82. Marko

    This website is the best for insider information of Cloverfield. This movie will be the greatest of all time! Thanks for the updates.

  83. sean

    I would thank you but everyone else already seems to be kissing your ass. That poster is pretty sweet though.

  84. Mat

    I love how everyone gushes about the site for their comment.
    What a dirty trick…
    But seriously, great site.

  85. arkitkt

    great job with the site. i make sure to check it daily and sometimes 2x daily to keep up with the latest. keep up the good work!

  86. Master Fwiffo

    You’re the one guy I check for up-to-date news on the coolest movie project in years! πŸ™‚


  87. WillieB

    Hey, this sit has helped out alot! I’m just waiting for the movie, and this place helps me keep up with everything I need to know, thanks!

  88. WillieB2

    Hey, i for the one that asked, if he looks back here, according to the text in the beginning of the Second Trailer, “Cloverfield”, in my opinion, looks to be what the government or the army has designated the monster. And the wording hints at possibly multiple sites…

  89. Cynosure

    Cloverfield just keeps getting more and more interesting… unfortunately I’m one of those guys who has to wait for someone else to solve a ‘riddle’ before I understand it. Still, good fun!

  90. Barnasaurus

    Long time reader, first time poster. Here’s a theory that hasn’t been tossed around yet. Could this be a remake of “The Muppets Take Manhattan”? Think about it….Fozzy Bear has claws. Just puttin’ that out there for ya.

  91. Isaac

    I really think cloverfield will be awesome ever since that teaser in of transformers I was confused and excited at the same time. I hope it shatters the box office and go down as the best kept secret in movie history. so if you feel the same way write back

  92. Inder Nirwan

    This website is a great hit at work. We’re all psyched to see this movie.

    P.S. I really hope the monster doesn’t end up looking like that drawing that’s all over the internet – you know, the one that looks exactly like Sin from Final Fantasy X.

  93. fed36

    this is my first time posting a comment, but i have checked out your site on a consistent basis. obviously the reason for this post is so that i can have a chance to win the poster, but while I am at it, i wanted to commend you on an extremely well run site.

  94. Endrspkr

    Great site man. The only thing that kinda sucks is the fact that the movie is being release on different days in different countries, so by the time that some of us see it, we’ll already know all about it.

  95. Al

    One of my favourite blogs, I even have RSS feed straight to my iGoogle homepage πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work!

  96. Zack Loos

    haha I made it a daily routine to check this site, couldn’t pass up this contest! Thanks for keeping me occupied!

  97. Ian

    I have tried to buy one of the posters before and have already gotten ripped off once it kinda bummed me out.
    Im so excited about this movie and have been following this site since the day it started. You seriously rock for having the time to put this together and follow it so closely. I salute you sir.
    Even if I don’t win, Im still gonna eb here everyday looking up new news, posting on the blogs and sharing my findings with all the other fellow CLOVERFIELD fanatics.

  98. Alex Mitra

    I love this site, I make sure to check it as often as I can! Just two more months!

  99. Dan Buckley

    That poster looks amazing. I’m excited that J.J. is doing this movie. LOST is genious. Can’t wait to see him bring the same talent to this movie. Looks great so far.

  100. CC

    That poster would be awesome on my wall πŸ™‚

    But seriously, thanks for keeping up with all the news, I make sure to check here often for updates. And for being pretty reliable with the facts to rumours ratio!

    Can’t wait to see this movie (grrr for being in the UK and having to see it 2 weeks later)

  101. Lostfan

    Thanks for the amazing website. I really need that poster-I just moved into a new apartment and have LOTS of bare wallspace. Please take pity on a single girl-{grovel grovel grovel}!!!!!

  102. KNN

    I always read the site but have never been compelled to post until the prospect of getting a free poster came into play. At least I’m honest.

  103. Matt

    Hey, I check this site a lot for update but never created an account until a few days ago.

    I never contributed anything other than spreading the word on other sites when this whole thing started.

    But, it’s a nice poster, so I’ll eneter

  104. paulisnofun

    I would like the poster to cover a big hole in the wall. Right now, I have a pair of pants hung over the big hole in the wall.

  105. Eli

    hey, man, this site is rad. i check up on it whenever i can to see if anyone’s dug up more stuff about the movie, or come up with some other theories…
    funny story- i never saw the preview at Transformers. i went to go to the bathroom quick, and missed the trailer. i walked in and saw the statue of liberty head rolling on the ground, but didn’t think much of it. i actually found out about this movie on some other forums.
    well, yeah, im pumped for it to come out

  106. Robbie

    J.J. Abrams is a genius when it comes to hooking people into things. He made me an obsessive Lost fan and now i am an obsessive Cloverfield fan. cant wait to see it.

  107. Winnuting

    Question: Is this open to international commenters?

    And I love this site. been coming back a lot to find out the latest news about Cloverfield. Keep it up.

  108. Amanda

    I check this site all the time
    I always want to know whats new in the Cloverfield world
    thanks so much for keep us up to date!

  109. Zach Marks

    this is the only cloverfield news site i check…..and i check constantly. nice of you to put something like this together

  110. Justin

    this is where i come for all my news on the movie. this movie is going to be sweet.

  111. Samaside

    Totally just found out about this site. I’m really slow on the uptake. I can’t believe I missed the site hacking by just a few days!

  112. Chris

    Man, after all the times I’ve checked this site, I’m going to be SO mad if the movie stinks.
    Thanks for the giveaway, by the way.

  113. Evan Dornbusch

    I’d really love to win, you have a great site going! Keep up the good work!

  114. SteveP

    Once the movie’s out, how am I gonna survive without you all? You’re like my main dudes.

  115. Ravenclaw

    nah, dont worry SteveP. Seeing how everyone, all of us got crazy over a trailer that didnt even show the name of the movie or monster or anything…this guy (JJ Abrams) as smart as he was planning all this marketing and everything…i dont think he’ll be stupid enough to not come up with something new to make us scratch our heads…nice job on the whole site Admin.

  116. cookiemonster

    you guys have spun some mad suspense!… We can’t wait to see what the heck this is… lots of cool speculations though…

  117. Kyleen

    I LOVE the questions of the 1-18-08 mystery. I know it will live up to the hype otherwise there will be many pissed people. This site is loaded with great up to date info. So generous with a poster giveaway!!

    Cloverfield fanatic.

  118. nathan

    dude i’ve been following this site religiously since i figured out what the teaser was at transformers thanks so much for this giveaway!

  119. Brian

    I never win anything, but it’d be great to win this. Can’t wait for this movie.

  120. Rosk

    Some people are talking about how much they love the site,
    and how they check it every day, well i’m not one of those people.
    But the movie looks good; i’m mainly just curious what the hell the monster is in the movie.
    so i’m going to be very straightforward, I want one of those posters.
    I could put it next to my katanas. :]

  121. Who Ha

    My relentless cynicism couldn’t keep me away from the chance at a free Cloverfield poster.
    Good luck y’all.

  122. Sheryl

    Great site. Thanks for all of your hard work.
    Good little contest you’ve got going here, too. Love the poster!

  123. wierd

    even though I haven’t been here from the start this site has helped me catch up with all the info you guys have gotten. thanks.

  124. Billy Bobbitt

    Hey, I have been following htis movie as closely as possible since I heard about it and can’t wait to see it. Also, thanks for offering this poster.

  125. Luis

    Following all clues prior for tjis movie, would just had been imposible for me if not for your site, thans for that, and here’s a theory to go with the complement:

    Monster might come from deep sea bead, awaken by drilling rig from the Tagruato Corp. Chuai station in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge,

  126. Blackened_Mo

    Long time – 1st time! Been checking your site daily for updates! I want a poster! *crossing fingers*

    Thx :-]

  127. Chris

    I must have the poster! I must! It will be mine! Muhahahaha!

    And yes, I am chomping at the bit for this movie…

  128. Joe P

    Been reading this site for a long time (usually to keep everyone else around me in the know). Please pick me.

  129. Charles

    Oh and thanx Nick! Um this my scond time posting on this topic and i comeon this website everyday and I love this website I think this movie is genius!

  130. Joseph D.

    This is very kind of you! Please enter me into the prize draw. January 18th cannot get here fast enough!

  131. jim

    I do hope the lost guys do a good job with this movie..that being said, it would not surprise me if we went to see the film and didnt even get to see the monster until a cloverfield 2 or 3, much like that metal clanging tree shaking thing from 1st season which i keep being told was the smokey monster nanite thing see this past season??? oh well we shall see…

  132. Michael C.

    I’d have to say being able to hop onto this site and get quick info without having to scour the net makes finding things out about what is hopefully going to be a great movie so much easier.

  133. Franky

    cool poster did you buy it at a local theater and I am also planning to buy this poster somewhere but if I dont get it which is very unlikely I would like to be chosen to get this poster ,very cool of you

  134. Sasha

    I check this site religiously hoping for some new details on the movie, and this poster is absolutely awesome. I’d love to have it…

  135. Godzilla2K4

    Ever since the first trailer I’ve been hooked on this movie. What’ll it be? Whose in it? Whats the monster? All of that and more. I hope it doesn’t dissapoint.

  136. cloverfieldismylife

    H my gosh I saw the first trailer when i saw transformers at midnight and ive been hooked on it sive then. I really want the poster cus ive kept a countdown till cloverfield since 3 months ago!
    it would be so rad!

  137. lasermp5

    Thanks for this. Can’t wait for the movie. I’ll keep checking back until then.

  138. Jonathan

    Thank you for keeping everything organized on this site, because I’ve been eager to keep up on news with this movie/game!

  139. Dan

    I get all my Cloverfield news from this site, its great. Really informative, with up-to-the-minute news, pictures, and insights. Still wish it was called 1-18-08 until the movie opened…

  140. Chrissy

    I love Cloverfield.This is the offical site for the movie as far as I am concerned.Thank-You.

  141. Heath

    I just hope Cloverfield doesn’t end up like Snakes on a Plane: tons of pre-hype and fandom developing BEFORE it comes out, only to suck and bomb at the box office.


  142. Bill

    Thanks for keeping everything more organized than other sites. Hopefully we’ll get a little more info in December.

  143. Faron

    You are doing a great job of keeping us all up to date with the latest news. This is the first movie in a long time that I can’t WAIT to see at the theater. I have a feeling it’s going to be huge when it opens. Thanks for your hard work!

  144. Noah

    This is a really awesome website for Cloverfield news.I would really love to win that poster!

  145. swampthing

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  146. pAuL

    why i want this poster: a haiku

    cloverfield is rad

    even though we don’t know much

    regarding the plot

  147. Preston

    this movie is going to be the most amazing thing ever. Ever since seeing that amazing trailer before transformers, i have been countind down the days for this film to come out and amaze us all!!!!

  148. R.H.

    I looked at the background on the cloverfield website and it looks like something is looking at NYC

  149. Jordon Brown

    You guys are awesome. I love all the news you guys have. You help us out a lot with the clues.

  150. Bob Z.

    Dammit, I’m turning back into a Fanboy again! I promised my girlfriend I was going to seek help and here I am waiting for a movie to come out when I should be out riding my bike or something. Oh well….Slusho rules!

  151. Trey S

    On if you flip the photos of them a couple of them have clues to figuring out part of the movie.. for example the picture with the three faces all smushed together has the girls full name on it, you can myspace her.. Also if u r on it for six minutes you hear a roar

  152. Coburn

    I love this site! I’ve been following all the news of this movie since July 3rd, the day Transformers opened and I saw this advertised. This site is my favorite source for news on this movie! Thank you!!!

  153. CarlinH

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    good work on the site, way to be champ πŸ™‚

  154. Slusho_rocks612

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  155. Mikeheathen

    January 18th can’t come soon enough.

    Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.

  156. diecast

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    keep up the good work!!

  157. Don Moore

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    Love the DARK shots……
    Love the POSTER……….

    D. Moore
    4156 shannon street
    eugene oregon 97404

  158. Alex Wu

    Man, this is one of those movies where I really want to know more about it, but on the other hand it’s one of those movies where it would be nice to go in without knowing much. J.J. Abrams might not be a filmmaking genius, but he’s one hell of a marketer.

  159. Sean Owen

    This site is like a ray of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day. I hope Cloverfield merchandise becomes all the rage…keychains, underwear, fridge magnets etc.

  160. John Olivo

    IT”S REAL. Cloverfield is based on a real monster from New Mexico. I took a picture of it 5 yrs ago. My friends say it’s a Photoshoped picture.
    I wish is was

  161. mike

    Am I the only one who knows about

    Its been there for over a week now and looks pretty official to me. Also the tagruato blogspot is probably part of the viral marketing as well. Been lurking all over but since I dont think Ive seen the Bold Futura site mentioned I thought I would. This seems to be such a fascinating movie promotion, I just hope the end product delivers.

  162. Elliot Chaltry

    ok, even though its a really great way to get all of us interested in the movie… i really wish i knew more about what was going on ='[ i wanna see the monster soooo badly! oh well, we only have alittle over a month to wait now, i think ill make it! =P

  163. Mattrkbgkf

    You know, that is a really amazing looking poster. If I win, it is going above my desk. I must say, this is a rather nice site you have going, and a very nice contest. Thanks for the chance at winning a nice piece of art.

  164. skippy

    i saw the trailer on transformers opening weekend. and this movie looks by far the best monster movie! im not a huge monster movie person but i have seen a fair share of them. and this one just looks great. i absolutly love the way that they are making the film as a documentary shot with home cameras! talk about trying something really new! im sure this movie will not dissapoint any of the fans ! monster movies do not do well in the USA but im sure this one will rock everything. maybe bringing back the monster movie genre to america. im getting sick of all the hack and slash dumb scary movies. this one just looks down right creepy! cant wait to see who wins the poster! 1-18-08!!!!!

  165. loren

    i have been ready every little article and watching every youtube video about cloverfield and cant wait to see it

  166. BS

    I think it’s awesome that Abrams had this stuff like Slusho around since Alias, and then in Heroes again, i really hope this lives up.

  167. steve

    Clover field is what Santa Monica Airport used to be called but i’m still trying to figure out why the movie is named cloverfeild perhaps in the movie its a military code word maybe it turns out that new york is turned in to an airfield?? no that cant be right im stumped lol

  168. John O'Neill

    The Cloverfield Obsessive’s Song
    (With profound apologies to “The Major-General’s Song” from
    Gilbert & Sullivan’s “The Pirates of Penzance”)

    It came before “Transformers”, when the public least expected it,
    A trailer unannounced that soon would have us in an Abrams fit,
    Bad Robot blew our minds with handheld camerawork reality,
    A devastating resumé of Monstrous film brutality!

    Rob Hawkins heading to Japan, the farewell party in full swing,
    A mighty roar and pseudo-earthquake bring a halt to everything,
    Up on the roof, enormous fireball, cars a-smashing one by one,
    Alive? A lion? Liberty decapitated! Scream and run!

    Home from the cinema we flocked the internet to log upon,
    And found ourselves within a viral marketing phenomenon,
    The website one-eighteen-o-eight, ambiguous and puzzle-ish,
    We flipped the photos, heard the roar, then Chef with mystery noodle dish!

    What can the great beast be, we wondered; is it one we’ve seen before?
    Godzilla, Voltron, Nessie, Great Cthulu out of Lovecraft lore?
    Behemoth, Ziz, Leviathan, complete the ancient Bible three,
    One awesome monster on its own or smaller ones more raptor-y? (Note to reader – sorry!)

    Bogus Asian companies proliferate in cyberspace,
    Drink Slusho! Buy the t-shirt! Read the wrappings, hints may be in place!
    Tagruato searches round the seas, drilling Neptune’s nectar rare
    But who or what is Ethan Haas, and, frankly, should we even care?

    At last a second clip released, illuminates our minds a bit,
    US Marines in bio-suits, an empty carriage, ‘copter hit,
    The Thing is winning, plastic tunnels, subway concourse badly lit,
    Far more exciting than the cartoon “Beowulf” that followed it!!!

    So Cloverfield’s the final name for ’08’s first blockbuster smash,
    Our net-based musings, sites and blogs will surely build up Abrams’ cash!
    The moral of our story, kids, is: tell them less, they want it more!
    But spare a thought for Rob & Co, it’s quite a night they have in store!

  169. Ben

    I have been following this movie since I saw the trailer at the midnight showing of transformers.

  170. Tim

    Great job of combining all the info from the various sites… love checking here to see what’s up.

  171. Chris H.

    This is one of the websites which I actually trust. ;] Not like others that try to make up information. πŸ™

    Too bad its almost January. I’m planning to stay updated by visiting after the movie, if it’s staying.

  172. Colt

    lol, mak, you should add in an old 300 poster for the 300th person to add a comment here

  173. Craig

    I honestly will say I didn’t follow your site from the begginning…only because I hadn’t heard of it,
    only and others but Ever since I found out about I have definetly bookmarked it because it is well put together and
    the most reliable and I can definetly say you post things here that no others have…Like the Cloverfield Bilboard in Santa monica
    man I had no Idea they had that up and I only that found through this site wich I’m thankful for

    I think I should win the poster cause I am a Big fan of Cloverfield [I’m sure others are]. I wear the Merchandise from and have screen savers on my computer/phone, You name it. As of now I live for Cloverfield, no movie has EVER had me feeling the way I feel about this movie and well It would look great on my wall along with all the other poster I have up there
    I’m hoping to win this thanks If you took the time to read everything I wrote

    p.s-I’ve advesrtised your site on Myspace in Banners and links etc.

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    i have been wanting to buy this poster online but having such stricts parents who wont let me use their credit cards

    well i have no other way of getting the poster wich really sucks and when I seen this poster upclose
    at a Bus Stop My heart melted knowing I have a 1 in well idk how much chance of getting it, I really hope you choose me

    once more I REALLY HOPE I WIN!!!

  175. Tom M.

    I’d love to get my hands on that poster. Also, I live in Chicagoland, and I’d LOVE to see an advanced screening of “Cloverfield” (hint, hint). Anyway, I check this site daily; it has become a bit of an addiction. Needless to say, I will be seeing this movie as soon as it comes out.

  176. Robbie

    I love Cloverfield already! When I first saw the teaser upon the screening of Transformers, I was at a loss of words! My best friend threw me off, by believing that “Bowser, from Super Mario” was the one
    destroying the city. I however, instantly knew that America was FINALLY seeing another Giant Monster film! I deffinately had a strong feeling that it was’nt any kind of spin-off AND DEFFINITELY NOT a new Godzilla movie!!! I thought this way, because the style of the teaser did not feel like it could have been in those areas.

    But, throughout my viewing of Transformers, it was hard for me to stay focused on the movie, because all I could think about was that Cloverfield teaser. After I left the Transformers movie, I called the theater and asked if they knew what “That New Trailer In Front Of Transformers Was All About”! The only thing that I was able to get out of them was,”It is being worked on by a company called “Bad Robots”, and it will be in theaters on 1-18-08″. Immediately after that, I started researching. And here I am today.

    Before the current, first actual trailer arrived. The rumors I kept hearing about was, Beowulf, Beowulf and Beowulf! So, I purposely went to see the movie, MAINLY becuase of the first movie trailer. After I saw the first trailer of Cloverfield, I waited impatiently for it to be uploaded online. Once it was, I spent a WHOLE day watching it OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!!! Even up into today, I still watch both the teaser and trailer every once in a while!

    This is the very first movie, in atleast 10 years, that I have been so obsessed over!!! When Godzilla came out when I was a teenager, during school I always drew pictures of what he would look like. I kept doing this until the movie was released to theaters back in May of 1998. Sense there was’nt much of any online hype, it was hard for me to stay on top of the movie, so I kept drawing as well as thinking about it, CONTINUOSLY!

    I have to say this is the first TRUE experience, that I have ever faced amongst being so overhyped about a movie!!!! I have NEVER stood on top of a movie release as I have Cloverfield!!! Not even during this whole “Comic Book Hero” phase!!!! I was pretty excited about Spider Man, The Hulk and King Kong to that matter, etc. But, I did not give them attention as nearly as I have Cloverfield!!!

    Thanks for listening.

  177. ZD

    I check the page everyday… this is the first time I have ever really got involved in movie buzz… I cannot wait for this movie!

  178. Limitless

    I like the semi documentry, home movie camera feel, it gives a much better feel of being terrified. When I was very young I would have nightmares of running from “Godzilla”, in much the same way as this film is shot. I’m sure this film will envelope you into feeling like you are right there, heart pounding, short of breath, and running for your life, in a feeble attempt at salvation from the unknown horror about to descend on us all…………..

  179. Adam Castenando

    I probably have not been into this as some people but when I first saw that teaser with transformers, I was just like “whoa”. Since then I’ve been trying to find out about as much of Cloverfield as I can, and this site has definitely helped, Thanks Cloverfield News! The trailer before Beowulf only increased in my anticipation for Cloverfield.

  180. Fatal Claws

    I just watched the 5 minute preview and I can’t wait until this movie comes out. The “documentary” style of it is gonna be great!

  181. Jason

    every time i think about the movie i get so pumped for it. since i’ve been seeing the poster, the statue of liberty like that, it becomes more meaningful

  182. sc_kg

    Cloverfield it’s a reall phenomenon. Look at all of these people leaving thread, just to get an poster…

    And I want one… badly!!!!!

  183. Zach

    This site is great! I wanted to catch up on the cloverfield things and I foudn it all here! Thanks!

  184. Mamasam67

    Oh I cant wait until I can see this movie. Every time I get a little bit of the teaser it makes me want to find out as much info as I can. I love the fact that its in real time and not in a movie format. That what makes it so interesting and scary. You feel for the characters and you dont even know them yet. Hate to say it but it was like 911 except in seeing it in the news eyes…we are seeing it with the average joe sees it….it sending chils up my spine. Cant wait to see it.

  185. Chungyen Chang

    I saw the trailer for this when I saw Transformers, and out of all the other trailers this one definitely had me itnerested the most. Can’t wait til it comes out! πŸ™‚

  186. Adam

    Can’t wait for the movie to come out haven’t been this excitied for a movie premire in a long time. Cloverfield News has definetly been a favorite of my bookmarks for keeping up on all the viral Cloverfield stuff out their, keep up the good work.

  187. watch movies megavideo

    I appear to be having an issue subscribing to your RSS feed. It comes up with error 451. Let me know if it’s a common issue or if it’s just me. I have firefox and IE. I am utilising Windows Firewall and im not sure if its switched on. Im not that good with desktops. I’ll revisit your web site and regard if you have responded. all the best.


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