Some people that have ordered stuff from Slusho are receiving a weird memo from Tagruato Corp.  A bunch of people at the unfiction forums (McPhearson) have taken the time to translate the entire front of the note which is labeled IMPORTANT SECRECY. There is also a hand written note on the back of the letter from “The Whistle Blower”. Below you will find the translation of the front as well as what the handwritten note on the back says. After the jump you will find images of the front and back.

Translation of the Front Courtesy of McPhearson at Unfiction.

” —————————————————
{TO:} Level 1 Temporary Provision Staff Member
{FROM:} Judgement Council
{SUBJECT: Trusting Those Out of Our Sight}
Effective Immediately!

Over the next few days, because of the incident that took place, starting now all letters to the outside will first
pass through our communication center, or they will not go out. Level 1 Personnel? They will remain where they are,
making certain to read the message from start to finish. (How will they know it is authentic, this message that is
dispatched everywhere? When it is inscribed by the ?.)

In addition, working hard/employment rusted overtime? As for the employees, they will be made to wait in their
appointed lodging facility until told otherwise.

If one witnesses an act of misconduct, and neglects to report it to the Council, Chuai’s department bureau will enforce
principles and regard it as a violation. There will be no exceptions.”

And The Back

“American, The Chuai station hides a dark secret. Good people are going missing. Expect further communication in the near future. – the Whistle Blower”

The Chuai station is the drilling station located off the coast of NY. Some people are speculating that this has something to do with Teddy. I could see Teddy possibly working on this drilling site and is one of the ones that has gone missing, considering in Jamie’s videos she says she hasn’t heard from him in a while, but this is all speculation.

Images after the jump.

Images courtesy of Cloverfield Clues

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  1. Jessica

    This is very interesting. The hype for the movie just keeps rising and rising. Could the dark secret be that Slusho! and Tagruato were holding the monster captive to use his blood as the secret ingredient and when their secret was discovered they tried to drill a deep sea whole where the monster could be disposed of but then it back fired and the monster, enraged by the torture it had to go through, heads to the city thinking that it was there he was being captivated?

    Just freelancing on speculation. Who know’s anyways right. Everyone else has a theory why cant I?

    Cant wait to hear the feedback on this theory

  2. RAJames

    omg I didn’t think this would get into a full blown ARG, I just thought it’d be minimal publicity, but it looks as its going to have people scratching heads all the way till the movie.

  3. RAJames

    Also keep in mind theres a movie called the whistle blower about spy activities and mysterious deaths…

  4. Ramone

    I think the premise to this movie may be a lot simpler than we all believe. Or at least would like to believe.

    Slusho,like many products on our shelves is a product of a much larger parent company. And has nothing to do with the actual movie or indeed the plot. The main focus I suspect is the parent company, Tagruato.

    I think the ‘hacking’ of their site represents the usual ‘anti – globalisation’ protest we see on the news as people would protest such a company off shore drilling in any ocean.

    Now, the drilling. I think this is the catalyst of the movie. It’s the drilling the forces a deep sea monster from it’s natural environment and leads it to surface and find it’s self in the nearest populated city – New York.

    The first anyone in the city would know of this would be is when it attacks. And this what we see from the point of view of the five ‘stars’ of the movie.

    I strongly believe there is no huge subplot, no drinking of blood no singling out of Rob no connection to Slusho – It’s simply a going away party that is interrupted when some thing goes ‘bang ‘ outside the building and then all hells breaks loose and they manage to capture it all on film from their perspective, like most of would like to do if given the chance and weren’t hiding under the stairs until it all went quiet again.

    Well..that’s just my two cents worth anyway 🙂

  5. JJistheman

    that makes sense, plus he clearly doesn’t know anything about the monster, as indicated in the second trailer… I do however think theres a slight deeper plot than you do think.

    right now JJ is cementing the origin of the monster with this ‘ARG.’ and as with the jamieandteddy website, it might be showing symptoms of infection (Jamie’s stomach being irritated in some way)

    call it disbelief, but I don’t think it will be as simple as “kids going away party get interrupted by monster”

    you also gotta think, why would they be getting special privileges in getting away from the monster (the helicopter and the looks in the military intallation)

    and those are my two cents.

  6. Ummm

    Anyone notice on this page: that Tagruato Deep Sea Drilling Site ?Chuai Station? in the mid-atlantic ridge is the only drilling site not yet fully open? And its scheduled to open around September 2007, the only site scheduled for the year 2007. ?Chuai Station? is also almost at the same latitude as NYC?

  7. Robert

    Where are you people coming from? Jessica,Ramone !!! you´re scaring me with this theories, very cool!!! you should be the ones making a movie!!

    hugs all!!

    BTW, Weird Letter!!

  8. A.J.

    I recall reading a while back that Slusho will not be that big a part of the movie and slightly used. If blood is in the drink and perhaps causing infections that would seem to me to be a major part of the movie. This leads me to believe the drink is not going to be a featured part of this movie. But you can bet JJ didn’t show his full hand with the release of the new trailer. I also have a hunch that the filming these guys are doing when the monster hits the city is just a portion of the film and not all shot that way. Hell, watching the trailer proves this, it’s not all from the camera man’s perspective.

  9. Marie

    I played with the letters and came with this as an anagram for “the whistle blower”

    Below with shelter …. interesting

  10. Morgannon

    Sounds like the monster or his brood has woken up from a sound sleep, and are hungry! They might be nibbling on some tasty Tagruato-worker snacks even as we speak :p

  11. MarytheLion

    ok everyone…I went to Jons site there, and searched for “the cause” on the blog..came up with THIS:

    To lend to the sense of urgency, certain groups or individuals who know the true extent of Tagruato’s secretive operations have responded extralawfully in an attempt to shed light on the true nature of Tagruato’s excesses. While we do not condone their methods, we stand with them and will make every effort to shed the light of day on their hard work and the true nature of the extreme crisis–of which we can only guess at–that has caused them to resort to such extreme measures. We only know them as The Cause, and if they are listening, we are The Effect.

  12. MarytheLion

    Never Mind…looks like the site is an intentional farce!!!!

    I won’t get caught up in the hype!
    I won’t get caught up in the hype!
    I won’t get caught up in the hype!

  13. steven

    franky – well what scratched her like that in the first place? it couldn’t have been the big monster (or her whole arm would be gone). i’m definately not supporting james’ idea though, looks just like scratch marks to me too. but what are they holding out on the other side of the door?


  14. Andy

    My theories/clues/facts on the movie…

    Ok everybody knows that there have been talks about this whole Slusho drink company and it’s awkward homepage, well it’s owned by Tagruato Corp. which is a deep sea drilling company, that promotes or owns Slusho.
    On their website they talk about all of their many deep sea drills, their new satellite, and how they had a bunch of animals swim in Slusho, now i’m sure that’s not ok with PETA or anyother animal safety company.
    There have been rumors that Slusho is related to Cloverfield and that it has something to do with J.J. Abrams, he himself has been quoted to say “The Slusho website is cute, don’t expect it to help you figure anything about the movie.”
    But the Tagruato Corp. website has been getting hacked, it’s been hacked twice. After fixing it’s site the first time, they put it back to it’s original site, not smart if they wouldn’t want to be hacked again. Their website said/says Ensuring Your Future… but when it was hacked it said Destroying Our Sea.
    Now it could be that all these companies are fake and are owned and operated by J.J. Abrams just to throw us off.
    Now for the whole monster theory, there are so many theories, but there is a still screen shot and it looks like it has a giant shell, maybe a turtle? Remember Tagruato is latin for Turtle so that may be a clue since it is tied to the movie people.
    Another something i’ve figured out in the Happy Talk section on the website; there is one comment that says “I am so happy and full of Slusho I might burst.” In the new trailer there is a brief clip of a girl blowing up after being contracted by some disease, slusho may have carried it possibly in the drink?!! *Remember the people in the trailer wear Slusho shirts, maybe in the movie Slusho is a big drink to them like Coke or Pepsi is to us.
    Another thing is that it said Slusho pours it’s substances in the sea maybe, it might’ve mutated a turtle or creature!!!
    Also in the Heroes show, Slusho drinks has been shown on their twice, maybe that’s how they got their powers and maybe this is a Heroe’s movie with the Lost monster, and maybe Alias (Sydney Bistro (chara.); Jennifer Garner (actress)
    The key points of this message:
    *Tagruato Corp. and Slusho could be fake!
    *They could be the reason of sickness and monster, cause of the Slusho chemicals.
    *The monster might be a mutated Turtle from the screen shot that you see a shell looking back of the monster.
    *It may be a movie of one of J.J. Abrams shows like Lost or Alias.

    (That’s all for now, hope you are happy with my research on this!)

  15. christo89

    I don’t know personally I think since the Tagruato site hasn’t updated the status of the Chaui station it hasn’t officially opened and probably never will officially… I would be willing to bet that through its subsidiaries the medical research one and bold futura they are conducting secret military research on this sea nectar stuff perhaps some of their research led to our monster testing different levels stuff of that nature hell they are in international waters whats a little genetic tampering… just some ideas I have been thinking of for a while…

  16. Ravenclaw

    Jessica, i think its a really good theory and it shows that you really thought about it when you mention that maybe tagruato was drilling a whole to keep the monster from the surface but they do mention its a really big, skyscrapper monster so it’d take a really long time to do all that in (movie’s time) such a short notice. I think its a good theory but that makes me wonder you know (nice job though ;)).
    I totally agree with Ramone, i actually mentioned it on the 2nd trailer post. Maybe we’re paying attention to every little detail when in fact it could be as simple as Ramone said and thats all but i do think that there is a backstory to the whole movie, just not enough time to show it on the movie itself or for that matter, make a sequel. Mr. Abrams is using the net to save all that space and everything in the movie, my guess.

    in spanish, a whistle blower or a “soplon” usually means a snitch, you know, someone being disloyal if you may. I dont know, just something to add to all this mess hehehe =P

  17. Ravenclaw

    sorry to repost… Jessica, i guess one could order something from the site then? and does anybody know who got the package or they just threw at us the memo and thats it? personally, i think it was someone from the movie cause, had it been a fan or something, he/she would’ve wanted us all to know that they got it and bla bla bla you know, the whole attention and all. what do you guys think?

  18. z3ro

    umm andy we talked about all that on here for weeks now LOL. and yes slusho is in cloverfield. IN THE FIRST TRAILER THEY ARE WEARING THE SHIRT. u do some horrible research besides thats old knews. everyone knows slusho is connected with cloverfield.

  19. WB2

    alright. how bout this:

    the real reason Tagruato was drilliing was to harvest that “deep sea nectar” stuff. some for experimentation, some to put in Slusho! (uses special deep sea ingredient). They’re drilling sites are located where they find mass deposits of the stuff.

    Ganu Yoshida had a dream that he was a little fish, drank the ingredient, and became very large. If that is what happens (like what seems to happen to that lady in the 2nd trailer), something is bound to have gotten big, right? Well, anyway, he developed Slusho!.

    A Slusho! shirt is seen in the trailer.

    This last drilling site isn’t fully operational for a reason. Maybe because they found something else that was there first, ticked it off somethin fierce, it attacked and then, as many animals do, went on a rampage, landing in NYC.

    Now, there is, much like any talk about this movie, a good bit of speculation in this. But i hit all the facts that i wanted to. It tied together Tagruato, Slusho!, and Cloverfield. ot that Slusho! and Tagruato were hard, it says that on the website. And didn’t Rob get a job with Tagruato? And the shirt in the trailer put Slusho! there, right? Right.

  20. Hanzo

    May be a coincidence, but the thing is if this all was not rumors as well as being some connection to Cloverfield, they should at least make a special for those viewers who does not have the internet or don’t know much about whats going on with the film. but for all we know, all this Jamie and teddy and Tagrauto is just more viral stuff. i mean common, they did it before, I am sure they wont stop and will do again in a more convincing effort. One thing is for certain though, I believe that Cloverfield will be more then one movie. In fact, for all we know it could be a prequel to something we forgotten, Can’t be certain.

  21. MarytheLion

    Andy: *Tagruato Corp. and Slusho could be fake!

    Um………….well yah they are!

  22. MarytheLion

    I’ve been thinking. All this history and story stuff… I wonder if this is almost the type of movie development that was planned before the movie started to shoot..but decided to take it a different way on screen.

    So if thats true..this whole thing with Tagruato and Slusho..bold Futura…yadda yadda…this could be a new beginning in how movies will be developed!

    Whatever gets cut from the floor gets revamped, and used as an online marketing tool to entice the public! That way it gets a chance to take a life of its own, and develop accordingly..almost its own small feature.

    Everything would be relative, in someway shape or form.

  23. dijjot

    My 2 cents is that the chaui drilling site is not open for a myriad of reasons.

    a. the workers at the drilling station are, as the whistle blower stated, going missing. Due to some kind of tom-fuckery with the deep sea ingrediant (not the monster, then all hell would break loose, id imagine) or because of some kind of political upheavel or general moral disagreement at the site. One of tagruato’s subsidiaries like bold futura could be at the site, testing, or something of the like. As i reread the translation it seems to note that there is consistent or escalating misconduct at the site, whether this is people stealing information or some kind of corporate or biological intrigue, its not really clear. It is clear, that there is some sort of global dissent of tagruato, and that seems like a generic, evil corporation lends to death and destruction through ill will or negligence type plot device to the movie.
    Just my observations in one sitting.

  24. ZD

    My thoughts – I am really excited about this movie, I feel that all companies involved have earned my admission and purchasing of the DVD when released, especially for keeping my interest!

    But what I wanted to through out is that I do not think we will see the Monster the way we think we are. This whole thing seems like it is setting up for a larger story… trilogy? I think we will get a glimpse of the Monster, but will have to wait for more – maybe when it destroys another city… or more Monsters emerge.

  25. Trexx

    hmm…well i would expect that the story is much deeper than the trailers would make it seem. and if you look at them that way, it seems like there could be a perfect setup for another movie of the sort. for me at least, movies with no explanation for whatever the conflict is…they annoy me. but if the descriptions of the filming in central park several months back truly are about the end of the movie, i doubt we’d be seeing a sequel. plus, sequels generally depend on the amount of profits earned by the first.

    regardless, im really looking forward to this movie. and in the back of my mind…i still want it to be cthulhu…because that would just be badass.

  26. the carpenter

    i read on another site a couple weeks ago, that jamieandteddy isnt even a part of this. it has to do with something else completely. i dont remember where i saw that, but if anyone has any info chime on please

  27. magic

    trexx i don’t think it would that deep just because it’s in that point of view of the people with the camera.

  28. Trexx

    magic: you may be right…but maybe not. the second trailer makes it seem that there was a big investigation of the attack afterward. maybe the story switches back and forth from the video to somebody on the investigation team later. just a thought.

  29. ZD

    I am not sure, Ain’t It Cool is normally pretty good – but it does seem some what suspicious… nothing really new in it. If they have done a screening they might release something more soon.

  30. Ramone

    Second review is up at Aintitcoolnews. Again it, and I’m glad to say this, says nothing we don’t already know. In fact judging by what have seen in the trailers and read on the ‘net. Anyone of us could of have written the review. In essence all it’s confirming is ‘Huge ugly monster attacks New York and there are smaller monsters involved’ . The movie has little back story and basically just goes from 0-60mph in a matter of minutes straight to the party and the attack.

    Yes, the review could be a fake or even a ‘plant’ to just keep the momentum flowing with only just over a month to go until it’s release. And yes, on sites like this you will be getting more and more outlandish theories and opinions which is great for the marketing angle and will most certainly keep the interest going – but I still stand by the theory the movie is over the course of one night ‘something’ attacks New York and no one knows why.

    Independence Day went for the same approach. No real reasoning for why they came , until half way through the film. They just ‘appeared’ and attacked us. Most movies studios know that in this day and age their audience have short attention spans and want to “Get to the action now, I haven’t got all day ya know!!”.

    If people know this is a monster movie, and primarily that’s what they’ve come to see, you don’t want to sit around for over an hour waiting for ‘it’ to appear like they did with King Kong! Studios have learned from that lesson!

    Paramount are going to carry on planting people on sites like this and on movie sites to add fuel to the fire, but don’t expect any major clues. To come this far and then show the monster or a full blown review would send the movie crashing and burning – the element of surprise would be lost forever. And a years worth of planning and marketing would be just dust in the wind.

    But that again is just me two cents worth ( I’m running out of small change now) 🙂

  31. magic

    trexx thats true because it is supposed to be in the point of view of 5 people, and i think we only saw on person.

  32. Austin

    Cloverfield was screened in NYC!!! check it out!!!

    For those of you who don’t know, Ain’t It Cool was the 1st to break the news of Cloverfield even before Transformers. They aren’t official but are generally more often right than wrong.

  33. Ramone

    This site has more “plants” than a botanical garden. Use your eyes and you will find them. 🙂

  34. Frank

    To me, it seems like something really bad has happened at the Chuai station, and they’re screening letters to make sure no one outside the station knows about it. You know how Jamie says that she hasn’t heard from Teddy in a while during video 4? Well, maybe Teddy works at the Chuai station, and he tried to send a message to Jamie telling here about whatever happened at the station. Message was screened, destroyed, and Teddy got in some control. What do you guys think about that theory?

  35. Frank

    Sorry, meant to say Teddy got into some trouble. Don’t know why I said control… I wonder who the Whistle Blower is?

  36. Luis


    I posted this 2 days prior to this update on the “post to win the movie poster” thread:

    Luis – November 28th, 2007 at 10:35 am
    Following all clues prior for tjis movie, would just had been imposible for me if not for your site, thans for that, and here?s a theory to go with the complement:

    Monster might come from deep sea bead, awaken by drilling rig from the Tagruato Corp. Chuai station in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge,

    I came to this conclusion because that was the only rig not being operative at Taraguto website, is only stated that is was programed to start production in september 2007.

    Fells nice.. LOL

  37. Barnasaurus

    I believe there will be a documentary of some sorts released on TV a few weeks or a few days prior to the theatrical release. Not everybody checks the internet daily for these typs of things. A TV release to tell the background of this whole story will generate more hype then it has alreayd gotten.It worked for the Blair Witch… will work for Cloverfield. I just don’t know what channel it would be on……Science Channel or TBS would be my guess. It would surely be a cable station.

  38. Lauren S

    That’s really interesting, Barnasaurus. I kinda hope you’re right, because it would be a much more linear, less speculative form of back-story than this which–although it’s interesting–is really confusing and made up of wild guesses….

    I think that while this may have something to do with Teddie–especially now that that fifth video is up–I don’t think that the “Whistle-Blower” is actually Teddy himself. For one thing, the word indicates that it’s an inside-job, someone who’s been working with the company: an employee. And I think that the fact they’re taking all of these calculated efforts to prevent an information leak with such obvious restrictions to employees also hints at that. I don’t think Teddie could hide out as an employ at the Chuai station long enough to not get caught and smuggle out top-secret info. Probably he was working with an employee who finally decided what Tagruato was doing was wrong–perhaps the “Randy” mentioned in the tape.


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