I noticed the comments have a lot of talk about a few reviews that have popped up over at Aint It Cool News. Now, I’m all for reviews and I think they are great, but I will not be posting anything about them on here until the movie is released. I don’t see the point in spoiling anything for anyone that reads this site and I for one want to keep major spoilers away from myself. So if you really want to read the reviews you can head on over to www.aintitcool.com  and check them out, but the only reviews I will post here will be after the movie is released. You are more than welcome to discuss the reviews in the forums, but if you do not want to know anything about the movie I would suggest not reading reviews or forum topics related.

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  1. Jon

    I dont know if anyone else has done this, but on the bottom of the “Distribution Opportunities” page there is a phone number. I called it and a voice said you have reached westchester county environmental services. i would of thought it was just a wrong number but…I live in westchester county. Could someone else call this number and tell me what happens?

  2. Carlos

    im tempted to read them but I won’t-
    I can wait till next week- The 2nd trailer was enough to satisfy me till the 18th.

  3. Frank

    Well, I glimpsed the review, and it really doesn’t give that much away. I wonder why they even bothered to put a review up if they weren’t going to be that descriptive…

  4. Billie Be

    I don’t trust the review I mean the CGI and such is not even done yet, to let the finished product out already AFTER all of this huge hype build up and secrecy just doesn?t add up.

  5. Frank

    I know what you mean, Billie. As if someone already saw the movie. After so much buildup and secrecy, they’re going to let someone get a sneak peek? I don’t think so. The review must be bogus.

  6. z3ro

    after all they went thru to keep the movie a secret I doubt they would just let some douche bags get an early preview. i believe that review is false. or… maybe he works at that place and walked by and sneak peeked at some parts of it from the door way as he walked by. who knows..

  7. Frank

    Ok, just read the review again and it’s gotta be bogus. The writer says they snuck into a Cloverfield screening. As if! This movie has been under so much security. No one could have done that. That’s Reason the Review is Fake #1. #2: They say that there’s some part where someone’s is using ESP on a cell phone. Uh, yeah, that really ties in with a giant monster movie! I mean, come on! Third and final reason: The reviewer says that the monster has almost no back story. To quote them, “it just starts tearing NYC a new one one night.” Look, if the monster didn’t have a big backstory, then why would we have web sites like Tagruato corp, and Slusho!, that all have to do with the ocean, and an official poster that displays a massive disturbance in the water? I mean, even Godzilla had a backstory. And King Kong did also, even though we didn’t know how he was born. In my opinion, the review is worth crap.

  8. WB2

    Alright, a small Viacom screening is a possibility. In showbiz you have to keep the big money happy. Like with small screenings.
    And as for no backstory with the monster, maybe JJ decided that we could look at the websites and deduce the backstory.
    I’m not saying take this guy’s review, or its existence, to heart, but don’t go so far as to say it’s completely uncredible.
    Besides, reviews or not, people will have real reviews sometime or another, and with those there will be false claims of seeing the film. There will be both, it’s gonna happen

  9. danny

    check out TIDOWAVE.com
    Our oceans

    fight the cause for mother earth!!!

  10. ItsaLiooon!

    “Look, if the monster didn?t have a big backstory, then why would we have web sites like Tagruato corp, and Slusho!, that all have to do with the ocean, and an official poster that displays a massive disturbance in the water? ”

    The viral marketing IS the backstory. The movie is not going to devote 15-20 minutes to exposition.

    It’s fairly clear why.

  11. wierd

    only if this one does well.
    which to be honest it probably will we’ll probably all see it even if it seems like its gonna be crap.

  12. luke

    My theory is- In this movie it will be all about the monster tearing apart the city and then they will come out with a sequel about the monsters beginnings and how it started.

  13. Scott

    Frank….they NEVER say someone uses ‘esp’ with a cell phone. They abrievated the word ‘especially’, it reads “esp in regards to cell phone usage”, meaning “especially in regards to cell phone usage”. I don’t really think the spoilers give anything away considering there is no real definative way to know if they are true or not.

  14. Frank

    Hmmm… I guess that’s true Scott. And it was “especially”? Heh heh… oops. 🙂

  15. Scott

    No worries. And I have to apologize, I reread my post and when I did, it sounded harsher to me than I intended, so I’m sorry if I sounded like a butthole in the post. I didn’t mean to.

  16. ddbb

    I dont believe that review at all.. Its a complete cold reading of the movie. It was as if the guy from the show “crossing over” decided to predict cloverfield. Plain and simple a site like that would gain from significantly number of hits, and publicity if it had a real spoiler. You think JJ would go through all that trouble and then allow a pre-screening in NYC and allow some guy to sneak in. PLEASE!

  17. Monstrous

    Right… Aintitcool is notorious for this kind of garbage.
    Heh, on Firefox, the spelling suggestion for “Aintitcool” is Scintillator.

  18. marythelion

    ddbb – L M F A O

    I want to hope the reveiw is false. It sure would wreck the movie. I like the whole viral marketing thing thus far, giving us the whole prequil type information. This means things in the movie we will oh OOOHHH when we see it, and others will HATE it because they are totally lost.

  19. Mike

    IF, these reviews are true I think the whole aspect of not seeing the whole monster would for sure bring my piss to a boil. But I doubt it because how you could sneak in? Especially for this movie. I highly doubt you could just sneak in..Plus, if there are true reviews out there, try and keep them off the web. Theres alot of people who want to wait until the movie comes out..then again I’m too tempted to read another:P Bottom line, I think these are fake.

  20. Deneece

    For what its worth:

    The reviews, as vauge and completely unintelligently written as the are, are clearly somebody’s ploy to get attention. Its been said already why, so I won’t elaborate.

    But on the monster, I still believe that JJ may not show the entire monster. Glimpses maybe, but if the majority of the movie is shot with commercial camcorders, then the chance of an amature cameraman capturing a monster attack in the middle of a chaotic nyc is slim to none, so the chances of a full blown monster being shown in its cgi greatness probably wont’ happen. I just think that no matter what happens, JJ Abrams knows how to appease and audience, and will finish the movie in a way that leaves us content, but with thoughts to carry us back online to discover something new.

    Just my two cents.

  21. Ravenclaw

    whether its fake or not, i do agree with the fact that all this viral marketing might be for us to know the backstory of the monster and more instead of them wasting time explaining it in the movie.

  22. Morgannon

    This review is ridiculously vague. Like someone above me said, ANYONE who surfs this website could have written that review. The only detail I saw in that movie review was about the appearance of the little monsters, and that detail was vauge enough to mean nothing.

    I won’t believe these reviews until they start appearing on Rotten Tomatoes, myself, from known critics.

  23. Berginis

    We know the review was fake for one simple reason…

    The reviewer said the whole movie was shot from camcorder but in the trailer there are several shots NOT from camcorder!

  24. Frank

    Scott – It’s ok. 🙂 And I think that now everyone is convinced that this guy really didn’t actually see the movie. Unless, you know, J.J. Abrams comes flying in and initiates his copyright claim on aintitcool.com

  25. voltron

    IF you look at the trailer on apple at around 52 seconds you should go frame by frame or the scene where it blacks out and oyu see a croud for a second. The first person in the bottom corner looks like he has a squid for a face. Slow it down and go frame by frame and you should see what i am talking about.

  26. Anthony

    In response to Jon of comment 1, I work for Westchester County. The first seven digits of the number on the slusho page happen to be the County’s Environmental Facilities department. Since you’re already in area code 914, thats the number you got. Generally you need an operator to dial international numbers not in 10 digit format.

  27. Pinyo

    Can anybody take a jpg screenshot of the guy with this squid? Voltron wrote about it.

  28. talldone

    It is clearly a shoe, connected to a pair of pants.
    Someone is being trampled.

  29. kyle

    doesnt look like a shoe to me-you can clearly see the outlines of a suit jacket and the shoulder pads. good find Voltron

  30. admin

    dangerconsumer: It’s the same fake review that has been floating around for about a week now.



    As a mature aged person…I really need to inform as many as possible?.DO NOT WATCH THE MOVIE ?CLOVERFIELD?!!!!! Seriously B A D!!!!

    The movie starts off with someone using a hand held video camera at a party and then passing onto to mate. Both guys are really bad at making videos. At first we thought ok a view from a bad camera?s man angle for a while but as the movie progressed nothing changed just very bad filming and I MEAN BAD!!! So bad it makes you nauseas motion sickness because the filming is all over the place like a drunk person but then into fear and running scenarios. The whole movie was done with a hand held video camera no editing. Interesting sneak shots of a bad big creature etc? could have been a good movie if they stoped with the video camera after the party scene first 15 mins.

    But please do your self a favour?.go see another movie!!

  32. mustanddrew

    Save yourself some money and time.This is a bad movie.I rate this one right next to the “Blair Witch Project”

  33. byron

    THIS MOVIE SUCKED SO BAD……….it was a waste of money and it was the worst movie i have ever seen in my life. the only thing that was good was how kick ass the monster was.

    the rest of the movie was very bad, and i’ve seen better movies from the 50s……if i was you guys want to see it, i wouldnt bother wasting my money and watching it, instead go see “I Am Legend”

    i have seen it a million times in theaters and i would keep on seeing instead of cloverfield

    i think i would rather kill myself than to be forced to see it again not even if i was to be with a girl during the movie…….

    i frown upon this movie =[

  34. admin

    Byron: Obviously you haven’t read I Am Legend, the book, if you have you wouldn’t have wasted more than 1 viewing on the movie. It wasn’t a bad movie, but no way would I see it more than once in the theater when the book was so much better. Plus the CG in I Am Legend was probably some of the worst I’ve seen in recent memory…

  35. smart arch

    awesome movie!!!! i was like in shock every time and so crative and different. most people criticize the movie because the camera movement,to sound interesting, or to call someones atention… me and my friends enyoy so much the movie.


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