So I kept checking all day yesterday for a new video, which is embedded after the jump, over at (password: jllovesth) since it was the day she was supposed to open the present she got… and of course nothing was updated by the time I went to sleep and then it looks like shortly after that the video was uploaded.

Ok so here are some cliffs on the video, YES she opens the present and it seems as though Teddy has disappeared off the face of the earth. He hasn’t answered his phone/text messages or video messages that Jamie has sent him in a month…. sounds similar to the note that’s been shipping with the Slusho stuff. Oh and wait, what’s in the box? An awesome Slusho hat along with a small package that says “Primary Evidence, Freeze ASAP, Jamie Don’t eat this” and then there is a tape recorder which says the following:

“Jamie, listen to me. This is not a joke, if you’re hearing this (or haven’t spoken?) it means I’ve been captured by the company called Tagruato, ok, Tagruato. Now listen, you, this is important, don’t call the authorities. It’ll screw everything up, just sit tight and wait to hear from (Randy??), he knows to call you. Um, look, i’m on their station, ok, it looks like they found something or their making something but, but, the point is I can’t… I’m not going to be calling again, you’re not going to hear from me. I just want you to wait for (Randy??) he will explain…”

And of course her first inclination is that Teddy just found some other girl and doesn’t have the balls to tell her and break up with her. So this is actually quite interesting, it kinda ties together what we’ve all been talking about regarding Teddy and Tagruato and the station off the coast of NY. I have a feeling this may be the last video we see from Jamie, unless of course this Randy? (i couldn’t make out the name clear enough) calls her and explains what’s going on. Then maybe she’ll make another video of her crying and apologizing for the last video and hoping that Teddy is ok, or something along those lines. But overall not a bad video, I’m glad it didn’t turn out to be just the Slusho hat, I would have been pissed haha.

Click below to view the video if you can’t see it on

If it’s not up yet, youtube takes a few minutes to finalize the upload.

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  1. marythelion

    OOOOOOH VERY intriguing….I’m downloading the video right now. I sure hope this is all linked to the movie. I think this viral marketing campaign is brilliant. The story that will keep us all up to date when we see the movie. Cannot WAIT to see it.

    Thanks so much for the website too. This rocks that so many people are following it, and are into it too. Lots of really interesting story ideas and theories. I for one, have stopped guessing what could possibly be happening…but rather sitting back enjoying the build up to the movie.

  2. marythelion

    WOW!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D VERY COOLE! ok…ready for the next chapter!!!!!!! its like a really rEEEEEEEEAAAAALLLY good book. I wish’d that bitch had let the tape play all the way through! HA HA!

  3. Dutch Master

    What I thought was funny is that he had to write on the bag “Don’t Eat This” Like her first inclination was to pull it out and start munching on it.

    Maybe it smells good, like you can eat it.

  4. deBish

    Yeah….he got another GF… hell, I would. What a nasty video!!

    “You couldn’t gotten me jewelry or something”


  5. Jessica

    OMG this is so cool. I swear I am one of the most axious people to see this movie. I check this website everyday for new updates and when they come it is like I won the lottery.

    How many other people wonder if what’s in the bag is the secret ingredient for Slusho? REMEMBER he did say to keep it frozen and I recall reading somewhere that, I think on the Slusho! history page, that the secret ingredient must be frozen.

    What if Jamie host a “girls night out party” and being a blonde, NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE JUST THROWING IT OUT THERE, she forgets and offers the goop as a NEW DRINK. Then “JAIME AND CO.” get invited to ROB’s party, and brink the “drink” with them and pass it around for tasting?

    Yes I’m only joking so please dont take any offense to this, I was just joking.

    Can’t wait for the movie Im so syked!!!
    Less then 6 weeks and we will get all the answers we desire.

    Will check back for more postings!

  6. Franky

    this is what puzzles me teddy says he has been captured by tagruato???? was there some sort of secret and he says they found somthing could it be the monster in slumber

  7. wierd

    the note says “primary evidence, freeze
    ASAP jamie don’t eat this” then she plays the tape.

  8. Franky

    oh and one more thing well you know how slusho has the special ingredient that makes is taste so good well this reminds me of the futurama episode when fry and the gang go to the slurm factory, and they soon find out that the special ingrediant is made from the queen slurm and etc. well THIS SLUSHO INGREDIENT do you think it could some how be made from the monster????

  9. DK428

    WOW! the wait was worth it! Finally Jamie opened the present and what does she get…A Slusho hat and a letter from Teddy…interesting…The hype for this movie gets more and more intense as the days wine down to…1-18-08. Remember everybody…”it’ll be the best night ever!” Ciao for know!

  10. deBish

    Abrams is known for his false leads and clues… did it all the time in Lost and even said as much in interviews.

  11. marythelion

    Yes, the whole “frozen” bit…thats an error someone didn’t think of! Don’t eat because its SPOILED!

    I keep goin back to the whole…woman exploding in the clip. I’m hopin this really has to do with Slusho.

    DUTCH MASTER: I laughed good at your comment…OOOOOH I think I’ll eat it NOW BITCH! I think she’ll eat it to spite him.

  12. Lauren S

    Why would you tell someone not to open the package until a certain date but have something perishable in the box that needs to be frozen? … It’s been dethawed for a couple weeks now, I’m pretty sure that if it needed to be frozen to prevent damage then, uhm, it’s too late…?

    I could see why he’d tell her not to eat it, though. I mean, it was sent in a box with a Slusho cap; she might have thought it was some new product for the company so she should try it. On the other hand, she seems so pissed at him right now that she might do something stupid, like throw it away.

    I hope we somehow get to find out what it is exactly–I kind of thing that it’s Seabed Nectar, too, but he did mention they were making something—perhaps this is something new that’s been bioengineered–and more about what’s probably become of Teddy from this Randy person.

  13. wierd

    about people asking why it was left in the box for so long if it had to be frozen. mabye teddy knew it would keep for that long anyway. we have no idea what it actually is

  14. Lauren S

    Well, I guess that you have a point there weird. It just seems somehow off that if it was necessary for this thing to be frozen that he’d ask her to wait quite so long to open it. But you’re right, we really don’t know what it is, and even though we might take a guess at it, even if that guess is right we have no idea what the actual nature to said object is… Only time will tell I guess.

  15. admin

    Danny: I think everyone was pretty sure that Rage of The Gods was not related to Cloverfield, but either way it is interesting since that dot is in the same spot as the drilling station everyone’s been talking about.

  16. Animal

    Ok, time for another amazing Animal mystery solution! Here it goes: Teddy has been working with Tidowave to stop Tagruato. (That’s why in video 4 Jamie kept telling Teddy that they can talk about “The Cause”, because that’s what Tidowave refers to themselves as -The Cause.) Teddy didn’t tell Jamie what he was really doing, which is why he had to tell her about Tagruato. Now listen – I have an almost 100% fool-proof statement why Teddy was captured: He was infiltrating the Chuai station. How do I know he went to the station? Quote from the video: “Um, look, i?m on their station, ok, it looks like they found something or they’re making something but, but, the point is I can?t?” What could Teddy have been doing on that station? Who knows. Maybe Tidowave thought they could screw things up enough down there to stop their drilling. But Teddy (and probably some others) were captured. But before they were caught, Teddy found something: the mysterious “Primary Evidence, Freeze ASAP, Jamie DON’T EAT THIS.” Then Teddy was captured, and the box was sent to Jamie by the unknown Randy.

    Now here’s the fun part – why the Primary Evidence and the Slusho were in the package. The Primary Evidence said “Freeze ASAP”. Why? Because it needs to be refrigerated; it’s a drink. But what drink, you ask? That’s where the hat comes in. The “Primary Evidence” is SLUSHO, ladies and gentleman. That’s right, SLUSHO. The hat was to tell Jamie just what the bag was. Teddy took a little bit of Slusho from the Chuai station because as far as we know, it’s only available in Japan. If it’s available in America, then Teddy told her not to eat it because of what I believe to be my Monster Egg theory (if you want to read that go to the Slusho commercial comments and search for all my posts.)

    So what can we take out of all this?

    1) Tagruato is EVIL

    2) Teddy, just like I predicted, was working for Tidowave

    3) Slusho is dangerous, and so is the Sea Bed Nectar used to make it

    4) Now I’m going to sit back and wait until 1-18-08 to see if I was right.

  17. Argus

    Allright Ladies and Gents:
    I’m a noob at this blogging stuff so please be gentle and forgive any faux pas I may commit. I have been watching/following the C-field bread-crumb trail since October and am now thowing yet another voice into the ring.
    I want to say I am deeply impressed with this whole campaign….the outstanding trailers….the possible hints and clues hidding everwhere…and most importantly, all of us tearing appart those clues to try and solve the mystery (if there even is one).
    However, I’d like to share my thoughts on Jamie’s 5’th video.
    -I’m pretty sure the “object” is deep sea nectar
    – I don’t think Teddy intended for Jamie to get it and freeze it…maybe Teddy yanked the bag from a Tag testing lab and was just trying to get it in safe hands…..I think the words “Primary Evidence”, “Keep Frozen” and “Do not Eat” are internal warnings meant for Tagruato employees/bioengineers
    -Also, in light of the new video…let’s assume Teddy is with TidoWave working against Tag…We know Rob is going to Japan…maybe Teddy recuited Rob to be a Tag mole for TidoWave….just thoughts.
    Sorry ’bout the long entry. Good hunting everyone!

  18. Argus

    Hello all:
    I just reveiwed the video again….
    Please ignore my stupidity, the note on the object addresses Jamie by name…
    as I said earlier: I’m a nooooooob! :p
    However…perhaps there is some more stuff written on the inside of the hat…she doesn’t look inside it…she just tries it on then tosses it….

  19. Animal

    Argus, I applaud you for speaking up. I’m the same case as you: I’ve been following for a very long time, but just started posting about two weeks ago. And you’re theorizing is good. Glad to see more people speaking their minds. 🙂

  20. Argus

    I’ve been folloing your stuff for a while and I forgot to mention this earlier:
    I love your work!
    You are etiher a genius or a plant (hopefully the former is true) either way, I’m having a great time, as should we all. Cheers

  21. Lostfan

    Whoooo, it’s starting to get really good. One question though-the package that Jamie got, Teddy says to put it in the freezer immediatly. Jamie got that package months ago, and the stuff wasn’t in the freezer then. Wonder if it’s fermented into something REALLY disgusting. I don’t think we will get anymore messages from Teddy to Jamie. He has obviously been disposed of by Tagruato for knowing too much about “Something.” Goo JJ-what an ingenious marketing campain you hve going here!!!!!

  22. TK

    For those of you interested in spoiling the movie for yourselves (like I did), this is an alleged review of the movie watched by a test panel.

    Please be warned: SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT, and remember this is an alleged review so do not consider this as a bible (Torak, Koran, etc.. for the rest of you)

    The link:

  23. TK

    I did write “””ALLEGED”””.
    Who are you trying to convince A.J., me or yourself?
    I’ve read it myself and it seems pretty legitt except the monster’s description, which is completely ambiguous. The monster’s description is the only reason I read that “ALLEGED” review, and it didn’t reveal anything that we didn’t know.

  24. A. J.

    Calm down there TK, you seem upset. I think we can both agree this guy that wrote that post did nothing more than piece together the photos he’s seen and make up a description of the monster. It’s all good my friend.

  25. admin

    Comments posted here should be about Jamie’s 5th video, so please keep it that way. There has been plenty of discussion regarding the reviews that have been popping up in those articles and on the forum, please keep things on topic. Thanks.

  26. TK

    Not upset A.J., I thought you were upset about reading the review and trying to convince me… anyways why get upset over a movie? 😉

    Jamie seems to be pretty pissed, I don’t dig ignorant chicks… and that Freeze ASAP is pretty dumb since it wasn’t frozen for a loooong time, useless methinks.

  27. wierd

    although to be honest she has no real reason to believe him but his word. I’m thinking that shes gonna finally realise hes telling the truth and go after him

  28. Argus

    Just throwing out some more weird stuff.
    This doesn’t relate to the clues per say…just some weird stuff I noticed.
    -in the 5th video, there is some wind blowing in Jamies face…isn’t it supposed to be Dec 9th?…In N.Y.?…I would guess at this point in the year New Yorkers would have their heaters blasting…if so why turn on a fan? Just weird to me.
    Also, looking back at the other vids again and if any of this stuff was brought up previously, I apologize.
    -OK umm…the lamp on the left side of the bed in all other videos is missing in the 5th vid, also it seems to me Jamie has a sparsely decorated bedroom given she is a collage age New Yorker Just seems odd.
    -May have already been brought up but; in Vid 3 Jamie starts to open a bottle of Pepto to quell a Tagruato/Slusho/DeepSea Nectar stomach ache perhaps? I also think the Pepto bottle is visible in the backgound of the Striptease video but not sure (this whole train of thought may be coincidence or an intentional dead end who knows)
    Just thoughts…Happy Hunting.

  29. dk

    Why would he want it frozen when it’s been sitting in the box all this time? Its obvious isn’t it?

    Whatever it is may need time to “gestate” or “mature” or in some way develop into whatever sinister incriminating thing it is. Maybe before that date, it’s innocuous, harmless, un-incriminating.

    He’s given her an exact date to open it. From THAT POINT ON – it’s ready to be frozen and will THEN function as “evidence”.

    On the side though – isnt that just like a woman?

    Future of the worlds at stake and she’s complaining about the presents she’s getting!


  30. admin

    Argus: I’m pretty sure the bottle of pepto was for her hangover that she was suffering from after parting all night.

  31. Argus

    Good point, from the sheer reatardation of my comment I would bet the secret is out that I don’t party much. Thanks.

  32. Lauren S

    Wow, dk, nice, just… nice. I’m sure you’re real successful with women. She must be a complete bimbo to hold onto a speck of hope that the guy she hasn’t seen or heard from in an entire month and obviously was very in love with woul somehow come through and put her doubts to rest with a gift. Never mind that Janie doesn’t realize that the future of the world’s at stake, or that Teddy chose to keep her in the dark about what’s going on till now. Clearly, the lesson here is that women are stupid, vapid creatures who need to be lead around with leashes because they have entirely no concept of what’s important in life.

    Back on topic, though. I think it’s interesting that someone above mentioned that perhaps this thing needs a gestation period. Maybe it does–if Teddy was infiltrating the station, he’s bound to know someone on the inside. Our “Whistle-Blower” maybe? Someone who might know exactly what’s being kept dormant and the possibilities of what could happen if its not–or simply where it’s kept and how to procure it.

    The more I think on it, the more I wonder whether or not Teddy knows if it’s dangerous (if it) to keep the stuff unfridged. Because it comes off like it’s really important she get it in the freezer… which raises the question again, why wait till December 9th? I’m thinking now, maybe, it was to protect her and the evidence from being found by Tagruato. They seem like they’re pretty much on their game, and Teddy’s message indicates that he thinks he’s already been caught–if he has, it’s possible they could find out where he lives, who he knows, and be monitoring them. So then, if Jamie were to immediately open the package, it could either be seen perhaps or she might get caught telling a friend about this bizarre package she got. It could be that Teddy is well aware of just how dangerous this stuff is (if it is in fact dangerous, and not just evidence that is simply incrimidating—perhaps Tagruato’s Deepsea Nectar’s the product of some kind of endangered species or something, or just evidence that they’re tampering with stuff clearly prohibited by law—and so he’s weighing his risks and deciding to himself “Well, it should still be a viable sample up until this date. So I’ll tell her not to open it till then.”

  33. heat

    Wouldn’t it be obvious that the ‘whistle blower,’ is Randy?

    In the message being sent out, it says that ‘good people are going missing,’ and to ‘expect further communication in the near future.’

    Randy is supposed to contact Jamie in the future.

    Does this mean we have a semi-legit identification?

  34. heat

    Also, not to double post but..

    If you go onto TIDOwave’s blog, it does mention Randy….

    On the updated Dec 10th posts.

  35. Lauren S

    I don’t know, I kind of think that the “whistle blower” is someone inside the company who isn’t American–probably a native-Japanese employee. Because the note on the back of that letter was adressed like they were speaking as someone who wasn’t an American. Could just be a ploy to throw people off the track, though; it’s hard to tell. I think that Teddy’s been working with at least one other people on this mission, and it’s pretty well indicated that he’s a member of Tidowave. Which would mean he’s probably got other contacts and resources. Randy may be someone he was working with on this project, or simply someone else that he was just lucky enough to have the opportunity to contact concerning this before his capture.

  36. Lauren S

    !! That’s really interesting heat, thanks for bringing that up, I’m going to check that out right now.

  37. monkeyinabush

    maybe he left it as an insurance plan for himself, when he sent her the package he knew he was gona be getting into it deep, so he got what he could and sent it so if he went missing she would know why, im guessing he was planning to be done by that time and back together if he wasnt captured and would of told her to ignore the box and got her some jewelry or sumate nice, if it went well and he didnt get captured, or eaten maybe!!!
    as for the freeze asap maybe the month is like a hatching period maybe from tiny eggs or sumat and now it needs freezeing so they dont grow maybe??
    anyways thats my two pence, happy hunting!

  38. MarytheLion

    shit- Mebbe THAT thing is the monster…the stuff she’s supposed to freeze…like… of those blankets you soak in water for a few minutes.

    And thats what the fireballs are, the building exploding after its grown to MASS SIZE!

  39. Robbie

    (ATTENTION EVERYONE!!!!) If those of you are unaware, there are some REALLY juicy leads amongst the comments that were left on the T.I.D.O Wave website!!! I HIGHLY recommend everyone to read what some of those people had to say. It seems like those people have A WHOLE LOT to do with this whole viral marketing. In other words, they don’t seem to be average people!!! I have found out a lot of revealing clues about what is foreseen amongst 1-18-08!!!! So for those of you who cares, I suggest you to head over to the T.I.D.O Wave website and check them out!!! You’ll be surprised about what you’ll find!!!!! Trust me!

  40. Robbie

    (ATTENTION EVERYONE!!!!) I found that EVEN ROBBIE HAWKINS HIMSELF, left a couple of comments!! I am not shitting anyone at all either! Check these comments out! EVEN THIS RANDY GUY AND POSSIBLY TEDDY TOO!!!! I saw an annoymous poster that gave away A WHOLE LOT OF GOOD INFO!!!!!!

  41. heat

    Do you realize that anyone can post under any name, and it doesn’t have to be legit?

  42. Robbie


    i dunno man….these comments seem to be sharply on the subject. They seem to be too relevant to me! The comments are apperantely secret themselves. It would take a person, such as I, to stumble amongst it all to figure out, that it is apart of the marketing. Just read some of it for yourself and maybe you’ll be on the same page as I.

  43. Icky

    The fact that a huge monster destroying NY is connected to a slushy drink called slusho!(IMO) is retarded… I’m trying to get into it but come on… It would be exactly the same if you replaced the product slusho w/ “Burrito!” or “ham bisquit!”, a snack product & a giant awesome monster should NOT have anything to do with each other, makes me look at this movie like its a joke, making fun of japanese people.
    Dont get me wrong, I study videos & look at this website several times a day, I will def see this movie, but I am 99% sure this movie will let me down.

    It doesnt help that I have no idea if jj would make a movie as retarded as I think this will be because Ive never seen lost or any of his stuff….

    Oh well

  44. Robbie

    Listen to this. When I tried to leave a comment, I got a message that said “Your comment is awaiting moderation”. I don’t know if that means anything, but I know one thing. All of the comments stop on Dec 6th!!!! Sounds too peculiar to me. Does’nt sound like regular comment posters at all, if you ask me…..

  45. Franky

    Icky: this is the mind of JJ have you been paying attention to tagruato or slusho or tido wave you should look at that before posting stupid comments like that

  46. Robbie

    I also must mention, that all of the recent comments were posted in the same day as the update of “THE DEATH OF THE BIOLOGIST”, which was posted on Dec 6th! Am I getting somewhere people? Not to mention, there are’nt even new comments that were posted for some of T.I.D.O Waves new updates! There were 0 comments for all of them!

  47. Robbie

    My bad. LOL the update of “The Death of Biologist” was posted on Nov 28th. But still, all of the comments stop on Dec 6th!!! THAT WAS LAST THURSDAY!!!!! Perfect logic, think about it! VIRAL MARKETING!!!

  48. Robbie


    But still, the comments stop on Dec 6th!!! No other comments were made after that day!!! And the stuff that Rob and POSSIBLY Teddy said, were VERY suspicious! Just read what they said man…..Look under the comments for “The death of Biologist”. You will see what I am talking about. I’m not playing at all. It does’nt seem like these are just average internet browsers. Even some of the posters names that appear, are links to random webpages!!!!! RANDOM WEBPAGES man!!!!! In other words, they are not real people!!! Some of the links even lead to the T.I.D.O Wave splash page!!!! Just go read some of those comments man, and then let me know whether I am Bull or not!

  49. D351

    Wow… that was an unrealistically b****y reaction… I’d never have written such a two-dimensional character. She doesn’t pause for even a second to consider that he might be telling the truth. That’s just plain bad writing. It’s going to be very difficult for anyone with more than two brain cells to be able to identify with her character.

  50. Lauren S

    I wonder just how scripted these web cam posts are. I mean, they must at least be told the gist of what to say, but some of it at least seems like more natural speech patterns? Maybe some of it’s being made up on-the-spot?

  51. Icky

    Franky,dont start a dipshit argument with me, I staited my opinion, talking about the obvious, I didnt make up anything, a monster movie circulating around a slushy drink is IN MY OPINION, a horrible plot. I HAVE been following all of the websites you mentioned, I’m left w/ the same impression. Including that in the movie about a monster, they have people exploding after drinking yummy slusho! happy drink…. jesus christ , I know it is speculation about the exploding part, but if slusho makes ppl explode, then I will stick w/ what I always say- Movies were way better in the 70’s-80’s. New movies are usualy horrible.

  52. Robbie

    (ATTENTION EVERYONE) This comment that was left on Tagruato, was POSSIBLY left by TEDDY!!! PLEASE READ;

    Hey guys, i just wanted to also express my extreme gratitude for whoever is making a concious effort in the destruction of Tagruato corporation. To be honest, in my personal opinion, something is happening, and it isnt right. I have had some personal contact with an associate of one of Tagruato?s sister corporations, i.e, Slusho!(my contact will remain nameless until the time is right for me to fully disclose all information that i have attained), and i can tell you right now, that whatever Tagruato is doing with their deep-sea drilling experiments, it is NOT just for scientific progression. They have found something. Something that nobody wants people to ever know about, and something that if people were to find out about it, they most definitely would NOT be happy. In Slusho?s efforts to find and secure as much of their deep-sea ingredient as they possibly can, they have helped tagruato uncover something horrible. So horrible that it could have an impact on the entire planet. My contact over at Slusho! will be identified soon, and once he is, i will give him the oppurtunity to come forward with all his information personally, so that you can all hear from the horses mouth(so to speak) what it is that we should all be terrified of finding out. I already know what it is that we have to fear, and i promise you, that once you all have found out, you will feel the same way that we all do here at T.I.D.O . So everyone be patient, and please, just keep a close eye on Tagruato, and their new drilling station, code named Chuai. If i am right, we all had better find religion soon, because if there is a god up there, most of us will be meeting him in the very near future if something isn?t done about Tagruato the Tyrant.

    Thank you all for listening,

    (my real name will remain anonymous for the duration, out of fear for my life and the lives of the people i love.)

    however, you can reach me at if anyone has any new information that they would like to share with me so that i can help spread the word and we can get the ball rolling in trying to stop this corporation before something terrible happens.

  53. Franky

    Icky im also stating my opinion , dude they are trying to make somthing happy to go horrible wrong like for instance jurassic park , john hammond wanted to make a theme park of dinos so ppl from all around the world enjoy but as you know somthing went wrong and I Am Legend is a new movie and it looks tight

  54. Orange

    Did you mention the word “Horse” and this secret person works at Slusho?

    If I remember right, isn’t there a Horse character at

    I think there is some connection here.

  55. Lauren S

    … I’m pretty sure I saw the same exact post on T.I.D.O. wave from some time ago. Robbie, is there some reason you’re trying to encourage people to go on a wild goose chase?

    It’s been pretty much confirmed on other sites that Slusho has little or nothing to do with the movie, but that’s still not going to stop speculation. And it does’nt hurt anyone to let imaginations run wild.

  56. Orange

    uh…doesn’t slusho have ALOT to do with Cloverfield?

    am I missing something here…wasn’t that site proved to 100% authentic?

  57. Robbie

    Lauren S.

    Don’t shit on me for trying to help people find clues. That is what this whole viral marketing is all about. I found stuff that basically smacks you in the face, so it is worth looking at. I am just trying to have fun by sharing clues with everyone.

  58. Lauren S

    Ah, never mind, you said you got it from T.I.D.O. Wave. I still don’t know if we should consider this as being sent by Teddy. I mean, first of all, Teddy IS a part of T.I.D.O Wave and quite possibly the person doing damage the corporation himself. So why would he write a letter praising himself? And I find it very bizarre that he would give his email address, because if you were suspected of crimes a company could sue/subpoena your email provider for your information. And finally… That post is absolutely littered with spelling and grammatical errors; as perspcriptist as this is going to sound, I cringe to think of the vigilante that can’t write out a proper letter.

  59. Lauren S

    Robbie: Trust me, if I were trying to shit on you, you would know it. Chill dude. Just because I’m skeptical doesn’t mean you need to start cursing at me, and if you continue to treat me with disregard I will treat you the same.

    Franky: indicates otherwise. Now, whether it’s true or not is difficult to say, because it’s not like this person is divulging sources, and there are plenty of people who think otherwise (and let’s face it, Slusho *has* been a big part of the ad campaign) so it’s within the realm of possibility…. But whether or not it’s true…. probably not going to find out till we actually see the film.

  60. Robbie

    Lauren S.

    That is probably what they want you to think. From what I have seen so far, this viral marketing is pretty realistic! So, these people are acting like it is everyday life. I mean, for goodness sakes, the main characters of the movie even have their own myspace pages!!! Just read what I quoted from what might be Teddy, again. Read it carefully, because there are a WHOLE mess of clues that are within the message!!! Seriously, read it.

  61. Lauren S

    Franky: Yeah, we know that T.I.D.O. Wave is a group of people, but if he’s a part of this group like we assume he is, it doesn’t make sense that he would raise more attention to the effort (anyone can access that site and see that post, including Tagruato officials) while it’s ongoing–that kind of exposure could put them all in danger.

    The post was made 12/02/07–so Teddy may is already in Tagruato’s custody/dead by now since his tape indicated he was on the verge of being discovered/captured.

  62. Lauren S

    There is the suggestion that it is a part of another project altogether—and then, there’s also the fact that it’s just plain good for advertising. Which is what it’s made people do, right or wrong. 🙂

  63. Lauren S

    Robbie: I have read it. And while those things could be “clues” they could also just be really broad generalizations made by someone who’s been following the campaign. Typically, when we’ve been given clues, they’ve been given in more official ways than that. If you’re deeply convinced, have someone email the address and see what–if anything–happens.

  64. Franky

    you know what thats true cause jaime got the present like what a month ago and yesterday she heard the recording and why would they make another project that ties into this movie

  65. Robbie

    Lauren S:

    I’m just saying though. All of the recent comments that were left on T.I.D.O Wave, were posted on Dec 6th. I’m not trying to be mean, but don’t you think that it seems to be a little suspicious? Dec 6 was last Thursday. And on the top of that, there are’nt any new comments that have been left, as of for the recent updates. There were absolutely NONE posted! And you know as well as I, that people post comments every hour of the day! Now, think about that.

  66. Robbie

    Franky/Lauren S:

    Here is something that you both should really think about. If you have understood the message that I quoted from suspected TEDDY, you should notice that he kept his name a secret!!!!

    Now think about this. If he works for Tagruato and he sent that comment to T.I.D.O Wave, then he is apperantly secretly rebeling Tagruato!!!! That is why he said that he has an allience with a Slusho! employee!!!! He also mentioned that he is holding secrets for the sake of “HIM AND HIS LOVED ONES”……(JAMIE)!!!!!!! Come on now!!!!! You two could’nt see that???!!!!

  67. Robbie

    Plus, there’s the fact that all of the comment posters @ T.I.D.O, speak too much out of a movie dialogue fashion. They are too discriptive and detailed amongst their speech. just check it out here I mean, some of it is even too cheesy for an average person!

  68. Robbie

    Just plain and simple. All of the comments on T.I.D.O are part of the Viral Marketing. Its all shrouded in secrecy and I clearly see the truth, after figuring it out. I’m just trying to spread the word

  69. Master Roshi

    Think about it guys, didnt Jamie have a bladder infection a while back. Maybe she has somehow drank slusho before and is allready inpreagnated with eggs or whatever. She definatly acted like she was preagnate and sort of looked like it too. She could have drank that stuff because her judgment is inpaired due to whats inside her.Just 2 cents worth.

  70. Lauren S

    Robbie: I know of at least one person who’s left comments on T.I.D.O Wave’s page since then; they simply haven’t been confirmed yet. Why that would be, I don’t know, but I don’t see how that has anything to do with that particular comment.

  71. Robbie


    You saw that new Jamie and Teddy video right? The stuff that Teddy said on the tape recorder was VERY closely related to what I’d quote that he might have said! Plus, that comment was posted on the 2nd and Jamie opened her gift, from Teddy on the 9th! So, that alone tells you that there is no way that someone could’ve possibly foreseen the even happening! Now, you have to agree with me on that. See, that just prooves that some of “Cloverfield’s” cast members are role-playing in the T.I.D.O Wave comments!!!

  72. extremeit

    Ok, so I have figured the movie out.


    The Sea Nectar is the secret ingredient for Slusho! We know that already, hence the evidence is the sea nectar that needs to be frozen on Dec 9th because he does need to allow it to become a bit of what is wrong with the nectar and why it’s so dangerous. Bringing us to point B…..drum roll please.

    I was reading a comment on this site that said at Comic Con, JJ said the most important thing in the teaser was “It’s Alive.” This is interesting because Comic Con was before the actual trailer debuted, so when Rob and friends were hiding in the convenient store, and someone says, “It’s Alive,” it caused me to suddenly realize. The monster hashad a name from the beginning and we didn’t even see it right in front of our faces and it is….


    The frozen drink with sea nectar in it, that be all know so well to be Slusho!, is the only think a part of this movie that could come alive and be a monster, not be complete retarded. I’m sure JJ will explain it in a rather JJ way, and we’ll all just nod in happiness that we actual get to watch this movie that has haunted our lives since transformers.

    So there you have it. The End.

  73. Lauren S

    What do you mean, someone couldn’t have guessed it? It’s not like we haven’t had clues concerning seabed nectar and T.I.D.O Wave and the drilling stuff for long enough that someone couldn’t have. Someone just got a lucky guess. I stand by the fact that by the time that post was made Teddy is either in captivity or, more likely, dead.

  74. Franky

    Robbie: well i guess its teddy but what still puzzles me is that ok TEDDY posted on 12/02/07 when he sent the present to jamie like a month ago, well how is he going to put that comment if he has been captured see it dosent fit how can he say somthing before it happend

  75. Zach

    Robbie- I will proceed in calling you Obby because Dane Cook is better than us all.

    Obby- Anyone can post on that site, calm down. I don’t need to read ATTENTION PLEASE READ for worthless information.

    Lauren- Way to tell Obby off over there. There’s no need for him to start cursing and throw a fit.

    extremeit- I’m glad to see you have figured out the movie, there is obviously no more reason for me to go. However your “It’s Alive” point is very good. Seriously, if some huge unknown creature comes up from the ocean, who says it’s alive??? Multiple times??? I might curse or scream or run, but why would you say it’s alive??? Of course it’s alive!!! Unless it’s something you wouldn’t expect to be.

  76. monkeewrench

    hey.. maybe teddy’s contact at slusho is none other than our main dude rob. he very well may be an american working for slusho, no?
    if that is the case we can see why rob seems so underwhelmed by the action in the teaser, it isn’t a shock. just a thought….


  77. dk

    When might you scream “It’s Alive!” ???

    If say the initial attack has already happened and the Army shot seven shades of sh*t out of the beast, leaving it quivering in a lifeless heap in the middle of Central Park … ahh – relief! It’s dead! Phew – now we can get back to Robs going away party. THEN IT GETS UP!!!

    Arrrgghh!!! It’s not dead after all –
    “I saw it… IT’S ALIVE!!!!”

    It then proceeds to eat all the prominent distinctive American landmarks it can find and also chases down that narrow minded cow Jamie for not believing her gutsy loyal boyfriend who was actually trying to do something about it and WARN everyone, but NO…(boy is she gonna feel like a twat come Jan 18!)

    …um anyway, there you go.


  78. marythelion

    DK – OMG someone GETS IT! LMFAO!!!

    People are overhyped about this! ENJOY the story line! I beleive this Slusho and Tagruato shit is just a precursor, a prelude, a BUILD up for the movie, and their actual roles in the movie won’t be a bit deal, perhaps lightly mentioned, or discussed as the whole thing is shot FP. There won’t be any shots of board rooms with Japanese guys saying “We build monster..ooh!”

    People, relax! Enjoy the information! If you bank on it playing a crucial role in the movie? I think you may be setting yourself up for down fall.

    Since before I found this site, and had read that Slusho is connected, I went to the site. Played with the “making my own flavor thing” My kids laughed, loved the flavor bots..and what most likely will happen is Tagruato finds when they mix all the flavors, “seabed nectar, or what ever” all together, they’ve created an oops.

    Go back to your lives citizens, nothing to see here!

  79. Robbie


    Thanks, it seems that ONLY you and I are on the same page. As for your questions: Think about it, the stuff that Teddy said in the comment were kind of updated compared to what he said in the recording that he sent to Jamie, which you and I know, was a couple of months back. BUT, he never confirmed that he was discovered by anyone. Plus, in the comment, he said that he KNOWS what Tagruato is dealing with! In video #5, he said that he THINKS that they either found something or is working on something. Now he KNOWS what they are doing. Plus, since it was posted a couple days before the gift had been opened and the video had been uploaded online, it means that there is no possible way that a random internet browser could just make up something that is totally relevant to what Teddy had said to Jamie. Are we completely seeing eye to eye now?

  80. Robbie


    stop being a loser. Making up childish names like that.

    The name is ROBBIE. R-O-B-B-I-E! Stop taking sides too. You can’t be in on stuff, unless you have been reading what we’ve been saying.

    So……BUT OUT!!!!

    (I’m not mean people, really) :-}

    I just don’t let people walk all over me. Can you blame me?

  81. Robbie


    BTW, when I say undiscovered, I mean that Tagruato has’nt caught on to his undercover rebelion. Plus, on the tape, he told Jamie not to call the cops, because it would mess everything up.

  82. Robbie

    Also, everyone should think about the fact that a website that is supposed to help promote a movie is gonna be mostly made of marketing content. In other words, you gotta expect some of the comments to be clues, since the website itself is a resource for the movie. I take it back, all of the comments might not be apart of the movie, but you have to expect that some of them will be highlights!

  83. Franky

    Robbie: yea thats true unless somebody thats working with the movie decided to leave clues on Tido Wave but Im not so sure about on Tagurato

  84. marythelion

    What about the whole, “never see me again, never talk again…” Sounds like a suicide mission! He sounded like he was undercover, thats for sure.

  85. Robbie


    I pronounce it a little differently. TAWG-ROAH-AT-OH. That is how I say it. LOL Although I have been saying Slusho the wrong way, until they came up with the commercial. I’ve been calling it SLOO-SHO

  86. Chris

    Wow, I have never followed a viral campaign before and never knew the level of intensity it can generate. It has been a blast to follow this. I have to agree w/ a couple of the comments though. Abrams and crew created a 90 minute movie about a rampaging monster. All information discovered up to date is no likely going to be in the movie (since it is told from the point of view of a handheld camera). But it has provided a fantastic backstory for anyone who is interested enough to follow it.

  87. Zach


    I’m sorry I haven’t been on here yet, I have more important stuff to do than be on the unchanged Cloverfield website all day long. Anyways, I am allowed to take any side I want. If you want to post the same thing over and over again as ATTENTION EVERYONE LOOK HERE NOW then I will do what I wish. And I hardly think that it is “taking sides” anyways, Lauren shared her opinion just as you did. There’s no reason to lash out at her. It’s okay, though, I understand times can be hard…. you should just go upstairs and have your mom make you some dinner, it will do wonders for your attitude.

    I’m Ron Burgundy???

  88. Robbie

    Ok…..I did not crap on her at all, I was just defending myself. If you really want to come down to it.

    I see that you are really a fag, beyond an ass hole! I’m a nice dude, that respects and is fair to everyone, but you are shit from the lowest plains. That just prooves that I am a better person than you are. I am better because I treat other people the way that I expect out of them. I do good things, and I am nice to all. You are 2 day old shit, that gets a kick out of hurting people, and you probably do BAD things to KEEP you busy! RAT BurGAYdy!

  89. Animal

    Lauren S. – You made a connection that I overlooked, and I applaud you. The fact that Teddy was probably in league with the Whistle Blower? A great theory, and it has to be true.

    Cloverfield fans everywhere, I think we’re finally closing up this mystery

  90. Robbie

    I am a good guy, and you are a TERRIBLE person, here to try and offend people. If you ask me, you are just a waste of FLESH! Plus, if you have better things to do, why are you here wasting time by disrespecting people? Loser

    So, I am done with you. Keep the crap flying out of your mouth, and will just leave it at that and act as if you are’nt here.

    Have terrible days in your future!

  91. Robbie


    it had to stop, because reponses seem to be coming through pretty slowly on my computer.

    (Owner of Cloverfield Clues)If you read this:

    I apologize for being so negative on your website. I really hate being disrepected, but even if I keep receiving darts from negative people, I will disregard them for now on. I will ignore false comments and reply only to one’s that on subject.

    I hope that you don’t percieve me as an offensive person.

    Thanks for bringing us awsome updates, so far!

  92. admin

    Robbie and Zach: This is not the place to argue about personal issues, go somewhere else. If it keeps up I will delete your comments. And Robbie this isnt Cloverfield Clues…

  93. Zach

    I have no problems with anyone, but I won’t just sit by and watch people be disrespectful to others. But he apologized and that’s good enough for me. I apologize as well for any wrongdoings that I did and hope to solve this mystery with you all in the future.

    I hope you didn’t take me calling you Obby as a bad thing. If you’ve heard Dane Cook you would understand.

    P.S. I only read Cloverfield News 🙂

  94. Teso

    Has somebody seen the comments in the EFFECT PAge( There are some very interesting.For example:

    The Chuai Station hides a dark secret. Good people have gone missing. Expect a further communication in the near future.

    11/30/07 2:10 PM

    11° 19? 0? N, 142° 15? 0 – All you gotta do is look for the ooze. Tagruato is using this ooze in Slusho! It is a disgusting mixture of ocean waste. MY GOD PEOPLE, THEY ARE FEEDING YOU GARBAGE AND YOU PAY FOR IT!

    12/5/07 4:05 PM

    Anonymous said…
    I had a job with them and I know they avoid the proper channels, in fact they corrupt them!!

    On with the cause let’s keep our world safe and out of the grip of Tagruato!!

    11/25/07 10:23 AM

    Anonymous said…
    You can’t drink up all 7 of our Oceans you corporate slush!

    11/25/07 10:28 AM
    And Finally:
    The Whistle Blower said…
    As promised, further communications…


    So we’ve drafted a supplement to your agreement…it broadly defines and expands in more detail what is “confidential.” Nobody will be able to say, “Well, I didn’t know that was a secret…” We’re very serious about protecting our interests. We’d like you to sign it.

    And if I don’t?

    If we “arrive” at the conclusion you’re acting in bad faith? We would terminate, right now, payouts under your severance package. You and your family’s medical benefits. And initiate litigation against you, Mr. Ichigawa.

    Dr. Ichigawa.

    Dr. Ichigawa…after you’ve examined the document, you will see it is in your own best interest and you’ll sign it.

    So, what you are saying is: it isn’t enough that you fired me. For no good reason! Now you question my integrity? On top of the humiliation of being fired? You threaten me?! You threaten my family?! It never crossed my mind not to honor my agreement. But I will tell you, Mr. Yoshida, and Tagruato, too… Screw me? Well, screw you!!


    I’m not sure he got the message…

    Oh, I think he did.


    More soon…


    12/8/07 4:02 AM

  95. Teso

    More proof:
    Inconsistency between night in movie and daylight in helicopter.
    “Lil and Rob are loaded into a different hellicopter than Beth”
    In the trailer you can actually see Beth in the helicopter.

  96. Lauren S

    To Teso: I haven’t read this alleged review, but it sounds like if they’re consistently getting the character’s name wrong then either 1)you’re right and it is a fake or 2) they just have the names wrong.

  97. Lostfan

    Relax people. Remember none of this is actually REAL!! Tagruato, TIDO, Slusho-these are only real in the mind of JJ Abrams. Yes, I am totally caught up in the viral marketing too. Just take a deep breath and remember that everyone has an opinion as to what will happen in the film. I think tht Jamie is going to die a slow and nasty death myself-unless she gets over her temper tantrum and listens to the rest of Teddy’s tape. Jamie’s only interest at this point is “What can Jamie get.” She is a shallow bimbo headed nit- wit and most of those characters in horror films create huge problems and then die early. I think thats what will happen.

  98. Robbie

    THANK YOU!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! Teso!!!!!! Im not a geek or anything, but if you are a girl, and if I ever meet you in person in life, I’d owe you a big kiss!!!!! If you are a guy, I’d hug ya!!! LOL FINALLY, atleast someone ventured off into Tagruato and found out that I was right!!!!!

    PREACH TESO!!!!!! PREACH!!!!!!!

    Oh, Teso I hope you don’t think I am wierd or anything, but I really appreciate the props! How did you find this out by the way?

  99. Robbie


    you and I are thinking the same exact thing!!! I saw those preview images myself and it convenced me that the movie will be better than I have been thinking. I kind of dis-like the idea of the movie being shot entirely with a handheld camera. Those pictures just proove that there will be a mixture of handheld and traditional camera shots. Lets just hope that it is more traditional than handheld.


    Yeah, we might be going a bit over board, but its all fun and games man! Comeon… a little bit. Life would be kind of boring without letting imaginations go wild! Just have some fun with it, brother. :-}

  100. admin

    monkeewrench & Robbie: Those images are Production/Promo stills, meaning they are usually from a guy on set with a camera taking still shots of production. So the pictures he gets are obviously not ‘from’ the movie, but rather ‘of’ the movie.

  101. monkeewrench

    I understand that… but there seems to be a lot of effort put into production quality of those stills… there seems to be more emphasis on lighting and angle on that shot. to make sure the lcd on the vidcam is visible… if I was running that i’d flip it over and watch myself… that way whoever saw it would be sure to “see” it. the other pic with them holding the door back to show that in the film would be a production impossibity, especially inasmuch as “I’m running the camera so I won’t try to help keep the disease spreading monster out of the room” I have to call shenanigns if that will be the case.


  102. admin

    Teso: they are old pictures from the set. You can find a ton of them throughout the site on past posts.

  103. marz

    i felt for a while now that slusho and the other companies were actualy evil.they seemed to be hinding something by going over the top with how wounderful their product is.the question i want to know is,if they have been drilling since the first of the 14 stations went up..exactly ‘WHAT’ are they extracting from the others? could there be other beings they are taping into.and if they had been working on this recent one..what made IT wake up when it did?…last but not least how ‘real time’ is all of this..the jamie videos..if the movie is an ‘after the fact’ movie then…?? i know it comes out 1 18 08 but..did all that happen on that date too??

  104. South Texas Terror

    First time poster but definetly not new to the scene. Those reviews and interviews sound totally fake. They never mention if the creature comes from the ocean, even though we already assume that. One interview stated there would be an arial view of the monster. Thats pretty hard from a hand-held camcorder. Also, does anyone else notice the puncture on the SOL’s back under the 3 claw marks? I didnt know the monster’s weapon of choice was a shank.

  105. admin

    South Texas Terror: Regarding the coming from the ocean… if its all shot first person, and our camera man doesn’t live near the water to actually see it come out, we aren’t going to see it come out of the water… and as far as the aerial shots of the monster, the group gets into a helicopter in the trailer.

  106. deBish

    Any guesses as to how long, in movie time, the movie covers? How long does it take for the monster to come in, start breaking stuff, take out a few battalions, and get pushed back etc… the movie itself is 1 1/3 hours long, but I’d guess that it only covers a 24hr period of time.

  107. South Texas Terror

    Admin: Wouldn’t you say Ted and maybe Rob are ahead of the curve as far as knowing about the monster? Jamie already has “the nectar”. One of them might tell HUD(the camera). And about the aerial view, in the second trailer the helicopter hasn’t cleared all the buildings and the monster is supposed to be sky-scrapper size. And HUD can barely see the monster stounding on the ground but in helicopter he’s gonna get an aerial view?

  108. admin

    South Texas Terror: I don’t think Teddy or Rob know of a “monster”, Teddy knows of some shady stuff going down at Tagruato, but thats it. Rob is going to japan to work for them (or a subsidary) he won’t have any knowledge of a monster.

    I don’t quite understand what you’re trying to say about the helicopter. I never said that the monster itself takes it out, could easily have been something thrown at it… and yes, if HUD can’t see the monster from street level, it’s because HUD is only in one place, the monster is running around through buildings, he can’t see through buildings. And a helicopter would give him a much better view of the monster… but as far as the helicopter not being above the buildings, maybe it was before that shot… before it got knocked down…. we only saw it’s tailspin down, not its rise up after take off…


    Jamie: oh,lets see whats in the box!(opens box)OMG!! ITS JUSTIN BIEBER AHHHHHH!!!!!!!! MY EARS ARE BLEEDING!! Justin Bieber: baby,baby,baby OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. FAWKES101



    no, let me rephrase my last comment: Jamie: oh, lets see whats in the box! (opens box) Jaime: is that a head? (few seconds later) Jaime: well, i guess its nothing (few MORE seconds later) (Justin Bieber pops out) Justin Bieber: BABY!, BABY!, OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jaime: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! IM TURNING INTO A FUCKING MONSTER BECAUSE OF THIS FAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. the end.

  112. FAWKES_101

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM FALLING OUT OF MY CHAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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