The folks over at MovieWeb got an exclusive of the TV spot for Cloverfield. Looks to be a little different than the youtube version that is in a previous post, plus this one is a lot more clear, check it out.

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  1. deBish

    Certainly different from the last TV spot.. the only new things that I spotted was a longer clip of the bridge being shaken apart and the fact that the jets do a flyover of our characters after they bomb their target.
    .. two quick ‘relationship’ clips “Stay here” & “I’m coming with you” & “I’m going after her…if you want to stop me, you’re going to have to shoot me”

    Gods, but I hope that this doesn’t turn into a love movie like Titanic did. Titanic showed huge promise and turned into some mushy piece instead of a disaster flick!!

    J.J. Abrams! If you read this… leave that stuff on the cutting room floor!! You want a monster flick…make a monster flick and NOT a chick-flick with some CGI thrown in for good measure!!

  2. Danny

    I know someone told me that has nothing to do with this but if you go there is two more makers that have shown up stating communication recieved on 12-10 and 12-13. Everytime something new shows up on cloverfield a new maker shows up there. So what is up with that.

  3. Danny

    it also has on there now at the top you can chain me you can torture me I can’t make out the second line starts you can — destroy this —. third line but you will never imprison my mind.

  4. LokiDucks

    it’s easier to hear that he says “I saw it. It’s alive. It’s huge.”

    got to be the same lines from the other trailer, but spliced closer together and said faster.

  5. Danny

    I made it out what it say at the top of the web page.
    “you can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind”
    I guess with the next commuication we will get the next line.

  6. ZD

    I am excited to see how they end up on a roof of a building as jets fly buy?… Also if you head over to Ain’t it there is a review: – apparently this guy has seen the film – the review reads a little like this guy is an idiot, but if what he says is true I cannot wait to see how much destruction there is. (warning this guy is a little lude)

  7. Danny

    in my earlier post I said the dates were 12-10 and 12-13 but the 13 is actually an 18. and the post on have been the 5th the 10th and the 18th. So how are these not connected.

  8. deBish

    ZD – if you believe anything from that ‘review’, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn that’s on sale.

    OMG – what a waste of five minutes reading that! Don’t know what “Ain’t it cool” was thinking about when they posted it.

  9. wierd

    Well I read that review ZD and it does look pretty genuine but i doubt its real. No way would they let someone give away parts of the movie after everything thats been done to keep us in the dark.

  10. Barnasaurus

    I mentioned this before but there is a review over at EbaumsWorld that seems like the real thing. If the movie does end up like they state in that review it will be a great movie, if not it was still a really cool read. I don’t have the link, just Google “Ebaumsworld Cloverfield review”. Everything in that review fits with what I have seen or read to date.

  11. James

    Rageofthe gods has never, is not currently, or ever will be related to cloverfield, in any way shape or form, regardless of when updates come out for that website compared to when we receive updates for cloverfield.

    End of discussion, stop bringing it up, the rageofthegods website has NOTHING to do with cloverfield, AT. ALL.

  12. James

    And the ebaumsworld ‘review’ is not accurate at all. This guy got a test screening, remembered every piece of dialogue so well that he seemed to forget the line “we’ve got a bite, we’ve got a bite”?

    Wrong, he was just full of crap, that review is not accurate at all.

  13. admin

    Danny: as james said, rageofthegods is not connected, and that one date is either a 13 or a 15, but not an 18 as you think it is. Sorry to disappoint.

  14. Barnasaurus

    James….the review had me fooled compared to others I have read. Full of crap…probably…but it was still interesting. It did follow along with what has been put out there so far but I guess with a good imagination anybody can put together a good story like that with what we all know by now and make it sound believable.

  15. ryan

    The review at aint it cool would be a great movie. But why did they leave monster description out. Again as I’ve stated before I hope tbis monster isn’t a steroid freak thing but something wild and cool I’m thinkin we haven’t seen all this movies potential since its still having effects done. Hopefully it will be a great movie

  16. marythelion

    That SOL looks like frickin Joan Rivers!!!! STOP MESSIN WITH THE STUPD STATUE! Her face is different in all three…four clips I’ve seen!

  17. Lion-o

    The monster is huge and walks on at least two legs. Examing the slow mo of the monster inbetween the buildings it looks like its hips and legs are moving across. Meaning the monster most likley walks hunched over similar to a monkey or something of that nature. It might resamble something with a human form. That being said knowing jj abrams and his reputation it is possible that this monster may have mutated. The interesting thing that no one is asking jj abrams is is it a creature, a mutation, or anything of that aspect. Alot of people are speculating chtulu, and various amphibious creatures. But in reality what if it is a man mad mutation after all he might be going classic and the monster be a human form. Just a possibility.

  18. marythelion

    And ya I see it advertised on tv? I kinda wonder how cheesy it wll be. The magic is gone!!! With the background music? Meh. Its just not the same movie we’ve disected over the course of 6 months. Now its “tainted” for tv. I’ll still go and see it? Good thing I don’t want too much tv.

  19. z3ro

    maryThelion….. get a life lol its just a commercial. u sound like those uptight bastards who get butt hurt when a band makes it into mainstream, relax its a movie.

  20. South Texas Terror

    One of the past reviews said the monster looked like a humanoid so I dont think it will be anything close.

  21. theace69

    Admin and Loki ducks in the 5 min cli[ we saw we dont see director Matt reeves say ” i saw its alive its huge” or was i blind and i missed it?? seems like they show it sometimes but not all the times

  22. marythelion

    wow z3ro, ouch. I’m just voicing that the tv ad is FAR different from the movie trailers, its much flashier, the dramatic music…

    Moreso, I don’t understand the need for the insults.
    🙁 I don’t recall every insulting anyone on the boards.

  23. ZD

    Ya I agree – I thought it was suspect – but the idea of the scale of destruction is pretty neat – but I guess any monster ripping through any city would be pretty devastating.

  24. barnasaurus

    Come on Marythekitty (just kidding)….That TV spot video gave nothing new away at all, and sucked no life out of this internet fenzy except showing a few of the “Slusho 7”, as I’ve read them referred to, being on top a building as the jets bombed the middle of the city and were flying by them. It the same ole same ole so far. Things should start lighting up the internet with 4 weeks to go now. There should be a few more Dumbazz and Teddy vidoes still to come, more info on the Tidowave site, more on the cause and effect and some latest bullsh*t news on the Tagruato corporation. We’ve all taken the bait now for a long time. We’ll find out more after each of these last 4 weekends passes. Nothing has lost it’s luster in my mind about this movie. After countless hours at work searching for the latest clues I’m not going to let the anticipation die down the least bit. I’m looking foward to this movie more then a two part remake of Clash of the Titans……which is still in rumorville.

  25. TK

    The movie looks crystal clear and has great shots, not what you expect from a camcorder which is fine!

  26. ZD

    I agree barnasaurus, I think we should see some new stuff in th next 4 weeks. However, I hope they do not just roll out TV spots etc. – give those who have been following from the beginning something exciting… I think is due for a new photo. haha.

  27. marythelion

    I know, I’m still excited to see it. In the tv trailer, it looks more “film” than the handicam perspective. And because we’ve seen a TON of different shots of the “same thing” I’m just wondering what exactly we will see in the flick. Granted they want the at home audience enticed, who really know nothing about the viral marketing thing, to be drawn in too.

    And I agree. If they’ve gone this far with the whole marketing thing, Tagruato, Slusho, the activists, and don’t update because 1 it has nothing to do with this, or 2 they don’t want any leaks or figuring out stuff, what a let down ya know? This has been alot of fun. Like ZD said, hasn’t has shit paid attention to it. THAT was a very coole concept! FLUSHED! Hasn’t been touched in a long time!

  28. ryan

    Don’t want a humanoid to cliched not a rwal monster somekind of mutated animal yes a human no. But if it is it could be ganus mother

  29. marythelion

    The above said, and I think Barnasaurus you mentioned this earlier in another post, this is a “monster movie”. I too want destruction, chaos, I wanna SEE this fuckin thing! I just hope they don’t stop the online updating, and storyline because the movie is so close. Ever see the new Gamera stuff? THATS COOLE!

    z3ro – don’t be so mean. Its almost christmas ya know! I’ll send you slusho!!!!!!

  30. ryan

    And again I’ve stated earlier in another spot on this sight find the wallpaper of the buildings closeup from the poster. The size of the whole between buildings is enormous and doesn’t seen human like. Also their are many human and moster type faces in the smoke if u look carefully ally just of center right is a strange mushroom type sphere of some sort attached to something with weird pink and black sphers attached maybe somethinng or nothin but their are at least 7 to 8 semi recognizable faces human or other wise. If u find focus on between and around cnter buildings and zoom in with photo shop their is a surprise face in the dead center between the byildings and just off right middle of the one behind it also water and smoke appear to have something though can’t make oout. And in a few spots u can sort of make out the tido wave creatures all lumped together . Good luck searchin if u can find this shot. Again may just be drawn this way but some are way noticeable as something. The bottom of this wallpaper reads 1 18 08. Good hunting. I belive monster and face are in here. To some extent

  31. ryan

    Thanx mary been readin all the sites posts for a while thought it was time to chime in. Find that wallpaper some verystrange stuff on it throw it in photo shop or whatever magnify to 200 x and u will see distint human and monster type faces I promise and that strange head attached to what ver in the center. And if ud like ill take it one step further what I think this movie is really about and relate it to another monster movie from our past I’d give all link to pic but I’m using my sidekick and I can’t remember where I found this wallpaper

  32. ryan

    How silly sorry guess the site I found it at is its the cloverfield pic of just the buildings to right of poster. Please load and sneek a peek also if u want email me at and ill discuss what I’ve found in this poster two faces actually appear twice. Sorry to triple post but thought ud all enjoy diggin a little deeper. At bottom of pic it says 01 18 08 enjoy

  33. Jiggydog

    So did anyone notice in the new first like 5 mins of the movie that the cig prices in the convenient store are really low! In no way are those new york prices. Maybe something is up with that…

  34. z3ro

    I dont like the mutated animal idea, remember the 1998 godzilla? mutated lizard turned out horrible. he was hunched over like a T-rex had no personallity. I would like a humanoid like giant alien creature. that would look better coz if u look at the old godzilla hes more humanoid than an animal. the animal thing doesnt work r.i.p 1998 godizlla.

  35. Barnasaurus

    There still has to be something more than the trialers showing on TV. I’m still believing there will be some sort of documentary about the whole thing….the Tagruato Corporation or somehting of that nature. There are still literally millions of people who have no idea what Cloverfield is and I know that won’t sit well with Abrams and Co. Everyone I ask….”Oooo have you seen perviews or heard about that Cloverfield movie?” All i get is blank stares. What else would be neat would be some Tagruato or Slusho commercials…….could you imagine seeing a Slusho commercial? They have to bring more to light to the general public then what has already been given.

  36. marythelion

    DAMNIT! I went to bed too early! Posters come out of the wood work! BAH! Looks like I’m off to Slusho!

  37. ryan

    hey all has anyone found that poster i said just watched tv trailer looks real good mary let me know if u found that poster and all the faces on it.

  38. Monstrous

    Shock Till You Drop has posted another one. Theirs shows a newly remastered boat explosion in the center of the city.

  39. ryan

    Thanx admin ur right but its a wallpaper blow up of just the buildings to the right of statue I’m sorry I may have misstaed what its was but check that website out its their its on my comp also a strange question for everyone. Does anyone feel as though looking at many different trailers and 3 tv ones and that this has some great effects and what not, in addition to tv ads startin now and websites being manned by paid personnel to update that the budget is slightly bigger than 30 million just a thought I liked the newest tv trailer for a hand held cam it looks nuts

  40. Lion-o

    The tag line is “something found us”. Wouldn’t that imply something is was looking for us.

  41. Brian Branco

    I think these stupid producers should have some kind of consideration of those directly affected by September 11, 2001. These movies just tear people like me a part, I can’t look at them, can’t look at the trailers.

    They should have a little consideration.

    Why don’t they go destroy Los Angeles and leave Manhattan alone.

  42. NY Joe

    Brian Branco…..

    Man, GET OVER IT….

    I live here too and this movie in NO WAY provokes any sort relation to 9/11 or things I experienced when it happened.

    It’s people like YOU that allow this fear from the past to continue to hold us captive.

    Hollywood has been destroying NY since the dawn of the movie era. It’s one of the largest and most interesting city’s in the world and therefor a great backdrop for a calamity.

    I suggest you get some therapy, you obviously need it.
    And I’m not ashamed to admit it worked wonders for me. Perhaps if I had never gone for those 2 years I’d be like your unfortunate self…Trapped by your emotions, unable to enjoy a simple movie.

  43. dazza

    in 1 of the clips a dude sais “i saw it man, i saw it. its a lion” now most people think he sais its alive but im sure he sais its a lion.

  44. admin

    dazza: it’s Alive, Matt Reeves said it himself, he’s the one that yelled that line in the trailer, and it is indeed ALIVE

  45. Luis

    WHATEVER!! I just hope this has nothing to do with the actual film,all this trailer is mising, is a song by Celine Dion….God I hated it..nothing to do against the original..

  46. matt

    ok…a thought…i had nowhere else to put it but I have been infected with the Cloverfield bug since it was not even named! I have a million ideas of what it could be but one kinda sticks out in my mind. Who here has ever seen the blob? not the original the remake, the blob was actually a biological weapon kept under wraps by the government. who on scene deny any connection of thought of it they just try to destroy it and are also in the scene of the crime in under 24 hours…where am I going, never ever never does any form of governmental help spring into action as fast as the army does in the trailers in a one night time zone they got all that stuff together, i say nay nay I think cloverfield is a biological weapon of mass destruction gone wrong which would also lead to the inspiration of godzilla considering it came from our own nuclear testing war creates monsters people thats the moral to this story!


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