So it looks like that event did take place (the one mentioned on the TIDOwave site) and something went wrong. Someone posted on the TIDOwave site yesterday with the following message.

I don?t know what to say. They told me to post here. I?ve never done this before.
Um?..things are not going as planned. There has been a problem with the ?event?. Please contact me if you have any information on Randy or the others. I?m the only one here right now. Backup desperately needed.

So something has gone wrong at the event and now it looks like Randy and some of the others have gone missing…. interesting.

And an update from the “The Whistle Blower” over at Tagruato. If you remember, people were getting hand written messages from him/her when they ordered Slusho products and now there is another message. This one was received in an e-mail from and contains the following note.

The memo itself appears to be nothing more than financial data for each of the drilling stations according to the folks over at the unfiction forums. The handwritten section reads as follows.

Americans, No oil here! They must have known before they built.

-The Whistle Blower

Very interesting stuff. Thanks to Cloverfield Clues for the image of the memo.