Update: As i figured, it’s fan art based on a character from Ultraman, it’s still kinda cool no less.

So this was posted in the comments here and over at the unfiction forum, and its pretty interesting/cool looking. Now I don’t currently have time to go through all the posts on unfiction to find the source, but either way it’s a cool image. So whether it’s fan art or official marketing, click the link below to check it out, it may be a spoiler it may be nothing… just warning you in case.

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  1. Carlos*

    It’s probably fan art.
    Now that we have the new trailer and the clip, an artist now has an idea of what the monster might look like.

  2. ryan

    monster crabby whale lice whale human type thing ganus mom and some deep sea animals maybe and theres a rumor that theres a huge surprise at end of movie hmm just keeps getting better agin resewarch whale falls and lice

  3. ryan

    ganus mom is a better bet dont htink monster was created overnits and if this pic which is eerily similiar to a model i saw three months ago its mixed some way deep undersea creature bottom dweller types check out anything on whale falls and what inhabits them then ull see i could be way wrong got a hunch i may be right. i will say this if i am jj spent alot of time researching this

  4. Jt

    i posted it yesterday in the slusho contest update post??

    it makes sense if u think about it. with all the evidence that we have from trailers i think this is what it will be.. dont think that is going to be the actual head though

  5. JDioneda

    i think its fan art. the monster in the preview had scales/skin, musle and no exosceleton, and the leg was tripple jointed.

  6. ryan

    I agree about head i think its gonna be more lobster crab or maybe giant isopod like which is a monster of deep if u count a 17 in inch armor plated bug. Im leaning toward this cause if u watch movement between building its seems bug like or crustacean like how the joints and leg appear to move. I bet were in for a combo monster that pic is way cool but i sense its kinda something outta godzilla type lore. Ill stick with isopd crustacean croosed with a whale and maybe a human. I bet the little guys r like sea lice or something similiar

  7. Icky

    Uhhmm.. the legs dont even look the same & I really doubt this thing is going to have a tail, not a tail like THAT anyway. Not paying this post any attention.

  8. TK

    I guess that we can add the Griffin, Chimera, and other mythical creatures to the official dustbin labelled ” Monsters that will make the movie dumb”…

  9. Weyland-Yutani

    It’s like John Carpenter’s the THING, just bigger and made from sea creatures if thats the direction it is heading in.

  10. TK

    This movie is not about Godzilla and cannot star him anyway. Godzilla’s too cheesy as it is.

  11. ryan

    The thing in the trailer doent look skinny it looks fat and plodding. Also watch the leg joint movement its like a shuffling motion I say isopod because they r real creepy llokin and live at bottomof ocean feedin off whales and dead animals so I figure this is one part of monster mutation with maybe a whale and god knows what else mixed in. Has anyone given thought that their may be more than one big monster. It does say multiple sightings. The pic is kinda gay but does show isopod type marking on shell and back of so called head. I also saw a pic of an isopd that was said to be part of fx teams models. I hae a feelin were allin for surprise but the leg movemebt suggest part isopod mixed with something else nasty. Have heard some people have said that monster also looked somewhat lobster like and from clip it appears to have a curved shelled back. I’ve seen enuff monster movies trust me to say those legs look to be shuffling not steppin waht do u think look at that again

  12. MarytheLion

    Ryan I completely agree with you about the shuffling..

    I always thought they looked like they we’re almost hovering. You don’t see its feet connecting, at least I don’t, to the ground. I wonder what its gonna be.

    Gamera rocks…but again, this is all new right? lets hope it delivers 😀

  13. JJistheman

    Saw a bunch of tv spots on Comedy central and one showed the contamination room and a nurse yelling “BITE! WE GOT A BITE!” as if referring to a patient.. I believe the little monsters came with the big one. nothing i saw had anything to do with slusho (I figure it was just for ARG purposes)

  14. theace69

    I feel like I need to step in.



    This is the only video of the beastie I could find online.

    It’s Bugbuzen’s evolved form, Bugbuzen Blade (or “Blude” as spelled here. Wacky Japanese). Note the only differences are the blade arms and extra spikes, but that pic at the start of the convo is just fanart of Bugbuzen’s original form.

    thats what someone posted

  15. Nick

    Has anyone noticed the “trivia” added to the gadget? Do you think that the questions are some kind of hints? They do mention The Beast from 20000 Fathoms, Godzilla and Ney York and some other disater movies…

  16. Austin

    That definitely is NOT the cloverfield monster it’s some thing from Ultraman.
    Oh, and on the teaser it is clearly audible that the guy says “I Saw it, It’s a lion, it’s huge!”

  17. ryan

    Mary if u look at how an isopod moves their quick little fluttering or flowing moves. I wasn’t watchin the feet but more the upperjoints and they kinda move in line with the direction. I found a video on u tube that isolated a pic in the subway and when it zoomed in u can see white arms no tentacles thingys form wwhat lloks like two beastes on rob or someone. Again look up whale falls online and those thingys as well as giant isopdds r bottom dwellers that feed on dead whales. Maybe somehow they all produce sea bed nectar or whales bodies secrete it not sure but again if this is it Abrams did his homework and also bloop was put on a noaa website the monster sound if anyone remembers and I read about whale falls and whale lice on an noaa research paper. Slusho is gonna play a huge role in film. Sorry this is long also look for new radio ads there’s one where at the end there’s a roar that’s completely different I think. What I’m wonderin is if there more than one monster. I don’t think the lion stuff is gonna happen except for one thing I’m wonderin about. In the tagruato website their team which is hyped up on slusho is called the lions. Maybe isopod mixed with lion but how would alion get in ocean unless they were experimenting at chuai with biological gene splicing. Kinda like lost with the polar bears huh. Oh hey just saw old teaser for film on starz on direct tv my gf even said it looked awesome and very creepy. That’s where I think this movie will succeed. Also I think the monster is a man made mistake or they awaken it kinda like hedorrah and biollante in godzilla. I think the approach here is this why atack new york well here’s my thought. These monsters all feed on mans feeble attempt to control all things they see and possess. We have or will become gluttons for slusho much like energy drinks we r now comsumed with. We always try for the get ahead quck scheme without worryin bout the after consequences. We also live infear of terrorists since 9 11 and out govt tells us to always be on the lookout for the badiies around every corner hence the the initial attack of big monster ” al queda terrorists ” . Lookin round corners little monsters that bite and infect. I think they went deep with this one in how they planned it out. I mean we all watch our neighbors now with some suspicion or what not. And even tagruato japan and their quest for the allmighty dollar. Maybe the monster is payback for the bomb in some way. I’m getting way to deep sorry so long ill add more lata bye. Mary I love Gamera favorite monster movie is War of Gargantuas. Also have started writin screenplay based on the concept art of the whale creature with some changes. Went to school for that and think this may make monster movies big again. Finally I think this movie taps into all our inner fears , anxieties, and insecurities, while being kick ass fun

  18. Scribbs

    not the monster, the leg is supposed to be tripple jointed, and this one’s legs are too fat to like the one in the trailer… but it would work for the rubber kaiju costume style JJ Abrams originally wanted

  19. Scribbs

    sry for the double post but its definitely not a lion, i’m tired of people saying that lol

  20. ryan

    Slusho is the cure not sure it makes people almost superhuman in strength I think when its frozen its fine but when thawed it meatbolizes and mutates or takes over and grows into something hence explodin people and maybe monsters. I think back to what ganu s dream about a whale tellin him to drink it and wouldn’t rule out his mom u al have to admit this is a way cool way to market a movie and we r all involved in a first here. Being interactive with fans and creating a fan base. Like I told my gf last nite this is the first and prolly the best it will ever be done everything that comes after will just be a rip off so I tip my hat to the creators of the movie the movie studio and everyone that has created these fan websites a truly cool x mas present for all who have entered into this

  21. Charles

    What if and this is juts a guess, what if the next picture in 1-18-08.com is the picture of the monster or at least a part of it. Wouldn’t that be cool?!

  22. ItsaLiooon!

    It’s fake. There are lots of tells in this “style guide” that it was fan-made.

    Move on.

  23. sparks

    Austin – many people working on the film have confirmed it is NOT a lion. they have stressed this many times, it is not a lion. who the hell would want to watch a giant lion attack new york? i already had to sit through narnia, i dont need to see another lame lion on the big screen

  24. Ray

    ummm has anyone noticed that ryan types in ONE CONTINUOUS SENTENCE?…Idk, just throwing that out there? lol j/k j/k

  25. ryan

    Thanx ray didn’t know I should be putting periods in. Plus I’m using my phone since I don’t have net at my house, do to the fact I live in the boonies, lol. Actually verizon doesn’t work here and don’t use house phone. I will punctuate better. I hope this clears up your concerns lol. Just kiddin. Hey monstrous don’t know if u read this before. If you can go to postergeek.com get wallpaper of building closeup where monster lands. Strange big thing in middle two monster faces and three human faces in smoke in and around center buildings. Also tidowave creatures lumped together on buildings outside center. See what u find for fun they prolly mean nothing.

  26. WTF?

    It’s not a goddamn lion. Abrams himself made a contract with the cast of Cloverfield, which said the following:

    “At no time should you look up, see a lion, and explain that it is huge.”

    LOL, OWNED!!!!!

  27. ryan

    LOL WTF anyone have any other ideas besides lion cthulu godzilla as to what it is I’m sure uve all read my long winded giant isopod lobster whale with a little ganu mom mixed in.

  28. Justin

    HELLO!! can’t anyone see that it’s lovecraft’s mythical creature, CTHULHU, if you don’t know who i’m talkin about you need to check it out. cthulhu is a humanoid giant winged octopus faced clawed scaly beast from the depths of an ancient underwater city called R’lyeh. just wikipedia it or something, omg, how can you people not realize it.

  29. Weyland-Yutani

    What part of “Original” are people not understanding. Now if you want to talk about Lovecraft, know the G. Del Toro is doing one but not JJ..he has already stated that it is an “Original Idea and Concept”

  30. GolfGuitarist

    About the original 1-18-08 site……

    I dont think they will post any more pictures. I mean, they very well might. But do remember that the footage for the first trailer was shot before shooting for the actual movie began. In my opinion, 1-18-08.com was the first way to get clues out with the footage they had already shot. Because they had probably not been too far into shooting when they launched the site.

    So personally i dont think we will be seeing much more from that site. And i think we will only be getting some minor Tagruato and myspace updates until the big movie.

    The viral marketing is probably close to an end, now the mass media advertisments begin.

  31. MarytheLion

    Thank for sharing your insights and thoughts, Ryan. Everyone in fact. Its been a joy reading all this. This is an extremely clever way to market a movie! 😀

    Golf Guitarist, I too share your thoughts on the end of the viral marketing. All the mass stuff, I was kinda sad about the trailers coming to tv, but lets face it, this is the movie business, with a goal to make money. They have to tap a larger crowd in the long run.

    I still have no desire to speculate about what I think the monster could be. That part, I still want to be a surprise! My *reason* for going to the theater!

    BTW Ryan, I haven’t seen alot of older Gamera stuff, but the newest stuff, CGI I think, had some KICK ASS stuff about him on youtube. Very entertaining! Good effects!!!!!

  32. deBish

    Teh interesting question would be – what happens to HERE after the movie’s out? Sure..there’ll be discussions for a while, but then what?

  33. The Revelator

    On 1-18-08, man will turn to beast. Only the ones with the cure will survive.

  34. andrew

    hey guys whats up ive been reading alot of this lately and i just wanna say its not godzilla cthulhu or anything like that.
    known first off abrams is making a monster for america
    japan has godzilla and gamera we got kong whoopee .cthulhu
    makes a horror movie because to gaze upon cthulhu is to drive a man insane i have read hp lovecrafts call of cthulhu .also thanks to those idiots for the american godzilla of 98 we will no longer get rights from toho to create a godzilla movie without them working closely with us (good job independence day idiots!). so godzilla is out of the question now as for what it could be? anyone ever think of a mutant shark? its one of the most terrifying animals in the sea thanks to jaws think about that one.

  35. deBish

    Shark? Nah… the Great White’s got good PR from Jaws, but until you’ve seen schools of barracuda numbering in the 1000’s, you ain’t seen scary!

    Some deep-sea creatures look nastier and scarier…look at the angler-fish or the ogrefish for examples of eerie looking alien-like fish.

  36. John

    The monster shouldnt be from the sea, but from under. Like some sort of mole or something thats been there for a while. It’d be awesome if this is what killed the dinosaurs, let’s say by infecting each dinosaur with a parasite so that the dinosaurs were slowly killed off. But something went wrong, like maybe a comet hit and wiped out all of the parasites that took over the world. Like we think happened at Chicxclub. But somehow the monster went into some sort of hibernation so it could regain its energy, and it’s now just waking up. 65 million years later to reclaim its reign over the Earth.
    Pretty cool, huh?

  37. SteveMikes

    Regarding the monster, I don’t think SLUSHO! or Tagruato have anything to do with its exsistance. Tag might have something to do with why it appears in NYC maybe, or perhaps they’ve detected it and are investigating it whilst keeping it a secret. I dunno, just throwing a few things out there really.
    There’s some new (official) radar/sonar readings from Tagruato it seems of a huge thing in the water. . . maybe thats when they find out the sea bed nectar attracts it or something? Prompting them to realise their mistake, inform the military or some authority as they’ve just sent out a shipment to the city (the tanker ;)) full of the stuff. . .

  38. Ryan

    I think all this talk is going to have been all in vain. I dont think they will show the monster at all. Maybe something moving behond buildings but if this creature is as big and brutal as it is supposed to be than anyhting in its path, including cameras will be destroyed. If they do show the monster I doubt it will be for more than a few seconds throuout the entire fils.

  39. Franky

    Ryan: they will show the monster somtime during the movie , we did not wait 7 months just to watch a movie with glimpses of the monster, I dont think abrams would to that

  40. Trisha

    I think it has something to do with the Slusho. The tagline it’s got is something like “drinking more than 6”. & that Japanese Taragatu (or whatever) is trying to take over with this huge man-made mutant monster. So yeah… I think this monster is the work of the Tagruato people. The big monster must trigger something that activates the spawning of the little monsters. When you drink 6 slushos, you’re infected with the little ones & you finally explode & whatever comes out bites people who aren’t slusho drinkers.

  41. admin

    Patrick: thanks for the comment. the “Fathoms” beast has been discussed endlessly for a while now, and I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say our Cloverfield monster is not the Rhedosaurus (creature from the movie). Although “Fathoms” is a great old monster movie if you are into that kinda thing. I wouldn’t doubt if JJ and company took some queues from it, but it’s not a remake.

  42. Patrick

    Yeah, I don’t think it’s a remake either, but I’m sticking by my guess of a creature with a long neck. (really going out on a limb ain’t I) 8)

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    […] More Fan Art? Or Official Marketing? Update: As i figured, it?s fan art based on a character from Ultraman, it?s still kinda cool no less. So this was posted in the comments here and over at the unfiction forum, and its pretty interesting/cool looking. Now I don?t currently have time to go through all the posts on unfiction to find the source, but either way it?s a cool image. So whether it?s fan art or official marketing, click the link below to check it out, it may be a spoiler it may be nothing? just warning you in case. (more?) […]


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