This week has been pretty hectic with the holiday’s and everything so I haven’t been able to keep up with stuff as much as I would like to, but this was posted in the comments yesterday. It looks like, along with the Slusho WAP site, the Cloverfield WAP site has launched. The address is kind of long, so if anyone has a shorter way to get to the wap site let me know. Thanks Cameron for posting this in the comments. And remember, if I’m lagging behind on something, make sure to check the Forums, people over there post stuff all the time if I miss something.

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  1. Master Roshi

    You people make me sick. We get Cloverfield clues all the time and all you people want is more more more!!LEAVE BRITTANY, uh I mean CLOVERFIELD ALONE!!! HA HA just kidding! C ya!

  2. ZD

    Hey all, I drove through Toronto today and I heard a new ad – Same sound bites except for the roar it sounded really different. I read a post a couple days ago about a similar thing, anyone else hear it?

  3. the carpenter

    Okay, ADMIN….. check this out. Go over to cloverfieldclues, start watching “video #4” and listen about halfway through. At one point someone goes “what is that?” and someone else responds (rob i think) “you dont wanna know”…….i know its small, and maybe meaningless, but it may mean that rob knows something

  4. the carpenter

    ADMIN – please read this post before allowing it to go up MAY HAVE SUPPOSED SPOILERS

    okay… just got done reading a supposed “review” of the movie from a guy called Whistle Blower over at NOW. i know not to really trust a whole lot i read on, but from what i have found, this review caused alot of waves and alot of people are on board with it. ut i find it to be FALSE with evidence to back it up. Now, im trying to make this as “spoiler free” as possible. The whistle blower says that in the movie directly leaving the apartment and the statue of liberty’s head rolls down the street, they are taken away in a police van to a detainment center. then in a later scene in the movie they end up in the small grocery store hiding from the monster. well this cant be true! if you watch the extended scene from the little WIDGETS (like in the top right of this webpage) they go into the small grocery store right after the head of the statue of liberty rolls down the street. right? if im wrong please say so. but i think this discredits that review totally. it sounds like the dude just wants attention and made a great story from all the scenes we have been priveledged to see so far.

    also, i dont know if this has been talked about already, and im sorry if this is a redo….but i just found it out on my own.

  5. sc_kg

    People- please- stop writing that Rob KNOW SOMETHING.
    Yaah- knows that there’s hugde monster smashing city, but- who doesn’t?!

  6. James

    No, carpenter, you are right, they do go into the store after the head rolls down the street. That guy was just needing the attention his parents never gave him.

    As for the real plot, I have no idea but I’d bet 20 bucks on the ‘twist’ that the producers talked about being either something like, the people watching the video which is clearly after the incident, will see footage at the end of the movie revealing the monster to be still alive or there is another one or something along those lines.

  7. WhySoSerious

    Something has been bothering me with this film. Does this film actually in the story take place on Jan 18th? (Story Wise) If so, it does not quiet make sense because it’s winter time and no one is wearing a jacket. Now, in NYC, during Jan it’s cold, I know that because I live here. So, to me the stroy seems to take place during the summer time as you can see people wearing t-Shirts shirts and all.

  8. Osty_Ghosty

    Alright here’s something I just found, don’t know where else to put it. Go to and you can drag the pictures. But did you know you could flip them over too? If you shake them while your mouse is on the pic you flip it over. I wasn’t sure if anybody had found that yet.

  9. SUPER

    kk i jus wanted to say tht the three scars on the building and on the liberty statue are really gettin to me , what make three scars (look at the buldins in the back) does a sea ting make those i dunno, but does a lion mabye just wanted to let you ppl noe, tell me if im wrong

  10. Nick

    Super: I think you could be right, it’s a lion!

    Osty_Ghosty: HAHAHA… That’s almost so last year!

  11. marythelion

    Hey all, yesterday I decided to have a Cloverfield marathon, and watched one tv clip right after another.

    I thought back to the “fake” reviews we’d all read. And when I saw the shot of them buying stuff for that night, well…makes me wonder how much of what we read really is fact or fiction?

    Any thoughts on whether the review was indeed fake? I dunno now! I am glad though, that after today, only a few short weeks till the premiere! Viva La CLOVERFIELD!


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