New video up on (password: jllovesth) head on over there and check out Jamie make some drunk “dials!” (in video form)

Thanks noea, Animal and SteveMikes for commenting about this.

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  1. Austin

    “And I…am the awesomest…”

    I think I just found a way to hate Jamie even more…

  2. Not Nick

    Wow #7 so soon after 6. I thought those lion tamers at Tagruato would have got to her and she would stop these all together!

  3. deBish

    Cheap date…look at’er toss back that bottle. Maybe vid #8 will be a revisit of the striptease. With any luck, she’ll fall off the bed 😛

  4. TKEGoogle

    Not Nick HAHAHA… A.) The fact you are nick LMFAO, B.) Lion Tamers HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Sorry for the useless post!

  5. WhySoSerious

    I owner if she mixed that stuff with her liqour, now that would be cool!

  6. Shiva

    have you guys heard about the Cloverfield chalk messages on sidewalks around San says what is cloverfield? 1-18-08.

  7. marythelion

    ok watched it…got absolutely NOTHING o f subtance, value, out of it…oh excpet moo cow. LOL…that was funny.

    I can delete this now right? 5 meg off my hardrive, I only have 36G’s left…

  8. Chris

    Man that video just seems so random. It seems like there wasn’t any thought to it. Wonder if it was just to keep us perplexed.

  9. Whatsgoingon

    Did anyone notice that the date on the website has changed from 01-18-08 to last week it was 01-02-08 then today it is 17-01-08…..?

  10. Whatsgoingon

    Oh I think i messed up and was looking at the australian website….but last week the site had a different date

  11. Dates

    In the USA it comes out 01-18-08
    In Aus it’s 01-17-08 (which Aus is almost a day ahead of the US anyway so its almost 2days :D)
    And in the UK it comes out some time in February.

    That’s what i;ve heard

  12. Dates

    So if you dont want spoilers you should stop reading comments on the 17th until you see the film.

  13. Engel

    That was honestly the worst “drunk” acting I’ve ever seen. People seriously don’t look or talk like that when they are drunk. Anyway, pointless video update, aside to show that no matter what she says tot he camera, Teddy really is still on her mind.

  14. Mike

    hha but this video does go to show what women do after a break ya names..get ya names again..attempt to make your life miserable even though the women are the ones suffering. Notice jamies “aweosmeness” quote..

    sorry for the random post


  15. marythelion

    Slusho – for a bad case of the Jamies! And yes Engel, I thought it was a shitty drunk act too lol!

    Please don’t ban me ::: sniff sniff ::::

  16. admin

    Ok, enough using other peoples posting names to make fake comments. I will turn off comments and make everyone use the forum if it gets out of hand.

    To the person who thinks they can imitate me, which is the same guy imitating TKEGoogle by saying: Sorry admin, people dont ban me. I?ll go to bed now.

    You are now banned. I can see your IP addresses and can check TKEGoogle’s previous posts against current ones, and you obviously don’t know the email address he uses to post which I can also see… so your IP address is now banned.

    If anyone starts imitating other people again I will start banning them. The comments are for talk about the movie, all posts not relating to the movie will be deleted from now on, which you can probably already see. If you want to shoot the shit, do it in the Off-Topic section of the forum please.

  17. John

    Hey, if you look at the door after she says “suck” it shakes. Maybe someone’s trying to get in?

  18. Ravenclaw

    finally someone says something interesting! (john). It cant be that the video is edited or something cause she doesnt stop moving or anything. It’s someone trying to get in and stop her from making an ass of herself cause if it was someone, like tagruato people or something like that you know, they would’ve broken that door open and kidnap her or something…other than that it just seems pointless and meaningless @_@.

  19. Engel

    Ravenclaw, now that you’ve said that, I so want to see them kick in the door and take her in the next video. Anything to just shut her up once and for all.

  20. marythelion

    Admin I am sorry for starting all of this. I tried to find a way to email you. But couldn’t, so I just say it here. I’m very sorry!

  21. greenclovers

    Thats pretty bad acting but I think the door shakes because she was moving around on the bed. However, i wouldn’t mind seeing a monster or Targuato official busts that door and create some carnage.

  22. DK428

    Hey guys, all this time i’ve always wondered but what the heck does it say on that sign Jamie has up on her wall? maybe its another clue to this puzzle called Cloverfield. Can anybody help me on this one? i really want to know what it says on that sign on her wall. Only 17 days til…and remember “its going to be the best night ever!” 1-18-08

  23. Engel

    Ok, I’ve watched it a couple of times now and I’m sure that the door moves because she gets up and sits back down again. The reason for this is because its just a set with plywood walls and when the bed hits the wall it warps the frame a little.

  24. TK

    Wow, I haven’t even seen the video yet, but judging by all your reactions, I don’t need to anymore.

    I already disliked the self-centered obnoxious character of Jamie, but let’s not forget that it’s still acting and she’s getting paid to simply act. I don’t know what the real character of the actress is and I wont let it get to my head.

  25. TK

    Oh and just for the record, the only animal so far with three toes (slash mark on SOL) is the sloth. LOL

  26. Jodie

    I’m not sure if this has been posted yet but at the home screen of Myspace there is a Cloverfield trailer. Check it out.

  27. CommanderKeen

    “URL Removed by admin”
    I don’t know how people got the password to but does anyone know how to log in on that site?

  28. admin

    CommanderKeen: We are not going to attempt to “hack” into the TIDOwave site, so please do not ask for help in doing so, here. The address you gave is to login to the backend of WordPress, a blog software, gaining access to that would be illegal and therefore won’t be discussed here. Thanks.

  29. admin

    bobbygummywormz: It has been posted here already, if you want to discuss it please use the FORUM not the comments. Comments should be about the article in which the comments are made, not for other topics.

    on second thought, since you decided to try to spam the comments with link after link to the article above as well as your myspace, you will no longer be able to comment here. Oh and the summary on that page is completely fake anyways…

  30. Charles

    Wow this movie is creating major hype. The theaters are going to be booked and sold out of tickets for Cloverfield and I’ll never get to see it! Don’t worry I will anyone yeah I agree Jaime does suck at acting!

  31. Weyland-Yutani

    Hey Admin, thanks for helping with that spammer and the guy who was using my name, “Whysoserious”, I greatly appreciate it.

  32. CommanderKeen

    Thanks admin. I thought it was just the same thing as with, but yeah. How people got the password to that site?

  33. admin

    Weyland: no problem, people don’t realize that I can see IP addresses and e-mail addresses and can obviously tell who’s the real person and who’s not, even if the real people posted from a few different placeS (home/work) with different ip’s… with the movie getting closer there are going to be a lot more people stopping by. I’ve already noticed a rise in visitors a day so we’ll see.

    CommanderKeen: not exactly sure how the password came about or how that site was even found. I wouldn’t be surprised if the movie studio/promotion company had someone that leaked information to forums/blogs like this just to get the word out. Obviously once it hits one of these sites it’s going to explode.

  34. SteveMikes

    Admin, you’re doing a really good job taking care of all this. What are you gonna do when this is released, keep this spoiler free still or not?

  35. admin

    SteveMikes: thanks, as for the spoiler stuff, not all countries in the world get the movie on the same day, so I will keep spoilers to a minimum and make sure if any of my posts have spoilers there is sufficient warning. Now as far as comments that have blatant spoilers, they will most likely be deleted. I would like to keep spoilers to the forum where I can moderate them better and tag them as Spoiler threads. I may also start moderating comments on here again right after the movie is out, just to keep it a surprise for people that didn’t get a chance to see it yet.

  36. SteveMikes

    Nice one, admin. That’s great!

    I was just curious because I won’t get to see it ’till February 1st or 2nd but would like to visit somewhere for the viral stuff still to keep myself interested etc.
    So, basically thanks man.

  37. Weyland-Yutani (Formly WhySoSerious)

    What do you think she will do with that packet that Teddy sent her. The packet that she just kinda threw to the side of the bed…which is probably attracting the Monster…Hehehe

  38. MarytheLion

    Weyland (FYSS) – that has always been in the back of my head too…that little sample just tossed aside. I think that is a very workable theory, and it seems to be leading up to her being so selfish acting at the moment, usually something will happen when she is least aware or expecting it.

  39. Weyland-Yutani (Formly WhySoSerious)

    Yeah, that could happen…I am thinking that it is proof sent from teddy but she is ignorant right now not knowing what it is.

  40. Jessica

    I just saw a FOX NEWS interview with a lady who claims that Cloverfield is about 9/11, and that its using 9/11 images to lure in new fans.

  41. Morgannon

    LOL yeah Cloverfield is about 9/11…and the government knew about it all along, we never landed on the moon, there are little green men running around the Earth right now, yadda yadda yadda…

    Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

  42. Weyland-Yutani (Formly WhySoSerious)

    FOX news??? I wouldn’t trust them as far as i can throw them.

  43. TC

    Hey people, go check out the 2 new posters for the movie posted in the forums.

  44. Weyland-Yutani (Formly WhySoSerious)

    They look fake…the first one for sure, I live here in New York City and the cops here so not wear the yellow vest, definitely English made by the looks of it….and the bottom poster just doesn’t make any sense.

  45. sc_kg

    I think they made it in studio, where they put only a one wall and bed. So when she jumps at the bed after saing “suck”- bed hits the wall- so everything shakes a little. But wall is to big for us to see a movement- so we see only door shaking.

  46. Jessica

    If you guys go over and check out the video on you will see what I’m talking about. I find it very upsetting that these one-time-poster-viewers can automatically claim what the movies about when we the true fans who have been researching and following for the last 6 months are still guessing.

    Sorry about the rant I just find it very upsetting.

    And I believe Jamie is the biggest bimbo I have ever laid eyes on. Oh she’s the “awesomest” alright.

  47. Weyland-Yutani (Formly WhySoSerious)

    Being that the film is coming closer, we are going to see more “Crap” coming out by people and spammers…so keep yours eyes open and watch out for all the garbage that will be floating through.

  48. Rayford

    i wonder if teddy isn’t really dead… we all know that jamie obviously isn’t taken by tagruato since she’s in one of the party pictures and she doesn’t figure anything out about tagruato since she would have told people blah blah blah… so i’m thinking maybe we’ll see teddy arrive sometime in the middle of the movie to explain what’s going on… backstory etc.

    maybe? 😀

  49. Weyland-Yutani (Formly WhySoSerious)

    Hey I have a question about the film. Now does the film, story take place on Jan 18th? Now if so, it does not make sense because everyone is in tank tops and tee shirts, so this shows us that it is summer time…now maybe i am nuts…

  50. Animal

    I really can’t see anything valuable in this video except maybe that Jamie could die from alcohol poisoning. Maybe she posts another drunk video with here challenging Teddy, teasing him, then eating the Slusho package he said not to eat. And then, in the ninth video… Her stomach explodes. That’d be awesome. Like karma beating down Jamie for being a prick.

  51. marz

    im wondering how much of this little side story with the now unfrozen slusho in jamies room is going to affect the movie.. because those who aren’t following this on the computer are going to be left in the dark..could all these videos be in the movie? i dont know.and if all this is happening now..why would rob still be going to japan?? im getting a little confused probably because of the time frame of everything.i mean,WE know what we know now because we have internet but what about those folk who is j.j. going to explain all this if he DOESNT put some of these videos in the movie?i could see maybe a character finding jamies footage just like they found all the other footage..hmmmmm

  52. DPS

    Here’s an idea… In the last video (I think) one of the things inside Jamie’s present needed to be frozen right away. (She apparently didn’t do that.) The Slusho website talks about some special ingredient that makes Slusho so good that was found at the bottom of the ocean and therefore needs to stay in frozen or near-frozen form. The door in Jamie’s room looks to me to be a closet door rather than an entry way. Maybe she threw whatever Teddy sent her into that closet and whatever it is mutated into something else (because it wasn’t frozen) and that is why the door jars, because something is trying to break out. Random, I know, but hey, just a thought.


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