Thanks Jessica for posting this in the comments, and thanks Project Cloverfield.

So apparently Cloverfield is too similar to 9/11 now… Ok, I’m going to preface this by saying that I mean absolutely no disrespect by anything I may say in this post. My father is a fire fighter (not in NY) and the attacks on the WTC hit close to home. He actually went out to NY a few days after the attacks to help in the rescue efforts and attend funerals of his fallen brothers. So in no way am I saying that what happened that day was not an extremely tragic event and should ever be forgotten.

But on that note, come on people, it’s a movie. Was the statue of liberty destroyed in the 9/11 attacks? Maybe I missed that… I don’t see any planes being flown into buildings in any of the trailers. I see a big-ass monster destroying a city… why would you affiliate this with 9/11 at all? Oh because it shows explosions in NY right? I could probably name a bunch of movies since September 2001 that have had explosions taking place in New York, how come those movies weren’t compared to 9/11? I don’t mean to rant or offend anyone, but come on people why make news out of something so small like this when there is a war going on. It’s just a movie people!

And for those interested, clip is below