After reading through a lot of the comments on here a well as on the forums it seems as though a lot of people, despite what the creators of the movie have said, believe that this movie still may have something to do with Godzilla or Cthulhu or something that already exists. Well, what do you think? I have a setup a poll on the forum, so lets see what you guys think the monster is! (yes you have to register, but it takes literally 30 seconds and the forum is crawling with good conversation about the movie)

Monster Poll Can Be Found HERE!

Oh and don’t bash other peoples thoughts on what the monster could be. Obviously nobody knows, so the Poll is just for fun.

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59 Responses

  1. Weyland-Yutani (Formly WhySoSerious)

    I guess when J.J. Abrams said at the San Diego Comic Con that the creature was “ORIGINAL” did not across to those people. I personally believe this is an original concept. If it was and H.P Lovecraft film or Godzilla, it would have known already, people are just, well, dumb.

  2. admin

    Rayford: haha, what was her name, Alice? Should I add that as an option on the poll….

  3. Weyland-Yutani (Formly WhySoSerious)

    Hahaha..I think she belonged in the category “The Thing”

  4. TKEGoogle

    I believe the monster is going to be something from the sea(sorry if that sounds way to obvious to some) I don’t think it is from space, and if it were “created” by Tag it is still either a sea creature, a conglomerate of sea creatures, or Rosie O’Donnell, who is from that deep ridge in the Pacific Ocean

  5. Scribbs

    A LION: ur effed up…

    now thats said and done heres my view of what the monster is, I was crawlin about on facebook on the Cloverfield profile, in the Monster Idea forum when i came upon this picture, probably just a hopeful rendition of it but I wouldn’t mind seeing this thing tearing around NYC. It may but very unlikely be the monster so I guess I should say ***SPOILER*** just incase.

    it looks like it has one arm but i think thats just the angle its in. as for its legs, the trailers make it look like it has triple digits, this model seems to be flat footed but that may be just the way someone set it up. other than that the back looks similar to the monster’s from the trailer

  6. Scribbs

    sorry for the double post but my guess from looking at that model was that its a mutated turtle…not like Gamara or w/e not a fan sry for any grammatical errors

  7. SteveMikes

    I have a nice little thought. One I, and many have mentioned before. Another I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone mention.

    Monster: Whale.
    Parasites (smaller monsters): Fauna (Sunda Anemone)

    Both on the TidoWave site.
    Whales have been mentioned all over the viral sites from the start. That could mean nothing I suppose.

    It just ties in with the info on TidoWave, the big thing then smaller things – both effected by undersea disturbances.

  8. Danny

    I guess when J.J. Abrams said at the San Diego Comic Con that the creature was ?ORIGINAL? did not across to those people: from the above post and then there is this statment from the Tagruto website:”At work, samples excavated from the ocean floor are brought back to the lab and spread out on a Petri dish containing some ‘media’: Nutrients for growth that are combined with agar to form a solid surface! Bacteria that were present in the samples will then grow on the dish, forming a ‘colony’: Generally a small circle of billions of cells that all started from a single cell/spore in the sample! Each individual colony is then transferred to its own plate and grown so that you have a pure isolate” and from the slusho website they said the special ingredient came from the sea floor maybe it was a human test that went bad and now is out of control.

  9. Weyland-Yutani (Formly WhySoSerious)

    DNA cross mutating that involved a human gene and other various sea creatures, that makes sense…Slusho being a key ingredient. Now what about that Wax company they are in business with?

  10. JDioneda

    Comment from some other person:
    “I’m just plain confused at this point…
    At first I thought it was take on the original Godzilla, then I started to lean more towards a NEW original monster, now…I think maybe it’s tied to the 1998 Godzilla….
    Only because all of the Japanese tie-in, it almost forces you to think it’s godzilla related. From the Slusho, to Tagurato..Teddy going to Japan, all the interviews done with cast and crew making referance to Godzilla as the insperation….And now the new stuff…Tagurato address in japan is the actual location of a district where Toho Ltd(makers of Godzilla) can be found, and when you zoom in on the Logitude, Latitude from google earth what do you see? A statue of Godzilla.
    A little too coincidental for me…..”
    NOT SAYING I BELIEVE THIS SO DON’T LASH OUT AT ME, but can someone find out if this is true?

  11. Rayford

    hey admin you can if you want! i think it was alice hoglin? oh well… x)

    i might sign up later and vote… 😛

  12. WTF?

    Well, I honestly think that the monster is original. In fact, I know it is, thanks to the producer’s recent confirmation (“the story and monster is completely original”). From what I’ve seen, I think it’s something really scaly and reptilion, or it is a crab. I’ve analyzed the clip of the monster over and over again, and it either looks like a crab walking sideways (without a tail) or a Zilla-like creature that has spikes all over it’s body and it has a massive tail. I can’t tell if it has a tail or not…but all I know is that while I want the monster to be original, I would cry if it’s a freaking crab. I mean, Ebirah was the dumbest thing I ever saw. They could still pull off an original looking reptile-like monster, as long as the spin they put on it is good. Still, I’d love to be shocked and find out the monster is Zilla (gasp!), but like I, or rather, the producer said, the plot and monster is original. But so far, those are my best guesses: a huge crab or a massive reptile/amphibian thing. And if it really is a lion, I will make a video of my self licking pavement…naked. That’s how sure I am that it’s not a lion.

  13. Rayford

    WHOA… I just had an epiphany…

    OK so the first trailer was before Transformers… and now this FOX news thing about 9/11… and that was the give away…

    you see… the statement “It’s alive” WAS to inform the hearer that it was something not usually considered alive…


    THAT’S RIGHT… the monster is… a terrorist controlled plane… but no any ol’ winged terror… no… the TRANSFORMING SORT!!!!

    the Cloverfield monster is the long lost 3RD hijacked plane from 9/11 that was originally intended to crash into the Statue of Liberty’s head thus decapitating it…

    there’s more here: “”


  14. Rayford

    i realize that i am a total retard and that i misspelled “not” as “no” and that there were actually 4 planes… i apologize for being a jerk but it just seemed so appropriate… 😀

  15. JDioneda

    Ok, I’m leaning to the monster being an origanal reptilian creatures with some heavy influences from existing monsters, and if it is an existing monster its Godzila, but i think its an origanal monster.

  16. JDioneda

    aw god, dont have any idea how many times that spelling error gets me in trouble

  17. SteveMikes

    Godzilla will never be seen on the big screen again. Apart from the Japanese versions.

    IF they make another American Godzilla it’ll be in or after 2013 or something when they’ll be able to get the rights to it again.

    For now, NO GODZILLA! so please people, stop mentioning it!!!!

    I don’t get why people can’t be satisfied or understand simple fact, even when the people who created the movie stated the fact itself – “it’s an original monster”.
    Meaning, it’s original. That’s final.
    The question is what could it be? Which none of us will get (probably) but it’s fun to contribute and guess, long as you take into mind what I said above.

  18. theace69


  19. TK

    In the very beginning I longed for the monster to be Cthulhu related, but since then I thought its going to be an original monster. First off there was that cool whale thingy, a turtle, squid, sea-weed monster etc…

    The list goes on and on but I don’t think it’s a mutated human because the monster was supposedly there before (see the BLOOP).

  20. TK

    Sorry to double post but why is there a link to fake ID’s on your site admin? lol

  21. Robbie

    Ever sense we grasped the first look at our new treat, I’ve always had a feeling that this new creature was original! In between the teaser and the trailer, I’ve always made the monster, out to be some kind of Black or Navy Blue colored creature!

    Right now, I believe that the monster is either:

    1. A giant alien creature

    2. A parasitic monster, biogenetically created from the “Deep Sea Nector”, mixed with other contents.

    3. A giant mutated Frog or Toad, more or less.

    4. Just some plain monster, that has some kind of myserious background.

  22. Robbie

    I believe that it HAS to be one of those I stated above! I could even put money on those predictions! Again, I have a DEEP feeling that the creature is one of the above!!!

  23. Doughnut

    Isnt it Cthulhu, not Cthulu?

    Anyways, I dont think it wouldnt be off of Lovecraft’s, the movie doesnt look dark and surreal enough.

    And I hope its not some type of Godzilla-ish movie.

  24. terry

    ok all,,, here is the whole movie! For real

    *Edited by admin* Don’t bother posting here anymore if you’re going to post stuff like this.

  25. Austin

    i’m starting to think it’s my ex-girlfriend– if it is, trust me, it’ll be the scariest thing you will have ever seen.

    or, or, what if Slusho! or more importantly the “sweet sea nectar” is really the raidoactive ooze from the teenage mutant ninja turtles?

    and uh, tery, dude

    1) not everyone wants all those spoilers

    2) that’s been posted on these comments more than twice in a few different ways (links work better FYI)

    AND has been updated! 6 new headlines!

  26. SteveMikes

    Right, teddy: That’s been discussed before and debunked I believe.

    The glimpse in the trailer probably was its legs or leg, it doesn’t seem like it’s connected to the ground because it’s halfway in the air, remember the size of this thing. It’s also hard to make out because there’s debris falling all around it and the shot is quick.

    On another note, Tagruato has an interesting little update. . .

  27. ryan

    Well first off whoever posted the teaser is a copy from one we have al agreed is fake. Marlena is in subway with rob. Second store scene way earlier in movie. Monsters face will in no way be human like. Thanxs to bloop and sonar we know this thing may have been there earlier. Mary and I both agree if u look at monster between building and it doesn’t take a genius to see this folks the legs shuffle somewhat like its sliding along. My guess is a whale amphropd mix aad maybe with some turtle as monsters back appears to have some kinda of roundness to it. How anyone can see a godzilla type monster is way beyond me and I’m not insulting anyone. Also again I’ve said this before watch bridge scene towards end in back right hand corner part of bridge tower falls as it does something a long arm or tentacle appears if u watch it in slow mo could be camera trick but I just watched it again do not think it is. Chuai station missing is also interesting. Don’t know how much back story will be in movie but I think we will get some. Also one last thought on tagruato website the top has a killer whale and whales have been mentioned. Alll those expecting a godzilla type walking wrecking machine are in for a surprise. Only two internal screenings have been shown in no way has anyone here seen this film and to print a fake teaser from another site is sorta foolish, since we all have debated it. Also in ur so called review how come u don’t mention tanker , robs and girls in apt or marlena in subway. Nice try. I also remeber reading in conjuction with bloop that some countries have tracked this thing before. Therfore its not alien its some by product of sea nectar that’s why there giving us this back story. Its either some ancient deep sea creature or a mutated bio engineered baddy. Also satellite being launched is either for tracking it or coordinating it and or other monsters attacks. Just one idiots opinion , maybe I’m wrong but got a hunch I’m close to being mostly right. But we all know the saying opinions r like bumholes everyones got one.

  28. TKEGoogle

    Guys, read this from the new headlines, it may just blow the lid off of all of this

    “Tagruato used the Hatsui satellite to try to identify a rogue piece that is thought to have fallen off of the Japanese Government’s “ChimpanzIII” satellite. Although Hatsui?s work has not yet been able to confirm the identity of the fallen piece, Tagruato scientists and engineers are busily trying to track and recover the fragment. According to Hatsui data, it disappeared into the Atlantic Ocean late last week. ”

    That comes from Tag’s website.

  29. zeppfan09

    there is also a voice message that sounds whenever you call tag in japan (+81-3-5403-6318) and the message transcript is as follows:
    Thank you for calling Tagruato.
    If you are calling regarding Chuai station,
    Please know that the situation is being handled,
    and should be resolved shortly.
    If you have a relative on board,
    you will be contacted soon by the appropriate personnel
    Headquarters does not have information of individual crew members
    All other questions should be directed towards our press office
    as this line is currently not accepting messages
    Thank you

  30. Trexx

    I think…it’s the live action Pokemon movie.
    no i’m joking. from the beginning i really wanted it to be cthulhu cause i had actually just read The Call because my friend got a collection of Lovecraft’s works. honestly now i’m not sure what to expect. it’s probably just what most people think it is…a combination of several sea creatures combined into a horrible abomination. in that case i’d like it to be something like this:

    Big One: some sort of ridiculously huge combination of a lobster, an eel, and an angler fish.

    small ones: absurdly fast crab type things. a bit like Alien’s facehuggers i suppose. but with eyes. and very large teeth.

  31. TC

    Okay people I’m officially OFF the Godzilla kick….But I alone hold the rights to the mother of all (I TOLD YOU SO’s) LOL

    I just hope it’s not stupid looking…

  32. Andrew s

    i believe that it is a giant turtle that has lived under the seda for sum time…an ancient creature..and when it finally submerges, for wutever reason, it has ancient bacteria (or creature like things) on it shell like real turtles… i think tarugatos deep sea mining has just woken it up.

  33. TK

    ?Tagruato used the Hatsui satellite to try to identify a rogue piece that is thought to have fallen off of the Japanese Government?s ?ChimpanzIII? satellite. Although Hatsui?s work has not yet been able to confirm the identity of the fallen piece, Tagruato scientists and engineers are busily trying to track and recover the fragment. According to Hatsui data, it disappeared into the Atlantic Ocean late last week. >

    Sounds like a BS cover up story by Tagruato.

  34. JM

    Based on the glimpse we got I did a VERY crude sketch of what I imagine it to look like.

    The small leg we see is reverse jointed, like a dogs hind leg, and it is very spindly so I would guess it was the rearmost leg of a set of multiple legs.

    The wavy lines on the side appeared to be small tentacles or “flagela” like you see on the lips of clams or the sides of see cucumbers etc. You can see these above and between the leg(s) in the clips.

    some type of shell or plating on the back, and a questionable tail, either flexible or stiff like a horseshoe crab/stingray’s.

    The head is obviously unknown and the arms/forelimbs are unknown but based on the clips and images we are guessing 3-4 “digits”.

    Sorry for the crudeness but just thought I would share

  35. deBish

    I’m voting for a mutated whale-type creature..possibly having the face of something like the ogrefish (google-image it if you want an idea of what ugly+scary looks like).

    My other guess was that the whole ocean floor, corals, fish, crustaceans etc, all merged into a form that rapidly evolved into something with locomotion….so, it could look like a combo with crab-like legs, whalish body, orgefish face and a lobster like back…featuring octopi tentacles.

    It’ll be messed up looking no matter what.

    Certainly not Godzilla, Cthulhu or a friggin’ Lion 😛

  36. deBish

    Oh…sorry Admin, I can’t go vote on the forum… blocked from work 😛

  37. DK428

    Guys remember that its been said that there is a surprise at the end of the movie, so…i still have a feeling that maybe this might have to do with Godzilla if its not Gozilla i still say its a mutated whale. We’ll all find out in 14 days!

  38. CDog

    We’ll never know what it is. If you’ve seen Lost, you’ll know what I mean. Lots of clues pointing to a mystery that never gets fully revealed. That makes it easier to include surreal events in Lost, because you’re informed there is an answer/explanation, but you never get it. Same thing will happen with this movie/viral sites. It’ll keep people talking about it but will not give a concrete explanation.

  39. Scribbs

    srsly if it turns out to be a friggin lion as i’m reading on other sites, i’m getting up and leaving the theater, but not before throwing my soda and popcorn at the screen and cursing JJ

  40. SteveMikes

    CDog: Keep in mind that just because Lost is full of mysteries, clues and twists, doesn’t mean this movie will be. In fact, another point – Lost is a T.V. show/series which has been going for a while. This is gonna be an hour and a half long movie. I think we’ll be able to piece everything together nicely one it’s released or maybe a couple months or so after, but that’ll be it probably.

    Scribbs: It’s not a damn Lion no matter how many people on however many “other” sites may say so.

  41. DK428

    YEAH! Enough with the Lion, this is really getting me mad. Shut up already with the lion thing already! It’s not a FREAKEN LION! PLEASE STOP SAYING THAT IT’S A LION CAUSE ITS NOT GOING TO BE A LION! BUTTOM LINE!

  42. CloverfieldFan1000

    Possibility Number 1: Why is Slusho everywhere? Becuase I personally think it is drugged and when you get addicted and drink too much you’ll turn into a monster. Does that sound stupid? It does but that’s my look on it. And once the people of town drink it they turn in a bunch of littler monsters of the big monsters.
    Possibility Number 2: A big sea monster with bunches of tentacles that can also walk on land.
    Possibility Number 3: Rayford says it all! LOL!

  43. Brob

    I’m super serial that in fact it is ……. ManBearPig.

    For real though,
    A giant squidlike walking creature with a tough shell like a turtle. I’m thinking with the tentacles it could throw things around. It would be pretty freaky.

  44. SteveMikes

    It doesn’t have tentacles. Two legs, two arms most likely. Take a look at my last post (which I should have posted right here) on the next subject/page for more.

  45. Animal

    Just looked at the forum GIF. Wow. I never knew you could see the monster that well. Okay – it actually reminds me of a praying mantis. Look at the legs and end of the body. The legs look insectlike, and the body’s rear looks like a praying mantis’s sort of. I know the monster ISN’T a praying mantis. That idea’s been done. Guess what else? You can see the arm and claw. The hand has three claws, of course. The arms are also very low on the body, just nearly above the legs. One thing’s for sure; you can’t see the head. You only see the neck, and it’s pretty long, serpentlike.

  46. SteveMikes

    Animal: I don’t think it’s that long, more tall I’d say. I can’t see the arm and claw? I’ll take another look. I wouldn’t say it’s insect like either, more amphibious like I said before. It’s definitely a solid being though, I mean it looks completely natural – not man-made at all. Looking at it, it’s back seems huge leading up behind the buildings, so maybe it runs on hands and feet, walks on its legs. BUT, I am glad you see what I and admin see. So yeah I’m gonna take another look, see if I can make out the arm hand and claws.

  47. marz

    makes u wonder if it isn’t a larger version of madame trash heap from fragile rock lol but jokes aside..i keep thinkn of the’s alive thinkn maybe this thing is so freaky looking and would make one loose any grip of reality if they saw it,that perhaps maybe it’s a huge free flowing mass of sea animals..mutated of course.hell,i dont know.gona have a long look at that clip again…

  48. Prince

    I’ts a giant koala beer.. I’m 100% sure of this 🙂
    it’s been fun to spoil it for you guys

  49. billie

    go to
    click the 6th animated bubble (it will say “HAPPY TALK” with an animated horse)

    read all of the quotes

    some are pretty interesting… examples:

    “Shes one of them”

    “Why is the number 6 so special in regards to Slusho?”

    “Purple crush flavour would be infectious!”

    “i drank some slush last night and i havent stopped laughing since!”

    “i cant stop smiling!”

    “slusho makes my stomach explode with happy!”

    “Bryan happy! slusho happy! everybody happy!” (who is bryan??)

    the quotes lead me to believe the Slusho drinks infected people in some way… or the pollution maybe created an infected massive paracite?
    no clue.. but damn it interesting! lol

  50. admin

    billie: the happy talk quotes are just whatever anyone emails to slusho, really have no relevance

  51. admin

    billie: When you send an email to their customer feedback email address, they pick those and display them in the happy talk. which is why it’s called YOUR happy talk. Its been like that since the site was created.


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