Thanks Space Monkey, I had checked earlier today in hopes of a new video and now we have it. Check it out, head on over to (password: jllovesth ) and check out the new video.

It’s a short one… let’s just say Jamie is hungry 😉 At least we know it doesn?t turn her into anything crazy or kill her before the 18th, since she appears in pictures on at the party.

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  1. Scribbs

    yes i heard he say “I’m going out.” I’m willing to put my chips on the board that she is the explodin lady, or i at least hope to see her go boom in the movie

  2. Nicky

    Wow, I knew I was right about her doing something so stupid. Who would eat something because someone told them not to? Jaime, of course. How can one human being hold so much stupidity?

  3. deBish

    I gotta get better speakers…I could swear that she said “Nougat” or “New guy” at the end.

    Next video – she tries on the hat. STAY TUNED!

  4. deBish

    Franky – logoff and go get some zzzz’s. You’ve hallucinating. If Jamie is the monster, then JJ Abrams is as dumb as Jamie seems to be. :rofl:

  5. deBish

    Everyone knows that Jamie goes down to the zoo and feeds the evidence to the Lions, and THEY’re the monster 😉

  6. deBish

    Sea lions are popular with zoos aren’t they? Cute things… maybe it balanced the SoL’s head on the tip of it’s nose and clapped before sending it flying down the street towards Robbie and company. 😉

    Ok..anyone got a transcript? I can barely understand her.

  7. Scribbs

    she says “I feel great…(looks to her left)..I’m gonna go outside” not omg whats that, she probably just looking out her window thinking that its nice out or something idk

  8. Austin

    sea bed nectar gets you HIGH!!! thats awesome! you cant drink just 6 because it’s like crack!

    i’m willing to bet it has a horrid come down too, i’ll bet there is a physical addiction & the little monsters are people coming down off the stuff.

  9. Simms


    [mocking Teddy] Don’t eat this Jamie
    But I’m hungry
    [opens the “primary” evidence, and smells it]
    Wow, definitely opens my sinuses, that’s for sure.
    [eats some of the evidence]
    Tastes pretty good…
    Woah, what is this stuff that you sent me?
    I feel great, I’m gonna go out…

  10. Chris74

    Tagruato’s website describes two instances where animals become excited when fed Slusho! I believe the Seabed Nectar is why. But in a pure state, like Jamie has, it may have a more immediate and dramatic effect.

  11. dijjot

    sorry, wrong talkback. but still. oh, and btw, jamie=disposable character basically. as well as horrendous actor.

  12. MarytheLion

    Shaun of the Dead – Yeah I could buy that…keep frozen? Being Frozen keeps it sleeping…

    Thawed…comes ALIVE!

  13. SteveMikes

    Sorry for the double post – just wanted to point out that I go to drama college (performing arts, acting etc.) and I can honestly say she isn’t actually that bad of an actress. She’s quite good. Annoying, but that’s just her character I suppose.

  14. matt

    so far all the people involved in this movie seem like rather good actors and I’ve been a professional working actor for many a year now…those ass holes get all the work

  15. Ravenclaw

    my guess is her next video is asking Teddy for more cause like someone said on a comment here, she’ll be at Rob’s party and in the pics she looks normal so maybe it’ll just get her addicted but whatever the side effects might be, they last more than just a few days.

  16. Chris

    Are you kidding me? Does no one else see this? Seabed’s nectar comes from deep in the sea, where it is found in a near frozen state. It is preserved in that state by making it an ingredient in Slusho! There is a reason it?s kept frozen. There are eggs in the nectar. You have to ingest at least 7 Slushos to get enough eggs to insure that some of them can justate inside your warm, nutrient filled body. In time, the eggs grow and hatch. And you?well?you?re done being a host, so you EXPLODE and release the parasite within. The evidence is all right there.

  17. SteveMikes

    I would like to kinda agree with you, Chris. . . but if that was the case, wouldn’t that mean a lot of people are going to explode?
    Unless the Slusho! flavour(s) that contain the nectar haven’t been sold in public yet?

  18. Ravenclaw

    well that might, aside from a big ass monster tearing up the city, another reason for the government to act up and isolate the healthy or non-slusho-drinkers from the hosts soon to explode and turn w/e they turn into @_@

  19. SteveMikes

    I have a feeling the next video will show the reaction/aftermath or something of this one (eating the nectar) then there’ll be one or two after that to wrap it all up somehow.

  20. Tadpole Buckshot

    Ok so they will all turn into Giant Octo/Squid/Mudskipper hybrid sea creature and mac out like the frickin Kraken. Woo Hoo Hypesville!

  21. TK

    lol @ Mudskipper. Personally I think it’s an Australian Boxfish. Trust me, more scary than anything.

  22. pm

    Lion-o summarized it perfectly. Also, you gentlemen need to check your hearing aids. Every video that pops up, seems to generate a lot of “I think they said this” when it’s very clear and quite audible.

  23. deBish

    pm – depends on where you’re listening to it. I’m at work, and if I crank the volume, I get gophers popping their heads out of every cubicle around me. Not a pretty sight, especially considering who’s working next to me.

    I think that the evidence is slusho’s secret ingredient, the sea-bed nectar…our monster’s narcotic of choice. It’s making Jamie feel great, like it does the monster, but now that TAG’s been stealing the monster’s stash of sea-bed crack, the monster’s got himself the jitters, it’s getting ticked and it suddenly got the munchies. Time for a take-out order of New York Hoagies with everything (that is, everything in it’s path being destroyed).

    Maybe NY has got a nice storage facility for deep-sea nectar or a processing plant, that the monster’s trying to get to.

  24. JustSomeGuy

    Perhaps the monster is like the Slurm worms in that Willy Wonka-esque episode of Futurama. The monster is milked for Slusho and the little monster parasites are grunka-lunkas that sing morality songs until you explode.
    Ride the walrus!

  25. Weyland-Yutani (Formly WhySoSerious)

    What if what Teddy sent her may protect her or dissolve what the Slusho is doing to her on the inside? I mean, he had to know what the results were being on the station.

  26. michael

    she is not gonna get an academy award but i think her acting is pretty alright. she makes it to the party though so… god i cant wait.


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