About a year, maybe more, ago, MySpace launched their Black Curtain screenings. If you had the Black Carpet profile as a friend of yours and it was in your top 8, you could print off your profile and bring it to a certain theater and catch a sneak preview of the movie before it came out in theaters. Well if you’re in Australia this is your lucky day. MySpace Black Curtain screenings is having 2 screenings in Syndey and Melbourne on January 16th. So head on over to the MySpace profile and check it out. If they do an American one I’ll let you know.

MySpace Black Carpet Screening Australia

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5 Responses

  1. deBish

    I’ll just have to wait, unless there’s a Canadian version somewhere!~

  2. Andy

    I’ll be at the Melbourne screening on the 16th 😀

    I’m painful excited.
    I’ll be posting a review online in the forums(with spoiler warnings, of course) as soon as I can. Maybe with some swiped pictures/vids.

    We’ll be seeing it around 3 days before it premieres in the US, considering time difference. Brill!

  3. admin

    Andy: Make sure you post your review in the Spoilers section that I created within the Cloverfield section today. Do not just put spoiler tags on a post in the main Cloverfield section, and do not post it here in the comments, I won’t approve it. Nothing against you, just trying to keep spoilers away for awhile.


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