Thanks Austin for posting this in the comments.

It looks like Tagruato is officially blaming TIDOwave for the destruction of the Chuai Station. They have released the following press release on their website.

An Open Letter from Ganu Yoshida

“Dear Friends, Supporters, Investors, and Members of the Tagruato Family,

Ever since I was a very small boy, I have had the dream of owning a company similar to this one. A company where the workers work hard and love each other. A company dedicated to making good change to our world. A company that would bring prosper to Japan and extend that wealth and knowledge into the universe.

Unfortunately, last week was a dark time for Tagruato, this company I love so dearly. I tried to contain the event for the sake of police investigation but now it is the time to come clean and tell our story to the world.

Our newest and brightest oil rigging development, Chuai Station, was attacked by a terrorist environment group called Tidowave. They released a series of explosions on the station, causing the loss of life and bringing the rig down into its knees. Tagruato has faced threats from this group for many years and has, with the help of our friends in the police forces, fought off many prior attacks. This blow, however, was too strong to miss us. The Chuai Station was damaged.

We are working tirelessly to contain environmental damage from the explosions and are already experimenting in the Atlantic for a new Chuai Station rebuilding location while our work is being continued at a temporary facility. We have also opened the Chuai Station Funds, which has currently raised over 300 million yen for the families of Chuai victims.

On behalf of everyone at Tagruato, I would extend my thanks for the overwhelming wave of support we have been receiving from our business partners, friends, and colleagues. We will not rest until these criminals are taken off of the streets and made to answer to the families of those lost at their hands. I know that, with your help, Tagruato will not falter before zealots, but will remain the company I pictured as a boy, dedicated to exploring the magic of our world and controlling the future of us all.”



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  1. GolfGuitarist

    And then TidoWave went and shot the pieces back out of the ocean hundreds of feet in the air……….. sure

  2. terarist

    anyone see the latest commercial? I was watching family guy on TBS (in canada). wednesday jan 9th, 7:50pm EST.

    it shows a flash at the end of large scale interaction through thick smoke, with something large lashing out of the smoke. It’s like 2 seconds of the entire thing, but it’s definitely not an existing commercial.

  3. JDioneda

    the stuff could be falling from an exploading gas pipe or something, just a hypothesis.

  4. Carlos*

    this movie’s viral marketing has gone wayy up there-
    they even made up a fictional website of a fictional company lol.

  5. Franky

    JJ Abrams will be a guest on the Kevin and Bean show tomorrow, sometime between 5am and 10am PST.

    You can listen to them live in the Southern California on the World Famous KROQ 106.7 FM, or worldwide over the internet at

  6. Robbie

    I SAW THE LATEST TV SPOT!!!!! It has a bit more of the monster in it, besides the whole “moving in between the buildings” bit!!! From what I saw, the monster looked sweet as HELL!!!!!!!! I only saw a flash of it, but it looked as though it had something long and narrow, that was apart of its body!!!!! Maybe a tail or tenticles or something!!!!!

    Admin, you gotta see this one! Plus, it had new footage that was truely amaizing!!!!

  7. admin

    Robbie: What channel did you see this on? I’ll be on the lookout on youtube… are you sure it’s not one of the previously seen clips?

  8. Robbie

    It deffinitely was’nt a TV Spot that I have seen before!!!! I saw it on MTV, only just about, 15 mins ago! It had an awsome flash of the monster!!!! You still won’t be able to clearly see it though. I thought it was good enough, anyhow! It was totally outstanding. It was like, fighting its way out of a THICK smog!!! Like maybe it was fighting against “State Cloverfield”!! The best way to catch it, is to watch MTV!

  9. Rayford


    I mean in relation to Cloverfield that is… >_>


  10. Robbie

    no, no!!! Just wait for it! TRUST ME!!! I have been following and have seen all the TV spots this far, AND THIS ONE IS DEFFINITELY NEW!!!!!!! New footage and everything!!!!! I think I am over reacting though. All I know is that, I was LITERALLY stunned when I got that QUICK glimps at the monster!!!! Eventhough I was’nt able to really see it. Maybe it was the special effects. All I can say is, it is deffinitely worth seeing people!!!! I’m just that excited about the movie! DEFFINITELY NEW THOUGH!!! I have seen all 13 or 14 TV spots, and this one is MOST DEFFINITELY NEW!!!! YOU ALL HAVE MY WORD ON THIS ONE!!!

  11. Thomas

    that’s the new apple trailer- if you pause around the 41 second mark you see the cause for the explosion- jets dropping bombs. Look on youtube new cloverfield and it will be very clear.

  12. InGen

    hey all, I’m new here and man is this the best site for Cloverfield news! Anyhow, I believe this is the trailer/tv spot…I was amazed as well. I thought it was a joke, but NO. You can kind of make out what is possibly the monster’s face. In fact the it may even be moving backwards. One thing that kinda ticked me off a little is how JJ, Bad Robot, and Paramount change things(special fx and some sounds i think) in the trailers and vids as new ones are released. This is one of the trailers:
    I also think All the new trailers will be like this. Furthermore, I think the Movieweb exclusive showing the subway has the monster like this as well. I keep saying “I think” because I’m a little busy and I have dial up (yes, I know).

  13. InGen

    Lion-o and Sean: I agree…

    “Controlling the future of us all” gets me thinking and DOES NOT seem to FIT the letter AT ALL.

  14. Austin

    hey admin, dont know if you were aware, but your site is the 1st of the cloverfield blogs that shows up on a cloverfield google search. you are just after the official site, imdb, apple trailers & the youtube search. in fact, /film and movieweb are the 2 sites after yours on the list.

    thats pretty cool man!

  15. admin

    Austin: Yep, I’m aware haha, thats why there are so many people here everyday, its getting hard to keep up with comments 🙂

  16. Rayford

    “…I [Ganu] would extend my thanks for the overwhelming wave of support…”

    pssh… more like…

    “…I [Satan] would extend my evil genetically created monster for the TIDO wave of eco-terrorism…”

    hmmm i guess that was kinda lame… x)

  17. terarist

    yeah, robbie clearly saw the same commercial I did. I’ve seen every single commercial, trailer, etc. and I’ve done the obsessive frame by frame crawl through each. It’s definitely new material. As soon as I saw it I ran to my computer to see if you folks already had it posted (you folks are normally aware of things long before the likes of us canadians)

    Anyway, the new commercial includes some footage that appears to be a frontal view of the monster, but through dense smoke/cloud. I’m SOO excited about seeing a LEGITIMATE monster movie!

  18. BaneSilvermoon

    You guys seen the new TV spot that confirms the exploding lady has been bitten by something that seemingly infects her?

  19. admin

    Jt: Dont even bother posting anything remotely close to a spoiler, I wont even approve it. And the thing you posted is probably fake anyways.

  20. admin

    InGen: The clip you posted higher in the comments is one of the original TV Spots, there have been 12 more since that one was shown, possibly 13 now. I dont really know what you want us to look at in your comments… it’s the same shot of the monster in all the other clips, in between the buildings walking from left to right, forwards, just a leg and part of a torso, there is no head, no eye, nothing of that sort. It does look like the animation on the legs may have changed from the original trailer on the official site, but they could have also just added more debris in front of it as it walks, or they could be switching up animations to keep us on our toes… who knows.

  21. Jt

    they put another trailer on TV tonight.. can not find it online.. everybody was screaming about it on a lot of message boards.. watching for more stuff


  22. tfcoffee

    I sure hope this isn’t another over-hyped piece of crap like the Blair Witch Stupidity!


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