Thanks FalconHawk.

Not really exciting news, but if you’re worried about tickets selling out on opening night Fandango has just started posting some tickets for next friday already. Check it out.

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  1. Dave

    not sure if this is what you and the readers are looking for, but, if you watch the original trailer and you see in sillouette the two soldiers in protective gear around a woman. Watch the woman’s figure during the brief sequence. It appears that she actually swells up just before the screen goes black. Additionally the two soldiers appear to pull back slightly as she swells up. So obviously there is some type of infection that you can get if injured by the monster. And if the monster is so large and individuals are being injured and infected (and not smushed) then are there little monsterette’s? And that is possibly why they are running so scarred from. Just my thoughts. Anxious to see the movie.

  2. Franky

    do you guys think that cloverfield copied George A. Romeros Diary of the Dead movie like using a Handheld Camera , dont get me wrong i think Cloverfield is a tight ass movie but after watching the trailer of Diary of the Dead it got me thinking

  3. admin

    Franky: This style of film making is nothing new, granted it hasn’t been done a lot. So I dont think it’s copying Diary of The Dead as not many people have seen that yet, and I don’t even think it was done with production when Cloverfield started. I know diary finished sometime over the summer, just not sure when.

    I would say The Blair Witch is more of the inspiration for this one, even though Cannibal Holocaust was inspiration to The Blair Witch. But The Blair Witch brought the technique mainstream. And with that said there’s another movie coming out, something called Paranormal Activity, or something like that, that is the same idea…

  4. Charles

    Hey People! Admin. I don’t mean to be like a spoiler person and to all of you fan’s but I read in an IMDB bulletin saying that at midnight either today or tomorrow that there would be a tenth jaime and teddy video. And that also that TIDOwave would be posting some pics about the Chaui Station incident and that one of the pics would include the complete face of the monster. I don’t know if this is true I’m just giving a heads up just in case you people want to get interested in the recent news. Thanks!

  5. SteveMikes

    Well due to faults of my own, I nearly saw the model of the monster in the “Spoilers” section of the Forum whilst browsing. I caught enough of it before I realised and hit the back button to see it was probably the real thing, damn.
    So, admin – well done with this site, seriously props to you man! keeping this spoiler free and all. And keeping it totally up to date and accessible to anyone without having to sign up first.
    Thanks for all, but now for my own good I’m gonna try and stop visiting this place, maybe not altogether but a lot less than I do now, I don’t wanna ruin anything for myself.
    So again, well done and thanks admin 🙂
    I’ll be coming back after I see this here in the UK on Feb. 1st.

  6. MarytheLion

    🙁 Just got back from our local theater. Took the boys to go see Alvin and the Chipmunks? Asked the lady if they we’re openeing Cloverfield on midnight of the 18th….

    She looked at me like W T H is that. She said she really didn’t know…….

    I gave her my number and name, asked her if I could at least get a movie poster…LOL! This is a small hick town…about 3000 people. I’m prolly the only one who knows about Cloverfield. hee hee. She’s supposed to call.

  7. Bryan

    I checked fandango, but it doesn’t seem to be playing in as many theaters as other movies usually do here (Queens, NY). Maybe it updates little by little. I’ll check back tomorrow.

  8. ryan

    Hey all did any of us win tickets to premiere or NY. Its pretty sad if none of us did and have to wait since we have been at this for so long. Also I guarantee that monster looks nothing like godzilla, and no I haven’t read it anywhere just ahunch based on logical thinking lol. Hey older thought did anyone finally realize that all the old movies title were on shocase in the first slusho video, hence the monkey holding a cheese flag set to a chocolate background. There was another name they were goin with 2 was in production notes but cloverfield stuck. Mary do u remember what it was….. the reason I mentioned slusho is that I think in tagruatos history the two possiblities for monster are in ther history and abrams said so earlier on

  9. Animal

    Cool. I’m already looking for showtimes at a nearby theater. P.S. I’m writing this on my PSP!

  10. Danny

    I haven?t seen any post on it. But has a new post on it. Just thought you would like to know.

  11. kojirex20

    i wander if since technically rob’s party is on the 17 will the 1-18-08 website will be updated with new pics from the party, or maybe even more than that

  12. BaneSilvermoon

    Only one theater in my entire town has it listed on their own webpage, or any movie ticket pages that I’ve seen. And we’ve got a population of 700k….

  13. admin

    Monstrous: 5th place in what contest? I finished 15th in the widget contest, but that ended january 1st, Paramount already contacted me, I should have my Cloverfield prize pack shortly…is that the contest youre talking about?

  14. Axul

    oh snap..admin you got 15th place i did not even know that.well congrats on the winning! when you get your prize pack let us know what you got.

  15. Axul

    Monstrous: i think what your looking at is mak is directly across the #5 winner.if you go across the screen quick enough you dont catch that mak is actully #15

  16. weyland

    I went last night after work and got my ticket for the midnight showing on Thursday. I am pretty pysched about it.


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