Thanks Klace.

Another new picture has surfaced on you can see it below. It appears to be destruction of a ship.

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  1. ::xi::

    Weird…what is that pixelized square near the bottom, just left of center? Looks like they’re obscuring something, perhaps.

  2. admin

    ::xi:: : yep, they are definitely trying to hide something… not sure what, it looks like possible oil or a dark shadow just to the left of that pixelated block. I don’t know that it’s the monster as I’m sure it wouldn’t have stuck around long enough to have it’s picture taken. But you can see some huge scratches gouged in the side of the ship just above the pixelated portion.

  3. Chris74

    Can anyone tell what kind of ship it is? With the masts near the bow, it kind of looks like some sort of fishing trawler.

  4. apronk

    There was talk about screenings in the previous thread. FYI I know that Whitney Matheson of USAToday’s Pop Candy has been invited to a screening tomorrow (Tues 1/15).

  5. g00se

    I am willing to bet there will be a video released that shows more of the ship being destroyed. Is anyone looking for one?

  6. apronk

    Oh and I’ll be way mad if this turns out to be The Spongebob Squarepants Movie 2: Squidward’s Revenge.

  7. Yeti

    That is way to big for a fishing trawler. It could be the oil tanker that capsized. It also looks a bit like some kind of military ship. Perhaps this is the capsized oil tanker and the movie lasts further into the day than we think and the monster returns to the tanker for some reason.

  8. deBish

    The pixelated square is way off the scale…. dropped down to at least 20ppi or lower.

    Can’t do a damn thing with it in photoshop other than make it worst 😛

  9. orange

    this is so awesome. I love how everything is coming down to the release of the movie. I just like how we are seeing all the events unfold. This is interesting. I can’t wait for more vids and pics.

  10. Chris74

    Yeti: Yeah, I realized that when I starting looking at different ship pictures on the web. I think it is either a type of cargo ship, or possibly a naval vessel. The superstructure is huge, probably means it is a very large ship. The masts may be for loading cargo. I just can’t seem to find a picture that matches up though. Was hoping the type of ship might yield some more clues.

    One interesting thing is the tugboat in the foreground. With that and the fact that the ship seems to be sitting high in the water, it would seem to be close to a shoreline. I keep thinking we’re going to get a news report soon.

  11. Mez

    JGNY: you think you could do better?
    Don’t forget that this is a low budget movie and this still is part of the viral marketing campaign. Would you prefer they had bought a navy vessel and tore it apart and put up a picture of that?
    Suspend your disbelief a little bit….

  12. Ceb18

    I bet this is the oiler mentioned on the trailor while the people at the party are watching the news following the roar. Bet its one of them pesky Tagruato oilers. LOL

  13. Cabbage

    Anyone else notice the other pixelated area. It looks like they pixed the Statue of Liberty (center left)

  14. orange


    Yup, it deffinitly looks like this happened near shore. I think in the background you can make out structures on a shore line. Also tug boats usually stay close to shore to aid in bring big ships in to harbor. So that means that there is a near by harbor. The helicopters don’t have alot of distance on them either, fuel wise, I could imagine that they took off from land near by.

    or, Its possible that the tugs are special in some sense and CAN infact come out far to bring the damaged ship in to shore…and the Helicopters do have fuel nozzles sticking out in front so yes, those helicopters could refuel and make out to a further distance.

    yes, I am looking deep in to this picture. lol

  15. Chris74

    orange: I believe the images in the background are other ships, not structures. But if this is close to shore somewhere, you wouldn’t be able to keep it quiet. That’s why I think there’s gonna be a statement or news report made 🙂

  16. Yeti

    Cabbage: I noticed those as well, but I think that is another ship, not the Statue of Liberty. Those could be the little monsters. Maybe they can fly. The sounds they hear in the tunnel with the rats sound alot like wings flappingl

  17. jjistheman

    pixelation is the “oil slick” but obviosly in my honest opinion, its the monster leaving. Tagruato AND the military were there on scene and I believe that they knew that was no oil slick aand it was in fact the monster

  18. Ryan

    WEll it looks like and im sure of this is that its a bout a 440 to 550 ft freighter that delivers stuff along the coast. That is not and i repeat is not an oil tanker. Why a freighter plays a role may just have been destroyed our was carrying seab bed nectar to NY though i bet it was just destroyed

  19. Ryan

    It Looks that the ship off to left looks almost exactly like this one. also what ver is in back corner of pic looks like either the statue of liberty or a stansion for a bridge it is inot another shgip and yes tyheir must be something there

  20. Ryan

    chris look up liberty ship and coastal freighter if you wanna see what this ship is. I live on water see them all the time they carry cargo into smaller ports

  21. Ramone

    Howard Stern yet again mentioned Cloverfield, and they’ve been running the radio commercials on Sirius radio this week.

    Now Stern hardly ever plays ‘real’ commercials let alone movie ones , if he does it’s because they are ‘sponsoring’ the show.

    Stern and JJ Abrams go way back, so much so that JJ got Stern’s daughters walk on parts in ‘Felicity’ – don’t surprised if he comes in for a chat this week. I’ll keep you updated if he does..

    Agent Ramone ..OUT!

  22. Rayford

    Um I’m at the site and the picture is not there…

    Sorry if I somehow missed the fact that they took it down but it just isn’t there and no one here has said so… 🙁

  23. Jessica

    I lightened up the picture to make it look like the attack happened around midday. The pixilation becomes slightly see through. What ever is in the water that they are trying to keep us from seeing is HUGE! What appears to be the SOL in the background is actually another boat/ship/tanker/military ship.

  24. orange

    jjistheman: Yes, they could be covering up the supposed “oil spill” to cover up any kind of environmental type disaster. I don’t think its really the monster thats being covered up by the pix elation, I think the accident or disaster occurred because of the monster but the oil spill is whats being covered by. The military helicopters my symbolize that the military is aware of the situation. Also, notice that the helicopters are in the background? Perhaps its to symbolize that the military is laying low in the background watching over what is going on. Perhaps this why in the movie previews we see the military fighting back…perhaps they were on alert and ready mobilize and when the monster finally came they were ready to go and had those medical facilities ready as well.

    just my 2 cents.

  25. Griffin

    I may have missed some talk earlier (haven’t been visiting Cloverfield sites until a few days ago), but I don’t think that this attack is the one that is mentioned on the news during the trailer. Doesn’t the party happen at night (according to the photos on 1-18-08 dot com) and the attack happen sometime after midnight? Why would they be showing news of a ship that was “attacked” then (the above photo is in daylight)? At this point (according to the trailer), they believe it might be an earthquake or something.

    Maybe the above photo “happened” recently (like the Chaui station attack a few weeks ago) – and this is just another attack as the monster comes closer to New York. The pixilized part may be a coverup as authorities look into the matter of a giant monster out there (if the pixilized part is hiding the monster, as it appears so with the giant claw marks in the vessel.)

    It’s interesting to note that in the Godzilla film, a ship was attacked and claw-marked as well, just before Godzilla came on land (and yes, I know its not a Godzilla film and is a new monster – just pointing out an odd similarity).

  26. theace69

    So tagruato are they the ones who created the monster or does anyone thing that TIDOwave may have somehow created the monster to destroy anything tagruato and back then when the tagruato page got hacked they gave us a clue on how the monster or the minimonster are gonna look?
    Just a thought

    theory ©® by me lol

  27. Ryan

    shes right i was wrong it does appear to be another ship why r three old school freighters and two helicopters hanging around unless this is from a drilling station and not NY at all. A helicopter could travel that far especially if launching from a ship just some food for thought. Wonder where this is maybe in bermuda or santo domingo perhaps. these types of freighters would serioulsy be found operating in bermuda and what not id start lookin on yout tube for an incident in bermuda. In fact more so cause their coastal ocean type freighters. we get em all the time where i live from bermuda the azores. do some searching folks bet ya find something

  28. FourLeafCloverfield

    Look at the left side of the boat near the smoke, can anyone else see a tentacle? It’s just BARELY pixelated. Hmmm

  29. Igor

    I think this ship has been shown in one of the TV spots, where camera pans from right (the burning ship) to left (headless) Statue Of Liberty. That said I think this picture is just a frame from that camera pan.

  30. admin

    It’s clearly a totally different ship than the one that was wrecked near the statue of liberty. The marketing all takes place in real time, so think of it like this ship was destroyed today… the ship near the statue of liberty will be destroyed Friday night. Plus they are totally different types of ships

  31. Digideus

    Funny that the Monster is attacking Tagruato equipment and ships exclusively. Perhaps it likes Slusho!

  32. VB3

    Not exactly on-comment, but what do you suppose the monster’s fate will be? Do they kill it? There’s a clip where the jets fly over and drop bombs, and I would figure they were bombing the monster. But I’ve seen some stillshots of that clip and some people think the monster is behind the bombing area. I can’t imagine this film stays within a semi-realistic confine and not have the monster killed by the end of it, but they did say it was winning…

  33. Scribbs

    actually i think the pic could have been taken the day after the movie, look at the frigates in the background and the military choppers, maybe the monster is fighting the navy ?? just being a hopeful dreamer but you never know

  34. Austin

    admin and everyone,

    on the eve of the official pre-screenings, (some of you are going to the filmmetro screenings tomorrow evening) i want to say thank you for making following this marketing campaign so entertaining even when there wasn’t anything really worth while to talk about (aug-oct). this should be the last night everybody goes to bed with only speculation of what this movie is. from here on out those who cant wait to know will have their opportunity to find out. to that end admin, best of luck keeping all the spoilers out of the mix. i cant even imagine how many posts you sift through every day. i am out of town for work starting tomorrow and will be checking in hopefully once daily this week. i, unfortunately, wont be seeing the flick until sunday.

    in case this is my last post before the big day, i want to thank you admin for creating this blog and letting us all be a part of this little community you have created. to everyone else, it’s been fun to hear everyone’s points of view and opinions on this movie. it has also been interesting that one movie has brought people from all over the world on these comment boards.


    austin 😀

  35. Lion-o

    does any one else notice in the gray smoke the redness higher up in the picture. Like something is behind the smoke burning.

  36. orange

    Franky: Very good point. I never really thought about that. It is possible that this picture could have been taken or is at least placed after the attack and the monster has since disappeared. Perhaps this is a picture of some of the destruction and recovery from after the attack.

  37. admin

    Austin: Well thank you. I appreciate the kind words, and yes it is going to be hard to keep spoilers out. I dont think it’ll be too bad here, but the forum might be difficult. You can rest assure that none will be posted on though.

  38. mark

    I think that if it isn’t a fishing boat, it might be cargo, and maybe, the monster was in it, because they caught it from the chuai station and were transporting it back when it broke free, the gashes on the side look outward not inward, and the blur in the back is the statue of liberty, but really far off.

  39. TK

    No tentacle in the blurred pic, it’s the continuation of the ship’s hull. Why do people keep “seeing” “things” like “tentacles” and “faces” in the smoke is beyond me. Maybe they are just blurring the ship’s name and number so it wouldn’t be identified.

  40. MikePDT

    the ship is definetly a cargo freighter, not the oil tanker in the trailers. If i had to guess, this is the aftermath of the original attack on the ship. The ship looks to me like it has hit the bottom of the river or body of water it was in, also they wouldnt send a tug boat in that close to a 500 foot long vessel that was going down. I dont think this is in new york harbor either because im almost positive you can see both sides of the river rather easily

  41. Charles

    Okay now what I see is scratches from the ship around the left area with the smoke and i also see that in the right side i see a little thing blurred out. That i think is the statue of liberty i dunno i’m just making stuff up as i see it

  42. Skitts

    a long time ago i found this quote from rob and his one friend talking about how they found a boat with scratch marks on it. yah i just thought i would tell you guys because this is definately what they were talking about.

  43. Skitts

    ive come to the conlcusion that…JJ is a meany. hes always leaving us hanging with these pictures and hes just making us want to see it even more and more!!! and even though this is a low budget movie, did you know every commercial they put up on tv for 30 seconds cost 2 million? low budget my ass…

  44. Animal

    Heads up: I think I see a tentacle. Look above the pixellation at the left part of the boat. You can see something tannish, looks like a centipede, almost. Does anyone else get that?

  45. BaneSilvermoon

    I see pixelated fire at the base of one of the scratch marks, no tentacle. I do find it interesting though that the censoring made this huge rectangle, yet it extends higher off of that rectangle on the top right corner.

    I also agree that the right side image is another blurred ship. If you take the ship on the left, look at the far right end of it, then imagine it sitting a bit closer I think you’d get exactly what you have on the right.

    Oh and those claw marks are definately inward, theres no metal bent out along the edges, and the hull of the ship is collapsed in a little towards the bottom where the force of the blow increased getting away from the claw tip.

  46. g00se

    his looks familiar. Maybe it was the inspiration for photo #8.

    This video was posted on youtube on 6/26/06

    Just something to look at and wonder.

  47. J

    Look at the far right middle right under the smoke. Is it me or is that pixelated as well? And if so I wonder why.

  48. DarthPuchy

    That has tobe the sol pixaletted out in the background.if it was another ship why hide it and not both in the background. Viral Marketing is addictive, damn J.J.

  49. ryan

    Okay again no way new york three freighters in same spot again somewhere in the atlantci bet we get update or ur all missin something, and as far as being post movie I can almost safely say no freakin way. Won’t say why but no way. And also again I think this movcie is first of many attacks from all stations, this may have oocured near a diff stations. There were reports of things being tracked by british and other places. Also I’m excited bet its a good movi3e littlw monsters are gonna be cool, but if monster is what that kid drew we will be getting zilla mixed with a garbage truck and a sea bass how gay. This pic is from today or yesterday we will see this in next day or two. And a 500 ft coastal type freighter or liberty type ship has diff cargo holds none of them big enuff to hold monster in fact monste3r is taller than this ship is long next idea.

  50. DarthPuchy

    ship def couldn’t hold monster. hopefully that aint the real monster kid drew. it wouldn’t make sense for a creature that lives in the deep. looked at photo in photoshop over laid right filterd image with left ship, scaled it down and it does match. it appears to be one of the poles.

  51. der h

    looks to me like there’s a lighthouse on the top right. i think it’s part of the NYC attack, just in the daytime after the party. all of the attack couldn’t have happened during the night, because the military quarantine shown in the trailer couldn’t have just been thrown together in a time span of like six hours, so it must’ve been the next night.

  52. Carlos*

    You know this event could have led to the military’s discovery of the monster.
    The military probably used sonar to track down the monster but then they’ll lose it (in a matter of days), and then when it strucks Lower Manhattan the military will rush down to capture it or do something to stop it from causing less destruction.

  53. BaneSilvermoon

    The military is at least present within an hour, the time stamps on the other photos assures that much.

    Do we know for sure whether we’ve seen Janices’ picture yet or not?

  54. Dawk20

    Is it just me or does the fuzzed out part look like the Statue of Liberty in the distant. Maybe this is the tanker in the harbor when shit starts to go down.

  55. marz

    im that the movie is only 4 days away,i wonder if there is actualy a few web sites that werent found..and when the movie IS out..what then of the sites we did find?would they keep them going..maybe add something that would lead up to sequals,t.v. shows,etc.

  56. admin

    Dawk20: I don’t understand where people are seeing the Statue of Liberty… On the left there is clearly a ship in the distance, and on the right, it’s another ship… It has two tall towers sticking out of it…

  57. ryan

    I will say this there is no way this pic was taken on jan 18th in the morning no damn way. Ill almost bet my life on it. I do think not sure cause on cell phone now but those r black hawk helicopters in background. I wanna see the new monster pic hopefully not another shot of seabass dumpstertruck guy. Also it takes 5 minutes for f 18’s and 15’s to scramble from otis afb in mass to get to new york and I’m sure they have anti terrorist forces ready to go at moments notice in city.. ……. oh yeah on more thought I read on line that there have been at least five freighter sinkings one abandonned and two exploded in last few days.. Black sea taiwan russia crimean sea and what not bet on of these or some may be at other stations do some homework and get back to me

  58. Yeti

    I think people are just assuming that any tall object in the background surrounded by water must be the Statue of Liberty. To me it looks more like part of a naval vessel, or maybe a lighthouse. Besides, it is too early for the monster to be in New York Harbor, and if this is afterward, then the Statue has already been beheaded. I believe what we are seeing is some kind of clash between the creature and a fleet of naval vessels.

  59. Miguel

    ok so i know this sounds really dumb, but i think i got something here. Well i was messing around with the pic over at and when i was making it brighter i noticed an eye in the pixelated area. And some tentacles next to the claw marks. Idk i just saw that.

  60. Harper

    Did you know if you leave the website ( up for a while, the monster will roar?

    I think I left it up for about 10-15 minutes and the sfx scared me out of a homework based coma!!!


  61. Robert

    This is probably the first time I’ve said this but… please, whoever sees the movie, spoil me on the movie! Tell me everything you see, seen, hear, and heard. Please?

  62. jax-monster

    I left the picture up on the website without moving anything for a while and the noise of the monster from the commercial sounded! Anyone else hear this?

  63. jax-monster

    left it up for around 5 mins and heard the scream again I wonder what else will happen if left alone even longer?

  64. Master Roshi

    Hey guys check this out! The stars of Cloverfield are going to be on G4’s Attack Of The Show at 7:00 ET on Wednesday!! Freakin awsome!!!

  65. Mike

    Hey can anyone translate the text on the back of the “screaming chef” photo? It is in Japanese, I am guessing that it is just postcard ad for the resturant

  66. MikePDT

    its a recipe. the only thing that holds any importance to me is the fact that it asks for deep sea nectar in the recipe

  67. thomas

    on a random note i was just looking at the fan art and review and i can clearly say its a fake due to the fact that the fan art and review depict a monster that ive seen before in a movie called the host. there no differences between the 2 monsters

  68. admin

    thomas: The Host is a great movie, i have the blu-ray, but the fan art in the forum and the monster in The Host don’t look all that similar, while they do have some of the same features, the monster in the host is not as tall as a skyscraper and resembles more of a mutated fish

  69. Trexx

    so many people with old news…anyway, i honestly don’t see much. definitely not the statue of liberty in the background, and no tentacles. i suppose those sort of helicopters could be launched from a naval ship, though thats not at all typical, at least for that type. also, whoever said it earlier, i agree with you. tugs don’t usually head very far out to sea, but i can’t think of what else it might be.

  70. Keith

    Does anyone notice that the blurred out part looks like a picture that we have been receiving on the 01-18-08 website????? Look at the outline of it… Hmmm Maybe this could be the next picture

  71. BaneSilvermoon

    The ship does look like it could be in shallow water though. I found an old photo of a cargo vessel that sunk sitting at the new york pier in 1919 and the image was VERY similar to this one. Although this one is for sure in deeper water than it was, the side of the ship barely breached the water in the old photo. It was just sitting on the floor of the ocean.

    And despite my want for it to be a navy vessel (still it COULD be an unarmed supply ship, though unlikely). I’m also 99% sure that those saying this is a cargo ship are correct. I spent quite a bit of time today looking up various ship types and found various freighters with the same characteristics.

    Of the entire lot I ran across, freighters, warships and all, only one stood out that really looked a lot like this one. It was a freighter, coincidentally sitting on the bottom of the ocean. Looked very similar to this ship, but it was obvious that it wasn’t of the same type.

    Which also got me thinking, this is all created for marketing. There may not be a ship out there that perfectly matches this picture. Its likely an artist rendition based on various photos of both sinking and floating ships.

  72. MC

    I am not sure if anyone mentioned this, but I saw a TV spot today with a flash of this ship’s downfall

  73. Ramone

    Stern is running the ‘three days until..’ Cloverfield radio commercials as we speak on his Sirius show.

    Bye for Now..urrrgggh

  74. Ryan

    hey yeah i saw that pic on 1 18 08 who is the japanese chick with the creepy face maybe ganus mom. and yeah its a freighter and i told ya all yesterday there r many sinkings and wrecks in the last few weeks look around all i guarantee we havent seenn all there is to see on web yet. I bet that pic is some clue cuase thats just down right creepy kind bizarre actually

  75. Ryan

    Double post imso bad. Hey heres some news for you all. do u know why and how the movie got its name. Abrams agent suggested that they use Cloverfield the street as the code name till they announced the real name at con cam, or whatever it was called. Ahhh ready GREYSHOT was the intended name as it was going to be named after a piece of architecture used in the movie, all u new yorkers know what im talking about. However we all fell in love with cloverfield and that why they later added joker and thief instead of woman from wolf mother. haha inside joke. also Neville Page not Koenig designed monster that is described as a baby who just got out of the water for the first time in a few thousand years lol. So its kinda coinfused and upset and prone to temper tantrums. as someone with two kids on the way this movie may be a good guide for parenting lol. Just thought id give some Cloverfield trivia and backstory have a good one. If u liked this little tidbit filled section check out the production notes in spoilers

  76. Ryan

    By the way sorry for typos done on cell phone my computers line has been down lol

  77. Ramone

    Movie web has posted TEN interviews and behind the scenes clips and one of the fakest reviews known to mankind. Some of it may be real but it looks mostly like the guy/gal has just read articles and seen the clips and made their own script up. So avoid that bit if your skeptical and don’t want to ruin your ‘best night ever’.

  78. MarytheLion

    what ever is goin on, I just HOPE and pray they don’t let the online story FIZZLE out to nothing. We’ve followed this since Transformers, summer of last year. There better be some GOOD explanation of the monsters coming, and some good info to the story line of the whole…Tag thing. Its very creepy, but a good read none the less.

    I see a blown up ship in that pic. Don’t look too hard!

  79. Ramone

    I agree with the guru Marythelion, don’t try and find things thay aren’t there! So why the pixalation mystery?

    Well, it looks to me like a dingy from the outline and possibly an orange life jacket. So who ever is in the dingy doesn’t want their identity revealed.

    Or, it seeing as it’s the scene of a disaster, it could of been of a body floating in the water. Not some thing you’d want to see on the evening news.

    But then again, they may of well pixelated part of the photograph to just keep the ‘talk going.

  80. ryan

    I agree don’t think there is much in pic except location of janice maybe wand when that happened no monster there folks hey mary what do u think of greyshot instead of cloverfield

  81. Whyte Wolf

    This should be interesting…In the upper left corner are Black Hawk Military Helicopters. That means the military is aware of the creature. And they left New York wide open, way to go US Military….

  82. marythelion

    Ramone, I kinda thought that too….about the pixelation added to create more buzz. Guru eh? LOL 😛

  83. Marie

    Whyte Wolf, I think yes they know the monster is coming and leave NY wide open But I don’t think they have enough time to respond properly except the fact they seem to act rapidly following the attack at midnight on the 18th

  84. k-y jelly 51/50

    i did noy right this but i think its relly funny how rong this guy is

    Name: Cloverfield
    Distributor: Paramount
    Official Site:
    Release Date: January 18, 2008
    MPAA Rating: PG-13 for violence, terror and disturbing images
    Source: Original Screenplay
    Major Genre: Action
    Keywords: Monster
    Production Budget: Unknown – Reported at $30 million
    Box Office Potential: Anywhere from $25 million to $125 million
    Notes: Cloverfield, or as it might be known at the end of the month, Snakes on a Plane 2: Electric Boogaloo, has been the center of an intense storm of hype and speculation since word first appeared of the movie. There was a lot of speculation, because there were so few details released (the first trailer didn’t even have the name in it). However, while this generated a lot of hype, now that more details have come out, there’s not as much speculation and the buzz has died down considerably. The film is going to have to rely on strong reviews and positive word of mouth, and even that might not be enough. As a fan of movies, I love this marketing approach. As someone who analyzing box office numbers and tries to come up with predictions, I hate it. There’s no way I can really do my job, but if I was to guess, I think this film will fail to capitalize on the advance buzz and will become a midlevel hit at best ($50 million).

  85. XX

    The one structure on the photo in the back looks like aircraft carrier. The one with the mast.

  86. ryan

    Mary that was original name while cloverfield was one of the covers. Also as massachussetts leadin cloverfield reporter decontructor, lol I will be tuning off on all of u round 5 or 6 till friday so that I can’t be depoiled anylonger I wanna be pure like fresh fallen snow lol so at 5 ill leave u all alone for a while lol until then wehres my damn freighter attack in the atlantic

  87. orange

    WOW. WTF is that for real! the new picture makes it appear as if whatever is coming out of the water is unstoppable.

    WOW…ADMIN get this up!!!

  88. BaneSilvermoon

    *sigh*, this late in the game basic misinformation is still abundant. And apparently in those production notes that I haven’t read.

    RYAN: Heres a quote for ya, straight from an interview with Director Matt Reeves.

    “When we started the project there was going to be an announcement in the trades. In this case, they wanted to keep everything under wraps. So the movie was going to be made under this outside corporation that was basically a property of Paramount. That corporation had a name that I don?t know the name of. I think Clover was the first part of it. Maybe it was Cloverdale. When Drew [Goddard, LOST writer] was putting a name to the project, there was supposed to be a name for the project like there was for The Manhattan Project. So he said, “I am going to use that weird mysterious thing,” and he misheard it. He didn?t even understand that it wasn?t Cloverfield, it was Cloverdale. Maybe that was because of the street by J.J.?s old office, but the truth is he just misunderstood it.”

  89. Ryan

    greyshot straight out of production notes and JJ and Matts Mouth. they havent given one interview the same during this whole process

  90. H3B3R

    If you save the picture from your computer and open it with the Windows Picture/Fax viewer ‘Zoom In’ as much as necessary above the scratches, where the first column of smoke is at… I like to think it’s the logo of the ship but its out of perspective… It looks like some kind of Drawing, isn’t?

  91. g00se

    H3B3R – I read from another site that that black spot may be the Tagruato logo….and the ship may be the one drawn up in the comic book. They also say the blurred area is covering the # of the vessel (117). Just a thought.

  92. InGen

    Probably shouldn’t be here, ’cause I have exams to study for(damn high school). Anyways PEOPLE, THINK WHAT’S GOING ON IN REALITY AT THE MEANTIME…

    We’re at WAR people! If this all takes place on or around 1-18-08, we are still in Iraq and Afghanistan. Wouldn’t the military be bogged down enough? Being able to respond to a giant, anonymous monster attacking the big apple?!?! However, If there’s any one country that can do it, it’s the United States. Just my 2 cents. Hey Admin, please consider this comment and read this. I want your response as well.

  93. tobi

    I think stevenc is right go to his comment and he shows you a link click on it the pic is weird it looks like the monsters tail pulling the ship down.if you look closely,you’ll see it.look at it and anybody tell me if im right or’ll see im right

  94. Todd Walker

    Helpful tips shared I am very happy to go through this particular article..many thanks with regard to providing people wonderful information.Excellent walk-through. I appreciate this kind of post.


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