Thanks Love Doctor and Chris74.

And we get another new picture on that appears to be a man fishing a box out of some bloody water.

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  1. Scribbs

    its obvious to everyone now that the monster is Moses, turning the sea into blood :p, IM KIDDING!!! Thats one nasty case of red tide…yall probably don’t even know what that is lol

  2. Chris74

    So maybe the creature can be hurt after all. That’s a heck of a lot of blood.

  3. admin

    What if these last few images have been of the military destroying a baby creature and now the mother is going to seek revenge on New York…. hrmmmmm

  4. Danny

    Where is Janice’s picture?

    Those look like crab traps that he is pulling into the little boat. And that is an awfully small boat to using in the Atlantic.

  5. lovedoctor

    haha….maybe the “seabed nectar” used to make Slusho is really the blood of the monster….hmmm…….or maybe this is a pic of Tidowave operatives returning to the scene of the attack, looking to collect evidence against Tagruato….there’s the small boat with the man on it, but there’s also a larger looking boat on the right

  6. BaneSilvermoon

    To red for a red tide :-p

    Something definitely bled a lot in the area. After getting a post the day before of the military blasting the hell out of something in the water I’d think again, like yesterday, we have an obvious follow up image.

    And perhaps now we know why its so pissed off in the trailers.

  7. Jimi Hatt

    That’s weird. If there’s a dead or wounded monster there, you’d think the military wouldn’t let this dude anywhere near it. That could also be the site where the oil rig was destroyed.

  8. ryan

    Too far out for a boat like that that looks like a fishing boat used on some island type local thing or maybe maine or canada I bet 8somewhere near brmuda. What the f%*k this gettin wierd.

  9. VB3

    It’s also on the hull of the boat, so it is either thicker than the water or somebody isn’t thinking physically on the production crew.

    I’m starting to worry this movie might not be as good as I hope it is. That, or the lead-up surrounding it is losing some of its steam.

  10. Danny

    Well since the blood or what ever that subtance is it has not disapated or even dilouted in the water it is much thicker than the ocean water which might account for it showing up on the side of the boat.

  11. Billy

    There is a larger boat or a pier in the lower right hand corner. He is either A) not far from land or B) he launched from a larger craft. I really hope the web fun doesn’t end with the release of the movie. Some kind of sequal would also be nice.

  12. ::xi::

    Well, it’s possible the monster could be female. In which case, the blood and subsequent rampage are now explained.

    *ducks and runs*

  13. carly

    I think it’s blood:
    This might be where the Chuai Station was. If so, we have been able to infer that it was attacked by Mr. Grumpy Pants. We know that MGP has little friends that live on him and like to make people explode (evidence: trailers). If MGP did indeed attack Chuai Station, the people on it would subsequently have ended up in the water. Once in the water they would have fallen prey to MGP’s little friends (wether or not these people had drowned or somehow survived the incident itself and were floating in the water). After all the attacking, people would be exploding, and in case you all are unaware, lots of exploding people = lots of blood.
    btw, I forgot to close the window I had up for, completely forgetting about the damned roar and nearly pissed myself just now.

    anyway, all of that is purely my speculation.

  14. Marie

    There is a kid sitting at the feet of the man… so probably not at high sea… and why would he fish in blood with a kid… I am very disappointed with the last pictures that they pu up on 01-18-08

  15. Ramone

    This is not a photograph. If you look closely, it’s actually an oil painting.

    Just thought I’d point that out.

  16. Marie

    Ramone I noticed it was oil painting too and I am trying to find the original one…

  17. Dollar1375

    And that doesn’t look like a child, it looks like a shadow of someone who was airbrushed out, near the closest fishing pole…

  18. carly

    there’s a larger boat in the extreme foreground. it’s in the bottom right corner. in fact, it’s kind of obvious. the smaller boat is probably meant to be some sort of lifeboat or other utility. and why can’t the child be on the high seas? maybe it’s a fishing boat and the boy is learning his father’s trade one day when they come across this crazy phenomenon. on that note, i don’t think they’re fishing right now. they’re probably doing what anyone else would: inspecting the abnormality.

    sorry admin, i see a child.

  19. Marie

    Carly, I have a kid and would never take him into the water if I would see that much blood (if it is blood)
    That guy is a nut case if he is doing so.. anyway my point was that I find the last couple of pictures were thrown online just to feed the fans with useless stuff.

  20. Danny

    I know this is off the mark, and but at cloverfield clues they links to a japanese comic book that has a ship with the Targruato logo and at the end of the comic it refers to 1-18-08 and jj abrams.

  21. Danny

    this comic looks like tagrauto is trying to capture some kind of sea monster. but then it says to be continued.

  22. Danny

    but it looks like a kid to me on that boat. But as a utility boat that it is not. I have seen those boats in the Med. used by fisherman for near coastal fishing and those are crab or lobster cages that he is bringing up or putting out. and you would not use a smaller boat to get the traps or even set them. that would be a waste of time.

  23. admin

    It’s clearly just a shadow, possibly a shadow of a child that was taken out for use in this image, but there is no child near his leg that i can see…. If that was a kid, he’d have the skinniest/longest neck ever

    image blown up for reference

  24. admin

    Danny: I’ve seen it, just chose not to post it as I don’t think many people can read japanese, and it doesn’t seem relevant to the movie at this time. Maybe when the next issue or part is released in february.

  25. Irish09

    What about the possibility that the monster and his “posse” killed a whale or a school of fish, etc. It appears the old man is pulling in a trap (lobster or crab). If this is a fertile fishing area, as evidenced by two fishing boats, then the monster was likely feeding.

  26. weyland

    Hey Admin, you might be onto to something…maybe targrauto killed her baby and she destroyed the station and then followed the tanker up to NY being the that the deceased baby was on the tanker….

  27. Lord Of This World

    admin – January 16th, 2008 at 11:29 am
    What if these last few images have been of the military destroying a baby creature and now the mother is going to seek revenge on New York?. hrmmmmm

    This better not be a remake of Jaws:The Revenge

  28. weyland

    Admin kinda said that already way up there…

    I guess the monster is getting closer to NY now..with these kinda pics and maybe there would be sightings. I mean NY is a big trade route for ships…certainly there would be a sighting or something destroyed.

  29. FourLeafCloverfield

    Admin, Matt Reeves and J.J Abrams have already stated in previous interviews that this monster is a baby and is confused at it’s surroundings. So it couldn’t be a mother attacking due to it’s loss. Good theory, though!

  30. Guiness

    What if this photo was taken at another location further along from the night battle that was photographed earlier? Maybe the monster is at rest after the fight and that would explain the blood. Also, I think that little boat was there before all that blood was. The monster could be feeding.

  31. Skitts

    maybe its just blood from whales. the monster was feeding on them maybe. but look how far the blood goes. maybe its foreshadowing, like the military will hurt it alot so the monster will leave, and then maybe thats all the blood its spilling from its injuries…? just an idea.

  32. Dollar1375

    Just a point, these pictures do not have date or time stamps, so they are not necessarily in chronological order…

  33. justcon

    I think you need to flip the mother/baby relationship. In the production notes that Paramount released they say that the monster is “a baby”. What if mommy climbed up the station to get to the surface to give birth, and then was attacked in the process of giving birth and fled (I don’t think Tagruato would be very successful in trying to kill the monster).

    So now mommy and baby think the other is dead and baby is running amok…because it’s a baby monster.

    This would also explain the blood being thicker than water, since the blood that is released during birth isn’t just blood (mmm…placenta).

  34. J

    These are all just pictures leading up to when the movie opens. I don’t think that this is blood from whales. Maybe from people it killed or the monster itself. I just know that the monster is mad…. raging mad. And either he is going to New York after Ganu or somehow Ganu has a way of controlling it. I don’t think that the monster is just going on a rampage with no reasoning behind it.

  35. admin

    Franky: Lord of this world was just copying what I wrote, and then responding to it below that, so that we would know what he was responding to, he wasnt taking my theory.

    Justcon: Thanks for that, I didn’t read the production notes as I didn’t want to spoil anything. But my idea is too far out there, I don’t really think there are more than 1 large monster, but who knows, maybe there are more but there’s only 1 in the actual movie…

  36. MarytheLion

    ::xi:: – January 16th, 2008 at 12:44 pm
    Well, it?s possible the monster could be female. In which case, the blood and subsequent rampage are now explained.

    *ducks and runs*


  37. MarytheLion

    I too read the production notes…JJ used the word baby to describe its behavior OF being confused, frightened, and angry. Its not a “baby” baby, but “baby” in an endearing term, if you can endear this beast…hee hee. He sure has.

  38. admin

    Franky: He saw my post and had a response to that particular post, so he copied and pasted what I had written into a comment, then put a few line breaks and responded with “This better not be a remake of Jaws:The Revenge”, which is all he said. But instead of just posting that one line, since what I wrote was way at the top, he copied and pasted it so that we would know that’s what his comment was in response to. The same way that Marythelion just did with ::xi::’s comment…. get it now?

  39. 55JL

    Erm about the production notes:


    I think they used the”baby’ In a slang meaning because they also said that creature was for thousands years in water what’s pretty much for a baby. Then again it may had a long maturity process or something. Well like they said In the notes we’ll never know;/

  40. admin

    55JL: I wouldn’t really consider that a spoiler but let’s keep the production notes talk to a minimum as I know there’s some stuff in there some people may not want to hear.

  41. SEphiroTH

    Perhaps… and this is a BIG perhaps… the blurred out section in the picture with the destroyed ship is the little ship in THIS picture.

    Plus… the giant ship in the destroyed ship picture has the Tagruato logo on it, in the same place as the comic book Tagruato ship.

  42. Franky

    55JL: dont you think the creature was created cause teddy said that tagruato was working on somthing big and how coincindentally Ganu Yoshida went to NY and so did the monster?

  43. ryan

    Me thinks its all building up to something something that could only end in fire Pete Townsed song Give Blood.. Just thought it fit. Definately think this is small island off coast of canada or bermuda thanks clover for thought. Comic book was way cool just don’t read chinese part tow is gonna be a prequel. Just wondering if just monster or tagruato is a totally ruthless bunch of pricks bent on running the world their way and in the future their will be more monsters

  44. admin

    Franky: I don’t think the monster was “created” at all, more like woken up. Tagruato works on a lot of stuff and obviously has some shady stuff going on, but I don’t think they created the monster.

  45. SEphiroTH

    Oh, and the Tagruato logo on the side of the huge destroyed ship was just speculation, ’cause I see a circular logo that looks similar to that in the comic book.

  46. Franky

    Admin: but i cant remember where but i distictly remember that the monster was composed of animal parts mainly oceanic parts but i may be wrong dont yell if i am

  47. admin

    Franky: Pretty sure that was just speculation, but we’re not talking about what people think the monster looks like here. Use the spoiler section of the forum. Once the movie is released everywhere I’ll lift the strict ban on anything remotely spoiler-ish, and you can talk about whatever you want here, but still trying to keep it a surprise for everyone.

  48. andrew

    i happen to agree with the birth thing if this is a baby which jj said its a newborn why wouldnt the mother come to protect it?? i think the mother was killed and the military are following the infant and chased it into new york and its just trying to get to deeper waters to hide and survive

  49. Charles

    I’m so freaking mad. My brother decided on being an ass and now he won’t be taking me to see Cloverfield and since I got no money no Cloverfield! =[!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. SEphiroTH

    Charles… I have some great news for you… all you’ve gotta do to see this film is walk over to the stand where you buy tickets… mimic the “roar” of the creature, and then pretty much destroy anything in your path until you’re sitting nicely watching the destruction caused by the creature.

  51. SEphiroTH

    Franky… Yeah, there’s some sort of net that appears to be connected to the boat… to the fisherman’s left. It appears to be a screen or something. I just don’t know much about boats, so I was wondering what they were.

  52. Franky

    he probably put it up after hearing “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

  53. SteveMikes

    How has no one noticed that the guy is aiming a shotgun down into the water ?!
    The blood could anything though. I don’t think it’s the monster’s baby, prompting a full on attack by it’s mother. . . production notes explain a bit to make me come to that conclusion.

    Seeing as special effects haven’t been spectacular for the photo’s so far, I’m willing to guess it’s just eaten the fisherman’s catch. Or destroyed little boats and killed the humans on them.
    I doubt after surviving seriously heavy military fire, a man with a shotgun good shoot a hole through this thing.
    The blood is probably so wide and spread for dramatic effect.

  54. Trexx

    i would definitely say its blood. and maybe the blood is much thicker than a regular animals. mightn’t the *explosion* of the bitten people (as it looks like in the trailer) be cause by a rapid thickening of the blood? if so, the parasites themselves wouldn’t have too much of an effect on a monster that huge anyway. i see no child. and if i was out fishing even in a bigger boat, i’d definitely launch a smaller one to examine the water. also, if this really is a young creature, do you think they could kill the mother easily? think of how ridiculously huge it must be. anyway, regardless of all that, i have one thing to say: if it bleeds, you can kill it.

    (on a side note i don’t think the new viral stuff is bad at all. this is some of the best speculation i’ve seen in a few months)

  55. Skitts

    i still say that the monster was eating whales or something. tahts the only explanation. i mean come on…the monster has its period? ha funny but…i dont think so.

    admin: I don?t think the monster was ?created? at all, more like woken up.

    see me and him are on the same page. tagruato woke up the monster and now the monster is just going and he just so happens to find NY. hes lost basically, he has no idea where is he and then theres little creatures (humans) shooting at him. hes just reacting. and my other theory is that the monster likes slushos main ingredient, sea nectar, and it loured him to NY. o and maybe the reason he ripped off the statue of liibertys head was that he didnt know if it was going to attack him, maybe he was defending himself. well these are just my opinions. no rude comments please =)

  56. Lord Of This World


    Good to see someone still has a sense of humor. I guess sarcasm doesnt go over well in the written medium.

    17 hours and counting until I see the movie…kick ass! I will be sure to gloat(but not give anything away!) @ 2am Friday morning after I have finally seen this movie.

  57. Rayford

    Hmm I was thinking that a good “final update” before the movie could be of Teddy using Jamie’s video blog to post a video of himself DYING… 🙂

    that would make me happy since she would be so disturbed she would go kill herself and we would no longer have to deal with her… 😀

  58. Rayford

    Hmm I don’t mean to double post although I am… but there have been 10 Jamie videos and 10 TIDO posts and 10 1-18-08 pictures…

    I’m sure there is no mystical property to the number 10 but since they are all the same I wonder if there will be anymore updates till the movie… 🙁

    Yes I know a random proofless theory but I offered it regardless… 😀

  59. Mutated Squid Whale Creature:

    Here’s a thought for you all.

    Unless caused by the ‘cheese eating surrender monkies’ nuclear testing, the cloverfield monster isn’t going to be a one-off. Maybe there is indeed a family of them as stated by admin.

    Let me clear up the mystery surrounding the new picture.

    That is a photo of Angus McTaggart of the Burnt Island Police Force / Crap fishing champion ’98-’08. Just prior to that picture of his championship winning crab haul, he was pouring 20,000 bottles of Buckfast Tonic Wine in to the sea that had been confiscated from neds/chavs the previous weekend!

    Another mystery solved.

    PS. I am not a happy bunny knowing that the cloverfield monster is NOT a mutated squid whale!!!

    I sincerely hope the knock-off of this movie set in Japan called ‘Monster’ is a mutated squid whale! Watch the trailer and you will see that I am half way there in my wish!

  60. SteveMikes

    The blood could be guts, dead fish etc. to lure an animal too, huge possibility. Also known as “Chum”. Next picture shall reveal answers. . .

  61. admin

    Mutated Squid: I’m watching the knock off movie, MONSTER, as I type this 🙂

  62. Mutated Squid Whale Creature:


    Tell me it’s a mutated squid whale and make my year so far!

    JJ definately missed the boat by not making America’s own monster a mutated squid whale! I know it, you know know it and JJ will almost certainly know it after checking out my posts!

  63. SteveMikes

    Mutated Squid: you’re insane mate haha.
    I think I’ve just figured something out too, but I can’t say it because it includes what some may feel is a spoiler from production notes, damn. Really wanna say it too.
    Admin, can I just say it, then if it is a bit spoiler-ish you can just delete or edit it ?

  64. TK

    Hmmm, maybe this is not blood (doesn’t look like blood), maybe it’s a shadow under the water, like the one that was under the Chuai oil rig. I can’t help but think that something very large is under the water.

  65. sarah beth

    i missed about a weeks worth of updates, and unfortunately that was the busiest week for news. is there one blog posting that sums up everything that’s happened (mostly i’m confused about what the whole janice picture is, or is supposed to be)?

  66. BenFranklin

    Perhaps the newborn comment by Abrams is not correctly interpreted. Instead of thinking of newborn as a baby, instead newborn to it’s new surroundings. A being of a size that is able to knock over a building would be difficult to go unnoticed, which brings us to three theories:
    1. The mother beast bore a child beast and the mother was killed: If the being is hidden below the Earth’s surface in brumation of some sort, it would be a horrible species trait to immediately give birth upon being awakened. A hibernating species needs to first locate food after hibernation and then can it think about procreation. The natural order of species would prevent this theory.
    2. The creature mutated (rapidly like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) to its current state. And similar to the TMNT (I cannot believe I am using this reference) the new creature is unaware of how to interact with its new surroundings, which would give credence to the back scratching scene that Abrams described.
    3. The beast existed in a hibernation state when the Chuai drilling station drilled into its tail; whereby triggering a pain response to attack anything in the immediate area, in this case the station. The deep sea aspect of the drill may have meant that a large amount of blood pooled in an underground pocket of some sort and through a tunnel system reminiscent of Loch Ness it later comes to the surface at a shore region (explaining the simple boat in this photo). Eating some of the station and realizing it is not food spits out the station bits (killing the crew filming the escape, I am still curious as to how that video was recovered what with a 2 ton girder falling on top of the boat shooting everyone on board to the bottom of the ocean). The beast then randomly heads in a direction, ending up at New York where enroute it comes across the shipping boat seen in the slashed up photo. The mayday prompts the coast guard out (the two helicopters) to investigate, setting off the U.S. Navy to intervene.
    Option one does not follow basic animalistic behavior, option two requires a spider bite, my vote is for option three as it was easiest to write.

  67. Mutated Squid Whale Creature:

    TK: The seabed is quite large I imagine!

    SteveMikes: shhhhh. You’ll have the psychi-unit at my door! Buckfast Tonic Wine is the Scottish Slusho… You can’t just drink one bottle!

    Tell me what your spoiler-ish thing is!

  68. Mutated Squid Whale Creature:

    Admin: Downloading movies is a crime, or so it says on all the movies I download.

    How is Monster? It’s a mutated squid whale creature, isn’t it?

    Here’s a question for all you Americans. Almost all of your cities have been stomped, nuked, alien invaded, and over run by the living dead. Would it make a pleasant change for you folk to see a movie such as Cloverfield take place in Burnt Island, Fife, Scotland.

    The movie would start with a few neds/chavs on the beach thinking they are having a bad trip from the paracetamol they bough from sleazy-Deek thinking they were ‘E’. Then, you would bear witness to the monster stomp on the funfair and wreck a few shops. Then after a 20 minute walk the monster decides to head back because there is no building taller than 4 stories for at least 50km and hardly worth it’s while getting shot at by Farmer Palmer and pepper sprayed by the local police, so decided to head back to the murky depths and head for Paris.

    You know that movie would be ACE!

  69. Mutated Squid Whale Creature:

    Admin: You are so not a rebel.

    You didn’t answer my question about ‘monster’s monster!

    It’s a mutated squid whale for sure and you are just upset that I guessed it! 😉

  70. admin

    I’m about an hour into MONSTER and all they’ve shown is glimpses of tentacles, and nothing has really happened… it’s kinda boring.

  71. ZD

    Hey all – wow! so much stuff going on now. This is probably the last time I will post before the movie (not that i posted a ton) because there is so much coming out and it all will be revealed soon. BUT – I wanted to say thanks to the site admin! I have followed the movie from the first previews on Transformers… never done anything like that before.. this was kinda like crack… but in advertising form. That being said, Cloverfield News has kept me on top of everything. Thank you for your time, and energy. This site has earned my money for the production company… go on strike see if you can get something out of them… hahah. But seriously thank you to everyone involved in the site and I hope we all enjoy the movie as much as much as we are all hoping.

  72. bill

    I dont know if its liquid that is red. For some reason, it looks like more of a fog or gas that has colored the area red. Not too sure, but thats what it looks like to me. A low lying fog or mist. Which is either very bad fx that makes it look like fog, or very bad fx that makes it hard to tell.

  73. Austin

    folks, going back to that comic book, google translates sites & Kadokawa’s site in english is:

    if you watch the flash banner/header long enough, they have an ad for 2008-1-18 (sorry, the flash is still in japanese)

    also, the translated page that links to the comic is:

    Horray Google! I actually am under the impression that this has something to do with something after reading the last page of the comic: produced by jj abrams, bryan burk, it has the bad robot logo and says 2008 paramount pictures all rights reserved as well as the date 2008-1-18 unfortunately the comic’s pdf type file doesnt get translated either.

  74. Digideus

    ITS A CHICKEN! The red stuff is the KFC special coating of 9 different herbs and spices!

    I will not be surprised to see a 900ft Chicken terrorising New York when the film comes out

  75. SteveMikes

    Mutated Squid – it’s already out on this page, so I guess I can mention it.
    So JJ. saying that this thing is a baby. . .
    Thousands of years underwater wouldn’t exactly still make it possible for anything to be new-born.
    Another thing – where’s its parents ?
    Now any living thing in this universe has a parent, I don’t think this thing has just randomly appeared, do you ? This creature must have some relation somewhere surely. . .

    . . . Leading onto my next point. The monster is scared , agitated and confused.
    This could either be 100% because of the drilling then the military hostility. OR, what if it got separated from its mother in the attack we have in the night-time attack picture. The mother went one direction, baby the other. The mother could have been seriously injured alternatively and be dead or dying, hence all the blood and creating a reason for the baby monster to swim away, lonely and confused.

    Also if you take a look at that “prequel” Japanese magazine (official, it has JJ and Paramount copyrights on it) there’s a picture of something rising (two huge eyes) up with chains coming out of the water around it attached to a Tagruato ship/tanker.

    I doubt they’ve dragged it as it probably has the power to pull the ship straight under.
    I’m just getting this off of my chest as deep down I’m still content, believe in and am happy with my original idea – the monster is awoken or disturbed, gets angry and scared, fights back and gets bombarded with military fire which confuses it and drives it ashore.

  76. Austin

    my bad for the double post, but also know why heroes was drinkin the slusho. greg yaitanes, a director for heroes has worked with jj abrams before on both lost and alias.

    FYI 🙂

  77. kimmy4lsu

    i’m pretty sure this is just an oil painting…..i tried looking for it because it started to look familiar: the real oil painting is set at morning/daybreak and the water is all blue…..i think the Cloverfield people found this oil painting, darkened the whole pic to make it look like later in the day, and then edited the water around the boat to appear red. i think it’s not supposed to be taken literally, i think it’s just to give you suspense leading up to when you see the movie…..the last pic, the night vision one, was also shown to be made of various pictures, not one big picture. it’s possible that none of the pics after the Chuai station pic are “real pics,” just things edited to get us hyped about the movie…..


  78. Mutated Squid Whale Creature:


    I have the solution! If the monster is a lost or orphaned entity, then humanity should genetically engineer a giant bunny rabbit to befriend and riddicule it! Wait a mo, I think that idea has been done by that disney chap!

    Steve… I know what the monster looks like. 🙁 Damn my looking at the spoilers section. Maybe Luke Skywalker can save the day with a giant bone! Muahahaha! Get it Steve, get it?

  79. Mutated Squid Whale Creature:

    Admin: Spill the beans now about the movie you just watched!

  80. Heat

    well, seeing as how we do not know the full extent of slusho! [feeding it to the elderly, they feel young, etc..] could it be that it has healed our monster in a sense? we’ve obviously witnessed the military dropping a ton of weapons on it, and it’s still trucking. juuust a thought!

    tomorrow = midnight showing! =]

  81. marz

    yeah that movie ‘monster’ sucked. i saw it yesterday but didnt have a chance to warn yall. i should have rented good luck chuck instead! x( ….also,i never hurd the monster in cloverfield was a baby.lawd if it’s that big,hate to see its parents…unless, it’s its babys runnin round the sewers and biting folk while the mothers goes site seeing and destroys new york.

  82. marz

    if that pic is an oil panting,maybe all the pics are just random pics and/or pantings and never realy happened..just something to throw us off.i mean, why would he try and use an obvious panting and try to pass it off as an actual photo?

  83. Miguel

    ok i have this theory from that the monster is somehow made from tagruato and i guess it went haywire. idk just a theory.

  84. Skitts

    sdlfakj LKJDSFL GK omg that was close….for some stupid fucking reason i moronically decided to check out the spoiler section. when i clicked “show spoiler i skipped right down to the description of the monster…thank god i only read one little part. and i already knew that the monster had them so its w/e ha but omg im so glad i didnt read any further. i advise every real fan not to read the spoilers…dead serious

  85. SweetleafZombie

    So I thought I had a good idea what this movie was until I looked at this site! Now Im totally confused. I dont understand all the secrecy, is it just to pique intrest so people will go see it? I know thats a big reason why I want to see it. I am going to watch it tomorrow at 4pm. I work for the hot topic headquarters and usually when we get tix for movies its usually a week or so in advance, this one is only 1 day! The lid is on awfully tight!!

  86. TKEGoogle

    If you look at that Kishin thing, the title font is the same, as well the opening flash sequence shows a large squid, then some man chained to something being pulled from what appears to be the water, then an oriental man being put threw water torture. Then a large being(which I don’t believe to be a squid because of the difference in the “top” of the body structure versus what I had previously seen in the video, emerging from the water with chains on it.

    That’s my two cents

  87. InGen

    Nessie for breakfast! No wonder he was so energized and ready to take a bite out of a nice BIG APPLE for dessert!

  88. Yeti

    I hope this movie is as good as its been made up to be. Even if it completely bombs at least we know it will be better than Dragon Wars. That was the worst movie I’ve seen in a long time.

  89. admin

    Franky: MONSTER came out on DVD tuesday, netflix sent it out yesterday so I got it today, but as marz said, it’s horrible, as expected, do not bother watching it haha.

  90. Skitts

    wtf is monster? i just watched the sneak preview on mtv…how disappointing. weve only seen it like TWO BILLION TIMES. the only part we havent seen in it is the camera guy talking about a guy who used to set hobos on fire. which was actually pretty funny. i recorded it all =)

  91. marz

    sometimes i like to go back to the tagruato website and see if something makes sence that didnt before..well the line ‘The Suinin Station will be hauling in much more than barrels of petroleum this year.’ makes me wonder what else was at THAT station.what else are they hauling in. the statement was added after the station won some green award.

  92. admin

    Skitts: MONSTER is the Cloverfield knock-off movie made by The Asylum… their other knock offs include, snakes on a train, i am omega, and many more. They basically just put out shitty straight to DVD copies of big budget hollywood movies, right before those movies come out in the theater.

  93. marz

    hey admin,i was thinkn..could these pics be from janice.wasnt she supposed to be sending some?would be cool if she had wrote something on the back of them.maybe she’s using random pics and compositing pictures to tell her story of what happened.what do u think?

  94. CommanderKeen

    marz: Great theory.

    This is kinda stupid but I say it anyways. 😀 So first OILrig is destroyed then we get OIL painting. Just a thought.

  95. ryan

    Hey all just think all those stations r hiding stuff and with all the bio research on animals and humans with susho and what not this company has some very deep dark secreats and our monster on friday is just the tip of the iceberg. There will be more to come.

  96. InGen

    With all due respect Admin, I come here and only here (other than the official sites) to get the latest news on Cloverfield. But I need an explanation as to why my post on the last image was deleted. It was not a spoiler, it was not a tirade, it was just a question and a wondering statement. It was pretty good too. Please Reply. A concerned user, Thank You.

  97. H3B3R

    We have to remember that JJ said Cloverfield was the answer to the japanese Godzilla, which was created by Radioactivity and then he goes all-destroyer. Which means this monster has to come from somewhere. From eating ‘sea nectar’, an experiment gone bad or something.
    Obviously Tagruato is involved cause TIDO said ‘they’re on to something’. Plus the fact that the monster obviously followed to ship to NY (on the trailers).
    Now… Let’s just sit back, grab our Slusho! and enjoy the movie, shall we? (^^)

  98. BaneSilvermoon

    hey Marz, I think they were just implying that the station was bringing in awards too.

  99. Cloverfield Rocks

    Cloverfield came out here in Aus today and i saw it about 6hours ago. Its a really good movie!

    only thing i have to say about it is, it wasn’t long enough. time just zoomed by.

  100. admin

    InGen: I dont remember exactly what your post said, but if it mentioned any review or mentioned too much of the production notes, or had any links to reviews or such, that would be why it was deleted. I don’t really pay attention to usernames when I moderate, I read the posts and if i feel that someone who knows nothing about the movie might be spoiled by a post, it does’t make it.

  101. ryan

    Hey all I’m now convinced that the reason for comic book and coming one is that we will see more prequel stuff after movie comes till probably may 22 the day the attck actually occurs. My guess is that’s the dvd release date. I think were at tip of iceberg here with this. If movie does really good I almost expect a whole leading up to day of attack type documenatary on dvd. Its just a hunch if they keep their timeline true. I do belive now tagruato has known about this and possibly of types of this shall we say prehistoric creature. I don’t believe theyy created it. I think we have a long way to go on this if its a moneymaker and we demand more. I believe this will later tie all the loose ends up, and may result in some more bioenginnerring stuff and may pit us against tag. Ship in cartoon is a naval ship. So my guess is their meybe more monsters on way or tag has maybe created some of these after this attack thru there bioengineering group. I’m way intrigues to see where this goes from here, but my guess is this is only beginning and I will say one thing I’ve said all along that satellite isn’t up there for just space type stuff their is way more sinister reason for it. Just one persons opinion

  102. Rayford

    All I have to say is that if this turns into a whole series of movies like Godzilla did… then they had better not UPON PAIN OF DEATH turn the monster into some benevolent protector of America…

    Godzilla suffered that fate and was nearly lost to it…


  103. weyland

    I hope there is no sequel, that would ruin it. I like the fact that this is mysterious and the monster has no name. It’s origins are clouded and thats how it should be and remain, making a sequel would just not work for me.

  104. weyland

    Has anyone ordered a shirt from the Slusho site here? I just ordered one for the hell of it and just wanted to know if they are good at sending out orders.

  105. Danny

    if this movie makes a ton of money, then the studios will be screaming for a sequel weither we want it or not.

  106. ryan

    Wow u guys maybe right but there is some cool stuff for at least one sequel or 2 . I don’t want a whole godzilla things, but creepy tag slusho monster tie up and a prequel wouldn’t be bad. Or at least to keep releasing stuff so it gets kinda tied up. I hate leavin so many avenues left open Also mutated squid whale . I and a few freinds who’ve done some stuff with screenplay and film writin in college have been workin on script ideas for the whale pic that came out months ago. We r in process of tryin to reach the artist to see if we could use it if we could get anyone to look at it. Its based on ancient mytholgy, the origin of the whale and its place in the world and some religous type stuff. Won’t be a total destroy all thing but ill fill u all in if ya wanna hear more when we finish it. Its tentatively titles Winters Call. Or something along those lines. If u have any ideas would love to hear em.. Email me at also debish if and when u see this I’d love to have u email that sign u have with the whale creature thingy in it.

  107. weyland

    Thats the problem, leaving well enough alone. James Cameron said when making “Aliens”, the fear of the unknown is the most scariest out there. Your imagination runs wild with ideas and I think thats what JJ wants with this film. Whenever the studio goes for a sequel, more than half the time they ruin it and the story and the mythos of the creature, just like the Alien films.

  108. Billy

    If JJ is serious about making this our “National Monster” there damn well have to be sequels, and a ton of them. Godzilla did not become a “National Monster” with just one movie. I could see a prequal (or an “at the same time”-qual) of the same attack told from the Military POV. Remember in Godzilla 1954 the power lines that were supposed to stop him made him stronger. What if whatever they try here does the same? I want a “National Monster” with an ongoing storyline. Mabye they could have it eat Godzilla!!!

  109. weyland

    I think that these little clips of the and the marketing are the key to the story and there will be more when the time comes…J.J. is a good writer and knows how to keep a story good and he will leave the story alone, not making a sequel but investing more in the targuarto and tidowave as well as Slusho story lines. Making it like the Godzilla films will not work ad just make it more cheesey.

  110. Billy

    But will that really create a “National Monster” of sorts. I don’t think we’ll see toy shops full of little Cloverfield monsters like that. His stated goal is to create a “National Monster” for the USA, not some under-the-radar ongoing mystery monster. A national monster would need to get a lot of attention by the mainstream and go public fast. The mystery is a good way to get it introduced, but if you keep it up for too long it will just get boring and the media will ignore it.

  111. jlyons

    seems to me like since there isnt any time stamps on those bad boys that they could be from after the monster ravaged ny?…not for sure if anyone said that one yet.

  112. weyland

    It won’t get boring. I think JJ knows how these how the direction of these films go in the long road. BY doing the viral, he created a back story sort of, I am sure that he will expand upon it in the near future as we are seeing with these small clips and pics. Something new which is what he wanted…I feel by making a sequel they are going to turn something original into just another “Godzilla” type of film and by what I mean is it got boring after so many sequels and the myth was gone, then mystery just disappeared. At least, with this, we are in shrouded in mystery, like we would be in the real world.

  113. Billy

    At some point in the “real world” we would figure out the truth. I think even a second movie from the military POV would be able to carry the mystery on. They have no idea what it is either. “Whatever it is, It’s winning.” You wouldn’t even need the same characters. Like “Godzilla” it could be told from a number of prospectives. And I don’t mean the American Zilla (wich I still like as a stand alone monster flick). 🙂

  114. weyland

    Then again, this is not a Godzilla movie and should not be compared. This is something new and inventive.

  115. Billy

    I’m basing my comments on JJ’s stated goal, not on GZ comparison. One stand-alone movie will not become a national icon. It will have to have follow-ups of some sort.

  116. weyland

    Yeah..but making a sequel is not as easy as it sounds. It could ruin the series much like Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection did for the Alien Series. Most would say leave it alone and just fill the back story by using the viral marketing and other arrangements.

  117. Billy

    If they already have their gameplan in place a-la Matrix it will be fine. Shooting from the hip never turns out good.

  118. weyland

    We’ll see…they are gonna have to wait and see ow the movie does this weekend.

  119. Hikari

    i’ve watched the movie.

    all i have to say:

    get ready to get dizzy~ (because of all the camera shakes)

  120. marz

    billy: the only way it’l be ok is if all the monsters look different. i agree,the matrix was tight,but the first was the best,why? because none of the computer work was seen before so when we saw the first movie we were blown away..just like the first jurrasic park..which is still one of my favorite movies to date!

  121. SweetleafZombie

    So I saw the movie yesterday. I personally liked it. At the end of the movie everyone kinda booed. Maybe not quite a boo, but an awww…like people didnt like the end or something, and everyone was kinda talking crap as we walked out of the theater. I heard several people complain about being nautious and dizzy. I dunno, it wasnt as great as i thought it would be, but i did like it quite a bit. LOVED the monster!!! I thought the monster was going to be cheesy, it wasnt. I loved that!

  122. KARBONFIRE 808



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