This is the one and only obligatory sponsor thank you post before the movie comes out. These sites have contributed to this site by helping me pay some of my costs since last July so I just wanted to give them their own post shout out, also a few of my friends pages since some of their links get lost in the sidebars.

Also, if you have your own website and you wish to post 1 link in a comment on this post only, go ahead and advertise, I’ll allow it for this post only.

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11 Responses

  1. Deleriyes

    Hi there,

    I’ve reading your site since last Fall, I just want to thank you for the constant updates on Cloverfield, without sites like yours and people like you to maintain them, viral marketing just would not work.

    For anyone who wants to join, I created a forum for Cloverfield fans a few months ago, but it never really caught on. Hopefully that will change now that the whole world knows about the movie.

    Here’s the link:

    Just click on “Forum!”

  2. admin

    Deleriyes: If you’re looking for a Cloverfield forum, the official CloverfieldNews forum which is hosted by the SteakNBJ Entertainment forums can be found at there’s a cloverfield section that has some good discussion going on.

  3. BaneSilvermoon

    Hey I just saw a “Who is Richard Drucker” add on the front page. Heroes and Cloverfield in one place. Heaven :-p

  4. marythelion

    ya know the forum actually caught my eye first. Then I got to this page somehow from there…and closed it all out. (this was many many months ago) and it searched for like 24 hours to find you again. Sure glad I did. This place kicks ASS!


    Yeah, shamelss advertisement, but wth its free! πŸ˜€ Not that any of you would visit ole po dunk. hee hee.

    Admin, so what happens the 19th??

  5. admin

    Mary: the movie doesn’t come out everywhere on the 18th, so of course nothing will change with the site. I’m willing to bet there will be more stuff going on with the marketing until the DVD release, so the site will be going strong until at least then, but I have no plans of pulling the plug.

  6. katimusha

    admin how much money did you spend to keep this site runing. Also thanks for having such a kick ass site that let me check up on the movie since late july and still going strong.

  7. deBish

    Mary- nice site…nice pics too! I just can’t abide automatic music on sites..sorry. πŸ™


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