I know it’s not Cloverfield related, but I’ve been looking forward to The Dark Knight just as much as Cloverfield and this comes as a huge shock. Heath Ledger was found dead in his Manhattan apartment today. In case you didn’t know he plays the Joker in The Dark Knight and was in movies like Brokeback Mountain, A Knights Tale, 10 Things I Hate About You, The Brothers Grimm, Lords of Dogtown, The Patriot and a few others. He was only 28 years old.


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  1. weyland

    I was just wow..28 years old and his who life ahead of him, this will make the Dark Knight a more memorable film of his..Rest in Peace Brother.

  2. Austin

    wow! last week it was brad renfro (the client, apt pupil) and now heath ledger. it’s a damn shame these guys are so young.

    I’m a little surprised too that people thought this was a marketing ploy. faking death only happens in the movies. death is not something you play around with.

    RIP Heath Ledger

  3. weyland

    Just like the “Crow” with Brandon Lee..but I know he did not finish filming then…well, I can not wait to see Heath’s last performance on screen, he will be great as the Joker.

  4. BaneSilvermoon

    I just heard about this a few minutes ago myself. Shocking, its giving me flashbacks of Queen of The Damned.

  5. sarah beth

    ugh. so sad. it was a tragic and untimely death, i just hope that it wasn’t a suicide as reported for the sake of his little girl. think of how hard the media spotlight will be on her in the years to come.

    and well said, austin.

  6. TK

    Death comes to us all … eventually. Even actors.

    RIP Heath Ledger, hope that his joker performance is memorable.

  7. kani

    i heard earlier today. i’m still bummed. 🙁 i really liked him as an actor. he seemed really humble. rip.

  8. Philip

    I’m going to admit that “TDK” has been number one on my anticipation list for a long time. With all due respect to “Cloverfield”…that was a big one too.

    I am just utterly sickened at this news. It’s awful. Prayers for his family. Just a complete shame.

  9. Groove.

    it is a terrible loss.

    he was a great actor.

    guys please pay some respect and refrain from swearing and using bad language.

    saying “that sucks, fucking hell..” etc is not appropriate.

  10. MarytheLion

    So very sad. He was a great actor, one I enjoyed immensly. I feel very sorry for his child and family. Your never really prepared for losing a loved one. I hope too it was not suicide.

  11. Ramone

    The untimely death of such a young, talented actor can only put into perspective our own immortality .

    But, maybe the one and maybe only redeeming aspect of the sad passing of Heath Ledger is that I finally move up the ladder of good looking guys left on this planet, one rung .

    Also, the running total of guys who have banged Lyndsey Lohan that are alive today is now down by one leaving a running total of:


    R.I.P Heath and thank you dude.

  12. Mez

    I don’t feel sorry for people who die of drug overdoses. Brad Renfro. He wasn’t that good of an actor and was known for having a lot of drug problems. Boo hoo. He got what he wanted. An End.
    With this Heath Ledger guy, he may not have been well known for being a drug addict but that’s why that Dawson’s Creek chick left him. Way to clean up your act. This is not a tragedy. It’s not even sad. It’s just pathetic that this is the kind of crap that makes front page news. There are much more important things going on in the world.

  13. Ramone

    Mez > gotta agree with everything you said. This guy was not a cure for cancer nor was he heart surgeon who’d saved hundreds of lives – he was a small speck on the jack off tissue of Hollywood.

    He was drug addict and a selfish one at that. Agonizing with self pity and not being able to handle ‘fame’ is a shallow cop-out. Kobain et al, they think of the emotional baggage that is left behind, the void left for their friends, relatives, fans and worse still their own close famiy that have to pick up the pieces and ask themselves ‘why’?

    He was living in SoHo in a very exclusive apartment with millions in the bank and a new Batman movie due for release. A young daughter a legion of sycophantic fans and critics and yet this was not enough for him – he couldn’t handle it. If you don’t think you can handle the ‘fame and everything that comes with it’ then retire or become a long shore man in New Jersey.

    I have no remorse for anyone who commits suicide, it’s the cowards way out and in these turbulent times there are millions of people with much worse problems than a ‘tortured’ multi millionaire with the world at their feet. If well followed their example the line for the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge would be down the coast!

    Think about the heroes in your life and how they died and how they made you fee the moment you found out it was suicide and just how angry and hurt it made you.

    And the Oscar for the most selfish celebrity goes to…

  14. Disgruntled

    Wow, you guys are gonna feel like dicks when it turns out his baby girl lost her daddy to nothing more than allergic reaction or accident. You’re big enough to come on a message board and anonymously bash another human being on the day after his death, but are you big enough to admit you are wrong when the time comes?

  15. Mez

    I personally don’t know the circumstances of his death, but one thing is for sure: It was avoidable. You don’t get found dead in your apartment naked when you are taking perscription medications properly.
    More than likely it was an accidental death. I very much doubt anyone with a young child would really want to die. But the fact remains that his daughter will now never get the chance to grow up and get to know her father because he decided that he could handle a few more pills than the label on the bottle called for. It’s sad because no little girl should grow up without her father, but things like this happen all the time but the world only pays attention when it’s a celebrity.
    I don’t mean to come across harsh or seem like I’m bashing Heath Ledger, because it’s not my intention. He was an interesting actor to say the least.
    @ Disgruntled: I am always willing to admit it if I’m wrong. And I very well could be. But my point is that this death was definately avoidable.

    Also, since this is the place to do so, I saw Cloverfield on Monday and it was better than I hoped it would be. Which was a nice surprise.

  16. Groove.

    im sorry to say i think you guys are terrible.

    this man had been suffering form insomnia for quite some time and so was on medication. the problem with such medication is it can have certain side affects.

    the main being it makes you drousy and so in his tired state he may have forgotten that he’d taken more than he was meant to.

    not one person has said suicide.

    he was a great actor.

  17. MarytheLion

    Freak accidents happen internally all the time. From something untracable like an aneurism, to a un undetected thinning in an arterial wall…you do have alot of balls to come on here Mez, and say what you do. You and that other fellow. No one knows what happened, so keep it to yourself, and live a happier life instead of trying to make your self feel better.

  18. Ramone

    I for one would certainly hold my hand up and say I was wrong if this did turn out to be no more than death by other wise related circumstances other than pills and a shallow existence.

    But I won’t change my opinion or my views on people who commit suicide. I lost a good friend to it and will never ever forgive him, even after five years.

    As for being anonymous on here I’d gladly reveal my name and location if asked. ladies only 🙂

  19. Jessica

    I cried at my job when this occured. My entire office gave a moment of silence for his passing. A few of us cried because he was way to young and to gifted to have his life taken away from him. This is justs as shocking and emotional as the death of Jonathan Brandis.


  20. DK428

    WOW! thats all i can say for right know, because this was a BIG Shock when i found out about it yesterday!(and i’m still in shock!) It is so sad to know that he died at such a young age. R.I.P Heath.I guess Dark Knight will be even better know, because it will be the last time we will see this young and talented Actor on the silver screen! I don’t know about you guys but i think that Heaths version of the Joker is going to go down as one of the best Jokers ever! I think i’m gonna be rotting for the Joker in this movie more than Batman! Sorry Batman but i think i’m on the villains side this time!

  21. Disgruntled

    In response to this:

    “But I won?t change my opinion or my views on people who commit suicide. I lost a good friend to it and will never ever forgive him, even after five years.”

    I will only say that you will never find closure but you may find some sort of peace if you finally do forgive him. Forgiveness does not require understanding.

  22. cloverrover

    I sure hope it was an accidental overdose of sleeping pills and not some other drug… He created his own sleeping disorder when formulating his version of the Joker character… Its sad when your work affects your personal life…

  23. the carpenter

    mez, ramone, i disagree with you guys. You seem to be those guys in every crowd that has a chip on his shoulder suffering from childhood dramas that you cant seem to get over. RIP Heath

  24. marythelion

    BTW, I guess my husband saw very early this morning Heath Ledgers tox screen came back…. N E G A T I V E and beleive its heart related. 😛

  25. Disgruntled

    The official results were accidental death due to a toxic combination of medicines prescribed by his doctor. All of the medications were taken at the prescribed dosages, but the combination of those medications lead to heart failure.


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