Thanks Franky.

Both and are back online, although when I checked Tagruato, it was still having some issues when you try to get past the first screen. Nothing new that I can see.

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  1. SteveMikes

    Unrelated to Tido and Tag. . .

    Just seen the first UK trailer on T.V.
    It’s shows a few different things to all the US versions, more of the slow and dramatic moments, built up to loads of action. Was a bit long too. Can’t wait.
    I’ll also be signing up to the forum, admin, and posting my own review after I’ve finally seen it on the 1st. 🙂

  2. SteveMikes

    Double post, I apologise.

    Just want to inform you USA folks, here in the UK Cloverfield is gorier/more violent.
    Second highest certificate and uncut.
    You lot had the PG-13 rating to draw in a bigger audience, as it’s your very own monster, JJ obviously wanted a huge audience to witness it.
    I heard the new Die Hard was PG-13 and pretty clean at cinema for you guys too, whereas it wasn’t here.
    Don’t flame me if I’m totally wrong, but I’m pretty sure I’m not.
    So if you’re disappointed with anything, don’t be. You’ll all have it on the DVD. . .

  3. Disgruntled

    Us Americans are desensitized to violence so getting a lower rating with the same amount of gore isn’t out of the question here.

  4. SteveMikes

    Disgruntled: I get your point.
    To have that much violence or gore at such a low certificate/rating seems, well a bit stupid I think.

  5. BaneSilvermoon

    As long as theres no boobies a 13 year old can watch in the united states….. yeah.. we need help… heh

  6. ItsALion

    I’m thinking the directors cut on dvd is just gonna rock! Even though I’ve seen the movie, I still come back here all the time. I want more!

  7. Vegetic

    That seems a tad backwards, PG-13 for US 15 for UK if there both the same, but that does lead me to ask why AvP reqilum was Rated R in the US and only 15 over here…maybe we just like 15’s 🙂

  8. Joe

    And he meant it. In their latest gesture to reach out to fellow man, Tagruato used the Hatsui satellite to try to identify a rogue piece that is thought to have fallen off of the Japanese Government’s “ChimpanzIII” satellite. Although Hatsui?s work has not yet been able to confirm the identity of the fallen piece, Tagruato scientists and engineers are busily trying to track and recover the fragment. According to Hatsui data, it disappeared into the Atlantic Ocean late last week.

  9. Austin

    as far as gore, i don’t know what more gore they would show (not to say you’re wrong stevemikes). it’s not truly meant to be a gore-fest type of movie. your 15 is the equivalent to the US’s pg-13. we get the R rating over here if the word fuck is used more than once (or use of gratuitous nudity, which generally results in a 18 rating for you folks too)

    this explains some of the films such as the aforementioned AVPR. the violence is the same, it’s the use of language. you folks across the pond dont see the word fuck as the word to ruin the world as the more conservative sections of the US population does. it doesn’t garner the same amount of offense to people. doesn’t make any sense to me either!

    your R18 and our NC-17 are equals, they are very rarely shown in major theater chains because they are the kiss of death rating for a movie. it doesn’t generate enough asses in the seats, if you will. generally films with those ratings are borderline porn.

    hope that breakdown helps!

  10. SteveMikes

    Austin: Thanks for that breakdown 😉
    But, 15’s have the word “fuck” in all the time. The word “cunt” too now n again. I don’t really know how films get an 18 rating, they’re always the same as 15’s. Films/movies usually get 18’s if there’s one hell of a lot of bad language and some pretty disturbing stuff like sadism or something.

    Anyway back to Cloverfield itself, about a week or so left for us in the UK 😀


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