Many of you know that the comments and posts here have been spoiler free since the week before 1-18-08 so as to not ruin the movie for most readers of this site. I have decided that after the release in the UK the site will no longer be spoiler free. There are a few more markets that will have to wait a couple more weeks after that to see the movie, but I feel I’ve kept things secret for long enough. So if you haven’t seen the movie as of February 3, 2008 and don’t want to spoil anything for you, I suggest not reading the comments. I will still warn people about spoilers in my posts so you can still visit the site, but again, comment moderation will be lifted.

This does not mean you can post links to clips of the actual movie, links to parts or the whole movie are illegal and will not be tolerated here. I will delete those posts and if you do it more than once you will no longer be allowed to comment here.

Thanks again for reading the site and hopefully this isn’t the end. I will still update the site with any new information that comes out regardig Cloverfield or sequels, I’m not abandoning anything.

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