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It looks like Matt Reeves is in early talks with the studio to direct a sequel to Cloverfield as well as directing The Invisible Woman. If talks go well and everyone can come together (JJ Abrams, Matt Reeves and writer Drew Goddard) the sequel to Cloverfield could be Matt’s next movie before The Invisible Woman. Check out the full article by clicking the link below.

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  1. Ramone

    Sequel!! I haven’t even seen the FIRST one yet..still got less than 24 hours til it opens here in good old ( cold and grey) Blighty !

    I was tempted to watch it online ( several sites are offering streaming and downloadable versions of the movie) but want to savor the movie in all it’s motion sickness inducing glory on Saturday 🙂

    British t.v in the meantime has now switched from showing the snippet versions of the trailer to the full blown lengthy version..and people are getting psyched for it. I was in a pub in Childwall, Liverpool last nite and the entire place stopped and watched the trailer during the football half time.

  2. GolfGuitarist

    OO that would be nice. I thought he was starting the Invisible Woman sooner than that. I guess not. But i’m sure he has the invisible woman written and so forth. How could they possibly get a new Cloverfield done sooner than that if they supposidly havent started writing any of it? Oh well

  3. Danny

    JJ said there wasn’t a US godzilla. Maybe he wanted to create one and for that you would have to have several stories already written. So maybe the next chapter of cloverfield is all ready done and just needs to be cast and shot.

  4. Marty

    If it does follow Godzilla, maybe we’ll see the Cloverfield monster duke it out with another bad-ass creature in the sequel? Now there’s something I’d paid to see.

  5. weyland

    I don’t know if you all have been keeping track of the TV spots but they showed one that shows the monster.

    I am glad that they are going to do a sequel, they said they had a huge back story about the origin. That will be cool to see how this all unfolded.

  6. JDioneda

    they need the sequel to be about what happens after cloverfield1. Rob, Beth and Lilly

  7. BaneSilvermoon

    I’ve thought that this one was just a starting point, like an introduction, ever since seeing the movie. They did so much story for it and then made a movie that didn’t even mention any of it in the slightest. There has to be more already planned for that.

  8. Jessica

    omg i just saw a commercial and they showed the monster. it was on spike tv in ny

  9. Jessica

    Sorry Weyland didn’t mean to repost what you already said. I was just shocked that tbey actually showed the monster when it hasn’t even been fully released all over yet. Anyways still a hot ass movie. . . I saw it 3x’s already!!! Sad I know but the movie really is that good.

  10. marz

    be nice if they did it two ways..1st we see it in regular movie style with rob and beth looking for lily and maybe running into the army who in tern,take their camera (wich turns into the movie we already saw) 2nd we see the army take somebody elses camera(maybe the other camera mentioned that was also on the bridge scene,or perhaps a different one)and we see part of the story from their angle.that way,we can see it in both formats AND have them tell the backstory…be nice to see rob find out his job was behind it and use him to go snooping into the history of the monster. damn i wish i was a writer lol. j.j. …get at me.and I won’t strike on you lol!!

  11. Erick

    You guys know how some army men have cameras on their guns or helmet or something i think they should make it about an army guy .

  12. Ramone

    Looks like the 1-18-08 site has reverted back to the original 5 photos ! I wonder why?

  13. Ramone

    Just checked ..and they are indeed all back..That was very bizarre !

    Off to see the movie at long last here in the UK on Saturday, got my motion sickness pills and brown paper bag ready to go!!


  14. Ryan

    Hey all just saw it for the third time. Im kinda cool with it now, am alomst sure there oly one monster. its funny how it took three times to clear many things up im becoming way cool with this stil ownder where its roar is oh well, and i think they used fuel airbombs and not anuke at end by the way

  15. Zantor7

    I’m a huge fan of the movie Cloverfield. I saw it with a group of friends on the day it came out. I’m planning to see it again, I felt like I missed some things. Anyways, I’d like to tell you thank you and how awesome your site is. Keeping me updated on Cloverfield news and everything. Keep up the fantastic work. ^_^

  16. Ryan

    Hey all for everyone in england and or central america was ur version more violent than the USA release maybe with more scenes since i heard this one was drasticallyy scaled back.

  17. SteveMikes

    Saw it earlier. Blown away.
    How can people complain about not seeing enough of the monster seriously ?!
    Anyway. . .
    The question of our version being uncut or whatever, I’m not sure, it was pretty brutal all the way through. Only thing I can think of is the blood splattering on the camera a couple of times ? Was probably in the USA version too, so I’m not sure.

  18. the carpenter

    well i have read somewhere….widh i would keep tabs where i read things….that the DVD release will have everything that they couldnt use to keep it PG13. so there will be more gore. Directors cut if you will…. i cant wait. supposedly it will be coming around may. but who knows

  19. the carpenter

    by the way….i have seen it 3 times. I STILL LOVE IT. i think it is brilliant. and as far as handheld shaky cam movies go… blows blair witch away…lol. Keep stuff coming Admin….keep the site alive! i still come here as often as often as i can. its almost second nature to type in in my address bar….i just cant not do it….you know?

  20. admin

    Franky: if you find it on youtube post a link, i’ll post it up tomorrow when the site goes out of “spoiler-free” mode.

  21. BaneSilvermoon

    SteveMikes: I know what you mean man. I just don’t get the complaints about not seeing enough of it. What were they supposed to go back to its childhood and show us how its dad died and it was abused by the other monsters and turned violent? heh

    Actually I wasn’t expecting to see it anywhere near as much as we did.

  22. ryan

    Hey their are pics and clips of clvie on yahoo ill find out what they r can’t post it on phone. I don’t remember blood on the camera but maybe there was

  23. Erick

    They made it realistic if a monster did attack we would have no idea where it came from until sceintist figured it out.

  24. garraway1987

    jj and matt u must make a sequel, no matter wat, but please dnt let it be about the monster fighting another big monster till the death, tis bin an done, how about as it has bin said, the sequel being about the back story to cloverfield, cloverfield field being dun by another point of view but wiv backstory to it or even summin to do wiv the monster comming to the u.k, which ever it is, i truely cant wait for the sequel, so so so many questions left unanswered yet such an amazing film, now thats work of a true director, always leave the audience wanting more, and more is definatly wat we want i bow down to you all who took part in this film, mayb i cud get a part in the sequel, the ultimate experience ever i say, catch ya later guys n girls, mike from hull, england

  25. Alec

    Cant wait!!
    I “just” saw cloverfield (online, crappy version) because i didnt get a chance to watch it in theaters and i think it was crazy!
    in a good way ofcourse. I cant wait for the sequel, in 2009. People already say they know the name of it, but i highly doubt it.. although one thing i am curious about is, well are they going to make the movie the same as this one? i mean like with the shakey hand held camera or is this gonna be more serious? I mean the tape was already found, and what r they gonna do, use a camera to film the next chapter? (hand-held).
    well i was just curious, and still am hopefully somebody will find an answer to it.

    Related to this would be the game we’re making (unbound studios – group), called Planet X. If none of you have heard of it, search it. We’re doing it in 3 chapters, one is on earth, the second on planet x and the third back on earth.
    I dont wanna reveal any informaton on it, and i shouldn’t even be telling you of this but since its so much like cloverfield i think it would be right. Well the similarities would be the gameplay, its pretty much going to be like the cloverfield movie except not so shakey, and 1st person. Then in the sequel theres the aliens, including the spider type things from cloverfield.

    BLAH BLAH, anyways that doesnt matter. important thing is… CLOVERFIELD RULES!!!

    ______________________________ (under construction)

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