Thanks Eddy.

It looks like Hasbro has finally unveiled their Cloverfield Monster toy. It will set you bac $99 but it looks pretty cool and now we finally have an “official” look at the monster, check it out.

UPDATE: Here are a bunch more actual photographs of the Cloverfield Monster Toy.  

cloverfield monster

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73 Responses

  1. D351

    Not only does that not quite look the same, but it’s also ridiculously expensive. They should’ve made a plushy first.

  2. SteveMikes

    I’ve been too busy lately to visit the forum, but I have enough time to say this thing looks insane. Really like the design !

  3. theace69

    They said that it wasnt gonna be one of those toys that kids were gonna want it was gonna be more of a collectible.

  4. Charles

    It also looks as though it’s bleeding from cuts! In the movie when Hud was filming Clovie I saw that it was dark. Now it’s just ugly gray/white!

  5. andrew

    wow its terrible where are the little arms and its body should be closer to the ground heads too big as well, thats a horrible design, not nearly as good as i imagined, glad i didnt order one id be really mad

  6. Rayford

    For some reason this thing just gives me the impression of a human being… or at least something that used to be human… 😉

  7. SteveMikes

    andrew: this model is probably based on the official model, so it’s spot on. This is how it is, I am however confused as to where the things on it’s belly are. . .

  8. Charles

    Yeah aren’t his arms supposed to be there? It’d be cool if Clovie the toy version had like holes in him that you could cover up like open and close and put the parasites in there.

  9. JDioneda

    maybe the extra arms at the end are for like a baby inside the monster, you know… the creatures in its mother’s womb but it’s arms are sticking out.

  10. Erick

    This is just a rough copy they are gonna add better colour and add more detail like the arms and stuff. well thats what i think. And they should make a rob and beth toy. Awww yeah!!

  11. andrew

    point is if i were to pay for a collectible item for a movie i would want a great replica its $99 dollars do u wanna pay for something that doesnt look exactly like the monster in the movie?

  12. weaselhammer

    I agree with the fact that it doesn’t quite look right, maybe it’s just the pose in the pictures, but it definately looks a little off.

  13. Charles

    Right on Erick! Yeah Beth and Ron under the bridge, have a little bridge toy, along with two helicopters for the ending scene with Lily escaping, Lily toy, and exploding Marlena. (Still sad to see her go =[)

  14. admin

    This is exactly what I saw as the monster when I saw the movie, although I agree the color is a little off. But as far as what the creature actually looked like, this is what I saw (minus the missing “arms” on the chest) although it does look quite similar to the Violator figure from the Spawn comics

  15. TKEGoogle

    Horrible. I’m sorry to say it. But horrible. That monster just doesn’t look right, how would it be able to support itself on that type of frame, I know it’s an aquatic monster, but what about it’s arm grabbing the SOLs head, it couldn’t support itself on three legs like that. And how is that tail long enough to come out of the water and break the bridge like it did…

  16. matthew

    that looks good besides the fact that it doesnt have those extra arms on its belly! what the heck!

  17. DK428

    Wow! All this time i was telling my friends and family that it our Clovie would be a mutated whale…i guess i was off by a lot, anyway i never expected our Clovie Monster to look like this. I really don’t like the design they made for our Monster! Hey! I wonder how the Mother of Clovie looks like! I mean didn’t the director Matt Reeves say that this is the baby! Hmmm…there is definetely gonna be a part two to this Movie, can’t wait! Later 🙂

  18. SteveMikes

    The arms on the belly ARE there. Look closer, they’re folded inwards on what would be it’s hips. Plus to the person who said this wouldn’t be able to support itself, how do you know that ? of course it would – it could stand upright on its back legs (which was shown at one, albeit short, point in the movie). Think about the size of it in the movie too, of course it’s gonna look skinnier here – it’s just a model/toy!
    The arms where a lot thicker in the movie because we got the actual size of the creature against humans, cars, buildings or whatever else. You and others are talking like you expected an actual size replica of the 300ft or however tall and long it was monster. Ridiculous, of course it’s gonna look slightly different and be a lot smaller as a model. I have no faults with it, everything is there spot on and the design is absolutely fantastic and original to boot.
    The ONLY fault I have is the sacks or whatever on it’s head, why aren’t they red on the model ? I understand it probably looked black/darker when it ate Hud because he was underneath it – the shadow and the light being behind the creature is what made it look darker. Oh well, all in all, nearly all complaints against this toy/model are completely stupid. It’s pretty much perfect, and even though I’m from the UK and haven’t bought any toys since I was a child I shall be buying this. 🙂

  19. SteveMikes

    Sorry for the double, I missed out one last point. . .
    The tail looks tiny here because that’s only a partial part of it. It is the correct size, but obviously it didn’t/hasn’t fit into the photo’s they’ve taken. Probably because of the sheer length of it, lol.

  20. houstonray

    Doesn’t look like three legs to me, look closely and you can see the “toes” on the other side of the creature. I think it’s just the angle. All in all I think it’s pretty cool and I ordered mine. Ordered it hoping that in a few years it’s increased in value. It’s a crap shoot I know, but I think it will be a fun conversation piece. I’m just not sure why they are waiting until SEPTEMBER? Doesn’t make sense to me? That will be a long time even after the DVD comes out? Could there be something else coming that they are keeping secret?

  21. zillaman

    I love how these geniuses but an off-white/grey monster on a white background. Sheer brilliance…sheesh.

  22. ryan

    The color is on if u remember the overhead bombing shot, and if u look at the pic that was trapped from hd. As far as mommy reeves said in an article from empire in uk I think that the monster was separated from mommy. Other places he said it was a baby cause it was on land for first time. So a lot of disinformation. The september october release is my guess due to fact the sequel if done prolly comes out for xmas or January again. Plus my guess is the foruth installment of the manga will coincide with movie release. The liitle arms and belly eatin thing aren’t clearly defined but so be it. Also after this weekend the movie shouls hit the 80 million mark world wide for a total of over 150 million. What’s interesting is that as an american monster it will make more world wide. Its averaging 25 million the last two weeks world wide. Its still has 10 countries including Japan in april to be released and all totals overseas are up to date. My question is why would it gross more overseas than here. In fact in the uk it will prolly equal or surpass I Am Legend how strange. Another wierd note AVP 2 also grossed way more overseas. My guess is they can make as many sequals as they want for say 40 million. Lets hope they make it interesting. One last thought, I’m still confused by final monster and its movements when compared to the section trapped in slow mo on you tube when the first trailers where released. They do not move the same or I’m just seeing it differently.

  23. julian

    i thought the fingers curled up and it sort of walked on its knuckles. plus the end of the tail was whale like

  24. Charles

    I really like the new pics! It looks clearer and exactly what I imagined. The arms are curled up ! The only thing I’m not happy about is the fact that the parasites look nothing to what I imagined and the Statue of Liberty Head looks so crappy I mean it looks all fake and small. Overall, Hasbro did a fine job.

  25. JDioneda

    everything looks really good, except the fact the parasites mouth is hooked on its bottom-jaw, in the movie it was the top.

  26. ryan

    Hey if MAK crave online has some good shots and yes it looks like monster. Its not bad just expected more. Kinnda liked the thought of not really seeing. And you guys must admit with everione searchin only the hd shot is out on net. Abrams did well in this respect

  27. Erick

    Did u guys hear what happned today. A oil refinary blew up and 20 minutes later there was a roar in the distance. IT was on CNN

  28. Skitts

    the little arms are there if you look closely at a picture where it shows the hip, but they’re not arms, they’re tentacles. just a little fyi. but i agree, i didnt know the color of the monstser way grey. and the tail looks different then when it smashed the bridge. because the tail was thin then, but it just looks thick. the toys still pretty cool though. i was thinking about the part where something drops into the water. maybe its the monster, and it just grew. because it definatley looks like an alien by its hands and everything else. it couldve been the monster because it fell in the water when its body was straight, and when you jump in the water straight you dont make a big splash. anybody know what im talking about? well…thats just my guess

  29. julian

    they did a good job making the statue of libertys head look as shitty and small as they did in the movie! that noggin should have been like twice the size it was.

  30. greenclovers

    if this is a baby, it will probably look different over time. Maybe it will grow wings or something.

    I was a teenage cloverfield….

  31. BaneSilvermoon

    I still don’t get where everybody is seeing a tail/tentacle hitting the bridge. If you watch that part carefully its an arm. You can see its hand when it first starts coming down onto the screen.

  32. BaneSilvermoon

    …oh and yeah I’m pretty positive the creature was walking on the backside of its hands in the movie… not flat like that. They look like feet instead of hands the way they are in that image. Maybe somebody just set it down with its joints backwards.

  33. SteveMikes

    BaneSilvermoon: It is the tail that takes out the bridge, it says so in the production notes.

  34. Otto

    That’s it? That spindly looking monster destroyed New York?

    I’m sure the fanboys are gushing, but I don’t like our “new American monster”. Most of the fanart was better than this thing.

    I’m sorry if this makes any of you mad but that creature looks ungainly, weak and scrawny.

    Let’s hope it grows up into something better.

  35. julian

    you know the turds at hasbro set that 100 dollar price on opening weekend when they thought the movie would gross like 200 million and everyone in america would be clamoring for a toy monster. hopefully none of us are retarded enough to buy one for that price.

  36. Charles

    Well me and my friend were thinking how shitty and crappy the monster looked like (no offense to any of you guys) but then we decided we should make our own movie of a monster attacking but it’ll probably never get done =[

  37. Mel

    What a groundbreaking film (no pun intended). We have the banal party with no hint of plot, tension or eventual outcome. Other films would have hinted at the plot with playful stuff like ” something doesn’t seem right tonight” or “Do you believe in monstors?”. Not Cloverfield. we’re literally dragged from the confort of one world into the horror of another without preparation; I can see the parallels with 9/11 where we cannot make the transition from one reality to the other and where nothing will ever be the same again. This is what makes the film unique and what’s more we feel as though we’re actually there in the thick of it with the noise and the gore and that this thing has actually happened because, hey, these days anything seems possible in this messed up world. Peace.

  38. BaneSilvermoon

    Uh, anybody know if the Slusho myspace page is official or not. I’ve never seen any obvious signs of it on that one.

    I ask because they just sent out a bulletin saying they worked out a deal as a supplier to a well known commercial airline.

  39. BaneSilvermoon

    Sorry about the double post… I should research things slightly deeper before posting about them. Looks like Slusho is doing some viral marketing for Lost now.

  40. Charles

    I made a new well sort of new monster! Well I traced some parts but took the whole whale monster and some other squid looking like creature and well made it cool! It looks cool!

  41. DK428

    Charles i think i was right when i said that the monster IS a baby. I found this over at CloverfieldClues dot com they interviewed the guy who was behind the design of our
    Clovie Monster and this is what he had to say regarding our monster if it is a baby or not, “The monster looks ungainly and J.J. Abrams has said in the press notes that it’s a “baby”. Was that also part of the design? For it to look a bit clumsy?
    I would have preferred that it be even clumsier. But then it can get comical. Yes, it was the intention that it is a baby and it is not only developing its strength, but also its land legs. The proportions are intended to feel a little like a new born deer or horse. Long, thin and slightly awkward.” So…it IS in fact a baby! I knew i was right! 🙂

  42. Charles

    Hmmm sorry! Miscalculation well how can that be a baby? If it’s then what does Mama Clovie look like? 100x’s as big?

  43. monkeewrench

    Well, maybe not bigger just more developed, sort of like a salamander it doesn’t get much bigger from it’s larval stage, just becomes an adult. maggots are often bigger than the flies they become, as are caterpillars to the moths. it really may undergo a major metamorphosis to it’s adult form. you never know with these things, look at britney spears…. who would have known what her adult form was going to be like?

  44. Charles

    Overall, Clovie is just a misunderstood person with feelings and does not want to get killed just because he doesn’t know where he is! Wait is it a he or she?

  45. John "mello" Gumpher

    Hey i think this is stupid what kid would play with that…… well i still want one

    oh and i don’t know if any one knows they added new pics to and my favorite is the dead whale like things! i don’t know if i’m the first to find it or not

  46. JDioneda

    Check out the interview silent vision put up:
    … “There is an idea that has come up that . . . we’re exploring so we’ll see if it’s worth doing then hopefully we’ll get a chance to do it.”…(Handheld again?) “I think that to some degree I think it can be a good thing. I think that there are a lot of movies that seem to be doing that so I think that you know, no gimmick is good once its been done again and again and again. So I feel like you know, I loved it when I saw it in Blair Witch and I thought how cool to sort of take that idea and kind of do a monster movie through that kind of prism. But you know at a certain point it’s the kind of thing probably wears out it’s welcome you know, for some people probably while watching the movie, you know what I’m saying?”…(Another monster?) “A monster, yeah, another sort of a interesting way in but we have some cool ideas and Drew Goddard, the writer and Matt Reeves the director have sort of cooked something up so we’re . . . you know hopefully that’ll get a chance to happen.”

  47. ZD

    I was thinking about the monster and the parasites after looking at the pictures of the model and it hit me that the monster looks small because the parasites dropped off. Who knows how many parasites are in the city – the monster could have been HUGE!

  48. tesoforever

    The sequel should incorporate some of the hand held camara view (as if looking at the tape) but it would probably be best to use it sparingly. The sequel could describe the origins of the monster as well as reveal other “footage” of the monster. Indeed, the movie would be best if the timeline was in the same period of the first movie to the events that happened after the attack in manhattan

  49. Tania Koeller

    This made me smile and hopefully after your last post it will do the same for you:

    Failure is not falling down, it is not getting up again. 🙂

  50. graviton

    It appears to be a free-tailed bat with the ears rolled up and the skin membrane between the body and arms removed.

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