Check out this short, red carpet, interview with J.J. Abrams. He talks a little bit about Star Trek getting pushed back and what’s going on with Cloverfield 2 as well as a little about Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series.

Dailies | J.J. Abrams

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  1. JDioneda

    I could see the sequel being about Rob, Beth, and Lilly, taking place after the original, still trying to escape the monster’s rage, but this time not filmed in first person view but more of a third person view with shaky cam like in the Bourne movies.

  2. Loki the Stampede

    Um dude… Rob and Beth were nuked…
    To death…
    Remember the whole part about Hammerdown, and “if you can hear the sirens you in the blast zone.” parts?

  3. JDioneda

    they didnt nuke manhatten, they just carpetted the place with bombs. and after the credits what about Rob speaking into the camera saying “Help us…-(It’s still alive)-“

  4. admin

    JJ: I’m not posting about something that has nothing to do with anything related to Cloverfield. I’m assuming you’re referring to the website ( I don’t even know where this came from…

  5. Rayford

    Yeah so Cloverfield hype COMPLETELY died out sorta… :'(

    SO SAD…

    I still come here every other day or so to check things out though… 😛

  6. Billie Be

    Cloverfield wins biggest hype of the year award…just like I thought it would.

    JJ laughed all the way to the bank.

  7. CommanderKeen

    Wasn’t the second part of the manga supposed to come out in February? Where the hell is it?! >:(

  8. BK

    so i’ve heard rumors of this being connected to lost, which i totally thought was dumb, but i was watching lost randomly the other day and i realized that when they show the preview for the next episode they show like, the lost logo over the island, and if you look at the water, where the reflection of the island should be, you see new york city. i know i’m not the first to notice it but wtf, it has to be connected

  9. DK428

    yeah CommanderKeen i’m the same way as u, the 2nd part of that Kishin Comic Book was supposed to come out in Febuary, and we haven’t got anything yet? Weird…maybe J.J. is hiding some THING from us…

  10. CommanderKeen

    BK: That sounds interesting. But I kinda hope these two things aren’t connected.

  11. CommanderKeen

    I don’t watch Lost so I don’t how true this is. But I heard that in the very beginning of Cloverfield you can see some kind of Dharma logo from Lost.

  12. BK

    so i was looking for a picture of the new york reflection, and i found a poster for season 4 of lost, and you can see the reflection, and the poster is the exact same size as the cloverfield poster, and look what i found

  13. SteveMikes

    Cloverfield has NOTHING to do with Lost or any other of JJ’s projects. No matter what you think or dig up. Yeah the Dharma logo thing was in Cloverfield, but it was only a little “easter egg” so-to-speak for the followers and/or fans of Lost. That’s all.

  14. BK

    look at the picture, how could that be coincidental? i didnt even have to resize the pictures, the buildings are the exact same size.

  15. blktooth420

    yeah, regarding the cloverfield lost thing. dude even the water on the lost poster has a light spot where the smoke is on the clverfield poster

  16. blktooth420

    but, i have to say at the same time the buildings dont exactly line-up

  17. SteveMikes

    Fine, but you’re just digging up stuff that’s gonna end up with your own disappointment, then no doubt people will complain and take it out on the production company etc just because their own ridiculous ideas were wrong.

  18. admin

    First of all the buildings in those images don’t line up at all. 2nd of all, they are both pictures of the new york skyline, which hasn’t changed dramatically in 7 years…. so all pictures from the same side are going to have the same buildings. LOST has absolutely nothing to do with Cloverfield, you can quote me on that.

    And as for those of you asking about the manga comic, it appears that they’ve changed it from “late february” to “early march” so we’ll see, hopefully soon.

  19. BK

    i’m not saying that it’s an asnwer to the movie, im just saying that it’s probably not accidental, its probably something just to throw you off, like the “its a lion” thing. you’re right, they arent exact, but seriously, its probably just something to throw you off.

    ps, i dont think anyone will have the need to quote you

  20. ryan

    Hey Mak looks like aladygma is something from JJ abrams. If u mess with sight and numbers u get 11 28 08. Also has to do with aliens and white space. Its def something to do with JJ Abrams whether its an alien movie or Cloverfield, but my guess is its time to start lookin into it slightly. I’ve also thought all along that if a sequel came out november would make sense and it also right after toy is released, although it would kind of be a srange time for it on heels of his other projects. But my guess is there is some connection here

  21. ryan

    Hey maybe if name is legit its genus species name for clovie. Thinkin outloud also do white species and dna play a role i n this name and clovie

  22. ryan

    Hey new updates on hasbro sight with a extremely awesome shot of monster and story including mention of the people sucking underbelly. I wonder on dvd if they will show more of that. I’m assuming maybe near beginning when marlena says she saw it eating everyone. Also manga 2 will be out within a week or so. Also on Clues wired has a pice of how to defend from a 500ft monster attack but check out pics of monster in hasbro way cool. Also thanx Rocco just wondering what that was out loud.

  23. Willie

    Okay so I don’t know for shure aladygma is related to cloverfield but when you go to their website, its say near the corner “follow the white spaces”. Totally by mistake i highlighted the numbers, and the page. There is a white space in both corners of the page. One on the left is of a long-necked skull x-ray so its prolly an alien movie or sumthing. The other is talking about some dudes room. check it out.

  24. Joseph

    I think that the site gives a date and a time.

    211 2008 = July 29, 2008 (the 211th day of this year) and its a Tuesday (possible sneek peak). Because the site also says “comming soon next day” would mean it would actually open on the 30th of July (a Wednesday) the day after. July is in the middle of the summer and some movies actually drop on a Wednesday that time of year (most people are out of school/on vacation, so there’s not much need to wait till the weekend).Coulld be a possibility.

    As far as the time goes 11 28 28 could be 11:28 (and 28 sec). I feel this one is more of stretch but I don’t know.

  25. theace69


  26. Ryan

    kishin 2 is out shows warships getting wrecked by a hand that looks human and has sumpin to do with slusho

  27. SteveMikes

    Ryan: Its the hand of the monster, as shown on the other pages via the pics of its eye and open mouth, along with other random snippets. . .

  28. ryan

    I know the hand is the monsters and you can see the mouth. One strange thing here is this is somewhwere near japan or sumpin not off coney island like the egg satellite or whatever it is. There’s so much more to this story I hope someday they explain it all totally.

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