The DVD has already leaked to the web and some people are diving right into it trying to find anything and everything they can and it seems like some of their hard work is paying off. While they are probably no more than easter eggs and not clues towards something more, a few frames of old monster movies have been found spliced into the Cloverfield DVD. The most obvious one is from King Kong and the others I’m not 100% sure of, probably clips from within the Godzilla franchise somewhere.

Thanks Blacksmith and Pherby on the forums for posting the screenshots. You can visit this thread to join in the conversation or of course leave comments below.

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11 Responses

  1. Steve-O

    I have the DVD and I did not look for these although I did notice their names at the end of the credits. I will have to watch again. As for the DVD, the alternate endings are not that good but the Creature Design called, “It’s Alive, It’s Huge is pretty cool and you get some info about the design. He does say he mixed Human qualities as well, as Alien qualities were given in the design.

  2. Vice Lord Elf

    1 King Kong
    2 Godzirra
    3 The film with the Giant Nuclear Mutated Ants?

  3. lostie108

    The movie accredits four movies in the final credits: “Them” (giant ants), “20,000 Fathoms Under the Sea” (or something to that extent), “Godzilla”, and “King Kong”

  4. admin

    lostie: that would be “The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms” which is what everyone though Cloverfield was a remake of at first. Not a bad movie though.

  5. Dreaming Orca

    The three pictures are from the classic Sci-Fi films:
    1. King Kong
    2. Beast from 20,000 Fathoms
    3. Them! (a truly brilliant monster movie)

  6. Dennis

    I love all this “guessing game” stuff, but I’m nowhere near involved as many are, so forgive me if this is, well, dumb: Does anyone think there is any relationship between the properties and effects of the “necter of the sea”, the dissappearance of Targrutos owner/presidents mother while searching for same, and the “half human, half….whatever” qualities of the monster? Could we be seeing the long term effects with the monster, and the short term effects in jamie’s video 11?

  7. bigdog

    does that frame of king kong,godzirra and that giant ant mean anything to the film?

  8. Kristina

    I know of 3 easter eggs on the DVD

    1.Going to the setup section of the DVD, selecting Español and clicking left or right highlights a helicopter to the left of the Statue of Liberty background. The video consists of several different takes of the cast and crew repeating the line “Rack ’em and pack ’em. We’re phantoms at 15.”

    Very funny!!

    2.Going to the Scene Selection area of the DVD, clicking 13-16 and waiting for 1:16 results in a “17” appearing to the right of 13-16. Selecting the extra “scene” takes you to Supplemental Features. Included in here is the main menu of the Slusho! website, the Slusho! TV advertisement, a fake news report of an oil platform capsizing, and a few videos from the Jamie Loves Teddy website.

    At the Main Menu, highlight Scene Selection and press Enter. At the next menu, highlight 09-12 and press Enter. Then highlight the icon for scene 10 at the upper right of the screen. Press the up arrow and a red X will appear. Press Enter to see footage where characters in a subway tunnel seem to be attacked by green crossed lines, but in the finished film these lines are replaced by nasty parasitic creatures.

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