I’m not sure exactly when the site went live, I know I checked it last week and there still wasn’t anything there. It’s obviously promoting the DVD and has a bunch of exclusive videos that are not on the DVD. In order to view the videos, click on the videos them put the clips in the correct sequential order, or find the differences, or answer trivia questions… have fun!


Get The Cloverfield DVD HERE!
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  1. DK428

    Wow that it so awesome! I’m gonna be buying my copy of Cloverfield at Circuit City! Its the cheapest place there selling it for! Only $14.99 I am so excited! Hey maybe they might put up a new picture on 1.18.08 site? or Jamie comes out with a new video today? Or tidowave and Tagrauato has a new update? Be on the look out guys maybe this Viral Campaign isn’t over? Has anyone heard from Teddy’s Sister? 4.22.08 Some”THING” has found us!

  2. ryan

    Okay bizarre thought jere. If there is a connrction between cloverfield and aladygma I may have found it. If u have the dvd and u find the mysterious chapter 17 its a screen of supplemental govt files set against a whit background. To find files u have to look in the white spaces below the grey file names. Maybe aladygma is the code for finding the supplementary files. Sorry MAK just throwin out a hail mary for the aladygma crowd

  3. Erick

    Has any one found any easter eggs on the cloverfield DVD. Like any new footage of the creature.If so please tell us how to get them.

  4. ryan

    Yeah I founf em on computer. Got to scene slection and let it stay there for about 1 17 and the 17th chapeter will show up. Chuai 4 videos out of 21 12 jamie and teddies although u only see four I think and slusho commercial. Hey I found something related to jamie and teddie. Originally we thought that jamie was only seen on the couch drunk. 2 things if u look close before it cuts away from her sleepin some guy has his hand on her hair, also before that when marlena is up against wall on left near bathroom if u look back from where hud is taping to the right center u can see jamie drinking with some freinds there is no real closeuo but u can clealry make out her dress hair and boots. Just a littlw waster egg from me LOL

  5. Danny

    There is a new post on aylse hassen blog.

    “Having one of those days – those “stare at the ceiling” days. I feel like it would be really easy for me to go crazy right now. Just give in and go completely bats**t insane. Maybe I never even had a brother to begin with. He’s always been lost.

    I’ve lobbied, held fundraisers, and slept outside government buildings. Everyone I could think to call I called. I have everyone’s pity. But there’s always more to do. The growth of people is great but I can’t sort through all these theories. I don’t know what to believe anymore. Everyone thinks they know. But no one knows for sure where Teddy is, do they? No one is honestly doing anything to bring him back. The attention is great – but people could care less whether he actually comes back or not.

    Why isn’t anything happening? Why am I in the exact same place I was 4 months ago? Why won’t anybody tell me what’s going on? What do I have to do to get the truth?????

    I’ve gotta make more calls. It’s part of being a crazy person. You don’t ever stop.”

    And it has an anonymous post:
    Anonymous said…
    “You’ll notice one of the files is missing. That’s where your prayers will be answered. Now please stop.”

    What the missing file? WTF!!

  6. ryan

    Hey all found two things on dvd u may find interesting. First remember when we were analyzing the trailer with the monster moving between two building in beggining. Well I compared the 2 and the monsters movement is way different. Dvd def looks like clovie while u tube version looked like a crawly sguiggly thing. Second a freind of mine noticed on the black board in robs apartment under neath the blue paint on iy looks like in white might be scribbled the word aladygma. I really kinda could seeit but I don’t know. My freind thinks he definately sees it. See if one of u can get clear shot and enlarge it. Also check the wallls and fridge for hidden stuff. Intersted to see what you all think

  7. Z

    DVD release was cool – I really was expecting more creativity in the packaging… but aside from that I think it is super cool that they confirmed one the name of the monster being Clover (special features) and that after watching it a couple of times there are at least 2 monsters… I believe the one that takes out the Brooklyn Bridges might be the mother…. also the thing at the very end – I am sure you all have seen it.

  8. VB

    It’s incredible that people still insist that there is more than one big monster. Nobody associated with this film anywhere has ever said that there was more than one monster in NY on the night the movie was filmed, and all the extras on the DVD only refer to one monster. The monster doesn’t look any different in any of the scenes of the movie, except for being in a different place or viewed from a different angle. All the interviews refer to the “monster”, not the “monsters”.

    There’s only one big monster in NY on the night the film was made. MAYBE there is more than one big monster attacking cities elsewhere (like, Japan, if the manga is supposed to be in the same world/timeline), but NYC only gets attacked by one big monster that night.

    Except for that huge lion.

  9. jake

    i cant stop watching the damn movie!!
    but im not watching the whole thing im watching the clover parts on my amazing system its like im ALMOST there the whole house shakes w/ the sound!!

  10. ZD

    As for the 2 monster thing – watch the Brooklyn Bridge scene and then watch the end when Hud gets eaten – the tail does not look the same to me, the scale appears to be off. In the special features they also comment that the monster is a baby – calling out for its mother potentially – as well if the time line would not make sense if the monster was in the water and then downtown.

  11. choad

    the tail thing does’nt make sense to me either…….the tail that smashes the bridge would mean the monster is right there!
    would’nt they see it BEFORE the tail smashes down??
    but all you see is a tail…no monster.

    the crossfire scene, in which they run down into the subway, shows the tail too.
    as the monster passes over them and turns away…
    that tail does’nt look so huge….don’t know…seems weird… or maybe….
    we are readin’ into it too much

    but it could be two monsters….who’s to say?
    so nobody should say there is only one……
    we’ll find out eventually!!!!!!!
    LOVE THAT F’n MOVIE!!!!!!!

  12. Z

    I am not seeing it – other then the addition of one of the special features from the alternate endings… or is that it?

  13. F-18 Superhornet

    Anybody know what the password to the aladygma site is yet? I have read this site over and it doesn’t look like anybody even noticed it yet. also, yeah I love that little clip of comeone retrieving the camera in the alternate ending, so cool.

  14. scott

    Ok. What is with the wall of dust? I know I am sure I havw put them in the right order but it says it is incorect.

  15. Ryan

    wall of dust is easy. just read the question carefully. it says what order they were attacked in, not what you see in order. little help, beths building if before the bridge.

  16. Danny

    Here is a thought? on the missing teddy hanson blog, Alyse said that she found the missing GX file. If you go to cloverfieldfiles.com and look at the files there they are USGX files. There are fifteen files there. But they are set up in four rows of four. not three rows of five nor five rows of three. But with four rows of four this gives the illusion of a missing file. And Alyse said she needed the username and password to open the missing GX file that she found. So the missing file is electronic, which means it could be a video or some kind of mutimedia. Anybody got any thoughts?

  17. Z

    Hey all – I have never seen the show NCIS until this evening… Tonight they are talking about a real estate deal titles “Cloverfield” it is apparently a land deal in the show that has been infected with toxic chemicals… I do not know if it connects but any one have any ideas… ???

  18. F-18

    My guess would be yes. from what everyone has gathered so far in the viral campaign it seems to make sense.

  19. F-18

    at least the idea of Cloverfield being related to a toxic chemical spill/slusho being dumped into water supply that is. I would not say its related in any other way than that though.

  20. J_Marda

    In the last scene of the movie at Coney Island, did anyone happen to catch the meteor splashing into the water?… I guess that’s when creature arrived?…

  21. admin

    J_Marda: it’s actually not the monster falling, it’s a satellite falling which was part of the viral marketing for the movie.

  22. Tom Maros

    I have been faithfully waiting for this movie to come out! You rotten bastards what a jip! You robbed me of my money, You robbed me of my time, and you stole my good time! How dare you do that to people and fans who had faith in this! Don’t you ever put a another movie out again! And I hope the right people read this so they know never to fund your bullshit crap anymore! I suggest you get another job ass ho because movie making is NOT it!

  23. Jenny

    okay…what is the deal with the image falling from the sky the last 10-15 seconds of the film?…new to this site just trying to get some info…please help me out! What was it?

  24. k.h.t.

    the writer composed a great dialog; but the way the fill was made in contrast to the blair witch project;i suppose that the cost of the filming out projected,the writers idea.——— end

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