I know the Cloverfield phenomenon has died out for the time being, but this isn’t the only movie website that we run and we’ve changed the look of all of those so we figured we should update this one as well. If/when the Cloverfield sequel starts happening you should be happy to know that we will continue to make updates on this site and look forward to having all of our readers back! Enjoy the new look if you get bored and want to look around at previous Cloverfield news

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  1. admin

    I would say it’s pretty fake, it’s just a photograph with a date at the bottom. At this point I don’t think we’re going to see Cloverfield 2 stuff. If it happens it would be for a little while still. That could be an image from 9/11, but I’m not sure… or a building on fire..

  2. Rdg

    have u guys ever noticed the date the blonde dude gave when he was recording himself he said 22th March or something and after they “died” the camera just play when they are in the beach and it says 07 APRIL that means 1 month later THEY DID NOT DIED i hope u guys watch it and by the way best movie ever unspected end i really liked the whole movie :]

  3. admin

    Franky: No idea what Aladygma is, it popped up awhile ago and from what I’ve gathered it’s a viral marketing for something that some German dude is making. Not sure if it’s a movie or what, if you check out the forum, there’s a section dedicated to Aladygma and you can read up on what’s been happening with it so far. Forum link is at the very top, then you’ll have to browse back to find the Aladygma section as it’s not in the Cloverfield section.

  4. Frank

    Tom: oh ok well let me check btw supposebly JJ Abrams said there will be a Cloverfield 2 but not a sequel O.o


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