Everyone here remembers Slusho! The magical drink from Japan that turned out to have no real significance in the movie itself. Well apparently as a “goof” JJ Abrams decided to give it a cameo in the new Star Trek movie. Apparently it makes an appearance in the bar scene where Kirk first meets Uhura. Abrams said that it doesn’t have anything to do with anything really (in terms of Star Trek), it was just a fun sort of easter egg for fans of Cloverfield and Alias. So don’t expect to see HUD making a bootleg video of the Enterprise in the background of shots or the Cloverfield monster destroying stuff. Although, if you’ve watched the trailer for Star Trek there is a crazy looking creature that does resemble Clovie…hmmm.

Anyways, if you want to read the entire article/interview with JJ about the Star Trek movie, head on over to MTV.