It appears as though new audio has appeared behind a slightly different video on the website. I’m sure people have already started digging into the video, but going frame by frame doesn’t show much new from what I can tell, just a bunch of static and then a quick shot of the guy from the previous video.

In terms of the audio, the folks at reddit seem to hear something mentioning ‘Cloverfield Station’, but I don’t hear that. There’s something near the beginning that sounds like it could be the beginning of ‘station’, but I think people may be hearing what they want to hear.

That said, what you can make out, near the end of the video, is “Mark Stambler, author of the book…”.

We know that Howard Stambler is John Goodman’s character from 10 Cloverfield Lane, so there could be some connection here, if what we’re hearing is correct.

In regards to the ‘station’, some people think that Cloverfield Station is a space station, obviously because of the synopsis of the movie and the fact that it most likely has to do with space, but others think that this broadcast may be coming from a radio station, not a space station. It’s an interesting theory considering that Howard Stambler used the name “Radioman 70” to attempt to chat with his daughter in the ARG for that film.

At this point all we have is jumbled audio with a few phrases we “think” we hear, and some static filled video that hasn’t lead to much.

I would suggest continuing to keep an eye on the site for the time being as it seems to be playing a major role in the marketing for this film. I think that if there are more sites involved, this site will be the key to finding them… or at least finding the next one.

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