Just when you thought things were ramping down due to the Netflix rumors, Tagruato.jp gets hacked again with a new image and new clues.

A new image has appeared on the site with another hidden press release behind the static background image, and of course, lots of speculation as to what it says and what it means, as well as possible hidden images and things of that nature.

For the moment I don’t want to feed into some of the ideas floating around about this new image, but here’s what has been ‘decoded’ from the image so far.

Tagruato Corporation

OSLO – Jan 22 2022 As ??? exciting new agreement between The Tagruato Corporation in Norway ????Energy ??? Audio ?? Oslo One and Norway Renewable have ??? for its ??? Energy Revolution ??? activate ??? experiment(?) in 2028. 


???? energy ???? Tagruato Corporation ???? Hydro(?) ??? energy ????

[4-5 company logos at the bottom of the memo]

There are other people that think that one of the images of Tagruato monitoring the Clover Parasites on the ocean floor, but I don’t think it matches at all.

So for now, this is the only update I’m going to post. If things pan out a bit more regarding any of the other random leads people think to have found, I’ll post them up as well.

tagruato hack 2


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