It would appear that the Tagruato site is our main link to the “God Particle / Cloverfield Station” ARG viral marketing campaign as it continues to be updated on a regular basis.

This update contains another loading screen with a distorted image behind it, but this time the text on the image is in hebrew, which I am not familiar with at all, so I’ll let a few reddit users do the translating…

Reddit user dormgod gave it to a friend in Israel and this is what they came up with:

Found in the Qumran area, locals who have come into contact with the research crew did not (indecipherable) of the scrolls (?) “I thought it was going to impact the tourists that come to Kalia beach”, said Shlomit…(surname)…a local Israeli archeologist “but it interferes with my work. I hope it will end soon.” The left is magnified and says: “There’s an inconvenience to the locals in Kalia caused by the shutting down of route 90.” That’s it.

Reddit user SunGodAteMyChildren came up with the following translation:

Top left – הפרעה לתושבים בקליה עקב סגירת כביש 90

Residents in Kalya (It’s a small town apparently)disturbed due to closing of road 90

Bottom left – אבל זה פוגע בעבודה. אני מקווה שמה שהם עושים ייגמר בקרוב

But it’s harming work. I hope that what they’re doing will end soon.

And I can’t make out full sentences for the rest of the stuff, it’s too blurry. But it all looks like a pretty standard piece about a road closing temporarily.

Edit – the small town is next to the dead sea if you think that’s relevant information for the ARG

Another Edit – It also says January 30th 200-something below the big headline in the top left

I’ll have to take these translations for what their worth, considering I don’t know the first thing about the Hebrew language. If anyone else has any ideas as to what the translation may be, please let us know.

tagruato hebrew

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  1. KD

    It mentions aliens in Hebrew. The text is biblical style but the work aliens in a new word in Hebrew which doesn’t go with the text.


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